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Our crossdressing (cross-dressing) stories feature tales of either gender (usually male) dressing up in the clothes of the opposite sex, for reasons of sexual gratification. Crossdressers are akin to the transvestic fetishism, which is a sexual fetish for the clothing of the opposite gender. The crossdresser can be of any sexual orientation.


Shall I Tell You About My Wife?

How I met my nymphomaniac wife.

Time has been exceptionally kind to my wife Samantha. As a sixth form teenager, her stunning looks, along with her 36 DD's, attracted the attention of the male students and some teachers at her school. Her chestnut brown hair flowed down to her waist, and her face wouldn't have looked out of place in any beauty pageant. It was no wonder that she had an everlasting stream of suitors...Read On


Hidden in Plain Sight. The Conclusion.

It was one of the longest weeks of his young life that Marc could recall. When he wasn't attending his regular classes he was at baseball practice where continued to amaze his coaches and team members with his prowess on the ball diamond. When he was alone he thought about Charlene and couldn't wait to see her again. Friday night was game night and the fans filled the bleachers to cheer...Read On


When Danny Met Judy

A Mrs Robinson moment!

When Paul and Sue announced they were taking a holiday in the new year, I was as eager as they were for that week to come. We had a reciprocal arrangement, whereby the couple that remained at home would periodically look into the other's house, to water plants, remove the build-up of mail behind the front door and just generally check for anything untoward.   I'd just dropped them off at...Read On


The Clothes Make the Sissy

Bobbie and Amy go shopping.

I don’t know what happened to my clothes. It seemed like they just kept disappearing. Amy’s solution was always for me to wear her clothes, and I must admit that they made me feel really sexy. I’d worn women’s clothes before here and there, but it was always for a party or some special function where it was expected or at least accepted. My feminine build always gets lots of attention...Read On


Hidden in Plain Sight 2

Marc was too excited to sleep that night as his mind was swimming with anticipation about his meeting with Charlene. His fearful side reminded him that he had her business card and that he should call her and cancel their meeting. His experimental side chimed in that she had discovered his secret and didn't laugh or tell his parents. She instead kissed him and then invited him to meet...Read On


The Transformation of Ms. K (Part 1)

Asian boy has a secret life as a fetish dominatrix

By day, I'm an average Korean guy, a bit on the fat side, my whole life I haven't been very attractive to women. I'm very timid and shy as a boy, very much a beta. I never even had sex until after college and my dating life has always been pathetic.  I've always had a bit of a tight rubber and latex fetish. As I became older, I began buying some pieces of latex and dressing like a...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Fifteen

Navy Transvestite Girls visit Sydney Australia

Chapter Fifteen – Bettys Down Under Michele had an emotional last day with Ying. As well as lovers, they had become good friends. Michele promised to write to Ying and vowed that one day she would return to Thailand and they would reunite. Their last night together was a sex-charged boozy affair and Michele rose early the next morning and left Ying fast asleep in the hotel. She...Read On


Hidden in Plain Sight

It was his own fault. He had spent far too long admiring himself in the mirror and revelling at the sight of the erotic garments he had donned and time had slipped away from him. Just the feeling of these silky garments against his skin made him hard as they always did and a masturbation session would soon follow. The mirror on one side of his sliding closet doors reflected the image of a...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Fourteen

Michele meets a Bangkok ladyboy and they strike up more than just a friendship

Chapter Fourteen – Supergirls Bangkok “I’ve fucking had it with Jason!” Michele spat at Rod Latham “That fuckwit tracked me down and found me in a bar in Naples and created an absolute shitfight. And every night I’m here in the club, he carries on like a petulant child whenever I work a punter and in particular Lieutenant Steve Winters who is one of our best customers. When is...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Thirteen

Transvestite Wrens visit Naples and have fun in the sun.

