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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women. These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.


Premier Amour Avec Une Femme - First Love With A Woman

"Jacqui is bi, but particularly fond of attractive girls, She'll teach you all you need to know."

The text arrived a couple of days later. Jacqui introduced herself and gave a brief description of herself and her interests, and I replied in kind. We swapped emails and pictures and arranged to meet a week or so later at a bar near the town centre. I put a lot of thought into my dress and general presentation for our meeting, it was going to be a real first for me. I finally settled for...Read On


Tales From The Bar. No.3.

Trish has fun when she meets the darker side of Sandra.

Hi, my name’s Patricia but people usually call me Trish. You might remember me from the story that Maz told of her ‘fun night’ with that young tart, Naomi. At the time, she asked me to write about what happened to me, but I really didn’t want to. I felt that what had happened between me and Sandra was too private and intimate. It was only after I read her version that I felt I had to. I...Read On


Western Girls Come Out To Play

Two girls get to know each other

I know it sounds lame but my roommate of the time, Ella, had wanted to join the Western re-enactment society because she wanted to dress up and play the role of a saloon girl in the hope of getting closer to Jack Hargreaves. Tall and muscular with chiselled good looks, Jack was a regular member of the society and always took the handsome gunslinger roles. His other claim to fame, if he but...Read On


Train of Thought 5

Jennifer brings her toys as she guessed I wouldn't have any.

“Shopping, what for and what do you mean by, playing in public?” “Do you have any sex toys?” she asked, moving very close to me so our noses almost touched. “Well no, I don’t.” “Ha, that doesn’t surprise me. You ought to have some, what do you masturbate with?” “My fingers,” I answered awkwardly. We remained nose to nose, her eyes staring into mine. She moved her hand up under my dress...Read On


The Accidental Dogger Part 2

I go dogging but this time with a friend.

The last time I found myself in the dogging site happened by accident when I was travelling home after visiting a client, Tracy, with whom I get on very well to the point of flirtation. She is an extremely attractive brunette and, like me, I think she is at least bi-curious. I had another meeting arranged with Tracy so I dressed up in my best business suit: a dark blue pencil skirt and...Read On


Tales From The Bar. No.2.

A dance for your eyes only.

First off, let me say sorry. We’ve met before although you might not realise it. Last time, I was telling you all about my adventures with lonely housewife Helen, but I never got around to introducing myself. My name is Maz. Okay, that’s not exactly my name but it’s what everyone calls me. My real name is Daisy May, which I loathe, and is something I curse my parents for on a daily...Read On


Tales From The Bar. No.1.

Maz and takes Helen for a night out to remember.

“For fuck’s sake, Helen, it’s just a bunch of women! What are you getting so jittery about?” “It just doesn’t feel right, sorry.” Helen was one of my best friends. I’ve worked with her for years in the same office. It wasn’t like we’d not been to the pub before although, on previous occasions, it had been an after-work drink or two with a load of others from the office. This time...Read On


Train of Thought 4

Jennifer has a thing about clothes and loves to play

It wasn't an average week, more emotionally varied than normal. Sometimes I thought of myself as abnormal, "I'm a girl, girls go with boys and I've been with a few of them in my past." How did this ever happen? Other times I thought about: Why did it happen so quickly? Normally, I would expect to go on a few dates before there was any sex. Embarrassment also afflicted me at times, making me...Read On


Friday Night's Alright for Fucking

You always expect them to wait around for ever

I put my hands on her knees and opened her up. She arched her back and moaned as I bent my head and ran the flat of my tongue along her wet, dripping slit. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” she squealed as I flicked her aching clit with the tip of my tongue. She writhed on the bed, wriggling about like a lizard in a tin as I brought her to the edge for the third time. She whimpered,...Read On


Mile End

A first date becomes deeply erotic (and life-changing) for two struggling young women

The noise is a kind of sensual assault that leaves me feeling buzzed and giddy. The large space is jammed with people, hundreds at least, possibly more than a thousand. Most of them are young guys with pretty faces and inflated muscles. And leather everywhere. Juliette told me this is a week-long festival with different events each night, and this is the Leather Ball.  Blue and violet...Read On


The Ballad of Suzi and Linni. Verse 2.

