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Friends Then Lovers Part Two

Gina could feel herself on the edge of an orgasm, her insides ached for the release. Alex's tongue flicked in and out of her soaking wet vagina, and her whole body shook with anticipation as the feeling built up inside. 'Fuck, don't stop, I am gonna explode.' Gina could feel Alex's lips turn into a smile, he knew he was doing a good job when a woman got vocal, she began to moan as her...Read On

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Learning What Angie Did

A husband has to face the reality of his first wife's true nature when her dark secret is discovered

Angie!  She was the girl on the college bus, the girl in the provocative skirts whose legs I wanted to lick. And though I didn't know it back then, she was the girl I would one day marry. It took the bus thirty minutes to get to college. During the journey, hardly awake, I would listen to her sweet voice as she gossiped with Kerry Bailey, their happy tittle-tattle lapping the shore of my...Read On


Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 2

Joan looked around the room and shook her head, struggling at the restraints even harder than before after what Suzy had said. "No, please Suzy. What did I do to make you do this to me? This can't be happening. Please take these rings off my nipples. They hurt and I don't want them to be stretched out like that." "Well, I think they look good like that. And so perfect for slapping and...Read On


Transcendent Sensuality - 3

Karla's continuing exploration hits a disappointing rough spot, but Julian saves the day.

Would there be a next time? Karla smiled to herself. Oh, hell, YES! she thought. There would definitely be a next time. He has led her down this road and she wanted to explore its variations, every twist, turn, rise and expanse to its fullest. She loved Kevin to distraction. They were soul-mates. Sometimes she thought he could read her mind but not in this instance. He didn’t really...Read On


Pushing My Luck Shopping

Mom gets hungry while shopping

We had the trunk of the car full already when we pulled up to the shopping mall. It took a few circles of the parking lot to find an open space to park. We locked the car and walked through the doors and into the crowd of shoppers. Mom led the way, her snug jeans swaying with her curvy hips as she walked. Dad and I trailed behind, both of us mesmerized by the motion of her ass. I noticed...Read On


My Mother-in-Law Kate Ch.2

I send Kate to the station called orgasmic heights...

Well, Janice didn't come back three days later from the bingo marathon as she said she would. Not that I expected her to. With her attitude towards me, she only pushed me closer to her mother. I loved what Kate did that night but the next time there would be no heel in the way. Kate dropped in a week later to say hi and visit for a while. Janice was off somewhere and I didn't care as she was...Read On


Lara's Hair

Seduced by the beauty of her hair

Lara has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It is black as a midnight sky and falls in a long cascade down her back, almost reaching her waist. Whenever I see it brushing Lara’s skin, as when she wears her skimpy black bikini, it is the sexiest sight around. I imagine Lara feeling a caress every time she moves her head. This afternoon I am watching Lara wash it. We are at a...Read On


Bachelor Turns Bachelorette Slut

A young groom's best man feminizes and seduces him.

I was ass naked on my knees in a cleaning closet, my tuxedo in a pile on the floor, my long hair pulled high on my head into a girly ponytail, and my fat lips wrapped around my best man’s juicy cock. As I moaned and whimpered and slurped on his throbbing pole, he pulled on my ponytail. That sent electric shocks cascading down my scalp throughout my body, over my sensitive nipples and...Read On


The Prisoner Wore Panties - Chapter Three

POW dresses to take the female lead in the prison play so he can use the disguise to escape.

Chapter Three – Oberst Kurt Wessel  “For god's sake will you two at least pretend that you like each other,” Benny was exasperated. Danielle and Steven both had their roles down pat and had mastered all of the scenes, especially the scenes where they argued or fought, but their love scenes were awful.  They held each other apart and pecked each other chastely. “I’ve told you that I’ll...Read On


Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 10

Sue comforts a returning friend

JFK, New York: Sunday 11th February 2018 The cup of coffee was a life-saver. Strong, black, Grande. Full of the flavors of Africa. There are very few friends I like enough to get me out of a warm bed at six a.m. on a New York winter’s morning. But Francis, especially in his current state of mourning was one of those few friends. But without that steaming cup of Ethiopian black, I’d...Read On


Premier Amour Avec Une Femme - First Love With A Woman

"Jacqui is bi, but particularly fond of attractive girls, She'll teach you all you need to know."

