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Exhibitionists get off on being watched - our exhibitionist stories relate specifically to people getting aroused by being watched having sex. Generally acts of exhibitionism take place outside - a deserted beach for example. Often the exhibitionist will deliberately expose him or herself to any voyeurs who are in the vicinity, as well of course to their lover.


Lonely #2

Loneliness interrupted by orgasm.

So... About my roommate.  She is rapidly turning out to be not at all what I expected.  In a good way, but, damn was I wrong about that.  She is so sweet. I know it's weird that I'm leading with news about her and not me, but this is both fascinating and adorable.  We'll get to me shortly. Anyway, it turns out that Elle is not not so much a slut who's fucking half the guys in the unit as she...Read On


Meeting Carol 10 - Marrying Carol 1

I married Carol knowing what a wild woman she was

After meeting Carol, there was no other woman for me.  Carol and I were lying in bed cuddling and discussing our last evening with Jake.  I thought this was the perfect time to tell her how I felt. I said, "Carol, I'm hopelessly in love with you.  Will you marry me?" Carol said, "I love you, Dick but you know my promiscuous sexual history." I pulled her to me.  She cuddled in my arms...Read On

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He loved the semi-secret sexual charge, the semi-public acknowledgment of erotic roleplay.

They planned the entire scenario with care. She dressed in that borderline classy/slutty way she deployed when she was bluntly trying to seduce him. Tonight she wore a sleeveless white top that coyly folded on itself to reveal a hint of décolletage. She wore a white skirt to match the blouse, not scandalously short, but brief enough so that she could flash a great deal of skin with the...Read On


Teacher Gets Dared

Young teacher gets dare online and loves it.

"I'm so turned on right now," she typed back to him. "I'm so hot. I can't believe I got this way just from chatting with you."  "It's because you're being naughty. You're doing things that you shouldn't be doing. It goes against the rules that you live by," he responded. "Besides, you know how incredibly aroused I am right now just from talking to you."  That really excited her. She had...Read On


Meeting Carol 5

I'm so confused and so horny...

I got home and, as they say, dazed and confused.  I had just watched the best sex I could imagine.  Both Carol and Pete were considerate but that's not what I wanted.  I had a glass of wine and sat in the living room trying to figure out what was going on with me. I finally got up and went into the bedroom.  I stripped and my cock was hard and pulsing again.  I put some lube on it and as...Read On


Ex-wife Exposed Again

The second time was so more intense an experience, and nothing that I had expected

This is what happened a few weeks after our original encounter in the woods.  We had both been extremely turned on by the events of that afternoon. We talked about the being seen part, and how excitingly nervous we were. I did not mention my feelings after, the confusion I felt about wishing I had asked this stranger to fuck my wife. I had never had feelings like this before and was confused...Read On


Stacey and the Neighbor Dad

friendly neighborly tease

The roof on my son's backyard clubhouse needed to be replaced. The boards were rotting or warped, and just looked plain terrible. Our neighborhood of closely packed houses sure didn't need to see that ugly roof poking over the fence.  We'd had a lot of rain lately, especially on the weekends. The rain, of course, sure helped out the rotting and warping of the clubhouse roof, but it also...Read On


Meeting Carol 4

Carol makes some pictures

Once we got back to Carol's apartment we were exhausted from our frightening experience at the bar and hotel.  I told her I needed to go home and get some sleep. Carol said, "Don't forget Pete's coming over tomorrow around noon.  Bring your camera."  She then pulled her dress over her head and gave me a passionate tongue-twirling kiss.  It left me breathless. I drove home in an...Read On


Meeting Carol 3

Life gets hotter...

I had just told Carol that I wanted to watch her have wild sex with her married boyfriend.  She had just spent the night fucking and sucking him and then telling me all about it, all the dirty deeds.  She spared no details of what they had done.  We were very aroused. She and I then had pulsing sex. The next day I asked, "Will he do it?" Carol said, "He's vain about his sexuality.  He'll...Read On


Tease the Neighbor

Another neighbor gets the Rachael treatment

"We've painted it three times, put a few layers of a good primer on it, and it still shows through," he explained as we stood in their living room.  Dave and Rachael are my neighbors down the street.  He had asked me over to see if I wouldn't mind doing a little handyman work since I was retired.  One of their daughters had written on a section of the dining room wall using a black...Read On


A Shared Secret

Getting busted on his secret passion is more fun than he could have imagined

I know her only casually from project meetings at the office. She is a busy executive known for getting projects done well and on time. She carries a confident and stately beauty, in her mid-fifties with shimmering, shoulder-length black hair. Her dark eyes and quick smile can quickly put you at ease and light up the room, or with just a look she can command your attention and put you on...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 7 - Time for a Nap

Silver and Gabriel head back to the room for a naked nap. Silver has a sparkly surprise for Gabriel!

