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The Tease

I would call you several times through out the day knowing that your phone is set to vibrate and you

I would call you several times through out the day knowing that your phone is set to vibrate and you can’t answer your phone while at work. The constant vibration from your phone is building up in your body sexually stirring the juices. I called so many times you have lost count and with each call you begin to roll your eyes with a slight pleasure from all the vibrations from your phone. ...Read On


Midnight Denial

Wrote this after a night-denial for my lovely wife, my everything, my mistress, the morning breath!

We lay here, arms entwined Front against back, close Your legs, shaved and shined Fetal, our pose Hands coveting thou My sex, strained, kissing yours You arch your back, mine bow Sending sensation to all fours Again, you arch Hairs grate at my glans Ready, deep, my seed for the march No more stillness from my hands Soft your curves Hard and wondrous at their summit Womanly...Read On


The Tease

For fun :)

She  Takes a man down Down to his knees Wraps him all up, tight in her tease Breaking his wallet, breaking his back You think you know, but you don't know jack Keeping her happy, it can be tough He's willing to do it, to look at her butt Down on his knees, begging to please  His heart is a mess  And his head is a wreck Forsaking his pride, forgetting his head His...Read On

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Gina (Tease and denial) Part 1

Gina enters my life. The first of a series of a kinky, sexy tale

And so it began; a journey into a life so strange that I still look back and wonder whether it was all just a crazy dream. Had it ever really happened? Had she ever really existed? Still, all these months later, she still lingered in my every waking thought, as alluring a captivating as the day she had quite literally barged into my life and took it over, as was her way. To be fair...Read On


Progression - Ch. 01 - Finally

A gay guy gets slowly introduced to wearing a chastity belt

Nathan paced around the shop for a few minutes while building up the courage to purchase the chastity device. This was his first time inside a sex shop, and he was very uncomfortable. He saw shelves full of different toys, each one exiting his mind with sexual thoughts. He noticed the device he wanted was behind the counter, but in order to seem less awkward he decided he needed to pick...Read On


Progression - Ch. 03 - The Show

A gay guy gets slowly introduced to wearing a chastity belt

Nathan turned and looked at his clock. It was barely 3am and he was just lying there looking at the ceiling. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stop thinking about his session with Ryan and Jack. He put his hands under the blanket to feel his cocks prison and attempt to get some relief, but it was useless. When he tried to play with himself his cock just filled the cage, giving him...Read On


A Very Warm Welcome

You give me a very warm welcome to my room.

Walking into my room, I see you waiting for me. As commanded you are bent over my bed, naked, presented, and rubbing; the moisture visibly running down your thighs from the work of your busy fingers. I was a little later than I expected, and I wonder just how long you’ve been like this, exposed, vulnerable, and eager for my touch. I see your legs trembling and I have my answer—it’s...Read On


Teasing the photographer

Taking sexy photos for a friend's internet dating profile sounds like an invitation... but is it?

I always knew you loved to show off, and that you were a terrible flirt, but I never knew how far you’d take it… When you tell me, in that mischievous voice of yours, that you want to spice up your internet dating profile with some sexy pictures, and that you’d like me to take them for you, I can hardly wait. I’ve always fancied you, and you’ve always taken advantage of it, leading me...Read On


Progression - Ch. 02 - Regret

A gay guy gets slowly introduced to wearing a chastity belt

The next few weeks Nathan went back to normal. Wake up, Work, Wank, Sleep. Almost forgetting about his encounter with Ryan. It wasn’t until a month later that his urges to lock up his cock would come back. He started to remember Nathan and his offer. “He did say I didn’t have to show my face,” he thought to himself trying to ease his shyness. He pulled open his laptop and searched online...Read On


Ready to Come Home from My Work Trip

My wife has an idea to make my work trip more enjoyable

As I am packing for an upcoming working trip, my wife Kendra hits me with the five words that men dread more than any others in the English language, “Honey, we need to talk.” I look nervous like something major is up and ask, “Is everything okay? Is everyone healthy? What’s wrong?” in a very panicked voice. You soothe me with a slight smile and respond, “Oh yes, it’s nothing like that....Read On


Cock Tease

from the first day as you walked in tight blouse 38 double D smiling at the men thinking let them lust brush against them in the lift give them a show smiling watching as they run falling over each other to stand in front of me o the world of a tease the life of a cock tease  ...Read On


Teasing and Denial

Part two of my new Miss Honey series of poems.

Cock teasing and denial, is her specialty. That's what turns her on, and works for blokes like me. As long as she gets hers', Miss Honey fits the bill, and when I finally cum, it's a strong orgasmic thrill - that lasts for many months, until I cum again. Cock teasing and denial, can go on without end. A ball gag in my mouth? A dildo on my face? My tongue between her legs? A strap-on round...Read On


My Slut Vivien, 2

This is a continuation of a fantasy, My Slut Vivien. It does not depict real events!

