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Latest Love & Erotic Poems


Feeling the loneliness of the dark As my breath condensate on the pane So silently beating of my heart From my isolation with inky With love of sincerity And poetic oxygen I give to you my feather And more from my mind Wrapped in teardrops of intimacy If you ever be so kind To bring me in from the dark From my isolation with inky In Adagio's well    ...Read On

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Raw Matter

I want to watch the world explode from deep within your core, to see and move like you do. And I wonder what you glass now, those orbs burning with need  as my back meets cool night grass and the sudden jolt surges  with your heat enveloping me. All I see is a curtain of wild hair  and the silver needlepoints that seem punctured into the sky and for a moment I think of how small  we must...Read On

Love's Cognac

Feeling the pulse of the night flowing through my veins in the gables of my green ivy as I taste her breath of sins soft as velveteen And the emeralds of her eyes twist in my mind with lips of lusting fury as her fingers caress,   flaming on my chest As her hips give rise entwined on my cock facing the mirror's reflection playing catcher to her eyes of our masquerade While grasping the...Read On


Only night,

Do not look for me in daylight, only the overcast night will do, do not search for sunny fields, I only have shadows to offer. Do not expect to find me when the sun bathes the river, I am only found at night, in the darkest of portals, the only threshold I dare cross, in the hope to find you again and be one with you at last, defying all, men, gods and fate to blend into you and...Read On



And I shall come to you, find you among crowds,  claim you as my own as I have been yours through years of longing. I shall recognize you, your neck will still wear  the mark you were given, my only and true mark, stronger than any collar, more painful than any lash and the most powerful key to enter my realm together.      ...Read On


I hate it when we argue

This poem summarises a bad dream that woke me up several nights ago.

You scared me when we had that tiff By storming out the door You told me that you hated me Don’t love me anymore   I hate it when we argue It always ends the same Both of us spit venom As we try to place the blame   Why do we have to fight Say all the things we said I lie here cold and naked now Without you in my bed   Why can’t we just agree To never scream and shout It...Read On

Lovely Face

I love the autumn and silhouettes of the leaves falling Gliding like butterflies in my dreams of green yew A place on the hill where we confess autumn's hue And make love on the dew With one foot over the moon's rainbow   Crossing over a life-long bridge of happiness In the wedding woods of autumn's gold With an ampule's potion of kisses from you Like a marionette on a string...Read On


His Poetry

Written on her skin

Writing her erotic poetry Her pussy is his writing desk He uses his tongue as pen Her dripping honey is his ink His medium In writing for her Her erotic love poems from him As she moan when he writes Her words you cannot clearly understand Her body language is understandbly clear His writing start in slow rhymn As he goes fast then slow Reaching the climax of her ink His tongue catching up...Read On


Jasmine On The Breeze

Recalling a special time...

We were young, remember? Only just of age, lying, after warm kisses, Bathed by jasmine on the breeze, On mossy foothills, dappled With the blue of myriad gentian, Outshone only by your lustrous eyes Gazing up into mine, And then, beyond me, to snow-coated Matterhorn looming over us.   That killer peak offered challenge But a more sensuous venture lured us, With that...Read On



A poem from the nude hot tub

Bubbles Frothing, Swirling, Steaming... Covering Us Our Desire Naked Passion Hotter Than The Water Hearts Racing Touching, Teasing, Kissing Playing Hands Moving Up Up Thighs Up Sides To Sensitive Sensual Titillation Breath Catching Until We Leave...Read On


Making You Mine

Whispering into your ear. Sweet words of love. Dripping of virgin honey. Kisses of pure heat. Causing your nectar to flow. Fingers playful dusting. Across harden nipples extended. Caresses you gently. Spreading your golden thighs. Aged hands of an explorer. Leaving you dizzy losing a moan. With deep burning need. I shall take my time. As I enter you slowly. Claiming you mine. . ...Read On



I breathe you in slow and steady In the space of a heartbeat, we are one Your fingertips lily petals down my back Your lips' gravitational pull Completely irresistible. I exhale A jagged breath, heavily weighted with yearning Your weight pressed against me like a blanket Warm and radiating with safety A groan. Your eyes spark but the fire ignites in me My legs, a vice, pulling you deeper...Read On


It was a longing for night sins That had me spawning sensuality As my breath caress your breasts With nipples of rosette stones On your chest where my tongue rests Gods saved the best For what lays between your thighs As my manhood twitches entering your cunt Opening wide to my cock's delight While I under the thumb of gin And your eyes of almonds In the gorse of the meadows Where...Read On


Someone Special

  Quietly she came to me Confessed, she had watched from a distance Biding her time Needing to be sure As she staked her claim Driven from within By a force not felt in sometime She stood in her simplicity And as I gazed into her soul filled eyes My heart melted And I saw something not seen for a while I reached out caressed her cheek So soft and warm In the quietness, something passed...Read On


Tasting My Golden Flow

lesbian cunnilingus turned golden shower with swalllowing

She parts my folds with long slender fingers Sighs escape from me as I feel her lips pressing against my throbbing clit my bladder is bursting aching for release I writhe. I squirm... feeling urine squeeze out of me like a persistent worm "Baby, I need to--" "It's okay. Go on.  I want you to" "You want me to pee on you?" "Yes let me taste you" I groan at the thought  of her...Read On

Catching Words

Poetry often inspires me As I play a catcher to words On a litmus velour Of love and sensuality With you as my trove And the angel of herbs Words that I have embrace Making dreams to reality With each sound like a melody Leaving their imprint on my soul Like a lingering lover’s kiss Awakened by the desire Essence of you surrounding me Your voice whispering softly Poetic words filling my...Read On


Words in a poem

The words have meaning.

