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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!

Comp Entry

The Blue Peas

A young noble elects to do his compulsory military service in an all female regiment.

On a warm spring day Gilbert the butler of the LeRoux mansion opened the door to the courier from the Monarchy of Clitoria’s Ministry of War. He took delivery and sighed. The urgent letter was addressed to Louis LeRoux, who he dare not interrupt for another hour. Madame was also busy, but he knocked on her study door.  “Gilbert?” “It’s here.” “Bring it in.” Marie LeRoux was sitting in...Read On

Comp Entry

A Most Incredible Encounter

Outta my dreams, into her car.

The pre-production meeting at the studio had gone longer than I expected and I missed my flight out of LAX. I'd already checked out of my hotel that morning.  The book tour was ending but I wasn't going home, at least not today.  The upside of that was the producer of the movie that was being made from my romance novel was giving me a ride to her place in her twilight blue stretch limo. ...Read On

Comp Entry

After Show, That Nobody Knows

Pop star has an after show encounter to help unwind.

*11:15 Show ends* My heart is pumping, my body sweating, the adrenaline surging through me. Nothing makes me feel more alive. “Great show Serina, we have a quick meet and greet then you can go change,” says my manager Brad. “Ok, let's make this quick though, I need out of this dress.” Boob sweat is real! Selfies with my fans always makes me smile. It's like that middle step as I get...Read On



“Ahem!” I was taking lunch at my desk, checking e-mails. The office was usually empty this time of day, so I was surprised when I looked up to see Sue Hanson standing in the door to my office. She was wearing a teal wrap dress that did everything to accentuate her long, fit legs and firm breasts. Which, as I looked closer, appeared to be unencumbered by any undergarment; mostly because...Read On

Comp Entry

A Night At The Bar

Something more or less than a fling?

A face that had worn a thousand masks and even more appearances yet everyone would know who she was in an instant. Actress, seductress, courtesan, she’d done it all and had more done to her. She didn’t steal every eye in the room, only the ones that mattered. Her soft curves were only highlighted by  the shimmering, black dress that clung to her wide hips as they swayed to the music....Read On

Comp Entry

The Pro-Wrestler and His Valet

Dave Bennett was a British pro-wrestler. He recently made the big move and started to wrestle for a major wrestling promotion in the United States. When he first arrived on the scene in America during the tryouts, he struck up a close friendship with a fellow wrestler, which didn’t go unnoticed amongst the trainers at the academy. Being that, this chemistry he had with Alicia Cortez was...Read On

Comp Entry

The Shark

She waits.

People watching alone is kind of a strange activity, but I’m kind of a strange girl. I didn’t go there to see her, but I did know that she’d be there. The way she moved her hips as she walked the room was enthralling, and enticing. The way she slithered as she calculated her options was almost slippery. It was almost hard to see her when she moved like that, but it was altogether impossible...Read On

Comp Entry

Going Higher

Sofia had to get back to the congressional hearing but everything was going wrong. She looked desperately at the camera in the journalist's hand. “Please delete them,” she said. “ Delete them?!” He frowned incredulously. “They're priceless! Sofia Jordan, the left’s notoriously outspoken congresswoman has a coke habit? This is gold!” Sofia gazed at him helplessly. They were facing each...Read On

Comp Entry


The photographers’ shadows stretched toward her across the dying front lawn like fingers in the fading hours of daylight.  All cameras pointed at their house.   Leah let the blinds go with a metallic clack.  Turning away, she raked her fingers through her hair and met her husband’s blue eyes.  Grimaced.  “I keep waiting for them to go away.” “Give it time.”  Chris's thin lips turned up in...Read On


A Short Delay

Strangers to one another, a man and woman meet on a train and things happen.

The train was delayed by an obstruction on the tracks. I sat and gazed out the window, waiting for the train to start moving again. After what seemed like forever, I sighed and turned back to my magazine. As I did, I caught sight of the man sitting opposite me. Since we had been sitting there, we hadn’t said a word to one another, except for an acknowledging gesture when he first sat down.  ...Read On


Manna From Heaven

She needed this...