Silver tries to cover her surprise at seeing me but fails miserably. “Did who miss any spots?” I inquire innocently. “Shut up” she mumbles, burying her face in the mattress. “Hum.” I emit thoughtfully, looking across the pool. A dude with a farmer's tan sits next to a cute brunette looking at us. He's holding a fancy camera; an actual camera. Huh! Pointing the camera elsewhere, he...Read On


Neighbors and Friends 3

her dare goes too far

It was 1:17 in the morning when my cell phone rang next to my bed. Still half asleep, I reached over and grabbed it. It was my neighbor, Rachael. “Hey?” I mumbled. “Something wrong?” Rachael replied in a quick rush of words. “I’m sorry to wake you, and yes something is wrong and I need your help. Quick. Can you come get me?” Instantly awake now, I sat up, placing my feet on the floor....Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 6 - Chillin' by the Pool

We find out if Silver's bikni is sheer when wet and Miguel lends a helping hand.

Stripping completely naked as I walk, I slip my board shorts on. Grabbing sunglasses, smartphone and a little cash, I step out on the balcony to see if I can spot Silver among the glistening sun goddesses. There she is, looking as if she hasn’t moved a muscle. I switch to the camera and zoom in as close as I can get... ddaaaamn. How in the hell did I get this woman to marry me? Click,...Read On


Neighbors and Friends 2

She gets help with her blog

"So, I'm not wearing panties," Rachel said casually as we stood there in front of the high school.  She had just sent her daughters off on a school bus to the local zoo. One of our school groups was hosting a "Parent Day Out" at the school and they'd just loaded everyone on the bus to the zoo. I'd come up earlier to check my mail and pick up a textbook. When I came out, I'd been trapped in...Read On


Meeting Carol

Carol and I meet at work

I met my wife, Carol, at work.  We were both junior software engineers and worked with a number of eccentric people who had open opinions about everything.  We worked outrageous hours, evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.  The company encouraged a social atmosphere.  Everyone was very welcoming.  In my first week at work, Carol came to my cubicle and introduced herself.  She was stunning -...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 5 - Party on the Patio

After a quickie on the balcony, Silver and Stag head down to the pool for more fun!

Holding hands as we wait for the elevator, Silver lays her head on my shoulder with a contented sigh. “Thank you for planning all of this,” she says with a sweep of her hand. “Anything for my baby,” I reply, placing my lips on her hair for a light kiss. The elevator door opens to the sound of another sigh and we step in and push the button marked “Party on the Patio”, laughing at the...Read On


Neighbors and Friends

He learns about her online persona

It was hot. Hotter than hell in the summer.  I'd just finished mowing my little postage-stamp front yard with the push mower. My shirt was drenched.  I was wearing my black athletic shorts and one of my hundred Army shirts. Okay, maybe I have about thirty, but my point is that I have a lot of them. I was in Army ROTC all through college and now I'm an officer in the Texas Army National...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 4 - Florida: Suite, Sun, Sand and Seduction

The three hour drive has Silver & Stag hot, horny and ready to start a sexy weekend!

Silver’s chiffon dress provides a glowing yellow sunlight filter as she throws open the french doors and steps out on the balcony. The bellhop and I watch as she stretches her arms to the open sky; tan cheeks peeking out from under the hem of her dress. Laughing as she twirls, the hem glides up and down like liquid, exposing her lacy white panties and sweet, tan ass. She walks to the...Read On


A dare for the teacher

she completes his dare in her classroom

Denise pulled into her assigned spot in the faculty parking lot of the high school. She put the car into Park and turned it off. She sat there for a minute or two, thinking about her plans.  Finally, she opened the car door and turned her body to get out of the seat. As her legs split she felt the cold chill of the wind all the way to her bare pussy. It served as another reminder of what she...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 2 - I like your Truck!