  What a beautiful picture indeed. There bound to her bed was my Mistress, who for today, was my submissive slut. She was dressed only in a garter belt and black seamed stockings, and decorated in plastic pink and blue clothes pins — one on each nipple, and eight decorating her pussy. "Oh, don't You look so lovely my Slut Vivien. I just love how You pull against your bonds, and squirm like...Read On


In The House of Madam (Part One)

Steven submits himself to the will of Madam and her assistants

As arranged, I arrived just before two o’clock. Having found the address, which was in the middle of a long Georgian Terrace, without difficulty, I knocked on the door and waited. Within a few seconds it was opened, and a girl in her early twenties with short blond hair and a slim, almost boyish figure stood before me. “Oh hello, I am Steven, and I think that you are expecting me.” ...Read On


The Secret is out?

The day my life changed for worse or better?

(Based on my last relationship, true story). I've been in a stable relationship for six months with a beautiful girl, called Sarah. I couldn't be happier, work was going well and the two of us had a great sex life. Until one evening when all was forever changed, and the relationship was thrown into a whole new realm. Usually, I get home first. That day, I came home from work as usual and...Read On


The Correctional - Ch 02

In a world where male and female prisoners are housed together, all the men are placed in chastity

"Out now, hurry up," said a female guard in a bored depressingly tone. She banged on the metal bars with a clipboard as they slid open for the new day. "Why am I still waiting," she continued with a bored look on her face. "Sorry Ms Battson," said Jack as he and the rest of the inmates stood outside their cells for the morning count. Ms Battson looked at each prisoner and ticked off a...Read On


The Correctional - Ch 01

In a world where male and female prisoners are housed together, all the men are placed in chastity

Six prisoners occupied the bus all facing each other, but handcuffed to their metal chairs. One security guard sat beside the door watching every move the men and women made. Jamie was still in shock from the judge's verdict to give him twenty years in prison for breaking into the government's computer system. He didn't even fully understand the charges made against him, as he was only...Read On


tease me

not really a poem, but too short for the story guidelines...

Tease me My clit isn’t the be all and end all of my being… A kiss and squeeze of my breast and a bee line for my clitoris doesn’t turn me on or make me all hot… and orgasm isn’t necessarily my only goal… Talk to me, say something dirty, tell me how you couldn’t stop imagining me all day… Touch me… everywhere… I love your hands and how they feel on my skin… all of my skin all over...Read On


The Tease

The club was packed with the heat of compressed bodies, gyrating, pumping and swaying, the lights seeming to intermittently pick out random body parts for the inspection of those standing on the edges. Watching, assessing, selecting. He was watching as well. Waiting to have revealed to him, like a divinely illuminated revelation, the one who would be his tonight. As the multicoloured...Read On


More than a tease

Finally you do more than just tease me....

You were here and then gone again. You teased me with your beautiful body and then left me hard, but this time is different. You enter the room dressed for sex. Instead of usually leaving it to my imagination as to what your sexy body looks like, this time there is no need for imagination.  I enjoy seeing you in your bra, panties and stockings. All matching. You get me incredibly hard,...Read On


The Big Tease

Bev takes Gary to the edge and beyond......

I can't believe this day has finally arrived; the nerves are building in the pit of my stomach. We have been planning this date for a while now. Online, I have had the confidence to be as seductive as I want to be, but real life? This is a different matter. I'm naturally a shy girl, but I am determined to overcome this.To help me achieve this, I choose my most seductive outfit. I want...Read On


The Big Tease

A teasing story.

I love the time right after great sex when you are basking in the caress and contact of another. As we lay there in the after glow of great sex cuddling and lightly caressing each others sweaty, sensitive skin, it dawned on me that she was still waiting on my call. I was in my own blissful world when you spoke. "Nickel for your thoughts... you know inflation," I looked to you and smiled,...Read On


Moonlight tease

Man gets sensual tease from lover, followed by passionate lovemaking.

We finish eating and sit down on the couch like we always do after a meal. We talk casually for a while, continuing the conversation we had been having, and the sunset turns to twilight outside. I turn on some music at some point, and play it in the background. I'm calm and comfortable around her, and she keeps talking away, lying down with her head towards me and her eyes closed. It's dark...Read On


The Eternal Tease

A window into the intensity of the relationship between a dominant and his submissive.

The room was dark. Vaguely, she remembered that the last time her eyes were open they saw light. How long had she been here? The floor was uncomfortable yet she had managed to find a position that minimised her discomfort. Suddenly aware of her body, she felt a twinge of pain in her shoulder joints. Her automatic reaction to move her arms failed. Amidst her waking confusion, panic took hold...Read On


Nozomi Episode 1 "Dick Tease"

A sexy nurse dick-teases a former patient who is now a good friend. How does he handle it?

Nozomi is a sexy Latina, twenty-six, with a doll's face, curvaceous and voluptuous. Plump lips that make you melt, eyes that can bring a man to submission, and a personality to make you fall head over hills. Overall, this woman is a FOX, a certified dime, with some serious booty that fits so amazingly on her short stature. Nozomi is a woman who knows what she wants, gets it, and...Read On

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