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B is for Bondage

I've been tied up, whatever shall I do? Another entry for the NSFW Alphabet.

I’m hog tied, lying on my stomach on our sprawling bed. The soft, teal blanket I adore is spread out under me, tickling my exposed flesh. The ropes are just loose enough that my thighs lay flat, but you’ve roped my neck, so that if I bend my head any farther forward, I’ll choke. I’m currently whimpering, tiny tears budding at the corners of my eyes. My ass and the backs of my thighs are...Read On

Recommended Read

Feeding an Addiction Part 3: Ch 6

The waiting's finally over

Scarsdale, New York: Friday 21st September 2018 Doctor Okafor handed the buff manila envelope to Grace. She looked small, vulnerable and more than a little unwilling. By far the youngest of the four, but the one who hospital protocol said had to accept the test results. Her tummy, her prerogative. Never mind who was paying for the test. She hesitated, nervously holding the envelope in...Read On


How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Eight)

Noel gives Derry a taste of his own medicine

I walked by the swimming pool, as the glittering rays over the waters fell in my eyes. As I approached the door of the magnificent bungalow, I inhaled the air, mixed with the fragrance of wild orchid. I rang the doorbell and waited for a response from within. I turned around to admire the blue pool and the colourful garden, which beautified the house even more. As I admired the beauty in...Read On


The Double Bass

Felicity Baker was intrigued and it was such a rude suggestion to make.

He had my attention when he mentioned double bass. It has always been an instrument that I adore. It has that je ne sais quoi about it. He told me that his double bass was the best in the world. It was a Giovani Battista Rogeri of outstanding quality and workmanship, made out of two-hundred-year-old wood that gave it a thicker, deeper and richer tone. The deep tones of his voice and the way...Read On


Move Over Aquaman, Superman Is Here

Purple is the new dress code...

Most erotic stories start off with a description of the participants. The woman is described with lovely, if not large, breasts. She has a trim figure and cute ass. The man is described as tall, muscular, and well-endowed. Most of the time that is not reality, particularly so in my situation. The woman in our story, my wife of multiple decades, has large breasts, but they sag with age....Read On


Evening At The Beach

Her first time at the nude beach turns into an adventure she will never forget

Frances walked along the ebbing sea, the warm sand sifting pleasantly between her toes. The sun hung low above the shimmering water, its power waning a few hours before it would set. The sunbathers were folding their parasols and packing their towels for the day, carrying their cool boxes back to the resort which was in the exact opposite direction from where she was headed. She wanted to...Read On


You Didn't Think I'd Forget, Did You? Part One

She thought she got away with it...she didn't.

She received a message from him just before she left work that evening. I want to see you tomorrow, I haven't seen your new workplace yet and wanted to stop by after closing.  Text me when it looks like you're about to close. She hadn't seen him for a while; they conversed often but rarely in person, so she gladly wrote him back saying that she'd love to see him as well.  She had just...Read On


The Club - Chapter 3

Take off the cloak of simple housewives to uncover the hearts of a vixen.

  Chapter 3     T he games between Lexi, Beth, and their husbands went on for a month. Their sexual encounters were almost daily and their weekends were being filled with sex. Lexi knew she should be satisfied with the amount and variety of sex she was having with her husband, but she craved more. She’d once heard a porn star say, “The more sex you have; the more you want.” Lexi...Read On


Time Is Of The Essence

Oh there's an app for that

07:50 With another series of lurching rattles, my train crossed the bridge and entered the station. As it did so, I caught a few fleeting glimpses of the river buses and the London Eye. A particularly violent lurch over the points sent a delightful spasm through my already tender pussy. The seething mass that was my fellow passengers swept me toward the exit door and then out onto...Read On


His Lucky Day

A young man's dream comes true

As experienced with sex as I am, and with all the lovers I manage to fit into my busy life, there’s something special about helping a young, good-looking lad to become a man.  At eighteen, Lee is almost an aging virgin these days, but at twenty-nine, I'm definitely 'the older woman.' Knowing what the day held, I had intended to be up early, to be bathed and looking sexy before Lee’s arrival...Read On