A difficult conversation and the aftermath.

As I walked to the table, a million manic butterflies were disco dancing inside me. I could have veered off and gone and sat at the other table with the main gang, but I wasn’t going to be a coward. Besides, Rach and Shona had seen me and had beckoned me over.   “Hi,” I said trying to sound bright and cheerful, but my own ears told me I was failing miserably.   “Hey, Suze, how’s it...Read On


Love's Labour's Won?

The bar, the Goddess and the moment.

As I slipped onto a bar stool in Sydney's historic Marble Bar, the thigh-high split in my dress parted and perfectly showcased my bronzed sun-kissed leg. That spectacle was wasted on the barman who was otherwise occupied, inspecting my ample, albeit more modestly displayed, cleavage.   “One of your Expresso Martinis to end my day, charged to my room, thanks,” I said, resisting the urge to...Read On


Free Throws

She shoots... She scores!

February 21, 1996 Clang. The basketball impacted on the front of the rim and ricocheted away at an odd angle. “Damn it!” Tracy yelled out as someone passed the ball back to her. She dribbled several more times, raised the ball once more… clang . Another miss. Tracy couldn’t shoot free throws. She had always been miserable at it—ever since she was a girl playing little league....Read On


Train of Thought 3

"Now, it's your turn," she said, ushering me towards her bedroom.

Before we reached Jennifer's bedroom, she stopped. "No, I've had a change of mind," she said, steering me in a different direction. "We're going to the Loo," She giggled ushering me into a small independent toilet, separate from the main bathroom. "Let's pretend we're back on the train," She exclaimed, placing her finger on her chin in thought. "On a long journey, I would have had...Read On


The Ballad of Suzi and Linni. Verse 1.

Suzi meets Linni for the first time and takes her home.

Oh. Em. Gee. I have to tell you about this amazing girl I met a few weeks back. I’m so excited I have to share it with someone. Okay, once I calm down I’ll make a start …   There’s a pub near me that every Thursday night the back room gets taken over by women. I’m not telling you where as we try to keep it fairly quiet and I’m sure you’ve all got your own special places to go. Anyway,...Read On



Thrown together by an unexpected event

Relationships sometimes start with what I call the slow burn. Like the one I had with a girl from work. We’d known each other and liked each other for a long time but it wasn’t until we were travelling together that anything happened. I’d never been sure if she was gay or what; I only knew she was single and never talked about anyone special in her life. She was Josephine Larkin and I’d...Read On


Whiskey-Laden Kiss

Two lost souls finding one another.

I will forever remember that moment. I was with my friends. Friends that offered the distraction of amusement so I could just drink momentarily forgetting about the static of the day. You walked in with your own group of personal entertainers and, by some force, immediately drew my attention. The bar was crowded but not enough to shield me from making eye contact with you. That look in...Read On


Royal Crush

How the girl next door fell for the future queen.

The one thing more potent than her zesty juices that rained over my face to soak my dirty blonde locks, was the way she cussed. There was something about the manner in which Minty swore that turned me on. When driven by desire alone, there was no pretence. No aristocratic role to fulfil. Nobody to impress except me, grinding her perfectly smooth, wet sex against my mouth as if pleasure was...Read On


Train of Thought 2

I just wanted some reassurance that I hadn't become someone I wasn't.

My experience with Jennifer caused me a few sleepless nights. My thoughts were steeped in self-denial, kidding myself that my impulsive attraction to her girlish flirting was so out of character for me that it must have more to do with my imagination than an actual event. I wouldn’t do that but in reality, I did. She was pretty in a girly kind of way, I knew her name was Jennifer (Probably...Read On



It’s a different kind of moment...