Chapter Thirteen – Naples – Whores and Princesses The Ark continued her voyage through the Mediterranean Sea, exercising with the Task Group as she went and arrived in Naples a week after she left Gibraltar. Lieutenant Steven Winters, RN, became a regular at Barrack Room Betty’s whenever there was no night flying. He entered into an arrangement with Michele that she would always be...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Twelve

Crossdressing sailors operate a brothel on a navy ship

Chapter Twelve – Pleasuring an Old Friend Ark Royal sailed for her deployment in a small Task Group of three ships and on the first night Barrack Room Betty’s opened for business and was an instant success. At first, the main earner was gambling and booze but as the ship got further away from her home port the temptation for the punters to ‘tap’ the attractive transvestite hostesses...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Eleven

The Bettys reunite on board the Navy's flagship where Michele turns adversity to her advantage

Chapter Eleven – An Offer You Can’t Refuse! Michele remained on her knees and waited for Chief Writer Rod Latham to come over to the bunk to see what he wanted of her. It turned out he wanted a quick fellatio session, which she provided. After the three sailors had satisfied their urges with Michele, it was time to talk business. “So as you can see, compartment Six Quebec Delta Alpha...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Ten

The Betty's go to sea in the Navy but doesn't stop their crossdressing antics

Chapter Ten – Sea Daddies and Sea Mommies Seaman Michael Nyland graduated from Recruit School in March 1974 and was immediately posted to HMS Raleigh to commence training as a Writer; a sailor specialising in pay, personnel matters and administration. He was glad to see the back of HMS Chelmsford; Spike and the three other Leading Recruits had passed out at the end of January and had...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Nine

The ROP is over at HMS Chelmsford and the 'Bettys' go out for a night on the town for the first time

Chapter Nine – Pink Pussycats All good things come to an end and the six-week Reduced Operations Period at HMS Chelmsford ended on 15th January 1974. The Wrens and Leading Recruits were very busy as that day approached. The Depot needed to be de-winterised and preparations made for the return of the Ship’s Company, the other Recruits, and the Wrens from their leave. Even Petty Officer...Read On


A Close Encounter Part 3

The perfect ending to an awesome night!

Homeward Bound   "Well, how was it for you?" My question was directed at my wife's reflection in the rearview mirror. She looked quite fresh considering that she'd just been fucked.   "Yeh, it was good! Pass me a tissue, babe." Sam stretched an arm between the front seats.   "It was certainly different!" Paul's assessment of the last hour's shenanigans raised a chortle.   "Not 'aff!"...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Eight

Four sailors and four pretty trannies locked up over Christmas, what are they going to do but party?

Chapter Eight – The Christmas Party Lieutenant Steven Winters was an extremely good-looking Navy fighter pilot whose last posting had been aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. There was some unpleasantness when, after a wardroom ladies dine-in night on board the ship, the rather portly Executive Officer had opened the door to a hangar workshop and found his glamorous wife bent over...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Seven

Michele sacrifices her ass to keep a secret.

And so Michele’s ordeal began. Every day at 1030, Michele and Jason left the administration building to conduct rounds of the Establishment, each going their separate ways. But Michele snuck back in the building as soon as Jason was out of sight. She would go to the ladies heads and dig around in her handbag and pull out her makeup, lingerie and heels. She applied heavy makeup and lots...Read On


A Close Encounter Part 2

Not so much bi-curious anymore.

The dim ambient lighting inside the Coach House Inn gave the lounge a golden hue that was ideally suited for a guy masquerading as a gal. I couldn't have wished for a better location for Judy to come out to play. My wish list, however, would not have included the guy breathing into my left ear. "Perfume?" I croaked, continuing with the 'sore throat' ruse. I began to feign a cough in order...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Six

Michele offers herself to Petty Officer White so that the other Wrens don't have to service him

Chapter Six – A Turn For The Worse And so the Wrens and Leading Recruits settled into a routine. They knew that if they just spent their days jollying, drinking, having sex, and carousing that HMS Chelmsford would soon deteriorate into a shitfight, so they agreed to apply some discipline and stick to strict routines. The Royal Navy has run on routines from time immemorial; the day...Read On


Bobbie Is In Denial

A femme boy's soak in the hot tub gets hotter than expected.