The text arrived a couple of days later. Jacqui introduced herself and gave a brief description of herself and her interests, and I replied in kind. We swapped emails and pictures and arranged to meet a week or so later at a bar near the town centre. I put a lot of thought into my dress and general presentation for our meeting, it was going to be a real first for me. I finally settled for...Read On


The Cougar Lounge - Chapter 1

I will have a wine "cock" tail...

The Cougar Lounge was not your typical bar or club as it was for women only. It was the brainchild of the owner, Ann, who figured that if men can have their own specialty clubs and stripper bars then women should be allowed to have their own clubs. Most of the women who patronized The Cougar Lounge were in their fifties and sixties, some married, some divorced, some widowed, some single. ...Read On


Frotting is Fun!

Frotting leads to wild fulfilment.

The next time I saw Barry, was during a short streak one evening, around a girls' accommodation block. I immediately wanted his beautiful cock deep inside me, whichever way he wished. It was hard to have a sensible conversation, with that desire so urgent, his naked penis so close and inviting, and my own cock already starting to rise, in sync with my thoughts. He had shaved away the hair...Read On


The Party Girl

My first gangbang working for an escort agency

My friend first turned me on to the agency when I was nineteen. We were both in college and loved to party, drink, smoke pot, do coke, acid – whatever – and just fuck about with boys. By the time I turned nineteen I'd already had over thirty lovers. Some were older guys in their thirties and forties. Some were my age. And I'd had a few girls too. I don't know, I'd just get wasted then I'd...Read On


A Necessary Cuckolding - Part XV

While Bradley fucks Dawn after lunch Trish takes advantage of Alan and his cuckold skills

  Dawn     She felt as though she was walking on air as she held Bradley’s hand on their walk to the lift to go to his room. Though they had been lovers for just over two weeks it all seemed so real now. Holding hands in public made it official; they were an item now, in a relationship, call it whatever you like, but they were together now. And behind her, in the distance, was her...Read On


My Wife’s Black Lover

My wife takes on a black teenager for her lover

I’d like to tell you about how my wife fell for a black boy. Now she’s so in love with him, she’s having his baby. She finds much more satisfaction with him than she ever did with me because of the way he makes love to her and the sheer size of the cock. We took in an exchange student to help with the rent. He was a seventeen-year-old black lad from Nigeria. Now I’d had visions that all...Read On


Bad Kitty!, Chapter 3

In the dungeon now, her punishment begins in earnest...

The next morning he woke before her and went in to shower and get ready for the day. After he took his shower and got dressed, he went into the kitchen and got the coffee going. He had just sat down to enjoy a morning cup of coffee when she came around the corner, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Good morning, slut! I was wondering if you were going to join the living today!" he said. ...Read On


Coming Home Early Can Be Good And Bad - Part 3

Filled with sex, but also hubby wonders what has he done?

Here I was, standing inside our mini sauna closet installed in the corner of our rec room. I’d installed a one-way mirrored window in the sauna door last week. Debbie, my wife and I had both agreed that the rec room would be the perfect place for her to have sex with Gus. My one request to her was that I wanted to watch, just like I had done when I had come home early from a cancelled...Read On

Recommended Read

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

“Seems we’re both very, very dirty.”

It tickled as the glob of conditioner slipped from my long wet hair, ran down the indentation of my spine and landed with a resounding splat on the shower floor.  I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined it was a lover’s tongue softly gliding slowly down my back. I shivered as I reached for the bottle of expensive hair product to try again while contemplating the last time anyone touched...Read On


Slutty #1

Slutty by nature and by circumstance

Well, it's been one week.  A single week here.  I'm sure you can guess how I reacted to being away from you...  Seems like I just can't help myself.  When we are apart I am at once empty and isolated, even when I'm not alone.  My instincts tighten their grip every second, clinging to the logic that being isolated means I need to be close to more people and that being empty means I need to...Read On


Everyone’s At It.

Melissa’s anticipation grew and grew – until she was at breaking point.