I see the world differently now. Losing the fear in my mind. Over and over my life changes. Very close to my heart I put my cards. Everyone changes as they get older. Does love get stronger later on in life? Always let love in your heart. Needing to love that special person. Never close your heart to anyone. You always need a clear head and mind. Dream of the one you love. Agree...Read On


Pit Stop

Poem about a secret pee moment of a woman.

frantic need eyes searching potential relief found running rushing dancing dripping wiggling and worried Will anyone see? Does she even care? Does she even dare? Need too great Looking around one more time...   She pulls down her pants the denim rough and tight panties silken and already damp pushing them down she squats  on the ceramic potted plant   Release   ...Read On


Moon Rising

moans escape my parched lips

  Moon Rising  As I  tug  My silk ties Scent of candles Calming my racing heart Sounds down the darken hall Voices soft and familar Clink of wine glasses She is not alone Laying still Foot steps echo  Off our wood plank floor Smile etched  On my face Pleasurable night waits As your black crop  Drops across my bare arse Always in sets of three Drops of crimson refect  Off...Read On



an old poem

Venomous words  You spawned... I want you, I need you, I love you. What I really need, It's you, who cares. It's you, who stays. It's you, who love. But I want,  Need and love  The poison you  Bite me with it... Cause you are  My Heart....Read On


A Love That Never Lies

Long legs of paradise  Wrapped around my world  Trapped in a nightmare  Of a beautiful girl    Hips moving in dance Moans of ecstasy  My eyes can’t stop  I’m lost in misery    Where did time go How are we here  I can’t stop the pain  It’s like you don’t care   We bought these sheets When you moved in I remember the softness  Against my skin   Her moans are daggers ...Read On


Two on Cheviot

Meeting on a hilltop trail turns a youth into a man.

To mark my eighteenth year I climb high up the Cheviot trail, Below me I leave the curlew’s plaintive call And reach with envy to emulate Swift peregrine’s searching swoop. Suddenly, beyond a rock she is there, This unexpected female walker. Resentment at her intrusion on my solitude, Is soon tempered by hips Swaying as though to marimba beat. Buttocks tight in denim shorts Twitch,...Read On


Driven to dream

Come with your light And visit my darkness Like a beacon shining her radiance Driven to capture my lust Sharing your dream Come with the wind So that your mind may open Like a bird that rides on the thermals  Driven by the thermals of lust Riding your dream Come as dew That lays on your lips The sweetness of your need Driven by the need of lust Satisfying your dream Come as fire That burns...Read On


I’d like to write a poem

Dedicated to someone very special to me…

I’d like to write a poem About feelings I can’t hide I need to write down in words How I’m feeling deep inside   My poem would be dedicated With love from me to you It would help me to express myself And say so much to you   A poem to tell you everything I’m feeling in my heart When it comes to writing poems I don’t know where to start   I’d say how much you mean to me And...Read On



Reach out to me and I’ll be  there just next to your side  Pull me close and I’ll wrap you in my embrace, holding you when you feel like there’s no hope. Reach for me in the dead of night  and I’ll wrap myself around you like silk, caressing your body just the way you need Reach for me when you need an outlet  and I’ll let you use me anyway you need, reach for me to pull you inside...Read On


Blissful Surrender

My pink bare lips Pursed and ready,  My hips pressed forward, Kneeling above Your hardened cock, Poised upward near my wetness. The slow build, the rising fire,  A surge of electricity  Between us, As I sway, Dancing to the soft  Love song in my head.  Smiling hungrily as My lips are pried open, Feeling your hardness Enveloped by my wetness. The dance continues. We rock...Read On



Now will do just fine

"I want you now," he whispered as his hot breath brushed away the hair on your neck and his lips kissed your skin. "I want you now," he whispered as his fingers pulled aside your hair and he nibbled his way up and into your ear. "I want you now," he whispered as his teeth took your earlobe and gently bit down and again his hot breath brushed lightly against your skin. "I...Read On

Pulsing In My Veins

The aged bones of my dark words laying at the bottom of the inkwell now but stains of memories in the catacombs of my mind from my obsidian past As we kiss the new dawn on love's new horizon pulsing in my veins without the loneliness softly lay the dew Echoing in my ear on our sea of love as stars rain down like snow on our ottoman's bed of Aquarius   from my obsidian past sliding down...Read On


Your Lady's Dreams

Lubricious Amatorius

  I laughed when you said I was café au lait. I’ll make sure you... stay up... late, You make my kitty cat purr, my Italian Monsieur. My brothers to you bragged about size and girth The smile on your face, one of mirth you talked about skill and having only a hammer all they could do was stammer. I fondle your gift, an Italian horn dreaming of another, both my lips to adorn. ...Read On

Harmony Hall

In evening tide across the meadows of our wed and the embers of daylight fade to glory love kindles the winds of golden slumbers      of spiritual moonlight in Shangri-La and promises from the book of life in footsteps down harmony hall As the tides of lust rush in over the shade   in shadows of the walls paper mache and the cornucopia raining down stars I kiss the dew of your sweet lips  ...Read On

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