E072: Fourth of July

Emma has her first real vacation ever, thanks to Donald's kindness

The next month or so flies by for Donald and Emma.  Plans for their pool are developing, and the building of it will soon begin.  All the work needed to be done on Emma’s house is finished, and a realtor has placed in on the market.  The asking price amazes Emma some as she did not realize the value of the property.  The furniture auction is complete, there are still a couple more things...Read On


My Stepmother Was A Real "B" Pt.1

When I was sixteen, my father got remarried to this total bitch. I couldn’t stand to even hear her voice. She was pretty enough: blonde, 5’6”, cute butt and small breasts. I could do nothing right in her eyes; it drove me nuts. Her two little angels from her previous marriage were always getting their way and I was invisible when it came to home life. As the years progressed, so did my...Read On


Tales From The Bar. No.5.

New worlds open up for Dana

I’m the first to admit its not much of a pub. It’s certainly not one of those raucous city centre places, full of drunken yobs and tarty girls every Friday and Saturday night. I’m sure they make loads of money, but I couldn’t stand the hassle. Neither is it one of those twee and charming country pubs, that fill with twittering yuppies at the weekend, out for a Sunday lunch and quaffing...Read On


Train of Thought 7

What does Jennifer really have planned?

After a few more moments of silence, Jennifer re-entered the bedroom alone, lying down beside me on her side propping herself up with her left elbow. “So, what are you waiting for, my little kitten?” she asked. “I wasn’t and I’m still not sure what I’m waiting for,” I answered having already turned my head to face her. “It was a test, Nathan, Lee and Damon are not about to turn up and...Read On


Meeting Carol 3

Life gets hotter...

I had just told Carol that I wanted to watch her have wild sex with her married boyfriend.  She had just spent the night fucking and sucking him and then telling me all about it, all the dirty deeds.  She spared no details of what they had done.  We were very aroused. She and I then had pulsing sex. The next day I asked, "Will he do it?" Carol said, "He's vain about his sexuality.  He'll...Read On


Losing My Virginity to My Mother's Best Friend - Part 1

Teen gets schooled by his mother's best friend along with a touch of incest and taboo.

Growing up in the 1960s and early 1970s was an awakening for a young teen like myself, from the music, the war in Viet Nam, and the sexual revolution, “times were a changing.” We were a normal family in the suburbs before my parents divorced when I was twelve years old. It wasn’t long before my mother had met and then remarried to my stepdad who just happened to be much better off than we...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 11 - A Night on the Catamaran

Silver experiences the most intense orgasm ever, courtesy of our new friend Chris.

Silver's southern lilt coming from the bedroom, "Are you guys going to stay out there all night?" she inquires. We find my Silver lounging on the bed, legs curled up, red painted toes peeking out. Her lace coverup and matching panties look very much like the first image you would see in a Playboy centerfold spread. I can hear a purr in her chest. “Stop staring and come over here,”...Read On


Teacher's Treat

The week seemed to drag on much longer than normal, but Friday finally arrived. Mike Drake, the drama or stagecraft teacher, observed that all his students were just as restless as he was. He attributed it to the arrival of Spring weather and the upcoming Spring break.  As the students broke into groups to plan the pantomime exercise they were to present in a few minutes, he ran through...Read On



Bound and blindfolded, I am taken

I am naked and seated cross-legged on a soft mat. The smell of some kind of mild incense drifts around me. A blindfold renders me sightless and the room is silent. My arms are secured to the floor, with just enough movement to allow changes in position. I become aware of a body behind me. Hands slide down my torso. Fingers rub my nipples. Between my legs, my cock stirs at the sensation....Read On


Bad Girl - Chapter 3

Gerry remained pretty silent about camp, leaving all the planning up to her. He did occasionally ask how things were going and if she needed him to do anything, but she told him she had it under control for now. As camp neared, Pam asked Gerry to dig out the camping gear, and gave him the list of what to get down from the attic in the garage. She checked the weather forecast for the area...Read On

Recommended Read

Got Milk?

