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Asked Nicely on First Day of School

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Their anal inquiry turned me into a bathroom stall cumdump

Not too long ago, I was a freshman. Actually, I was THE freshman. I was the hottest, tightest, and admittedly flirtiest blue-eyed blond bombshell that my college had ever seen. I was a legend by the time I was a senior in my small, private high school with my perfect C-cup tits, my sculpted ass, and my famous "oops-I-didn't-know-this-skirt-violated-the-dress-code" slutty little outfits.

I knew how to strut my stuff, I was a cheerleader of course, I was a straight-A student, and I wanted to fuck everything that moved. Seriously, I was wet all the fucking time, and I loved controlling the whole school with my (shaved) pussy. And then I was a freshman in parents, no curfew, and no rules...hell fucking yeah. My college was a small one in my hometown and I knew a lot of my fellow classmates from the local high schools. Obviously, I had quite a rep. So now I was the youngest and hottest little thang on campus, and as I was told through the rumor mill, all the boys were chomping at the bit to get their eyes (and hands) on me.

I was soooooo wet the first day, just walking around campus and feeling all eyes on me. My short skirt screamed slut and my tits were on full display in my skin-tight low-cut shirt that screamed "grab-them-and-their-yours." Besides my perfect body (it's not cocky if you've got it/get it), I was blessed with a whore's pussy and nipples. My underwear were drenched by lunchtime everyday because I couldn't stop thinking about, well, my pussy. And my nipples were aching hard all the time.

I knew the football studs by heart and had been cheering for/staring at the football team ever since cheering for some of them in high school. I also knew where they could be found on campus: the senior lounge. It was off limits to underclassmen, but that didn't stop me from casually strolling by and basically stopping conversations mid-stride.

The older girls stared at me like I was encroaching on their territory. I was. A few of them gave me the up and down look that I instantly knew meant I'd be making them suck their boyfriend's cum out of my pussy after I turned them into full-time pussy-plungers (more on my previous tales of 'Turning the Tightwads' in another story). But the boys couldn't stop staring...

I didn't bother looking at them out of the corner of my eye. I straight up stared at them, licked my lips, stuck my tits straight out, and marched my way to the senior boys' bathroom door. I turned over my shoulder, gave one last smile to a specific group of boys, and pushed the door open and pranced inside making sure I had my ass properly swaying like the slut I was.

I thought some boys would come inside the bathroom, I'd give them a strip tease and finger myself for them and get them under my spell. If some of them wanted to jackoff and shoot their loads while I did it, so be it, and I could take mental pictures of who's cock I needed to see more of. Then I could tell them all if they were nice to me I would give them similar shows down the road. And voila, I'd run the school and have whatever I wanted. Hell, the same thing worked great when I did it my last year in high school and made everyone from the dorkiest kid to the coolest jocks to the fucking principal bow down before me.

Apparently, things are different in college. There weren't that many guys who ran through the door. Instead, outside the door there was a lot of shuffling, cursing, even what sounded like some fighting, and then four boys came through the bathroom door amidst a large crowd out the door, and the biggest one locked the door behind him. Initially, I was excited that four guys had apparently sealed me off for themselves, and I could have some quality time teasing them. Also, these four happened to be the hottest football players on the team: Don, Brad, Glenn and Nate. All perfect tens. All on my target list. Nate was the leader, and he spoke first and it scared me, because he didn't speak to me. Rather, he screamed back through the door, "Hold off anybody who tries to get in and once we're done with her you can send the next group in." Then he just smiled at me; a scary smile.

"What's your name?" Nate said, while starting to unbuckle his belt nonchalantly. The other three followed suit.

"Sarah. And-"

He cut me off. "Shut up, you didn't come here to talk and we didn't either. I will however, being the gentleman that I am," he dropped his pants and his huge semi-soft cock stood out and hit me like a lightning bolt in my cunt "ask you if you've ever had anything like this in your ass before."

Holy shit. I was shaking. I overestimated my powers of seduction. These guys weren't waiting for me to act, speak or tease, they were just going to fuck me. Fuck. I probably oversold the fuck-me looks, whore's walk and sure, going straight to the senior boys' bathroom was a bit bold. And it wasn't that I wanted romance, but I was expecting some sort of semblance of control.

"Oh my god. Honestly I've never seen anything that big before." I pouted sexily. "Most boys like my pussy plenty fine, I was saving my ass for my favorite professor."

The boys laughed and high-fived. I realized they were all nude from the waist down. Their dicks were getting harder.

"Strip. Now." Nate commanded.

