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Domination is what I crave To be the one that serves To be the one that has to be brave When you give, what I deserve I love it all, the hurt, the pain It will never be my downfall I could never fake nor even feign And I cum, inside, when your hand falls I bend for you, folding in two My ankles and hands are cuffed My bum stings with a pleasurable Ooo As I take the smooth with the rough ...Read On


Mary Gets to Meet Sandy - Part 4

Mary is beginning to break down. Sandy prevails.

Sandy had moved in on Sunday. Monday morning, Mary started keeping secrets. They multiplied fast, and she got better at lying even faster. She was almost proud of it. Mary told her mother her budget wasn’t working out after all. Mum was incredibly sweet about it. She wouldn’t hear Mary apologize or put herself down. Paying your way through college was hard these days, much harder than it...Read On


Mary Gets To Meet Sandy Part 3

Mary really wants Sandy to have fun.

“Will you hurry up with that down there? My bedroom is a real mess, I can’t get a good night’s sleep like that.” “Yes Sandy, I’m almost done.” Sandy was sitting at the kitchen table, and Mary was on her knees wiping up a puddle of coke from the floor. After several hours of cleaning and washing for Sandy, she was almost resigned to her new situation. Just enough, anyway, to have begun...Read On


Miss Crystal (part 2)

Miss Crystal introduces Freak to her friends

I won't bore you with my weekend but suffice it to say  I had no money and was terrified.  Mostly because I knew I was going to give myself to Miss Crystal and that she was clearly cruel and sadistic.  But I had no real choice.  I could say no, not give her what she wanted.  She had given me an easy out, even encouraged me to take it.  I was allowed to say no but was just incapable of it.  I...Read On


Miss Crystal (part 1)

A brief encounter in the mall, after life time of pent up fantasizing, leads downward, quickly

I loved the mall.  I didn't like shopping and the food reminded me of high school, but I loved the mall.  In particular the cheaper malls that sat a little further away and attracted crowds of inner city youth.  I didn't really love the mall, I guess.  I loved these beautiful, hard girls.  I would go and eat and fantasize about them using me.  Exploiting me. It makes me a little...Read On


Lingerie and Domination

Lingerie Shopping and something more

I had answered an ad on telephone dating service. She described herself as a ‘bedroom dom’. I am not sure why I answered the ad and I did not really expect a reply. She phoned when I least expected. I did not think she would be interested but I had mentioned in my reply that I like to dress in lingerie — panties in particular. I met her for a drink. She was younger ( 38 ) than me and...Read On


Double Domination - Part 1

“We’re going to be joined by a guest tonight.”

“We’re going to be joined by a guest tonight.” Nick’s words jolted me out of the book I was engrossed in. “Huh?” “All you need to know is that he is a Dom and you will submit to both of us.” I could always tell when Nick became strict Master in place of sweet boyfriend because the tone of his voice lowered and he articulated his words more clearly. He meant it. He obviously noticed...Read On


Double Domination - Part 2

A Happy Ending to my night with the 2 doms

It was a regular Saturday night. Nick and I were cuddled up on the sofa together watching X Factor. Everything was calm – normal. It was two weeks since Nick had arranged for a guy called Brad to double-dom me and the marks from the whip had only just faded. My memory hadn’t though. Sometimes, when I was at work, I’d find myself daydreaming back to that night when… “I want to increase...Read On


A Quiet Domination Part I

When Master Meets Krystenah's Parents, He Finds Creative Ways to Dominate Her

On the train to my parent's house, Master told me that he was looking forward to dominating me over the weekend. I must have looked at him with a puzzled expression, because he smirked and looked out the window. I tried to imagine how my Master could tie me up much less spank me while we were staying at my parents' house. "Well, maybe if we went to bed early and requested the bedroom...Read On


Not Big Enough Part 2

Sarah's love of bigger cocks grows

Since the episode at the beach, Sarah kept in contact with Amy and Fiona. They would go drinking as a group to attract men without my knowledge. Amy and Fiona's awesome buoyant cleavages always attracted more men and Sarah became jealous and dissatisfied with her smaller chest. She arranged for Fiona to come over and talk to me. I'd always been happy with Sarah's breasts and didn't think...Read On


Not Big Enough Part 1

My girlfriend finds that bigger is better

My last girlfriend, Sarah, was a wonderful girl. A dazzling smile, beautiful blue eyes and a slim but supple body. Her brunette, shoulder-length hair was so soft. We met in a bar and I couldn't believe that I was taking this stunning girl home. After a few dates, she allowed me to roam her pert 32A breasts, kiss and caress them and her navel, building up to entering her. The sex felt amazing,...Read On


His Fuck Doll. Part 2

I loved every minute of it

When Frank emerged from the bathroom, I was still recovering. Covered in sweat and still panting a little, I needed a break. Frank didn't see it that way. While I was still lying on the bed, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me across the bed. He was in full donation mode. He grabbed me by the hair and looked at me. "From now on you'll call me sir," he said. "Is that understood?" "Yes sir,"...Read On


Revenge, Blackmail and Domination

A former intern from my office seeks revenge against me by dominating my wife in front of me.