It is a record-breaking 37ºC. The windows are open and the shades are shut. All we can do is sit and bear it till the heat breaks.  I lay on the floor taking in the small fan that’s working overtime. The spinning blades of the other fans catch the sun as it sneaks through the cracks of the blinds. Lifting my hand to the haze, I feel its heat as my fingers walk through the swirling...Read On

Recommended Read

Cumming Out

What else is there to do after a fight... drinking, dancing and finding a sexy woman to explore with

“Wait, am I your beard or something?” James stands up from the red cotton-covered bed, and looks at the woman he had considered to be his girlfriend, but wasn't so sure now. “No, nothing like that." She shakes her head at him to emphasise her point. "But I find women attractive as well,” replies Alice to James, whom she does consider to be her boyfriend. So, you still want me, ...Read On


Jealous Jolene: the Beginning

Jolene wants to make sure her friend's girlfriend is good enough for him.

Jolene walked confidently into the pizzeria that Sasha worked in. She smoothed down her sleek tight red thigh length dress; the dress was low-cut showing off her cleavage with a single red rose pinned on the left side of her chest. She looked around the small restaurant as a waitress came forward to seat her. As Jolene took her seat she smiled inwardly as she thought about how neither of her...Read On


Muses for the Modern Times I

A teacher meets her destiny in a form she never expected.

My Tuesday morning programming class filed in, like soldiers, or maybe army ants. No, that wasn't fair! They were a good group of people, most of them kids, with a sprinkling of adults to make things interesting, but they were a pretty lackluster group. Usually, in each class, there is someone acting like a class clown to break things up, or a brilliant student who challenges me beyond what...Read On



Truth be told she didn’t want to be here for the emotional fall out of Melanie’s relationship.

It was a uni kid’s life, getting fucked up at three o’clock in the afternoon on the roof of the girl she liked. Melanie had led Raven up there when she got there, barely done complaining about the stairs before she was pushed up the ladder next to the bed that led to a balcony that looked exactly like to exactly what you’d expect from a Mediterranean fantasy. The roof was sloped and when she...Read On


Train Of Thought

Without realising it's happening I'm lured into being visually stimulated by a woman

When it came to my sexual preferences I never considered myself to be anything but straight. Sure, I looked at women, I admired their beauty, studied their hairstyle, clothes, shoes, make-up, but there was never the slightest spark of sexual or romantic interest. In the summer of 2015 something happened with no prior warning or build-up of self-doubt that freaked me out. I was suddenly...Read On


A Burglary Bungle

A young female burglar is caught and given an unusual punishment.

It was a simple job so far. Four rooms had already been entered silently, and valuables put into the black felt bag, hung at the waist. One last room, then call it a night. It does not do to be too greedy. A simple five-foot jump to the next balcony, then master-key in the lock, and in through the balcony door silently. Halfway across the room to the dresser, and the bedside lamp was turned...Read On


Rising Star - Stern Warning

Another episode from Faye's autobiography

Marilynn Foster’s hand was under my evening dress. Somehow and very deftly, as we kissed she had lifted my dress and managed to get my knickers around my knees. Now, her hand was running between my legs like a saw, the side of her index finger running smoothly between my lips and her thumb playing havoc with my clitoris. Her tongue was pressing into my mouth and I wasn’t complaining. She...Read On


Beth and Tracey Chapter 2 of 3

Beth wins another bet with Tracey

Someday I am going to learn that making a bet with my girlfriend is a lost cause. Not only do I usually lose, but also the stakes never seem to be what I thought they were. Not that she is dishonest; it’s more like she’s unexpected. If she says we are going fishing, I expect to be sitting on a lake or river trying to catch lunch. She would be driving me to the coast to catch a ride on a...Read On


Alex & Clémence - Tablecloths and Peonies

"So, Alex, what do you think?" I hear the words, but they just don't register in my brain. Instead, my eyes stay glued to her lips as she utters the words "Alex...?" God, how I want to kiss her. "Earth to Alex, do you copy?" "Yeah, sorry, I was just elsewhere." "So, what do you think, should we move this vase a bit to the center of the table?" I try to summon my two brain cells that are...Read On


Plumber's Mate 01 - In the Beginning

It's not always the pizza guy.

I am a plumber. I have the crack to prove it. That and an SUV full of tools and parts. The only better job, to my mind, is writing. I do that too. Many years ago I had the opportunity to apprentice as a plumber. Having had two businesses fail I figured a proper trade would at least give me an option for the lean times. After all, kids are always dropping their toys in the toilet and...Read On

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