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Strip Poker

She only had on her stockings and garter belt.

STRIP POKER A short adventure for Nan and Mike. Nan was getting older and she was starting to forget what it was like to be young. Although Mike came to see her at least three times a week, he noticed her slow degeneration. "There must be something I can do for her," he thought to himself. He would play card and board games with her just to keep her mind active. One day she...Read On


Drunk strip poker

This is a story loosely based on my real experience.... While in university, on a Saturday evening, a group of us friends and classmates settled down for a session of heavy drinking and fun in an accommodation that we were sharing. There were three girls including me and two guys in the group. The guys tried to get us to play a game of strip poker. The girls were reluctant at first but...Read On


Ten Year College Reunion, Ch 4

The strip poker game continues.

Saturday night, June 3, 2028 After Tanner finished taking his clothes off, we sat on the bed several minutes, all of us wondering what to do next. It was a little hard for me to think with the two beautiful, naked women on the bed. Finally, Adriana had a solution, “I think we just need to do dares, but let’s keep it simple. We each cut the deck and the one with the high card gives a dare to...Read On


Losing at Strip Poker with Three Women

Oh my god, what did i get into?

Well, last night was quite a night to say the least. Three girl/friends came by with wine coolers and tequila to do a little partying. The four of us have been very tight for over fifteen years. We are very special friends that can talk about anything to each other. I should have known they were up to something when they said the tequila was all mine and the coolers theirs. They know I...Read On


The nymphs of summer

The summer started with embarrassment, but ended up as the sweetest summer of my life

Sweet! Wonderful! Finally we were here. And what brilliant weather! I stepped out of the back seat of my fathers BMW and was surprised by the heat that met me. The car's air conditioning had been turned down to an almost unnecessarily low temperature, and now the heat that I felt upon me was similar I envisaged to that of the desert. At home it had been a bit cloudy, but out here near...Read On


How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 05 [MMMF Strip Poker]

My hubby invited two more colleagues

Just a short recap from the last chapter. I was being literally painted by my hubby's old schoolmate, the artist for about several months. It was about three months after I had met the artist, my hubby and I were on the bed chatting and he asked, "Darling, do you remember you had met two of my friends, Simon and Robin? They had came to our place twice before just after our marriage,...Read On


First time for Eve

Jenny and Eve meet by accident and enjoy a hot night of passion.

*For my darling Eve, written for you, about you and I. I hope you enjoy it again darling* Eve was feeling a little low, her boyfriend of the past two years had finished with her a week ago and she was still reeling from the call. He hadn`t even had the decency to speak to her face to face. All she got was a brief phone call. Well she wasn`t going to let him get to her, she would show him....Read On


Jeremy's Dorm Dance, Chapter 2

The strip poker game's after-party

We all sat back down and Tanya took over again. “This time, we all cut the cards, and high card gives the low card a dare, regardless of sex.” Yes! I hoped to hell I’d get a chance at Adriana! She’ll rue the day! Tanya went on, “No backing out. The dares stay in the room, but you do it or you get dressed and leave.” I think I was learning to love that girl! Adriana, watch out! Now, we were...Read On


Poker #1

First of a two part true story poker # 2 will follow soon if you guys like this one

Please excuse me if I occasionally falter on my grammar or spelling I am no writer this is the first time I have ever put pen to paper and been so honest. The basis of this story is completely true although some details may have been embellished slightly just to help with fluidity. It is the story of a period of revelation for me. It began several months ago when I combined a couple of...Read On


Our first time pleasure

remembering our first time

I remember the first time we touched each other. Our lips touched, and then our tongues You were nervous. But gradually our tongues met and we kissed slowly for the first time, tongues and touching. I felt your arse, such a gorgeous arse and God, I wanted you. I remember the first time we touched each other properly when we felt inside clothes for the first time. My finger touched you, so...Read On


My First Time

My First time with a lady

This is my first time at submitting and not sure what you think. Its a bit short but some advice would be nice.   We were alone in her house. We were watching TV together on the couch. Nothing of interest was on so we decided to play cards. We played Rummy. We did silly things for the winning hand i.e. looser had to make a drink. A few hands later we did some funny things like...Read On


The Real First Time

The first time is not always super awesome.

The Real First Time John was nervous all day long. It had been two years today since him and Jane began dating. They were sixteen when they decided to enter into a relationship with each other and he never expected it to last this long. Not that true love could not be found in high school, but he expected to have dated at least five or six other girls at this point. He was not going to deny...Read On


Jeremy's Dorm Dance, Ch 1

My wife is Jeremy's date at his first dorm dance.

