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My first lesbian orgy

My first experience of lesbian orgy delights

2007 was an important year for me. I had turned eighteen; went to university and had my first sexual experience with more than one girl. At the time, I was seeing my best friend Gemma. We had been together since my first year at college and we continued to be an item until our first year at Uni when being at different universities put a strain on our relationship. Even so, we remained friends...Read On


My First Orgy

Wife and I go to a party, It was a orgy party never done anything like this before,

My First Orgy   When my wife, Linda insisted we go to this “wild party “we’d been invited to. I figured it was a business gathering. No matter how wild she said it would be, I didn’t want to go. I hate business parties. But finally I agreed to tag along, and I’m awfully glad I did. In fact, that’s why I’m writing this. I want share it with every one. We rang the bell and a...Read On

Cleopatra, the Cat and the Orgy.

An unplanned meeting leads to a new obsession and a party where anything goes.

It was not the purpose of the masqued ball to engage anonymously. Many of the guests had known each other from childhood and most would be instantly recognized by the rest of the company. The point of the masquerade was not to be anonymous but to be given license to behave as if one was anonymous, as if the social order was entirely dissolved. At the masquerade, king and commoner...Read On


My lesbian house warming orgy

A wild all girl party at my apartment

Although I moved into my new apartment in Liverpool in the autumn, for one reason or another I had never had a house warming party. Laura had only been here two weeks before going to uni and came back every other weekend. I really wanted all my old gang to come and have a proper get together with us and maybe make a weekend of it. I really wanted to ask Ashlie too, who was the newest recruit...Read On


Our Stories: Sheri’s Wild Lesbian Night…The Recap

My future wife tells me about a lesbian night with her friends.

After our encounter with Tara and Charlene, I had a feeling Sheri was going to keep exploring. We were getting on the bus to go home the following morning. I was up early, so I went down to the beach one last time. Sheri saw me from her balcony and blew me a kiss. I did the same and headed back to my room to get my stuff. I got on the bus and found my seat near the back. I watched out...Read On


Lazy Day or My boring day turns to porn filled orgy heaven

Fuck, I didn't expect that!

There wasn't really anything on TV. Steve had taken the children camping for the weekend, but I had to work so I had stayed behind on my own. It was Saturday afternoon and I had spent the morning inspecting some new homes that Al and I were listing for sale. I got home just after one, and felt like having a lazy day. I ran a long bath and then poured myself a glass of wine and relaxed in...Read On


Orgy in the bar

No ordinary bar pickup

I had recently split up with my boyfriend of 3 years, and it had hit me hard. I didn’t want to see anyone, locked myself out of the real world and hid behind a mountain of work. One of the girls I worked with came into my office. "You cant hide away forever, things will get better I promise" she said to me. What did I care, I had nothing since he left me for that stupid blonde tart he...Read On


Frat Orgy but no Party

My fraternity on campus was known for three things being good looking, being smart, and being big where it matters. Part of our pledge process involve dick related activities designed to be easier for the more well endowed brothers. Plus, we were known as the big dick frat so nobody with small penises rushed after a while. It was so funny, but we kept big dickedness as a qualification for...Read On


A Witch's Orgy

Witches Moira and Guinevere fuck their way across the world for centuries.

Moira and Guinevere Carling were sisters, though not in the biological sense. Each found a similar in the other -- sisters in dark temperament and unnatural desires, sisters with great powers in the black craft -- and the two cleaved to each other for mutual benefit. What benefit, you might ask, would compel two of a species with a well known preference for solitude to spend eternity...Read On


Alien Orgy

They abducted her for one fuck her.

She stood up in the craft, the surface beneath her soft, cushioned and apparently organic. She took two, three steps. That was as far as she got before whip-like tentacles shot from the surface beneath her and ensnared her wrists and ankles. She was yanked onto her back and her limbs bound to the floor spread eagle. She struggled only momentarily, immediately realizing that any attempt to...Read On


Sir Filmed Boy Orgy

A teacher at college films his students having an orgy in class.

All characters and terms including boy and lad refer to people age 18 and over. Sir put a video on. Then just before it started his mobile phone rang. He excused himself while he went out of the classroom to answer it. He told the boys to just watch the video, said he’ll be back in a second or two. It was supposed to be a video about modern art and boring shit and stuff but the boys...Read On


The Contest Winner

How I ended up in an orgy with the world's most famous singing sensation.

The Contest Winner By Nicole Larson “Did you enjoy the show?” the big security man with the headset asked. “I did!” I gushed. “Very much!” And I had. It had been a long time since I’d been to a rock concert, and I wasn’t a huge fan of Cindee’s music, but she had put on a great show. The lights, the songs, the dancing, the insanity of the crowd, it was intoxicating. So here I...Read On


Best Present Ever Ch.02: Foursome With Sister

Brother fucks sister again and two of her cheerleader friends in dominant little orgy.