No word of a lie. Never noticed her until the wedding. Take that back. Course I noticed her. Can’t pretend Charles Wood was unaware of his only son’s girlfriend until they married can I? Hardly sets me up as a reliable storyteller, and this story has to be true as a snooker cue. Been sixty-five years on this earth and always been straight with people. So let’s start again. God’s truth...Read On


Getting Sis Pregnant, Chapter 1

A professional model returns home for a visit... but there's a hidden purpose behind it!

Mom had always had trouble with men. Her first marriage, to a man I knew only as Paul, lasted only two years. Mom was only seventeen at the time—she'd had to lie about her age even to get the license—and she was far too young to take on such responsibility.  From what Mom told me about it, they seemed happy at first. But then Mom got pregnant with me and about six months after I was born,...Read On


S is for Spanking

The NSFW alphabet starts! Getting spanked with a crop has its perks if you let it.

A St. Andrew’s Cross was an excellent addition to our sex dungeon. I have you strapped to it, your delectable ass presented to me. I’ve adorned you today with a bright red ball gag and nothing else. You look utterly delicious. Myself, I’m wearing my prettiest set of black lace lingerie, fish net thigh highs, and stiletto pumps. You were wolf whistling at me until you let me have my way with...Read On


Tease the Neighbor

Another neighbor gets the Rachael treatment

"We've painted it three times, put a few layers of a good primer on it, and it still shows through," he explained as we stood in their living room.  Dave and Rachael are my neighbors down the street.  He had asked me over to see if I wouldn't mind doing a little handyman work since I was retired.  One of their daughters had written on a section of the dining room wall using a black...Read On


Bathhouse Transformation

A fantasy detour during a long trip home

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in early spring. I was on a long drive home from an out-of-state extended visit and had many hours for my mind to wander. Add that I hadn't had sex of any kind during the prior two weeks; my mind wandered in erotic directions. Funny how the intensity of my fantasies grow inversely proportional to the length of time I go without relief.    It wasn't too...Read On


Clan of the Bigfoot

Enjoying a Bigfoot

Most people do not think Bigfoot exists but I am living proof that they do but I will get to that later in the story. First off let me introduce myself. I am Camellia McIntyre but my friends call me Cami. I am twenty-five years old and been married to Professor Morgan McIntyre who teaches Archaeology at the University of New Mexico. He has taken a sabbatical over the summer to partake in...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 11

A brief interlude and Karla issues the invitations to her Halloween party.

“I’ve got to tell you, sweetheart,” Kevin told his wife as they shared coffee at their breakfast bar, “I’m exhausted. I don’t bounce back the way I used to.” “Honey, that was two nights ago!” “But we went all night. I don’t know how you do it.” “It’s fun. Is it fun for you, or is it just work?” “It was fun,” he conceded. “But Tanya damned near wore me out and that was before you...Read On


Guys Move Her Into Her Apartment And Have Sex With Kelly

Kelly negotiates her pussy for their labor.

It was the end of August 1981. It was time for Kelly to move back to Milwaukee to take on her senior year of college. I was still out of town stuck working on a large project. Her brother Steve and his buddies had helped her load up her rental truck on Thursday. Steve had offered to go with her on Friday, to unload the truck but, with a wink, she assured him she would have no trouble...Read On


It Started on the Bus

A bus ride leads to another ride.

Sitting at the little diner, drinking a beer, wondering if the truth was really the way to go tonight. I sit here drinking a beer, she is in her apartment warm and cozy. She said maybe we should get back together. Not sure why I laughed but it was a mood killer. I mean she was the one that said we should take a break, hold off a bit. I guess later that day might have been a little soon but in...Read On


E071: Back with Sasha again

Another afternoon at the spa with a bit of a surprise

Wednesday and Thursday pass by, Emma getting contractors in for her house to start work.  The auction house jumps when she tells them she is ready and by Thursday afternoon everything is cleared from the house.  They even deliver the dining room set and dishes to Donald’s house for no charge, that is how confident they are of the value of the furniture. During this time, Sasha, now...Read On

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