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A son's view, a mom's view

Son enjoys mom's panties, mom enjoys son's masturbation sessions

This story is a sequence of events view from a son's perspective then from his mother's. Son’s perspective: It just wasn’t fair to me, a horny perverted 17 year old boy, for mom to leave her sexy dirty panties out on the bathroom floor. Mom and I shared a small two bedroom apartment and living was tight. This only fueled my fetish for a women’s soiled panties and it didn’t much matter...Read On


Mom Son Honey Camping 2

Now the innocent mom and son have a share a sleeping bag

Mom and I walked back to the campsite through the woods in a hurried fashion – still nearly naked. Mom walked in front of me but I felt too guilty to admire the view. As we appeared from the woods on to the campsite, we could see dad facing away from us and unpacking our things. He barely noticed mom brushing past him to enter the large tent in a hurry. She quickly threw out a pair of shorts...Read On


Son and mom

Gerald was on his knees between April's spread legs, and he was just beginning to push the head of his cock between the dripping-wet lips of her cunt when the sound of the front door slamming echoed through the single-story ranch house. “Hi Gerry, I'm home!” a female voice called out. April stiffened, her eyes going wide. “Jeepers, it's your mom! I thought you said she wasn't going to be...Read On


Mom Son Acting

Edited: Mom and Son end up acting in a play where they must pretend to make love

Mom Son Acting My mom and I are very keen amateur actors and have acted in several local theatre productions but never together. Most of my work has been youth productions linked to my school and now college. Mom works as a legal secretary but her passion really is in the arts and since her college days has yearned to do serious and edgy drama productions. We live in a big town so neither...Read On


Mom, BF and Daughter make Three-Chapter 1

Mom need some spice which Brad provides and so does her daughter

Chapter One - The Beginning Brad and Lorie met on line a few years back, off one of those friends sites. An exchange of emails developed into an outline chatting which moved to some camming together. Both loved their chat and cam sessions and each session became a bit hotter than the next with more and more of each others' bodies becoming exposed until finally they watched passionately as...Read On


I Caught My Daughter Fucking On Webcam And We Put On Our Own Show

I join my daughter in a steamy incestual webcam show, to which we get an unexpected voyeur.

After catching my daughter fucking her boyfriend on webcam and joining them for a little fun myself, I watched her almost every night. Whether she was with her boyfriend or on her own. I think she knew I was watching and I was gagging to join her again. This time, I wanted it to be just me and her. We never spoke about what happened that night and just pretended it never happened. That night,...Read On


Mom,BF and Daughter makes Three - Chapter 2

Daughter join in on the fun

Chapter Two - Two becomes Three Between their meets Lorie and Brad continued playing online, chatting and camming when they could, emailing naughty pics when they couldnt. Interestingly it seems that Beth had picked up her mom's like of sensual pictures and had done some as well. Lorie and Beth were very close and new each other took pics and infact sometimes took some together. On this...Read On


Mom, Son and the slutty neighbor

Mom caught son fucking their neighbor, and she also found out that her son liked her too.

Ron was a very good looking and naughty guy who had just celebrated his eighteenth birthday two months ago. Twenty seven years-old Cindy was Ron’s new neighbor. Two months ago she moved in to the big house next door to Ron's, along with her fifty years-old husband. Cindy got married to Mr. Walter a year ago but as Mr. Walter was always busy traveling all over the world for his business, Cindy...Read On


Mom Gives Son Pleasure of Lifetime

Jacob, a twenty year old guy, was the most successful and youngest wrestler of the wrestling company owned by his mother. He had an undefeated streak within the wrestling company as one by one, all the other wrestlers have fallen before his might. His mother, Sophie, the owner of the company, has an attraction for guys who can rise to the top. Her son was currently at the summit of...Read On


My Helpers Mom

A very hot mom and I talk about her sexy young son

My Helpers Mom Tyler, my sixteen year old neighbor, and I had worked in my barn the entire day. It was an excruciatingly hot day; the cooling ocean breeze had not found us, as we worked installing new support beams at the roof. Watching Tyler’s supple body move the large timbers, eying his powerful muscles strain, on a pulley, or using a chisel to open a mortise for the tenon was...Read On


Caring for Mom Part 1

Mom is Lonley and Son is there for her

Complete Fiction and My First story all comments and tips are happily accepted and friend request and messages any time for story ideas or questions.. Thanks for reading hope you like it.. My Mom (Amy) and I (Allen) have always been close, Me being her only child left alot of time for each other. Growing up life was easy for our small family, Mom had occasional dates but no guy worth...Read On


Mom, Son, Honey, Camping 3

third part of original mom, son, dad camping story (with original authors permission)

Mom and I, both fell asleep pretty quickly after I emptied myself into her but after about only an hour or so, I woke up again. I don't know if it was; the warmth of mom next to me, or the testosterone of being a teen or dads loud snoring, but I found myself in the dark tent with only the sound of dad filling the tent and the forest. It took me a few seconds to realize fully where I was, but...Read On


How I Fucked My Mom

This is how I fucked my mom

My name is Frank im a twenty year old student living at home with my mom,dad,brothers and sister. The incedent happened three weeks after my eighteenth birthday when I was in my room on my day off work having a good pull on my cock watching Amber Lynn Bachs tits bounce on my laptop screen while everybody was away to work or. As I was pulling my cock I noticed that it was hard as a rock but...Read On


Family secret discover chapter one

Eldest son discovers a family secret

Hi there I am Chris I live on a farm a few miles from a small English town I got to college. I am 21 years old 6’3 tall a six pack blonde hair and a 9 inch cock, I live in a share flat with a couple of other guys I home and visit on holidays and some weekends. In my family there is my mom she works at a local convenient store she has long blonde hair and is 5’9 tall, she is 39 but looks...Read On


Mom took her son’s virginity

Janet’s son came to live with her and she welcomed him with her legs wide opened.

