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The Church Conference

After all... sex is a religious experience, right?

July 20 th – 23 rd, 1998 As Heather gazed out across the lush green grass, she thought to herself that she had been on this college campus more times in her life than she really cared to. She had never attended a class here, yet, she knew her way around the campus as if she was a fourth-year senior.  At the age of twenty-one, three years removed from high school, she honestly...Read On


Room Service

I walk in on a cute guest and try to make sure their stay is as pleasurable as I can make it.

I was working as a hotel maid during the summer to get some money together for uni. It was menial stuff, but it did pay quite well. On Tuesdays, I was a waitress in the café in the mornings, before going around cleaning rooms after breakfast when people started going out for the day. The hotel was posh, and I had to dress up in a proper French maid’s uniform. One Tuesday, I went up to a...Read On


Vince and Abby's First Threesome; That Morning

Abby woke with her head next to his, an arm over his chest, and a leg between his legs. Vince was still sleeping and a slight smell of sex lingered in the bed. What a birthday you gave me last night, she thought. One month short of a year as a couple, Abby had learned that Vince was a wonderful, caring, and surprising man. What you’ve learned and we’ve experienced in that time, she...Read On


Bonnie's Impossible Dream

We try to make my wife’s gangbang fantasy a reality.

My wife and I have an amazing sex life—in our minds! In the bedroom and occasionally elsewhere, we are good, but you can’t beat our imaginations. Our fantasies get us so turned on. They provide a safe, cheap, and reliable alternative to trying to do it all in real life. “So-ohhhhh,” one of us would start, turning a short word into two seductive syllables. “What would you think about ..?”...Read On


Surprise Ending

The final part of Sven and Pat's surprising activities.

Jan started towards me, nipples still very prominent, the last of my effusive previous cum still oozing from her ravaged pussy and leaving a trail down her thigh, “OK Sven - what needs a bit more awakening…?”  Mike may have been at ‘full staff’ but I wasn’t yet - while I was still trying to work out where this next turn of events was heading, I realised that Pat was blushing furiously. ...Read On


My First Lesbian Experience Happened On A Boat

First me, then they do my best friend and later, watch us do each other…

I had the best experience ever on a boat. I am Darci Lynn Taylor and I am a nineteen-teen-year-old lake bunny. I grew up on a lake in eastern Oklahoma. My wardrobe has more bikinis than McDonald's has fries. From spring to fall, that is all I wear. I have never been with a girl or even thought of doing that before this past weekend. I am overly sexed and it’s always on my mind. I...Read On


Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Eleven

Janie can't get enough

Janie couldn’t help but smile as she walked out of the cafe. Her pussy was squishy with her uncle's load. Her dad was just two feet away as she fucked his brother in the bathroom stall. It was all just too much. She felt naughty.  She walked down to the lake to think about her morning so far. The pier was empty except for Jim and Jon. They were fishing as she walked up. “Good morning,”...Read On


Return To Puerto Banus

My wife loves her body to be admired

Only when we are lucky enough to be away from home, do we really get the opportunity to indulge in my wife's exhibitionistic behaviour. Once we discovered our mutual enjoyment of her desire to be admired by strangers, with my encouragement, she has become quite daring over the years. For us, there is nothing we both enjoy more than some interaction with some receptive voyeur. Recalling...Read On


Late Flowering Lust

Paris … ah, Paris … he had been in love with the city since that magical day in April fifty-five years before when he had stepped off the train at the Gare du Nord and walked out of the station into the bustle of the busy streets of the capital. He was a country born and had lived all his life on his father’s farm and his mother had decided that when he was sixteen it was time he saw...Read On


Wedding Reunion

Two former lovers just can't stay away from each other.

