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A Birthday Surprise

In a drunken comment, Susie asks her husband for a different cock. Will he find one for her?

Hi. I’m Susie. I have a husband; James. I adore him. Even more so after his recent birthday present to me. Want to hear about it?. It wasn’t a special birthday, just one on the run-up to the supposedly life-changing fortieth. We’ve been married fifteen years. Our sex life is great. Nothing outrageous. We haven’t been wife swapping, or dogging, or anything like that, but we have always had...Read On


Straying From the Path

Bob seeks my help corrupting his innocent wife.

One recent Saturday morning my wife and I were finishing a late breakfast when we heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to find an attractive young couple, dressed as for church, on our doorstep. The husband explained they were members of the local Baptist church and were canvassing our neighborhood to issue invitations to non-members to join them for Sunday school and services afterwards....Read On


Secret Desires in France - Obedience

A complicated and perverted love triangle in the South of France.

ALEX   In the afternoon Alex drove to the plumber in Grasse to pick up a part he ordered the day before yesterday. He needed it to fix the sink in Louise’s bathroom. When he got back home he saw that she was dressed in a short, black dress and high heels. Her legs were clad in sheer, grey nylons. She was on the phone and didn’t see him come in. She was speaking in English. Was she talking...Read On



After John had finished, she started talking about her fantasy.

When John saw Natasha in the parking lot, he must have known by the look in her eyes she was there to get a backseat fucking. The fact she was waiting for him in the back seat of her car was probably a good clue as well. Tall, thin, blonde and blue. And in my way, I do love you, Natasha thought to herself. God, she loved really tall men. She and John were opposites. She was of average...Read On

Village Life

A curious village custom for virgins about to be brides.

The eighteen-wheeler was travelling at sixty miles an hour round a blind bend when it hit the car Nancy Young was driving.  She never stood a chance.  Her husband and her daughter, Martha, were devastated by her death, and Elias hardly noticed that the compensation paid by the owners of the lorry was enough that he never needed to work again. For Elias, the worst part of the grief was the...Read On


Conjugal Vegas

The curator at a California natural history museum takes time out for "conjugal" visits in Las Vegas

In almost every respect, I'm an ordinary thirty-seven-year-old guy, tall but not too tall, good looking but a chiseled jaw short of handsome. I've got my health but not much wealth. I'm just to the right side of being a median average male. My job is as a curator at a natural history museum in California. My passion is digging for fossils in places no one would visit unless they are a...Read On


Dancing With Chantal, Part 2: The Bride

Seduced by his oldest friend

Susan was on her knees, tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks as she begged and pleaded through piteous sobs. Implacable as granite, I deigned to sneer down on her and then I turned my back on her to stare out my window.  “Oh, Des, I have been such a fool! Please take me back!” she sniffled. “Look, I really mean it! I know I have been a complete bitch and I need to make it up to...Read On


The Club - Chapter 7

The girls wrap up their first Club meeting and move on to another adventure.

  Chapter 7         E ight naked people carrying plates and drinks filed into the family room. Lexi was amused to see that while they were dressed, the couples stayed tightly together. Now they were naked and had experienced sex with two different people for the first time, they sat randomly. Lexi perched on a bar stool she had placed in the middle of the room. “I thought it might...Read On


Eve in the Marital Garden

Weeds in the Garden

Weeds in the Marital Garden When Eve returned from John’s condo, she and Tim hugged and cried and then spread out the spring rolls and Kung Pao chicken she’d brought. They talked openly about the secrets of his sex life. She was shocked to learn Tim masturbated daily and he’d had more orgasms with himself over the ten years of their marriage than he did with her. She fully expected...Read On


Laurie gets off on aisle 14

Laurie gets what she needs at the building supply store

"Friday!" she thought to herself as she put the car in reverse and backed out of her parking space. Laurie had just gone through a tough week, but now she was looking forward to the weekend.  She laughed at herself thinking about the previous fifteen minutes. She had been counting the minutes for the bell to ring. Sometimes teachers need a break too. She had even had her students gather...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 2

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

At breakfast the next morning, John and I were finishing our scrambled eggs and toast when he put down his cup of coffee, took a deep breath, looked over at Mary in the kitchen skimming the cream off of yesterday’s milk and turned to me. “Listen, Pete, I have to talk to you about Sherry,” he said, leaning forward, clearing his throat. “We have a rule about apprentices staying away from...Read On

Comp Entry

A Most Incredible Encounter

Outta my dreams, into her car.