We all go through rough times in our lives when things don’t work out the way we think. Marriage can be daunting and my wife Ann and I had our problems like a lot of other couples out there. Money, sex and daily decisions seem to take up a vast majority of our time together. I will be the first to admit that my marriage isn’t always peaches and cream, and over the past year my wife and I had...Read On


Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 2

A fantasy about taking control... continued...

You’re in the shower washing up. I’m relaxing on the couch basking in the physical and emotional euphoria of an amazing experience. Tonight has been fucking fantastic so far. But the night’s still young, there’s plenty of opportunity for more fun. And I could really use a drink. We’ll just have to play the rest by ear. With that settled, I join you in the bathroom. You’re taking a hot...Read On


A Quiet Domination Part III

Master Takes Kystenah, Cuffed and Silenced

Master positioned me in the bed facing away from him, in the spoon position, in much the same way as we had started the day. With my hands cuffed, however, there was no way I would be able to touch myself, much less him. My hands were locked in the cloth cuffs as if I were praying. I closed my eyes as Master nuzzled my neck and ran his fingers up and down my back. It felt heavenly. He began...Read On


Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 3

A fantasy about taking control... continued... again...

As I wake up, I hear that you're in the shower again. It was one hell of a night and I've decided I like dominating you. Just the memory of how I fucked your throat, pussy, and ass and then made you expose yourself is making me excited all over again. Even better, you loved every fucking minute of it. You enjoyed the handcuffs. Fucking your face made you wet. You wanted my dick in your ass....Read On


Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 1

A fantasy about taking control...

Have to admit I need to fuck someone. Not sex or love making, just down right fucking. I need to cum...hard and several times. I need a slut, someone I can use. I thought of you. This is what I'd do to you. I'd call you up and tell you to show up at my place, to knock on my door wearing nothing but panties and high heels. Yeah, my neighbors might see you. But so what? I like showing my...Read On


A Lesbian Love Story...of Sorts Chapter 4

A lesbian releases her stress with some MILF domination

CHAPTER 4: AN INTERLUDE-SOME QUICK MILF DOMINATION I got home and although I was slightly tired, my hormones controlled me. I grabbed the card of the sexy MILF saleslady Audrey and texted her. January 31 7:03PM From: Julia Hi Audrey, What time do you get off? January 31 7:05PM From: Audrey 9:30 give or take. January 31 7:09PM From: Julia I expect you to be at...Read On

Mistress Dominates Pet For His Birthday

Mistress offers a birthday present of domination.

A birthday party all about control Mistress will dominate her guest A new strap-on for his asshole Her pet will be totally impressed She also bought a new whip Nipple clamps to be used This will make his penis drip Pet's ego will be a bit bruised A blindfold is tied around his head She'll restrain his legs and hands She'll control him on her bed She looks at him while...Read On


My decent in to female domination

My wife takes complete control of me and my weak will power

"I give you so many handjobs, you really owe me" my girlfriend said as I took off my shorts and underwear. "Haha I know, well I'm a lot hornier than you. I can't help it" I replied, and smiled down at her. "How much is one of these worth to you? 50? 100?" she asks. She is wearing running shorts, which show off her tanned and toned legs, and a tight t-shirt. I look down at her boobs, D cups...Read On


We agreed to meet

after sexy on line domination, two women meet in the real world

We agree to meet up. I am nervous. I know I like you. I am excited. But I …how will it be? Will it go further than I can handle? Will it go flat and embarrassing? We meet at a sort of coffee bar place that you have suggested and you are already there. Its just..nice. chatty. friendly. Almost girly. Before I order a cake and a coffee you suggest that we take a cake home to yours and relax. ...Read On


I Know You Have Needs

This short poem about desire and domination, written for a girl, came to me one morning recently.

I know you have the need For me to take the lead Satisfaction is our creed Your cries I do not heed My stories you want to read About our sexual greed Sweat forms a bead Desire leaves bodies keyed Inhibitions don't impede When I do the dirty deed White, Asian, Ebony, Swede I know do you have the need My thrusts reach top speed You long to feel my seed You climax as you plead We have done...Read On


Techno Sex - Part 1

cybersex, reluctance

This story is the synthesis of email conversations I had with a friend I met online. I met R_ online over a year ago, her profile stated “submissive … I love Anal Sex”, we exchanged a few emails tentatively feeling each other out and then ‘wham!’ we were chatting every day. I got to know her well and found her life to be quite interesting. Currently working in the Financial Industry, she...Read On


First Encounter

A friend suddenly becomes an interest.

*This story is fully fictional* Mathias has recently garnered an interest in BDSM. He stumbles upon a kink website, during a normal night of watching pornography. Instantly, Mathias knew that this life was for him, and that domination would be his forté. Several days later Mathias' friend Amy visits, to work on a biology project. Amy is a beautiful young woman. She has long slender...Read On


The Heatwave - Chapter Three

Sam finally gets Rachel alone

Rachel didn't wait for Sam to open the car door for her once they had reached her house. Instead, she raced to her front door and opened it swiftly. There were no worries about whether she had some dishes stacked in the sink or if she had her bed made. All she thought of was how quickly they could take off their clothes. She turned to see Sam staring at her hungrily and her breath caught....Read On

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