I woke up the next morning naked with Amy spooning me. She was fully clothed, even had her high heels still on. My mouth was dry and my ass was sore. I felt like a rag that had been rung out. What happened? Then I remembered kneeling in front of Joe, my ass hanging out like a juicy ham, practically panting and drooling over his thinly clothed cock. My sore little cocklet, which for some...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Five

Transvestite Wrens seduce their sailor tormentors and experience sex as a woman for the first time

Chapter Five – Boys Will Be Girls The three Wrens and three Leading Recruits were sitting engrossed in the movie. Michele rested her head on Jason’s shoulder and they were still holding hands. Jean was reaching into Mary’s popcorn bucket every few minutes, chewing popcorn around swigs of beer; he was enchanted by her perfume and found her very attractive but he had no idea how to woo...Read On


The Shopping Spree

A shopping trip turns into an altogether different kind of trip

After a morning of shopping, I went for a hamburger. As I sat there with my bag of goodies by my side, a man in his early thirties sat down at the table next to me. He beamed a smile at me and said hello. It was unusual for people in the city to be friendly to strangers, but then again, he didn’t look like a man from the city. He must have been in his mid-thirties. His face was rugged, and...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Four

The leading recruits get friendly with the crossdressed Wrens

Chapter Four – A Night at the Flicks Michele was confused; she didn’t like Leading Recruit Jason Jones one bit, he was a bully but he was also handsome, strong and actually quite intelligent. She knew he had a thing for her as soon as the Leading Recruits made the grommets crossdress, and of course last night he had ejaculated in his pants when he was spanking her. Michele was no...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Three

The Barrack Room Bettys are starting enjoying dressing as Wrens; the boys like them dressed that way

Chapter Three – Michele’s Story The four Wrens of Collins Division woke at ‘call the hands’ at 0640. Doris had got out of bed at 0600 to prepare breakfast and was in the galley. She’d tried her best to do her makeup and dress like a Wren but she still looked like a ‘scranbag’; not that it mattered, in the steam filled, greasy kitchen. Her hair was matted and her makeup ran as she...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Two

Michele ensures the three transvestite WRENS meet the approval of their captors

Chapter Two – Wren Division Ho! The four Leading Recruits were hungover and hungry and in the grey dawn and cold bleak light of day they weren’t sure that their prank was really worth it. They entered the cabin and found the four ‘Wrens’ stood at attention and immediately began to break down in laughter. “Of my fucking god you guys look stupid!” Jean Burgess burst out laughing. ...Read On


Femme Boy Gets Cock Drunk

My mind goes soft thinking about my bully's cock.

I’m not a very masculine guy. In fact, I’m downright girly. I blame my body. I’m 5’3” and weigh 110lbs, but the first thing people notice is my fat ass. It’s fat, tight, and juicy. It’s the kind of ass that women these days pay a queen’s ransom for. It flares out with my wide hips from a narrow waist and flat stomach and is complemented by proportionally thick thighs. My calves are...Read On


The Motel And Black Lingerie

Being a lingerie showgirl in the motel

I had been on the road most of the day, having travelled almost six hundred kilometers in an effort to visit some of my most important clients. So, it was a relief when I arrived at the motel and was able to check in and get into my room. After checking my e-mails, I decided to head to the bar for a relaxing drink before contemplating what to choose from the restaurant menu. The bar was...Read On


Where Did My Damn Key Go?! Part 3

When buying a cock cage, make sure you know where your key is (part 3).

Four days; I've dealt with four grueling days of not being able to touch myself. Jesus, how can anyone even do this without even going insane?! Ever since I crossed paths with that dominating bimbo, my entire routine had changed. And to be honest, I was surprised at how much sex was in my life. From the moment I woke up to the second I crashed and fell asleep, my mind was very frequently in...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter One

Royal Navy recruits forced to crossdress - A prank with consequences.

Barrack Room Betty Ch. 01 By Michele Nylons©   Chapter One - Wish I Was Wren "Wish I was a Wren," Recruit Brian Perkins mumbled under his breath. 'Fuck! I wish he hadn't said that!' thought Recruit Michael Nyland. He knew that no good would come of it. "Your wish might come true," Leading Recruit Jason Jones (Spike to his friends) sneered. Michael Nyland shivered, and not...Read On


Evening In The Office

Caught crossdressing in the office, but with a happy ending

The normal workday had finished and I gladly filed away the tedious paperwork that I had been toiling with over the past few hours. Knowing that I wasn’t going to depart for a number of hours, I went to the common tea room and made myself a cup of coffee. Back in my office, I sat back, sipped my coffee and contemplated my plan for the next hour and a half before the evening students started...Read On

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