Serena strode into the house, slamming the door shut behind her. Fuck, her breasts...they hurt, breastmilk leaking through all the carefully designed absorbent padding stuffed inside her bra. Motherhood, she thought. I was a fucking Jersey cow in a past life and this is my reward. The bra came off, flying through the air, milk trickling already down her chest and pooling in her belly button...Read On

Comp Entry

Beyond Bad

She always gets what she wants

I looked around to make sure no one had followed me before I opened the door.  I loved the intrigue but knew it would be a disaster if anyone suspected these clandestine meetings were taking place.  The election loss had been a disaster for me; however, the nature of my opponent made it possible for me to retain power without anyone being the wiser.   Once I entered the building, I was...Read On

Comp Entry

Kat on Top [of the Hour]

Kathrine loves to watch the news, but not quite like the rest of us.

Avi turned off the water and dried himself. In the next room, Kat was watching cable news. With a towel wrapped around his waist, he glanced at himself in the mirror but didn’t let his gaze linger. She, in her cotton robe, was laying back against the hotel bed’s headrest and scrolling through her phone. As the talking heads discussed topical events, her brow furled in frustration. “Rough day?”...Read On


Night Sail

She wanted both of us...

Donna loved to dance, almost as much as she loved to flirt. She was dancing with my buddy, Joe, rubbing her braless tits against his chest and letting him play with her ass. Not only had she started the night without underwear, but throughout the evening, the buttons on her blouse, one by one, had become 'accidentally' undone, until, only the one at her waist was left. On the dance floor,...Read On

Comp Entry

Famous and Fucked

If you could fuck anyone in the world, who would you choose?

“I fucked your Mom last night… in the ass. Again. She loved every second.” I rolled my eyes. “You are one sick fuck, you know that?” “Svoboda, Svoboda. Don’t put it in there. You’re too big!” “My Mom would never say that. No woman would ever say that . I’ve seen you. You’re tiny.” “Not in Famous and Fucked, I’m not. I’m enormous .” Svob made an action as though he was wanking a...Read On

Comp Entry

Bad Girls Play Dirty

Billie Watson is a bad girl with a reputation that haunts her; don't push her or she'll shove back!

The whispers precede her down the hall. As Billie approaches, many turn their backs. Like that even matters. Why do small-minded people think their disapproval is such a potent weapon? Slut. Skank. Whore. Bitch! Did they think she hadn’t been called those things before? Behind her, there was laughter. She didn’t have to hear the comments to know they weren’t funny. It wasn’t that kind...Read On


Subway Train

In the hopelessly overcrowded subway, it feels like rush hour after work in Tokyo. From the cold platform, people are streaming in, close to each other, clinging to all sorts of impossible grips, eagerly awaiting their evening at home. I am touching people, whether I like it or not. And I get touched. From all sides. All around me are men in suits, typical for this banking city. I wear...Read On

Comp Entry

Unexpected Returns

Charlotte sets her career on the line.

Charlotte Dawson read the Washington Post's review of her latest film and smiled. "Mrs Dawson's performance in her latest movie was both talented and shocking. It has to be said, ladies and gentlemen, that this critic, who has repeatedly lamented the actress's work in the past, will henceforth, never be able to watch her perform again, without his memory being plagued by some of the...Read On

Comp Entry


A somewhat true story of the Gem Saloon, Dakota Territories, 1877.

I stood outside the louvered, swinging doors of the notorious Gem Saloon, taking in the sights and sounds of the establishment I was about to enter. Al Swearengen, the well-known owner and proprietor of the Gem, was holding court behind the bar—a sawed-off was always within his reach. Dan Doherty and Johnny Burns, Al’s all-purpose men, stood ready to accomplish anything Al wanted, from...Read On


Private Show

Mindy puts on a show for daddy...

"Mindy, come out here, please." Daddy's voice tore me away from my magazine. He's not my father, mind you. To everyone else, he's my fiancé Mark, but he's my Daddy and I'm his good little girl. Well, mostly. I put the magazine down on the dining room table, stood up and walked to the living room - the source of his voice. Daddy was sitting in the middle of the couch. He had turned on...Read On

Comp Entry

Queen's Orders

When the queen summons, you answer her call.