Silver and Stag stop for fuel on the way to Houston; Silver gets a chance to show off a little more.

We stop for fuel and bathroom break; Silver heads into Quikie Mart while I pump the gas.  A mid-sized pickup, almost the same color as mine, pulls up to the pump next to me.  A good looking college-aged guy hops out and gives me a quick nod as he starts fueling his truck.  I look up and see Silver coming out of the store, but instead of heading right over she turns and starts walking around...Read On


Fifty Shades of Silver: Ch 1 - Surprise!

Silver and Stag start out their sexy journey with a three-hour drive to Houston...

Silver's face lights up when I surprise her with an adults-only weekend away in South Florida; she immediately starts gathering stuff for the trip. It doesn't take very long to pack our bags because Silver's clothes are tiny and mine are few; all of which fit into a single bag and one category: Sand, Sun and Sexy. We load up the truck and start the two-and-a-half hour drive to Houston. ...Read On


Mrs Jones Teaches Me How To Be A Girl

My initiation into femininity...

My next door neighbour when I was growing up was Mrs Jones. She was a fairly young divorced lady in her early thirties, a little chubby but her face was beautiful and she always dressed incredibly sexily. I remember noticing her clothing when I first saw her. She would always wear short skirts and dresses with pantyhose and a pair of little heels. I adored the outfits that she wore and...Read On


Connie's Year Ch. 04

My next fantasy is outdoors

I got to enjoy my next fantasy almost by accident and it wasn't quite how I had envisioned it happening, but circumstances made it so unique that it exceeded my expectations, I think. Kurt and I had taken a weekend trip to the city, arriving Friday night, seeing a show then going to dinner. A date weekend. On Saturday, we did some sightseeing and shopping, with lunch at a quaint intimate...Read On


The Flasher Club

Melissa and Matt join the flashers club.

The advert was small, almost indiscernible, just a couple of words and an email, placed into a local sex contact website. It was not designed to attract attention but it attracted Melissa’s and soon after Matt's attention as well. In an instant, they decided they would have to attend this event and Melissa shot off an email to the contact provided. It would take a week to get a reply and...Read On


2nd Daring Experience

Who knows what's to come?

After I had my first experience, all I could think about was doing it again and again. It gave much such a thrill and made me feel so naughty, I literally could not wait to get out to be daring again. It was a week after my first experience, still enjoying the beginnings of my summer vacation and I thought I would take my adventures out into public to see how I'd like it.  I got my lazy...Read On


Trophies, Part 1 Of 2

Playing with a fire named Carl

Women my age will understand: menopause and its flood of hormones can really mess up a woman's view of herself and her world. Mine made me feel older, unattractive, and okay, ugly.  My husband worked at changing my opinion. "You're more beautiful now than when I married you," he said and he persuaded me to pose nude for him one Saturday morning because "You may become more beautiful but...Read On


Entertaining The Neighbours - Dagmar And Trudy, Part 2

Trudy makes a welcome addition to my fan base

I had some reservations about taking up Dagmar's offer, that she might join me on one of my morning walks. Was this an offer to join me dressed, while I was naked? Good! Or was she offering to be naked too? Dangerous! Or was she expecting us to both be dressed? What would be the point? Or was she indicating an interest in some deeper relationship? Too close to home! Three or four weeks...Read On


The Awakening Of Mary (Part Two)

Having suddenly discovered the joy of sex, Mary seeks extramarital partners

We drove home in virtual silence. I was so horny because of what we had just done but couldn’t help wondering if Mary felt the same. I was now hooked on watching my wife with another man. I was unsure what I would do if she didn’t want to go on. When we arrived home Mary got out of the car saying, "We need to talk" as she disappeared into the house leaving me to put the car away. That’s it, ...Read On


Connie's Year Ch. 02

Connie fulfills her first fantasy of her year.

A week before, he had teased be about my list. I tend to write lists, as it's easier than trying to remember things all the time. But this one was my secret list, my fantasy list for my year. A week before my birthday he'd seen me hiding the paper from him and asked what I was doing. "Nothing," I'd told him. "You're scrambling pretty quick to hide nothing," he'd smirked. "Another one of...Read On

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