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Erotic Poems

Erotic poetry is concerned with the sexually diverse and alternative aspects of the genre, rather than specifically with the love and romance associated with 'Love Poems'.

Although romance and poetry seem to go hand in hand, explicit, frank, and even fetishistic sex can also be great subject matter. Poems with a primary focus on sensuality and passion are better suited to our 'Love Poems' category, anything else is welcome here.


Cam Girl

Indulge yourself in me.

I turned on the camera To all that brings Everybody watching me I lean forward and pout Imagining them all shout "Fuck me, you delicious girl," I'm a camgirl In case you didn't know I'll rock your fucking world Make your body ache Your heart race And your testicles turn blue I'm the ultimate tease As I grab my tits and squeeze And moan out for you to please me Let your imagination...Read On


Sex, Flowers, and the Erosion of Sanity

A mirror.

Zephyr whispers a storm of symbols and an overture of falling leaves dances through her, going to ground like scattering thieves. Condensation on her lips sweet as ambrosia from acorn caps and orange blossoms, kissed by aromatic absinthe. It is the nectar of this existence whose flower is desire. Cloaked by mist, resting in Nimbus soft and bright soaking in passion, yet driven by...Read On


The River

Love me, like a river flows through woods, dingles and dales. Carelessly caressing the finest down that dips and dives into the everlasting waterfalls. Let your soft lips lap at the sun-kissed banks and say hello to the brushed and fondled leaves as they pass overhead. Let your river flow over me, tickle me, warm me with its soul or cool me in the breeze. Love me, like a river loves its bed....Read On



I'm ready for you x

  I have this secret tunnel that goes from the backofmyheart, disguised as a thick vein, down to my Womb. It's special because it's hidden, curled into itself And what you don't know is that I feel you running, sliding right through it, Irreversibly Immortally every day. It's vital, because it throbs when I miss you; when I think of you; when I touch myself trying to find a trace of...Read On


The Urge

Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy....

I often get the urge for sex Don’t care too much for boys They’re far too quick to put it in I much prefer my toys   My friends are mostly girlies too Like every other lady While lying on there beds at night Indulge in pastimes shady   Once you get that naughty urge That ladies might acquire To undertake a mission To satisfy desire   The moment that you feel the urge You seek...Read On



We all have a beast inside of us!

Caged   Burdened by an anchor upon my chest, Driven by a burning desire of lust, Dreaming of a good time between your breasts, Caged beast within - between who’s legs we thrust?   Ball gag; Lashings; Leather; Whips; Chains...Pleasure Tied up against a wall; Hands cuffed, legs spread, Dripping with sweat; Caged beast found thy treasure; Tainted by blood, we will take you to wed;  ...Read On


Carnal Language

To tongue a lust driven language, without words, is in a word, erotic.

Tell me what you want, Tell me what you long for, Use my body for the fantasies, That titillate your core. Tell me what you crave, That which makes you melt, Use the words I cannot hear, Words that are only felt. Run your fingers on my skin, Til I submit to your caress, And my chills will read like braille, Obscene stories from my flesh. Filthy tales of excitement, Inscribed by your...Read On


Oral Fixation

Finding her, as she's looking out the window The warmth of his tongue traces the flare of her neck Inhaling her scent While his hand caresses her curvy thighs. The early morning sun appears Tiny dewdrops dripping from the limbs Her nose pressed against the cool window glass While his fingers grip on her breast, lingering for his touch. Warm breaths against her shoulders Tracing across...Read On


Devouring Her Soul

His lips clench mine Tasting like cherry wine My writhing so fine I worship her, oh so divine. Ravishing him, leaving us breathless While clenching his hands on my shoulders, and caress Her alluring deep green emerald eyes so captivating While urges of devouring her until she's salivating While capturing his heart Murmuring in his ears like Mozart Longing for her like a la carte...Read On

Love's Cognac

Feeling the pulse of the night flowing through my veins in the gables of my green ivy as I taste her breath of sins soft as velveteen And the emeralds of her eyes twist in my mind with lips of lusting fury as her fingers caress,   flaming on my chest As her hips give rise entwined on my cock facing the mirror's reflection playing catcher to her eyes of our masquerade While grasping the...Read On


Only night,

Do not look for me in daylight, only the overcast night will do, do not search for sunny fields, I only have shadows to offer. Do not expect to find me when the sun bathes the river, I am only found at night, in the darkest of portals, the only threshold I dare cross, in the hope to find you again and be one with you at last, defying all, men, gods and fate to blend into you and...Read On



And I shall come to you, find you among crowds,  claim you as my own as I have been yours through years of longing. I shall recognize you, your neck will still wear  the mark you were given, my only and true mark, stronger than any collar, more painful than any lash and the most powerful key to enter my realm together.      ...Read On


His Poetry

Written on her skin

Writing her erotic poetry Her pussy is his writing desk He uses his tongue as pen Her dripping honey is his ink His medium In writing for her Her erotic love poems from him As she moan when he writes Her words you cannot clearly understand Her body language is understandbly clear His writing start in slow rhymn As he goes fast then slow Reaching the climax of her ink His tongue catching up...Read On



A poem from the nude hot tub

Bubbles Frothing, Swirling, Steaming... Covering Us Our Desire Naked Passion Hotter Than The Water Hearts Racing Touching, Teasing, Kissing Playing Hands Moving Up Up Thighs Up Sides To Sensitive Sensual Titillation Breath Catching Until We Leave...Read On


Making You Mine

Whispering into your ear. Sweet words of love. Dripping of virgin honey. Kisses of pure heat. Causing your nectar to flow. Fingers playful dusting. Across harden nipples extended. Caresses you gently. Spreading your golden thighs. Aged hands of an explorer. Leaving you dizzy losing a moan. With deep burning need. I shall take my time. As I enter you slowly. Claiming you mine. . ...Read On