The pre-production meeting at the studio had gone longer than I expected and I missed my flight out of LAX. I'd already checked out of my hotel that morning.  The book tour was ending but I wasn't going home, at least not today.  The upside of that was the producer of the movie that was being made from my romance novel was giving me a ride to her place in her twilight blue stretch limo. ...Read On


Lonely Dad Part 1

Sam found his lover in his daughter.

"Goodbye, Samuel," Ava hugged me tightly. I could smell her skin and the fruitiness of her luscious brown hair. I ached for her as I held her tightly. "Goodbye, Ava," I sighed as she released me. "Daniel," I called to her husband.  "Don't forget the game tomorrow, Sam," he reminded me as he escorted Sarah outside.  "I won't," I smiled as I took her luggage from him. "Bye, mom," she...Read On


Acts of Infidelity - Becky and David

Husband and wife each enjoy an 'Other Significant Other'

This story is different from my other cuckold tales. Both readers of erotic literature, Becky and her husband David had been enjoying my Acts of Infidelity series for some time before she decided to get in touch. In an open marriage herself, she wanted me and my other readers to understand that there is a different aspect to partner-sharing that my ‘Cuckold’ stories so far had missed. ...Read On


Consensual Cheating Ch. 4

The final chapter of Lisa and Adam’s voyage, destination unknown

I was a confused and bewildered man as I stood there in the unkempt backyard of Lisa’s boyfriend's dilapidated wood-sided house. My iron-hard cock and adrenaline rush confirmed just how excited I was as I watched Lisa’s willing participation in this mini-gangbang. But another part of my brain and heart wondered where this road we were on was leading. I’d been enjoying the excitement and...Read On


A Daughters Journey to Love Ch 4

I move in with my dad... Things happen... Bliss!

It was Monday morning and I woke up as my brother moved his arm from me. I felt a cold chill as the body heat from our warm embrace dissipated. My thighs were sticking together because of the dried cum left over from the night before. I was not going to be able to get back to sleep after Kayla and Dylan got out of bed to get ready for work. I felt empty, and alone again. I had been living...Read On


My Colleague's Girlfriend's Birthday Present

The story of my first mfm threesome (and one of the craziest sex I've ever had)

It all started several months ago as I attended a dinner party a colleague of mine arranged in his apartment. Back then it had been the end of quite a hectic period of time at work and so we decided, as a group, to take one night off and have a nice and quiet party at the house of one of the friends. The evening turned out to be quite awesome and the time flew by without even noticing. The...Read On


A Walk in the Rain

A couple celebrate their thirtieth anniversary.

  It was eight in the morning on an overcast day in late March. Chloe came downstairs, a denim jacket draped over her arm and flower print dress. She looked just as beautiful as the first day I met her, thirty years ago today. Her long brown tresses bounced with each step, as she came toward me. I noticed the first three buttons were left undone, and I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra....Read On


New Career part V; someone I know

A Pre-Party fuck with someone i know

My secret life in porn was being lived again. My husband was heading to China for three weeks of business. Having made a couple of movies, thanks to my friend Gina, I already was well on my way to paying off my debts. I contacted Mr. Malone, my employer, and he told me that Thursday and Friday I would come into the studio in downtown Chicago and do some promo shoots. What that meant was I...Read On


First MFF threesome, Ibiza Nude Beach

First MFF threesome, Ibiza Nude Beach

 Our first adventure took us to Ibiza and honestly, what would be a better place to fulfill our fantasies than not far away from home. Adventures actually started already back at home, where me and my wife Birgit tried out Tinder. Who hasn’t heard about Tinder before? It is a dating app where you can decide based on the other user’s photos and description whether you would like to meet with...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 2

Alex and Chloe have fun on their lunch break.

