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I Will Never Forget Ran

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Two hot hours with newhalf escort Ran.

Navigating the Tokyo subway is not easy for a foreigner, but my phone tells me we are at the right stop. Somewhat nervous, I follow the arrows to the exit. I am five minutes early, so I wait and watch people rush by. I know I stand out at six feet tall with my white skin, yet feel anonymous at the same time in this metropolis. Right on time, a girl walks up. I am please how much she looks like her profile picture on the agency’s website. She is dressed for summer. Her short dress and high heels accentuate her slender legs. She looks gorgeous and very feminine. No one would guess she was born in a boy’s body.

“Excuse me. Are you mister Mike-san?”

I affirm. She greets me with local politeness, and I return her bow.

“I am Ran. Please follow me to the hotel.”

After a brief walk we arrive at that Japanese institution, a love hotel. I rent a room for two hours. We go for “standard”. Tonight should bring enough hot, new experiences without splurging on “Mirror Paradise” or “Princess Fantasy”.

Once in the room, I hand Ran her fee. She sits me down on the bed, moves two steps back and takes off her top and skirt with slow teasing moves. She wears light blue lingerie of the cute sort. I notice the slight bulge in her panties. I unbutton my shirt, but Ran takes over. She gives me a kiss while taking off my shirt. It is hard not to grab her now she is so close, but I restrain myself. She strips me down to my boxers, folds the clothes and puts them in a neat stack. She comes back, kisses me on the lips and whispers, “You are cute Mike san.”

 I tell her she is exquisite. My hand caresses the soft skin of her tummy and slides down. She spreads her legs a little, and I rub her crotch. My fingers play with her cock and balls through the silky fabric. I feel her erection starting. God, I want to see her cock and play with it.

I lean forward and kiss her tummy, but before I can go further down Ran takes the initiative again.

“Come, Mike-san. Let’s shower first.”

I follow her into the shower. She turns on the tap, and a large amount of warm water falls from the ceiling. She takes of my boxers and directs me into the flowing water. Ran slowly takes of her bra, releasing her small perky breasts. I want to pull her close and grab them, but I accept her expert lead. She bends over with her back towards me, keeping her legs straight and pointing her cute butt in the air. She pulls her panties off her ass like a stripper. My cock is rock hard, and I want to push it straight into that lovely, tight hole.

Ran joins me under the shower and strokes my erection. “You look so ready to fuck me. I thought you wanted me to top you.”

“I want you to fuck me, but you look so very sexy,” I answer.

“It is okay. I love it when men get hard for me.”

She takes a large amount of soap from the dispenser and washes me. Well, it is more of a massage than a wash. Our slippery bodies slide over each other. Her tits rub against my chest, and our cocks touch each other. I massage and squeeze her lovely ass. My hand slides to her crotch again. This time she lets me. Her cock grows hard in my soapy hands. Whatever she has done to get such a wonderful body it has not affected her erections. Her hands squeeze my ass, and I feel a finger teasing my anus.  I push back a little to encourage her. I go down on my knees and wash Ran’s legs. They are perfect, from her small feet to her cute ass. Her cock is big and hard; I want to suck it.

“You like to be on your knees for me?” Ran asks.

“Yes, I do.”

“Tell me you want to give me a blowjob.”

“I want to suck your beautiful erection Ran.”

She turns around to turn off the water, showing me her lovely butt. I kiss it. She giggles, but does not turn away. I kiss her ass again. I want to bite; to mark her as mine, yet control myself. Ran turns round again. Her cock is only inches from my face. I stick out my tongue and lick the head. Her cock twitches in excitement. So much that I have to hold it one hand. I pull the skin back to expose the swollen head. I lick it from all sides, curling my tongue around it. She groans a little. It encourages me to close my lips around her shaft. It has been ten years since I last sucked cock, and I love it as much as I remembered.

“Do you want me to mouth fuck you?” Ran asks.

“Yes, but not too deep.”

Ran puts her hands on the back of my head. I close my lips around her cock, and she pushes her hips forward. Her shaft slides between my lips while she holds my head still. Her rhythm is steady, focused. I love this situation. My mouth is being fucked by one of the prettiest girls I have ever been with. All I want is to be the perfect slut for her. Her cock reaches deeper into my mouth, but not so deep it gets uncomfortable. She fucks my face like she could do it all day.

Ran pulls her cock out of my mouth, and I get back up on my feet. She kisses me. It is a wet, erotic kiss. She tells me I am good boy, and I fall even deeper in love. Her nimble hands tease my hard cock.  We step out of the shower. I watch while she dries herself, consuming her immaculate body with my eyes.

Back on the bed, I turn onto my stomach, expecting Ran to mount me and take my anal virginity. She has other plans though. Her soft hands massage my shoulders. I melt into the bed. Her touch is so relaxing. Her hands make their way down to my butt, my legs and slide in between my thighs. I spread my legs while she gently kneads my balls. Her fingers explore my ass, spreading lube on the most sensitive spots. Ran pushes in the first finger. I make soft, appreciative noises while she fingers my ass.

“Nice?” she asks

“Yes, please go on.”

She adds a second finger. I feel her stretching my sphincter. I try to relax and push my muscles open at the same time. I have practiced a lot with my own fingers and plug for this moment. She slides in with ease.

“You know how to do this. Have you been fucked before?”

“No, but I played with toys.”

