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Claiming Her Kid Sister

Falling for the forbidden fruit of my girlfriend’s little sis.

I never dreamed I'd fuck my girlfriend's sister, but I don't regret it. In fact, I'm going to do it again. If you'd asked me beforehand, if you’d stopped me before I knocked on their door that warm summer afternoon, I would have been offended at the suggestion that I would ever cheat at all. But an hour later I was in the shower, washing away the sweat of sex as my body tingled with...Read On


Spare the Rod, Spoil the Wife

I had been married to Carolyn for about 2 years now. She was gorgeous and the sweetest woman I had ever met ... most of the time. About a year after we married, I saw a different side surface every now and then. You see, she was a perfectionist and when things didn't go her way, she didn't handle it too well. Most of her life had been easy for her, but her new career was not. She was a...Read On


A Late Night Interruption

Andi is working late to make a deadline, but Kate can't sleep...

A knock on the office door.  Andi is surprised to hear it. It's after eleven and this was Kate's long day teaching yoga; Andi assumed she would be sound asleep by now. She lets Kate know she can come in and then goes back to typing her exposé on collusion in the city mayoral race. After a moment of silence, Andi looks up from her laptop screen and sees a long leg provocatively extended...Read On


Hipster Flu Epidemic Rocks Seattle

A couple explore Epidemic ravaged Seattle

First, a shout out to Audrey X for correctly Googling, I mean answering the previous obscure movie reference "A Clockwork Orange." She even said it was "easy." "Vanity thy name is woman." The alluring Audrey will receive her bonus points plus five White Castle coupons honoring the return of GOT. And now...The Adventure Continues I'm Emma Gravel. You might know me from such Lush stories as,...Read On


Reann's Night At The Club

Reann has a fun night at the club but so did Tonya working the second floor.

Reann Reann was in her thirties when she realized she had a very odd fetish. She discovered it literally by accident surfing porn sites. She came across a video that just entranced her into watching what was happening to the girl in the scene. Without even realizing it, she had her hand on her pussy, rubbing it. Before long, she had two fingers buried deep inside herself, quickly...Read On


Lonely Dad Part 2

After taking his daughter's virginity, Sam finds himself smitten with her

Sarah was lying comfortably on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. I caressed her thick hair as I stared at the ceiling.  I fucked my daughter. I fucked my daughter and took her virginity.  Adrenaline filled me as I replayed it. I wanted more. Her pussy was amazing. My stomach growled. I was initially heading to the kitchen for a late night snack. "Are you hungry dad?" she grinned. "I...Read On


The Pianist

She moves from the keys to please.

Working the soft places first Finger tipping Just Playing Pianists have soft, sensitive fingertips Trained technique Hours of practice.   Then, the spot against the bone Little harder Little harder still Beethoven instead of Chopin.   That spot is getting a good long rub in circles and in squares And trapezoids The geography, the math of music Up and down The legs of...Read On

Recommended Read

Moonlight in the Meadow

Love should be as simple as a moonlit dance in the meadow.

Meet me in the moonlit meadow, And we will dance under a starry sea, Floating like two fireflies, adrift On the zephyr of passion’s flutter. Cascade with me through the hillside, Your silken tendrils flowing carefree, As the delicate scent of the wisteria takes us, And pearly shadows shimmer gleefully at our feet. Meet me in that moonlit meadow. Listen, as the nighttime whisper of...Read On


The Laptop: Part Six

She decided to tease him, little did she know how far it would go.

Dax finally dozed off in the early morning hours, and after only a few hours of sleep he was awoken by a knock at his door.  Before he even had a chance to answer, Beth opened the door and stepped in.  She was standing there wearing only a towel, hair still wet and skin still flush from a hot shower.  He immediately sat up in bed, not sure what to do or say. She slowly walked over to him,...Read On

How Anne Became Popular

It’s kind of funny how some people become popular. Just last week Anne Johnson was a regular girl. She had a few friends but wasn’t at all popular. She didn’t wear trendy clothes. She wasn’t a nerd or a jock. She didn’t play an instrument or was in a band. She was just a regular person. Until that really cold day in January. Anne Johnson was wearing Jake Smith’s varsity football coat. He...Read On