After a tired day at work, Janet, thirty nine years old, came home a little late. Janet was a single mother. Her seventeen-year-old son, Alex, had lived with his grandmother since he was five years old. A few months earlier, Alex moved to his mother’s house and Janet welcomed him with her legs spread wide for her son. Janet was a really hot brunette woman. She was tall, had big boobs and...Read On


Mom Helped me

Narrated by Mom in her wording

A Mother"s Touch It"s fascinating how extraordinary circumstances can spawn totally unexpected acts and deeds. In this case, a serious car crash thrust my 18-year-old son, Charles, and I into a situation that brought us together in a way neither of us could ever have imagined. He"d been out driving around with a couple of older boys, one of whom just got his license, when the driver...Read On


Dirty Mom, perverted Son, and shy Maid

Perverted son made shy maid watch him masturbate, and then the dirty mom had threesome with them.

Kelly was a thirty-nine year-old busty and beautiful woman. This afternoon she was working in the kitchen, and Kelly’s eighteen-year-old son, Jeff, was studying in his room. Kelly had a twenty year-old maid, Susie, who was also in the house at the moment; she was cleaning the bookshelf in the living room. Kelly had big boobs, nice big ass, black hair, and she was a big whore. Susie was shy,...Read On


First Time With My Mom Meenakshi

First Time With My Mom

My name is Zack and I was born on 11th May 1975 (28 years-old),my zodiac or starsign is Taurus and I’m married.Even before my marriage,I had developed sexual feelings about my Mom.My Wife is also a beautiful woman,but I somehow always felt that having sex with my Mom would be more erotic,especially since it was taboo.I had not have sex before marriage and I enjoyed the sensation when I...Read On


Bringing Mom Out of Poverty

In exchange of mom's allowance, she must satisfy son first.

Family lives were luxury when I was still at very young age. My parents were almost able to afford a smooth life. My dad would drive a sports car. My mom could shop daily. Not until when I was 17 years old, my dad passed away from cancer. His company took back all the assets that they have provided, leaving us to nothing but just our very own little savings. It was the year I entered...Read On


Mom Son Honey Camping

Some honey gets spilt and they must clean it

Mom Son Honey Camping I’m an only child and I recently turned 18. My parents are still married but I get the feeling that they stopped with me because there wasn’t really any sexual sparks between them. My dad is in his 60s and a successful lawyer but mom is only 37, having had me when she was 19. My parents met when mom was at college and dad at that time was a professor. She put...Read On


Mom, BF and Daughter Makes Three-Chapter Two

Two Becomes Three

Between their meets Lorie and Brad continued playing online, chatting and camming when they could, emailing naughty pictures when they couldn’t. Interestingly it seems that Beth had picked up her moms like of sensual pictures and had done some as well. Lorie and Beth were very close and new each other took pictures and in fact sometimes took some together. On this day Lorie emailed Brad...Read On


Danielle and Mom: Part 1

Danielle and Mom develop a strong relationship after a secret video is discovered

My name is Danielle and I am sixteen-years-old. I live with my family in Miami, Florida and let's just say that we're lucky enough to live ten minutes away from the beach. My dad is a supervisor at a big construction company and he gets paid well. My mom is my science teacher at my high school, and of course it's obviously my favorite class. My brother, Mike, is in the University of Miami and...Read On


Masturbating for my Mom

Mom watches me masturbate

I was sitting at one end of the couch in the family room, looking at my iPad, with my hand down my shorts. Not actually masturbating, but not not masturbating either. The TV was showing baseball, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to it. I was dressed as I usually was for hanging around the house - just an old pair of gym shorts, commando. The Florida heat can be harsh and humid, and...Read On


Seducing MOM

  Seducing Mom   My name is Steve and I am of 19 years. I stand 5'11" above the ground and have a good built, however not of a footballer. Most people enjoy my company and I get around well with both, boys and girls. My parents broke up when I was 12 and my father sent me to a hostel. I studied there for 4 years after which I again started living with my father....Read On


A Mom for Her Boy

A mom lets her hidden fantasy overwhelm her son.

My name is Linda Jamerson. A few years back I had become divorced to by husband of twelve years. I was given full custody of my only son Sam, aged sixteen. He's a good boy, always does his work and chores, and gets in the usually teenage amount of trouble. I’m thirty-nine and since my divorce, I’ve been awfully lonely. I've been too nervous to get back on the dating scene, so I've been...Read On

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