"Well, actually, I wanted to show you fellas my nice little pussy and if you're lucky you'll be getting to see, and use it a lot more this year." I had lifted my skirt and flashed them my bare, shaved pussy and I thought I would wrestle back some control. Surely I'd fuck them here and now and surely they knew it. But it made me feel like less of a cumdump to say my intentions were only to tease. In the end, it didn't matter.

They laughed again, uncontrollably this time. Nate spoke, while cooly stroking his cock to its full nine inch length.

"Ok Sarah, you don't seem to understand. We don't waste time letting sluts tell us when and how they can be used. I am going to ask you nicely, one last time. Would you mind taking off your clothes, quickly, bending over the toilet there, like the whore you are, and show us that tight little asshole of yours?" Ok, that got me. I could smell my pussy and literally could feel my heart beating so hard my tits were shaking with my heartbeat.

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I guess you can have a peak." They snickered.

Then things moved fast. As I was shedding my clothes the boys surrounded me, and towered over me. Don quickly edged past me and sat on the toilet, his rock hard cock sticking up invitingly.

"Here, let me give you somewhere to put that pretty mouth of yours." Don said, grabbing my arms and yanking me to bend over at his cock. As a true proud slut, I held eye contact while I stretched my mouth open, stuck my tongue out and shoved his cock to the back of my eager throat.

I heard commotion behind me while Don grabbed my pony tails and guided my mouth up and down his cock. I felt my arms being pulled in each direction, and a hard cock found each hand. I instictively stroked them to the rhythm my face was getting fucked, and then with no warning at all, Nate shoved his cockhead against my asshole, and I spit out the cock and begged him, "Please fuck my pussy first and get some lube. Your cock is too big to fuck me raw!" They laughed and he responded, "Bitch, this is the first day of college and it's scary being a freshman. It's not supposed to be fun." With that he shoved the head inside me, and upon realizing there was no way he could breach my backdoor, he spit on my asshole and rubbed his cock in his saliva.

He tried again to no avail.

"Damn, this bitch is tight for a girl who acts this easy." I was insulted and complimented at the same time.

With no warning, he shoved his whole cock in my soppy pussy. I moaned so hard around Don's cock that all my saliva and his pre-cum spilled out my mouth and I sloppily tried to suck it back in on my next downstroke. Three strokes later on Nate's dick I came like crazy. I was ashamed, and proud, that I squirted all over his balls.

"Holy fucking shit, this cunt is a geyser!" Nate quipped and the others laughed after looking and possibly hearing my liquids shoot off his sack and then the floor. I couldn't see what was going on around me, as I was choking on a dick of a boy sitting on the toilet. Nate shoved what felt like two saliva-drenched fingers up my ass, and worked them back and forth.

Just as soon as the laughter died back down from my gushing and I got in a mouth, two-handed, and pussy rhythm, Nate yanked his cock out unceremoniously and sank three inches in my ass, making me arch my back and fight to relax my holy whole.

It definitely wasn't the first time I had my ass stretched, but it was the first time without much warmup or abundance of lube.

His cock pistoned in and out and right after Don shot a huge load past where my tonsils used to be, Nate's pooper skewer tensed up and I could feel his warm cum shooting into the depths of my ass. I gagged on Don's cum and swallowed all I could but some dripped out just as he eased himself around my bent over body. I fell to my knees as Don slipped by and the two cocks I were jacking off replaced Nate and Don's places at my mouth and ass. Nothing was said as I engulfed the dicks on my two ends. These two were mean, and I loved it. The face-fucker yanked on my nipples and my ass-filler spanked me hard.

Nate apparently got dressed and came back to the stall and said, "hey Sarah, what's your phone number?" If it's possible to beam with pride with a cock down your throat, I did. The guy fucking my mouth made a game of pulling me off his cock every stroke and letting me say one number at a time. Seven gags later, Nate said, "thanks- we'll be calling soon." Out of the corner of my eye I saw him writing the number on the wall in the bathroom with a marker. Under it he wrote: FREE CUM REMOVAL.

He and Don exited the bathroom and I could hear several voices oohing and ahhing at what they could see through the partially opened door as I was getting tag-teamed. Nate said loud enough for me to hear: "Ok, next group's up, try and keep her going through lunch. And don't let the lesbos fist her until the whole team's done. We'll switch to her pussy after lunch." Four boys walked in and I heard multiple zippers unfasten.

As the two boys came in my mouth and ass within seconds of each other I thought to myself that this was the best first period a freshman girl could expect in college. Shame I missed class.

-If you liked this story, please let me know and I'll keep the stories cumming-

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