A Venetian Story

The night was rich, full of scents and stars. The canals shone strangely under a pale moon. He waited for her as every night, hidden in the shadows. He knew she would come into his arms, eager for his touch. He felt himself harden at the thought of her, all rosy and soft under her clothes. They had been meeting in secrecy for some time, defying the surveillance of her Father and the...Read On


Down and Dirty

Wild cats in heat

Brittany and Jason were making their first spring trip to the cabin and were looking forward to the peace and quiet, not to mention the ability to run naked inside and out and be as loud as they wanted when they had sex. One of the things they knew that had to be done before any fun and pleasure was mow the three-acre lot. Arriving early Saturday morning, they took their stuff into the cabin...Read On


The Finger Nail

It was simply her finger nail As it dragged over my chest That called me from the deep, The darkness in which I wallowed. It beckoned me to her presence, To her warmth. My heart bursting open As if her finger opened a zip in my chest And she began to massage my heart to life She straddled my need Washing me clean With a tsunami of her desire Bringing herself Taking me forwards....Read On


Loving Yelitza

It's carnival time in the tropics.

Yelitza had a tiny beauty salon right by the water in the yacht marina. Her customers were a combination of shaggy-haired yachties who had been out in the sun too much and expats who lived in condos in this affluent part of the island. That included me, an itinerant English teacher, rubbing shoulders with people who had fuel bills for their boats bigger than my rent on a studio apartment....Read On


The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 3

An farm apprentice and the hot farmer's daughter have to sneak to be together.

When I came in for dinner that night, Sherry wasn’t there. Mary had a farm-raised roast chicken which was served with baked potatoes and a salad made from the first of the spring’s lettuce and spinach. Except for coffee, practically all of the food we ate came from the farm. Mary baked bread every day and always sliced it and placed it in a basket with a napkin. I loved her crusty...Read On


Kathy, Eve, Harold and Me

Kathy manipulates Jerry to get what she wants.

Harold stopped me and asked, “You interested in another drink tonight, Jerry?” Of course, I was. I had been waiting for an invitation for two weeks. The last being one week after the picnic. I was hoping we could be alone again. My discovery of that desire in me, made me wonder how I really felt about Kathy. I parked again on the roof of the parking garage. I saw Harold’s car, and a...Read On


I Am the Exhibit, Chapter 3

Hottie neighbor and I trade first time stories and a whole lot more...

“I wonder if his girlfriend knows,” Liz said as I came back to the living room.  She was on the couch, splayed on her back, legs spread, knees bent, eyes half-closed in misty wonder.   I wonder if she’d join us, I thought to myself.  I walked over to the couch and gazed on Liz’s wet snatch.  I eased myself down between her legs and inhaled her scent as I placed my mouth on her womanhood. ...Read On


One Extra For The Wife Ch 2

Would the hot tub prove to be as fun as the truck?

As I stepped toward the house, it was a wave of new emotions. In a place deep down I felt this was wrong, breaking the sacred vows of marriage. On the other hand, I was excited, aroused and absolutely energized. I asked myself if this was really that wrong, after all, I certainly didn’t look at Rachel any differently. Well let me rephrase, I did look at Rachel differently, but it was with...Read On


Say It

one special time

Say it Have it said As we lie naked on this bed Just whisper softly in my ear The only thing I long to hear   Say it Make it real You must know the way I feel Your scented hair, your lustrous eyes You’re smooth as silk at breast and thigh   Say it Just repeat Words to make our lives complete Time had raised twin passions high And then, tonight we touched the sky   Say it ...Read On

Comp Entry

The Blue Peas

A young noble elects to do his compulsory military service in an all female regiment.

On a warm spring day Gilbert the butler of the LeRoux mansion opened the door to the courier from the Monarchy of Clitoria’s Ministry of War. He took delivery and sighed. The urgent letter was addressed to Louis LeRoux, who he dare not interrupt for another hour. Madame was also busy, but he knocked on her study door.  “Gilbert?” “It’s here.” “Bring it in.” Marie LeRoux was sitting in...Read On


Wildclub, First Swingers Club Visit

It's a true story about our first swingers club visit.