When a citizen of Mirion, capital city of the Isles of Koronan, spoke of their queen they often used the words ‘beautiful’, ‘inspiring’, maybe even ‘kind’. Women of nobility and girls born in the slums alike revered Arona as the symbol of justice and progress for their homeland. In the times she was spotted traversing the streets near the Bridge of Light, she became a welcoming sight and...Read On

Comp Entry

The Stories Are Very Much True

She heard the stories and had to find out for herself.

She walked towards the door with him even though she knew his reputation. He was at the bar every night and left with a different girl every night but it was what they said about him afterward that drew her to him and about ready to board his Lear jet tonight. She just had to find out for herself if it was true. In the small bar, the stories ran wild among the girls. So up the stairs and...Read On

Comp Entry

Second-Floor Sarah

Shamed by the Slut.

“I feel like I’ve seen you around somewhere,” she said, leaning forward and staring straight into his eyes, “but where?” A small bead of sweat had formed on the girl’s chest and was slowly dripping down to the exposed cleavage trapped in her tight top. Josh could barely keep his eyes from drifting downwards. For such a small frame, the girl had some large, perky boobs—in fact, she was...Read On

Comp Entry

My Fabulous True Life

Apologies to Jen, thanks to sprite for the name, and I'll never forgive Ping.

Okay, so I’m doing this because of a forum thread where some people said they want to see more true stories here on Lush. So alright. Since the true story of my entire life is just like a porn movie, I thought it was high time to CUM forward, so to speak and let all you horny bastards and trollops in on some of the true events of my enviably amazing life. I certainly don’t mean to make...Read On

Recommended Read

After Glow

  It’s dark when I struggle awake, and realize I’m tied to the bed. Blinded by the pillow you’ve carefully placed over just my eyes. I can feel your hungry gaze as I lay here, whimpering not in fear, but in anticipation. Grasping the ties that bind my wrists I moan softly, waiting for your next move. Not knowing when it will come, or from what angle you will approach me I move around. Then...Read On

Comp Entry

The Roadhouse

After I finished filling the RV at this second rate truck stop not far from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, I parked it between an 18-wheeler and a fancy RV. Then I gave my two dogs a quick chance to take care of their business before walking inside. I was tired and near to starving. Fuck, the only food they had was a Timmies. Now I love Horton’s coffee and doughnuts, but their real food...Read On

Comp Entry

Double Standards

It's just another day for a working girl

The school girl pushed the heavy wooden door behind her, the brass latch making a satisfying click as it engaged with the strike. “Hello Daddy.” The gentleman whom she addressed was a man of sixty with short greying hair and was naked apart from his socks. He had been tied to a chair, bound by his wrists and ankles as he had requested. “Hello young lady.” “Does this meet your...Read On

Comp Entry

Secret Lover

No one knew just who

Deputy Mayor Dave Latimore was rumored to have a secret lover, but nobody just knew who she was. As Dave progressed through college and into business, there was a string of potential lovers, all of whom seemed to be disappointed at his lack of interest in taking them into bed. Maybe just maybe, Dave was gay or just didn't like to have women in bed. But the rumors about Dave continued on,...Read On

Comp Entry

The Research Assistant

Daphne helps out her professor at a conference

The applause was thunderous. Daphne couldn’t believe so many people had come to listen to her leadership professor, Dr. Tyler, discuss his research. The convention center ballroom must have held about a thousand academics hanging on his every word. Seated on the stage behind Dr. Tyler, Daphne looked out at their faces, all raptly attentive in ways that none of her classmates ever seemed to be....Read On

Comp Entry

The Piano Player

How far will Mandy go?

It seemed like a drunken dare except we weren’t drunk. We had chanced into the small bar after going to a retro cinema club. It was showing the original of Just Jaeckin’s ‘Emmanuelle’. Maybe it was the scene on the plane where she is carried off to the loo and shagged that was still in our minds. It was the piano music that attracted us. We got a drink and found a table in the corner. The...Read On

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