BEST PRESENT EVER: Foursome With Sister Note: Although not necessary, reading part one (Best Present Ever: Bitch Sister) will explain how Mathew goes from being a nerdy virgin to a dominant Master over his gorgeous, stuck-up cheerleading sister. Note 2: A special thanks goes to Estragon for his dedication to copy editing my work and making me a better writer. BEST PRESENT EVER:...Read On


Lesbian Ghost

First time lesbian sex w/ ghost.

It all started when my fiancé and I moved to that mansion in Hollywood Hills. We were getting ready to marry in a few weeks. We decided that we were going to move into a large house so that when we got ready to have children, we wouldn't have to worry about upgrading as our family grew. My fiancé was a pilot, so he was always traveling. We had just unpacked the moving truck when he broke the...Read On


A Lesbian Romance

Michele and Barbara unleash their lesbian passion...

Barbara is tall, about 5' 7", slender and light-boned, so that her 127 pounds are not skinny. She wears her deep brown hair short and curly, and dresses for business in tailored pantsuits, with just a touch of color in her accessories. Although she appears to be in her early thirties, she will celebrate her forty-second birthday this coming November. Her body is soft and curvy. Her waist...Read On

Let's Go To An Orgy

You need a special password to get inside

There's an exclusive party where you need an invite,  It's held on the first Saturday of the month at night. The password to get into the party is kite. Once inside there are people everywhere, Some people are nude sitting on chairs. Others are in threesomes or in pairs. Men and women here to have all types of sex, People are treated with the highest respect. Some of the people are...Read On

Orgy Party

Opening the door to the party wide,  A room with lots of people inside. It's a party and everybody is bare, Some are in groups or even in pairs. Ladies are with each other, Lots of guys are together. An orgy of people on their knees, Fucking each other with greased ease. Asses presented and in the air, Lots of pulling of the hair. Ladies bobbing up and down on pricks, Slurping,...Read On


My Surprise Birthday Orgy

My wife surprises both of us when she suggests we go to a swingers club.

It was on her fifth drink that she muttered the words that changed our marriage forever. We were sitting in the Hopetoun Hotel in Bourke St Surry Hills washing down the last of our Mexican dishes with a few Corona and the odd Tequila. In the public bar, an acoustic duo massacred a few Neil Young tunes. Neither of us are particularly big Mexican food fans and Lisa's decision to bring us...Read On


Cocktail Pool Orgy

A morning relaxing by the pool turns into a bit of an orgy

On Saturday morning, Janet announced that she’d invited her sister, Rosemary, and Rosemary’s boyfriend over for an alfresco lunch. We went to the market in the morning and bought fresh bread, cheese and cold meats, as well as a plentiful supply of local wine; very cheap and very good, as I’d already discovered. The local beer was mostly gassy and expensive, but the wine was better even than...Read On


The Male Lesbian

Gary gets surprised in a lesbian bar

Gary was bored from the flights all week and when he finally checked into the Marriott in Atlanta he was anything but tired; he wanted some action. After hastily unpacking he called the concierge and arranged for a cab to pick him up. A few minutes later he stepped into the cab. The driver was a woman, probably in her 40’s. She asked, “Where to, sir?” “I’m from out of state and I just want...Read On


Cum Orgy 2: Sexually Cleansed

Together, they licked each other up and down, circling each other's clit.

Cheryl Lynn stared up into the moist pink splaying sexual lips being worked up and down by a hand with long fingers. The legs that were straddling her head were equally as long, tanned, and smooth to match the item being manipulated over her. Cheryl Lynn honestly did not know what to think. The last time she had seen a member of her own sex in a sexual way was when she was eighteen...Read On


My Wife’s Black Orgy

My wife invites three black men home for an orgy.

It began as any ordinary day. Julie was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for James and me, and listening to the radio. As I came down for breakfast, I noticed Julie was a little nervous. I could tell that there was something else bothering her. Maybe it was the prospect of her date with James at the end of term dance at the university that evening. Julie went out shopping to find something...Read On


A Witch's Orgy 2

Moira finds herself dominated by the God Erebus

It was with stunning revelation that Moira found herself face to face with the God of Darkness, Erebus. In fact, she cursed herself inwardly, he had been on his knees lavishing her ass with sumptuous attention before she rejected him for a mere mortal! Gods! The party around them whirled on, an fantastic orgy of unprecedented proportions, oblivious to the menace standing in their midst....Read On


Valentine Orgy

Who can fuck me best?

This poem only available in Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Valentine's night? Not so! It's mine; An orgy does it right for me! A night of thrusting, Slippery thwopping, In and out and up and down; Fingers poking, Tweaking nipples, Squelching up my tight, hot cunt. Thrusting lengths inside my mouth, Just the way I fucking need it; Lick and suck the...Read On


Compassion Is A Way Of Being

A submissive at an all-male orgy...

I never knew his name; our hosts never told us. Neither did I know where they found him. He wasn’t the first young man who the posse of imperious dominants had provided for the entertainment and he wouldn’t be the last. The submissive character and accommodating nature of the sluts who brightened these parties always entranced me. They loved to serve; they lived to satisfy others. I adored...Read On

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