He’s standing at the altar. It’s the first time in ten years that I’ve seen him and my stomach leaps up into my chest cavity. The faces on either side of me blur into a mass of toothy smiles as the church organ roars into life.  I try to focus on my job as maid of honour. I straighten out the train of Zoe’s dress and press my lips together into what I hope looks like a smile. He’s the best...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 20-b

We hear about our parents' night

Saturday Evening, November 11, 2028 Saturday we went to dinner with Kayla and Ethan. Joanie was at our house babysitting our two little people. Kayla has worn sexy clothes since the first day we met her and I couldn’t help but anticipate… especially when I watched Addie getting ready; putting on her makeup, tiny little panties, no bra… and the nearly transparent blouse… the one she...Read On


Stories Of My Youth Chapter 6 – Giving Ken His Wish

Linda and I make love in the matrimonial bed.

Linda and I retired to the bedroom. I removed her clothes and she removed mine and we lay on the bed facing each other. For my part, I was quite horny. Linda and I had not made love since Ken had told Linda that he was coming home. I would have liked to but knowing how stressed and concerned Linda had been about her husband’s decision to return in the middle of his work stint, I had not...Read On


Steamy (Part 2)

The night of my first time (Part 2)

My heart was still racing; it had been one hell of a day! I’d been having a rough time, but my flatmate Sarah had decided to try and cheer me up, an effort that had involved a fair amount of alcohol and what I assumed to be innocent flirting. However, it hadn’t been so innocent after all, as Sarah had joined me in the shower and we had just made each other cum. She moved towards the door,...Read On


Ashley’s Adventures: The Painter

John and Ashley have been married for three years and finally bought their dream house. It was a fixer upper and all the construction was finally completed. The only thing left was to paint the house inside and out. Then their dream house would be finished. “Ashley, I found some painters, they will be here next week, “John said. “That’s great, our home is almost complete,” Ashley said. ...Read On


The Meter Man Comes

Caught in panties by the meter man, Steve (Steffie) willingly submits and sucks his cock.

Steve started to awaken slowly at first, thinking he heard someone clearing his throat, followed by a man’s voice saying, “Excuse me.” Then he nearly jumped off the lounge chair, startled to see a man standing near the end of the chair, but then, remembering he was nearly naked, Steve clutched at the towel he was laying on, trying in vain to cover himself with the edge. But, due to his...Read On


Part 1: "The Pines" (Sluts in the Sun)

"... the family members normally only play with each other."

As we made our way back to our room, Barb was silent as she held the envelope and once we were in our room again, she quickly looked at the room service menu before calling to order us breakfast. She said that the food should be delivered within thirty minutes and she reminded me to call The Pines Nudist Resort while she took a long hot shower. Once she closed the bathroom door, I called...Read On


Get Those Panties Off

Vanessa goes without panties

There had always been this sexual chemistry between Stephen and me. He is a photographer who does some freelance stuff for the marketing company I work for. We met up at a hotel between his studio and my office. We grabbed a coffee at a secluded table in the foyer. I was wearing a brown shirt and white skirt, bare-legged with brown suede heels. My blonde hair bouncing on my shoulders. ...Read On


Don’t Judge A Book Ch 03

Baby steps as we dip our toes at our first swingers party.

Saturday 21st October 2017 The hosts were a couple called Alan and Sally, who immediately took our coats, gave us a drink, and made us feel welcome and at home. As we’d expected, we knew many of the people inside and Jill was soon whisked away by Liam’s wife, Jessica to the room which had been set aside as the temporary dancefloor. Liam wasn’t far behind and he pulled me into a group...Read On


The Mysterious Stranger

Mam and I have lived alone ever since Da died. I remember that day almost twenty five years ago as it were yesterday; there was a terrible storm and Da was outside fixing the tarpaulins covering the hay bales when a freak gust of wind uprooted the ancient oak tree beside the barn. Da was crushed under timbers from the barn and died a few hours later in hospital from his internal injuries. No...Read On


The Fifth Of The Fifth

I hit a double

Saturday I went for coffee at a small mall on the east side. I like the washroom setup there. There are two outer doors so if one gets lucky with a chance encounter, you can hear the outer door open so you don’t get caught. Unless you are deaf, of course. There was a thirty-year-old guy standing at the left urinal, so I stood beside him at the right urinal. After unzipping and pulling out...Read On


Stories of my Youth Chapter 5 – Meeting Ken.