Melissa paced the floorboards of her flat; it was a waiting game after all. She had prepared everything and was ready to go. Her phone pinged and she read the message, prepared a few more things and put on her fur-lined coat. In seconds, she was out of the door and in her car. It would be a twenty-minute drive, maybe fifteen if she broke the speed limit a little. She turned the corner...Read On


Transcendent Sensuality - 2

Karla delves into her emotional conflict after additional engagements with her lover.

When Julian left the room, Karla rolled over and hiked herself on some of the pillows. Her long fingers wiped viciously at her cheeks to remove the remnants of her tears. She took a series of deep breaths and then turned to look at Kevin. “Do you hate me now?” she asked. He chuckled. “Absolutely not. I love you more than ever.” “Did you see what a slut I was? I sucked his cock. Then I...Read On


How Much of a Coincidence?

Attracted to a lovely lady, Frank finds her again in unexpected circumstances

For Frank Grayton, twenty-seven-year-old journalist and hopeful author, the idea of coincidence was something that he might cover in a news story, but he would swear it never happened to him. He was no great believer in fate either, but sometimes circumstance can turn beliefs upside down. The circumstance of him being at a horse race meeting was a rare one. It was not a sport that...Read On


Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 9

Pete describes the rest of the weekend and sad news from Lagos

Scarsdale, New York: Friday 19th January 2018 As Sue’s FaceTime call was cut-off by Mikey I felt like a man in Purgatory. The excitement of watching Sue with her three young, college-age black lovers had been a huge and intense high. And now it was gone. It felt like a huge hole had been ripped in my chest. The blank seventy-five-inch screen, so full of life just seconds ago, seemed to...Read On


A Business Dinner

Franny gets fucked and not by her husband...

It was a business dinner. John owned the company we bought parts from. We were both in California at a trade show with our wives. And as it turned out, staying in the same hotel. The hotel was small, two-story, and classic Californian. There wasn't air conditioning, instead, the rooms had huge sliding glass doors and screens opening on to a balcony. You slept with the sliders open in order...Read On


Our B&B Guests

My wife is seduced by our B&B guests

My wife and I live in Rural Virginia outside of the DC area. When we moved out there, we wanted a house that gave us room for guests and we also wanted to be able to take advantage of Air B&B. The house we found was perfect. It was a nice sized ranch and had a master suite upstairs as well as a large guest room on the ground floor at the end of the house. There was also a mother in law...Read On


Shall We Play? Part 3

The couples get back together...

After Russell left, I fell asleep naked in my bed. I don’t know how long I slept but awoke to find myself in the arms of my husband. He was sound asleep, so I curled up in his arms drifting back to sleep. I woke up this time having to pee. I had no choice but to get up. As quietly as I could, I slipped out of Logan’s arms to go to the bathroom. Getting back in the bed I pulled up the sheet...Read On


Teachers Subterfuge - Chapter 2

Schoolgirl's take charge of the teachers who wrongly had them disciplined

It was pure chance for Emma, Lily, and Lizzie, or, rather, bad luck for the teachers, Miss Brent, Miss Carson, and Miss Logan. It was Sunday at the boarding school, and everyone was more laid-back than during the week. Mrs Jasper, the headmistress, was out for the day which allowed the atmosphere to be even more relaxed than usual. However, the girls still had to wear their school dresses of...Read On


Out Of The Box

A demon finds his match in a crafty Witch's witchcraft

Lightning raced horizontally across the night sky illuminating briefly a cloaked figure carrying boxes from an older Camry into a deserted barn.  Looking skyward at the approaching storm, the figure knew intuitively that rain would shortly be pouring from the heavens. There's an old saying that a barn will stand forever as long as it has a good roof; this particular barn did indeed have a...Read On


Tales From The Bar. No.3.

Trish has fun when she meets the darker side of Sandra.

Hi, my name’s Patricia but people usually call me Trish. You might remember me from the story that Maz told of her ‘fun night’ with that young tart, Naomi. At the time, she asked me to write about what happened to me, but I really didn’t want to. I felt that what had happened between me and Sandra was too private and intimate. It was only after I read her version that I felt I had to. I...Read On

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