  Michelle: I didn’t really want to go. I wanted to spend the night with my husband, but I’d made a promise to Jeremy and I know Robert understood. I felt terrible about getting sick. My poor hubby and I were looking forward to Thursday night. I stopped and checked into my hotel. I had a couple hours before I needed to leave for the dance and spent the first hour lying down after I...Read On


Accidental First Time

My first submission to Lush, and the first time writing about my first time.

Every December my dad and I would spend a Sunday building an elaborate Christmas display in front of our house. By the end of the day on this particular Sunday our job was complete, except we needed some pine twigs to cover the ugly electrical boxes in the yard. My dad told me to go into the nearby woods after school on Monday and cut some pine boughs. Since I had just turned 16, I could...Read On


First time Pony Girl

First time as a Pony Girl she loses her virginity.

I was a nineteen year old virgin with money in the bank. I don’t think I’m shy, I can talk to anyone, but I never seemed to have much joy with men. If I threw myself at them it seemed to scare them away, if I played hard to get I didn’t get got. This man was different. He seemed happy to simply chat; he was a lot older than me and I guess I treated him more like an uncle. It was at least...Read On


First Time

First time with a man Not the last.

First let me say that I am no God’s gift to women nor do I think that, I have been blessed with a warm smile and a confident aire about me not cocky just confident. I have also been very open sexually and willing to try most things at least once. This is my attempt to put into words my first time sexually with a man, but definitely not my last. You will also find most of my stories will...Read On


Our First Time

Couples First Time

Our first time. People say that you never forget your first time. That’s true in our case. We both came from previous relationships and were way past the midpoint of our lives so it obviously was not the “first” time for either of us but our “first” was nevertheless very special. You invited me over for a swim. You knew that I enjoyed skinny-dipping but you had never tried it yourself. It...Read On


First Time with Someone New

The first time with a new playmate.

We agreed on a time and place. I was nervous. All kinds of questions in my mind... Will the sex be as good as the fooling around was? Will he be as attentive to my needs as he was? Will he be turned on by me? Will he satisfy me? Is this safe? Am I really prepared to go from having basically no sex to having sex with two different people in the same week? I checked in the hotel and left...Read On


My First Time

Meeting an old guy for the first time

This is my first story, and the first time telling people about my first but not last sexual experience. I had been having bisexual urges for quite some time; because of this, I was going onto text and chat sites. This was about ten years ago now, so there were not as many websites back then. I'd been chatting to quite a few older men. On most occasions, the chats just helped me get off, as...Read On


Scandalous Behaviors - A short Interlude (Part 3 of 4)

Alex attends a poker party when the wives introduce their husbands to a new game.

The poker party started at eight at Stan's place. Everything seemed ordinary. The bar was open and the wine and beer were flowing. The early conversation revolved around the election. Eventually, each group retired to their card games. The women were upstairs in the dining room. We were downstairs in the den in Stan's Rec Room. After an hour, it was obvious that the girls were having...Read On


First time sex with a man!

How my first time anal started and happened.

So there is this guy who I've been talking with for awhile. I wasn't too interested because I was still on the edge about meeting up dressed with another person. At the time I was under the influence and I sent him this message.   "I have recently been dressing up more as a woman as my family have been busy. I have been eating my cum all dressed up like a sissy! I have been eating my...Read On


First Time Anal. First Time Cheating.

My first time having anal sex with another woman.

Well what can I say, I cheated on my wife with another woman. Why could I do something like this? Why should I, too? Well I have my own reasons, which I shall not get into on here. But I shall tell you how it began. I had a wife-to-be and a son and daughter at the time and felt like everything was great; apart from one thing that is. Sex. My wife isn't into trying new things or changing...Read On


A first time experience

A romanticized version of the first time we have sex

It was dark, so dark. I could describe it to you like it was day though. I remember lying on the couch watching TV. A friend was on the other couch, falling asleep. I wasn’t paying attention to them though. My mind was on the person next to me, her warmth seeping into me. I had one arm draped across her, holding her close to me. There was nowhere else in the world that I could possibly...Read On


The First Time

Does everyone remember their first time? I do, but not the way most people would imagine.

Does everyone remember their first time? I wonder about that, and I wonder just how many people actually remember their first time with any accuracy and without enhancement for nostalgia or for ego or pride. I started early with my first girlfriend in high school, but nothing more than kissing, feeling each other up (or down, as the case may be) and some oral experimentation. I always went...Read On


Poker Night

The boy's poker game is invaded by a redhead who stays for breakfast.

The property in Arlington, Virginia was initially built as a duplex. The double driveway led to two garages separated by stairs leading up to two front doors. Each side had a living room and kitchen. One floor up there were two bedrooms. The builder had owned the vacant lot for twenty years expecting to build a home there. But the lot backed up to a hill that didn’t adapt to a typical...Read On

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