Ken comes home to meet me.

I visited Linda every night that week. Each night she asked me to stay with her and of course, I did. We made love at every opportunity. I had purchased some condoms to provide the necessary protection to make sure that we didn’t give Ken a bouncing little gift. Friday, Saturday and Sunday night I spent in the restaurant. On Debbie’s suggestion, Linda organized some tasks for me to keep me...Read On


The Karen Experience - Part 1 Of 2

An angry wife seeks answers- and more.

The sight of Stacey’s red hair fanned out across the pillow was one of my favourite things. With her eyes closed and the post-climax smile on her face, she looked so beautiful, angelic. I admired her beauty while my cock slowly inched deeper into her satiny, hot pussy. The slow, gentle fuck was a departure from the hot, dirty, nasty rough sex we usually enjoyed together. The fiery redhead...Read On


Good clean fun. Part 2

Things take a kinky twist

For several days after my surprise encounter with one of the cleaners at work, she was all I could think about. I found myself in a kind of daze as I remembered what had happened, how she looked as I watched her cum, the hunger in her eyes as she watched me taking a piss. More than once the images took such a hold on me that I was forced to find some time alone and wank myself off furiously,...Read On


Very Hot Time At The Hot Tub Party - The Finale (Ch. 4)

Just when I thought the hot tub party was ending...

Tony slung his muscular arm over my shoulder as we walked together from the outdoor shower back to the hot tub where the rest of the group was gathered.  We dropped our towels, and I re-entered the hot bubbling water, taking a seat at the corner with a water jet positioned perfectly at my lower back.  Tony sat on the edge of the hot tub with his legs and feet submerged.  Our hosts, Paul...Read On


The Drifter Ch. 2

A drifter meets the sexy but shy granddaughter on a farm and unleashes her hidden self.

When we entered the house, Carla’s grandfather just finished his ham and cheese sandwich and washed it down with a bottle of beer. Her grandmother, a tiny, thin woman with gray hair tied in a bun, sat next to him at the round oak table with a cup of tea and half a sandwich on her plate. I noticed she didn’t eat the crust. Our ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread were waiting for us on...Read On


Queenish Antics

The Queen of the Underworld is fed up with her husband's messing around.

My realm has been plagued with issues for an agonizingly long time. Persephone has been followed by several nymphs and they have put themselves up here, rather comfortably, for nearly two months now. I have not seen head nor tail of Persephone since she witnessed my encounter with Minthe. I have never seen her in such a rage. I have not attempted to pursue her, I made it clear that...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 4

The day after their second date - Saturday.

Luke Tina slipped into the bed, then shuffled over to the side that I usually slept on. I smiled because I knew at that moment, she could take anything of mine and I wouldn’t object, just so long as she was mine. I got in behind her, wrapping my arms around her. She seemed tiny as she snuggled back until we were spooning together. “Do you usually sleep on this side?” she asked. “Why...Read On


His First Cougar

Her name was Loni and she was a total hottie, of that we all agreed on.  Lance and his friends had first encountered her and her husband at the twenty-four-hour restaurant frequented by many of those that worked the local night clubs.  Loni was always dressed to the nines in short skirts, dark nylons, knee-high boots or stiletto heels, and tight tops. Lance and the other patrons never knew...Read On


Stage six of my journey to becoming Joann

A defining year in becoming a complete cross-dresser.

As I awoke on Christmas morning I found three presents on the end of my bed. There were handwritten tags on each with the message: open in private. There was no doubt in my mind as I opened them that they were from Sis. The first was a body shirt that pulled down and snapped in the crotch. It was white with a v-neck trimmed with lace around the neck and sleeves. The second was a set of...Read On


A Little Fun In The Rain

Fuck me silly and make me cum

As Jack stood there, leaning against his race car watching the sky, he was quietly sending up prayers that the rain would hold off until the event was over but the way his luck was running he had very little hope it would not rain. This was the first event of the season and he had really been looking forward to it and seeing how his car handled the track with all the work he had put in on...Read On

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