Chloe pulled into the parking garage at the corner of 3rd and Peachtree St. at ten to seven. Normally she wouldn't arrive this early, but it was Monday, and she knew it was going to be a full day. She got out of her car, a light blue Prius, and crossed the street. She entered her building, swiping her badge as she did so. She flashed a smile at the security guard at the front desk and made...Read On


Servicemen Get Serviced

The karma of exhibitionism comes to provides what karma does

I recently bought a ball weight. It's a chrome donut with magnetic clasp used to pull on the scrotum. I didn't know whether it would actually make my balls hang lower over time, but I did (and still do) enjoy the feel of that tug every time I went freeballing. The sensation of my balls clanging in my pants like a bell's clapper made me feel slutty, and I guess I liked feeling slutty because...Read On


The Laptop: Part Four

She decided to tease him, little did she know how far it would go.

Any hint of being turned on left Dax immediately as he ran up to his room, overcome by absolute embarrassment.  What the fuck was he thinking?  She asked him to put lotion on her back and that was it; any more intent than that was purely in his mind.  It had to be, right?  RIGHT?!?  He went from never even looking at his sister in a sexual way earlier in the week, to actually trying to feel...Read On


Non-Stop Service Part 2

We arrived at Sydnee’s house about four hours after we left the airport.  We had gotten a little side-tracked.  We had sex in the airport parking lot before we’d even left.  Sydnee promised me dinner at her favorite restaurant.  So we had dinner at a small family-owned Italian restaurant.  It was great.   After that, we stopped at a park near her house to watch the sunset.  We did talk a...Read On


Fucking the Swim Coach

I texted Coach Aiden asking if he wanted to hookup. Eleven hours later I was fucking his brains out.

On Tuesday night I went to a Masters Swim Squad training session.  This was the second time I've gone along and I'm enjoying it.  Most of the people are in their forties training for triathlons and I've been the youngest guy there both times.  While I don't think I need much motivation to get me to the pool to do laps, the training is different from what I do when I train on my own. The...Read On


Strangers No More

I go for a girls' night with my roommate, and end up getting fucked by a stranger!

I was ready for clubbing by nine. I came out of my room and screamed at Shauna to hurry. I had on a little red dress, with a deep neck and no back. What little back the dress had started from the small of my back to the end of my ass. My hair was in waves, messily flowing down my back. I raked a hand through them as I checked makeup on my phone's front camera. Shauna walked out.  "You...Read On


Le Belle Donne Ch.02a

Alberto and Isabella run into town for some errands.

Chapter 2 At the Abruzzo vineyard, Alberto had made it over to the barn where he saw Alessio Abruzzo and Mattia Tocci. The two men had just finished mending the last few grape baskets when Alberto, with a bit of nervousness, stepped up to them. “Buon giorno signore Abruzzo, signore Tocci.” Alberto greeted the two men politely, though his attention was mostly towards Adriana’s father...Read On


Toxic Masculinity Has A Good Night

In University getting laid was job one and Noelle and Laura gave me a night that was magna cum laude

Back when I was in university, I optimistically looked upon any night out as a chance to meet girls.  I suppose this shouldn't be much of a revelation, since I was hardly alone in this objective.  Despite my best efforts though, results suggested flaws in my approach.  Then one night, I finally had a night that matched my wildest ambitions. The night started as usual with a few friends at...Read On


Getting out of the Rut Chapter 13

Carol plots a secret game

Who is playing whom? When we started to dress for dinner Carol insisted that I wore something that would work if we went out. "I thought we were having dinner and then coming back here." "Well yeah, I guess," she said, "but I don't know how fast she'll want to be, you know she might want to go to a club or something to get in the mood." "So anything goes?" "Well yeah, I guess, sort of."...Read On

Comp Entry

Beware what you wish for

A successful Red Nose day

Notoriety is not all it is cracked up to be. It’s not the same as fame. At school becoming Head Girl gave me local fame. It was not surprising. All the way through upper school it had been my destiny. You needed to be sporty, which I wasn’t, but I could play lacrosse, and looked good in the outfit – long legs and a tight butt help. I was, however, one of the cleverest girls, and unlike...Read On

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