“That is very good.  It is easier when a guy knows how to be fucked.”

Ran’s fingers keep playing and teasing in my ass while she grabs something out of her bag. She shows me a smooth, black butt plug and smiles her innocent smile.

“You want this?” Ran asks.

“Yes, and I want your cock afterwards.”

My ass feels empty while she rolls a condom over the toy. She lubes it and probes my well lubed hole.  The plug is around the same size as my own, so I am not worried. I push my ass up a little to encourage Ran to push the toy home. I groan when it enters me. Ran stops a few seconds before pushing the plug all the way down. It hurts a little when the thickest part stretches my muscles, but then there is just pleasure as it slides in to the base.

Ran moves around before pulling my head towards her half hard cock.

“Make it hard again. You sucked me so nice before Mike-san.”

How could I resist? I open my mouth and take her. Ran seems to love this as much as I do. Before long, I have a plug in my ass and Ran’s hard tool deep in my mouth. She pulls out, hands me a condom, and tells me to put it on her cock. I am eager to oblige, feeling the plug move in my ass when I shift position. I roll the rubber down her rock hard dick. She lubes it right in front of my nose, and I know I am about to be fucked for the first time.

Ran positions me on all fours, and I feel how she pulls the plug out of my ass. I push to help the thickest section past my muscles. I love the sensation of the plug’s slow exit.  Ran rubs more lube between my cheeks, and before long I feel the tip of her cock. First, she only pokes the head of her erection in the outer part of my anus. Soon though, she goes in deeper. I push back. It does not hurt after the plug has stretched me. Or maybe I am too horny to register discomfort. We both moan while she slides in the complete length of her dick.

When it is all the way in Ran halts and kisses my neck.

“Is it good for you Mike-san, or is it uncomfortable?”

“It is great. Fuck me Ran. Fuck me please.”

Ran put her hands on my hips and slides her cock in and out of my ass. Her strokes are long, slow and deliberate. I push my head down on the pillow and savor the sense of her hard cock in me. It feels so good to have her inside me, to be her bottom. After some time she halts.

“Now, you do the work. Fuck my cock Mike san.”

I move my body back and forth, impaling myself on that wonderful cock with every stroke.  I let out a little moan every time it slides in to the balls. If I could freeze time, now would be the moment.  

“Still nice for you?” Ran asks in her sweetest voice.

“Yes, cum for me Ran. Cum in my ass.”

She giggles, pulls her cock out all the way and tells me to lie on my back. I obey, spread my legs and pull them up to give her better access. I see how she points her cock down and feel her entering again. It feels even better than before. She takes my legs in her hands and fucks me again. Her strokes are faster this time. Her pace is more urgent and her movements more stocky. I watch her tits bounce up and down. Ran has her eyes closed. Her face shows intense concentration. It does not take long before I feel her cock grow even harder inside me. She pounds my ass now. I am just a hole for her cock. Soon, I see the twitches of an approaching orgasm ripple through her body. I whimper and Ran shouts when she comes.

She collapses on top of me and gives me a long kiss. Her cock slides out, and she discretely takes the condom off. Ran’s heart beat is fast. She is sweaty and must feel drained. It doesn’t show. She keeps kissing and fondling me. Ran is out of breath, but full of sweet attention. Her nimble fingers tickle my balls. My cock jumps back up in response. Bottoming was good, but now I need release.

I feel my cock is wet with pre-cum as she wipers in my ear, “You are so ready now Mike-san. Don’t worry. I will give you a great orgasm.”

She moves off me to get a condom, slowly rips open the foil wrapper with her teeth and kneels down with her face near my cock. Ran licks the shaft and my balls before rolling the rubber down. She turns around, still on her knees and sticks her cute ass up in the air. My cock twitches like an exited puppy while I watch her lube her ass. With quick, deft movements she works two fingers in, then a third. Ran riding her own fingers is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.  She turns round again, takes my cock in her mouth and spits on it. She squeezes it with her delicate hands. The rubber gleams with a mixture of saliva and lube.

Ran straddles me in reverse cowgirl position. She holds my cock in one hand, guiding it between those lovely round ass cheeks. I feel the pressure of her anus on the head of my cock. My foreskin is pulled back tight as Ran lowers herself onto my erection. I try to relax my whole body. It feels like I am about to cum right after entry; like that other first time, long ago. I take deep breaths to control myself. Ran puts her hands on the bed next to me. I grip her wrists while she slowly moves up and down.

“Gently, Ran,” I implore her.

She giggles again. Ran knows exactly how desperately horny she makes me.  She rotates her hips with my cock deep inside her. It feels incredible. Her ass is so tight around the base of my cock I can feel my heartbeat in the head. This cannot last long. My moans and whispers signal I am about to cum. Ran responds with primal movements. She arcs her body up until my cock almost slips out of her ass and lowers herself down with force. I lose control over my body, my brain goes blank and I let out a deep groan when my orgasm hits. I feel two, three, four waves of cum flow from my cock. Wonderful, unending seconds pass before my head hits the bed again.

Ran lies down next to me. I am limp, satisfied and more relaxed than after the best sauna. Ran’s smile is angelic, but what an angle she is. We kiss once more before she directs me to the shower. She washes me, and I know it will be time to leave soon. I have to go back into the anonymous crowd and the rest of life, but I will never forget those two hours with Ran.  

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