Exactly a month has passed and, surprise-surprise, it is time again to look back and write down some words. Not only for you, dear readers, but also for future us to look back and remember… Experiences with Pamela and Maimu have taken more bold and adventurous. I remember that we both discussed we could also try sex with other couples if we cannot find the right female partner. Birgit was...Read On


Ella's Weekly Spanking

Ella visits her Mistress for her weekly spanking - and much more!

Looking at down at the delicate black watch draped across your soft skin, you hurriedly walk out of the shop door while trying not to stumble in your black high heels. As you walk, you let your mind drift to the woman awaiting you at home. You quickly try to adjust to a quicker pace as your heart begins to race in anticipation of what is to come. You feel your nipples begin to pucker and...Read On


Weekend At Dave's Cottage - Part 1Of 3

My first sex party was a great experience.

When I was twenty-one, I worked in a large manufacturing business. I was the youngest guy in the crew by at least ten years but got along with all the guys. One co-worker was Dave. He was a fun guy, always good for a laugh. One weekend, he hosted a BBQ at his house for a bunch of us and it was a good time. Lots of food and drinks and lots of laughs. Dave's wife was a great hostess. Karen was...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles, Part 1 - Katherine

Katherine was a favorite client and I always enjoyed our times together!

My name is Tony Harris – or at least that is the name I go by in my work. You see, I am a gigolo by trade and since what I do runs contrary to what is acceptable behavior in some people's eyes, I have had to adopt a "nom de guerre" or alias, which I use for my work. I've been doing this type of work for a number of years – I learned early on that I was blessed with the ability to please...Read On


Penny's Promiscuity - 30 To 32 - Going Public

Cheating wife's illegitimate pregnancy can't be concealed any longer. But that's not all...

Chapter Thirty “That’s disgusting!” The revulsion in my daughter Isobel’s phone-crackled voice would have been comical if my news hadn’t been so serious. Having made the decision to come clean and let the world know about my pregnancy, I had steeled myself to make the first confessional call to the person I believed was most likely to react badly. I had called several times during...Read On



I came upon a girl one night With nothing but her pride to hold And took her from her darkest moment to warm her soul from relentless cold   She housed a fire in a hardened shell A heart there lacking inner peace It was there I found locked deep within A woman crying for release   As I took my key and unlocked her gates I gazed wide-eyed into the light And watched her seed unfold...Read On


Seductive Weaponry

To see, to know, to understand

Sitting in city squares in a time of springlike air filled with fragrant alluring pastimes our worlds mellowed conjoined  in friendship so melodic One saw the seductive weaponry that she had acquired in life saw the unobtrusive crossing of lithesome legs tentative touch of graceful fingers on the arm coy tilts of a flippant head casually tossed tresses unfurled  One watched it both...Read On


The Laptop: Part Five

She decided to tease him, she didn't realize how far it would go.

Dax was shaking as he replied back to her, " Yes...I am too ."   "Do you have your cock in your hand right now, stroking it? " Beth wrote. " Yes... " " Are you thinking about me, and what you've seen today? " " I am. " " Keep stroking your cock for me then, and do it knowing I'm playing with my pussy right now " Beth, her mind being controlled by her obsession to see his cock, clicked...Read On


Le Belle Donne Ch.02b

Alberto and Isabella run into town for some errands

Chapter 2b   Across the charming and masonry-built town, Alberto had made it to Marino’s, a small general store, which also served as the local post office. Through an open window just above the store, the heavy moans of a woman flooded the stone laid street outside. “Ohh ohhh sii Arrigo, siii!” On the other side of the street, on a bench, two elderly men joyfully looked up at the window....Read On


A Birthday Surprise

In a drunken comment, Susie asks her husband for a different cock. Will he find one for her?

Hi. I’m Susie. I have a husband; James. I adore him. Even more so after his recent birthday present to me. Want to hear about it?. It wasn’t a special birthday, just one on the run-up to the supposedly life-changing fortieth. We’ve been married fifteen years. Our sex life is great. Nothing outrageous. We haven’t been wife swapping, or dogging, or anything like that, but we have always had...Read On

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