It was a longing for night sins That had me spawning sensuality As my breath caress your breasts With nipples of rosette stones On your chest where my tongue rests Gods saved the best For what lays between your thighs As my manhood twitches entering your cunt Opening wide to my cock's delight While I under the thumb of gin And your eyes of almonds In the gorse of the meadows Where...Read On


Pit Stop

Poem about a secret pee moment of a woman.

frantic need eyes searching potential relief found running rushing dancing dripping wiggling and worried Will anyone see? Does she even care? Does she even dare? Need too great Looking around one more time...   She pulls down her pants the denim rough and tight panties silken and already damp pushing them down she squats  on the ceramic potted plant   Release   ...Read On


Moon Rising

moans escape my parched lips

  Moon Rising  As I  tug  My silk ties Scent of candles Calming my racing heart Sounds down the darken hall Voices soft and familar Clink of wine glasses She is not alone Laying still Foot steps echo  Off our wood plank floor Smile etched  On my face Pleasurable night waits As your black crop  Drops across my bare arse Always in sets of three Drops of crimson refect  Off...Read On


Two on Cheviot

Meeting on a hilltop trail turns a youth into a man.

To mark my eighteenth year I climb high up the Cheviot trail, Below me I leave the curlew’s plaintive call And reach with envy to emulate Swift peregrine’s searching swoop. Suddenly, beyond a rock she is there, This unexpected female walker. Resentment at her intrusion on my solitude, Is soon tempered by hips Swaying as though to marimba beat. Buttocks tight in denim shorts Twitch,...Read On


Blissful Surrender

My pink bare lips Pursed and ready,  My hips pressed forward, Kneeling above Your hardened cock, Poised upward near my wetness. The slow build, the rising fire,  A surge of electricity  Between us, As I sway, Dancing to the soft  Love song in my head.  Smiling hungrily as My lips are pried open, Feeling your hardness Enveloped by my wetness. The dance continues. We rock...Read On



Now will do just fine

"I want you now," he whispered as his hot breath brushed away the hair on your neck and his lips kissed your skin. "I want you now," he whispered as his fingers pulled aside your hair and he nibbled his way up and into your ear. "I want you now," he whispered as his teeth took your earlobe and gently bit down and again his hot breath brushed lightly against your skin. "I...Read On


Your Lady's Dreams

Lubricious Amatorius

  I laughed when you said I was café au lait. I’ll make sure you... stay up... late, You make my kitty cat purr, my Italian Monsieur. My brothers to you bragged about size and girth The smile on your face, one of mirth you talked about skill and having only a hammer all they could do was stammer. I fondle your gift, an Italian horn dreaming of another, both my lips to adorn. ...Read On



Beauty is skin, Smooth and unblemished, Textures that hunger for touch, From fingertips of gold, Pores that breathe, sigh and moan, And creases that reflect, The essence of you. Beauty is shape, The sweep of the curves, From prominent shoulders, To the slimmest waist, and outward, By the flare of the hips, A musical richness and, In likeness of a Cello or Bass. Beauty is colour, Blackest...Read On


The Silent Masseur

In the moonlight darkness She lies motionless, still Her desires of her masseur's hands Firmly pressing across her shoulder blades Stiff and aching Slowly caressing, massaging Urgently, robust Dabbling warm oils down the length of her spine Releasing built up tension Her mind whirls His warm breaths hovering her neck "Relax, enjoy, my sensual muse" Her mind like a...Read On


The Garden Of Eden

Freshly washed and ready to eat...

Looks fresh and beautiful Red and lusciously breathtaking That sweet aromatic scent That's very pleasing to my senses. I have to taste that skin How it would feel In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Richly scrumptious That delicious juicy bite I have to taste that nectar How it would taste In my teeth and in my tongue In my lips and in my mouth Succulently sweet...Read On


Lake Memories

Sound of loons in the distance. Two young lovers. Tanning in the sun. Oars in the water. You wearing your new bikini. Your eyes full of lust. Water splashing your arms. As we both laugh. My desire for you burns. Rolling my shorts off. Showing you my lust. Licking your lips. You take your lover deep. My hands in your curls. Urging you even deeper. My two fingers finding your nub....Read On


How Love Grows

Oh, the games people play

They play a game. The room is warm, sunlight dappled, comforting. Frangipani scent on the breeze. The bed is firm, cool, welcoming. Final rays of dusk spread through bamboo curtains into their chamber. They strip. Not yet aroused. His cock flaccid, drooping, tempting. Her pussy firm, closed, enticing. She knows the game. She lies down on her tummy, spreading her curvy soft legs and...Read On


Mojo Baby

Damn baby you got it..

      I can tell the moment you walk into a room, That slow confident swagger, the boyish grin.. yeah you got Mojo baby. I wanna lick my fingers and run them along your beautiful mouth. I have never wanted to taste someone so badly, my poor soul is in such misery, Just the smell of your skin makes me wet. I can't look you directly in the eye, you shine too bright, Some days I...Read On


Owning Me

The sharp sting of your teeth

  What the hell am I thinking? Did I learn nothing the last time?! The endless nights of crying, How big this damned bed felt when I slept here alone, Clutching my broken heart below naked breasts, that fucking pain, so deep I thought for sure I was dying. I resolved never to trust another honest face! I promised that no matter how pretty you looked pulling that white t-shirt off...Read On



playing dirty

Silly pretty little thing, those big brown eyes hidden beneath dark lashes. You still keep glancing over at me,   You have no idea how sexy you really are, do you? That smile! So many ways to play with such a perfectly shaped mouth. Petal, really? Do you want to play dirty with me? That's so cute!  When you laugh and toss your head back like that how do you expect me to play fair.  ...Read On

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