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SEXI Summer: III

SEXI Summer: III

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Professor Curtin and Dean Wilkes pick up hot wife Conner.

The hot Sanford E. Xavier Institute series continues.

Tricia stood inside the small hallway at the door to the lobby of a chic women’s spa on Sanford Parkway in the heart of the trendy downtown shopping district. Dean Veronica had paid for a deluxe pampering, then sabotaged her by snatching her clothes and bag and leaving with the car.

Now the freshly primped and pretty heiress of S.E.X.I. stopped to pull herself together after a wonderful massage with a happy ending by the redhead from the caper in Jim Curtin’s chemistry lab.  There was an Uber waiting at the curb, and all she had to do was walk across the lobby and out to the car.

She took a look in a nearby mirror and reminded herself that she was wearing just a small S.E.X.I. t-shirt and her flip-flops.  The soft pocket between her legs was still a bit steamy; her smooth naked skin still tingling from the massage and the sexed-up ministrations of a girl she now knew as Anne.  

Outside the first door was the spa lobby, then the doors onto to the parkway, then the door of an Uber with a cool driver waiting.  Tricia took a deep breath. Ditch the flip flops, she told herself and just stride right through, into the Uber outside on the sidewalk. 

Just like a rock star.

She pushed open the door and without a look to either side, strode quietly through the small lobby, taking no note of the four customers and the receptionist all gazing in astonished wonder at her nude appearance.  The outer door was open and then she was through it and walking toward the empty space with no car.

No Uber sat at the curb and Tricia was on the downtown sidewalk naked from the waist of her t-shirt down to her polished tootsies with nothing but a small clear plastic bag between her and the world.  A chorus of whistles and cheers broke out.

“Damn that’s fine!”

“Strut that naked butt, girl.”

“Hot nude honey! Woot, woot!” 

With a small crowd suddenly closing in, Tricia shrieked, then dashed back into the spa, running straight behind the receptionist counter.  

“Did you see an Uber at the curb, there was supposed to be an, oh...” Tricia caught her breath, then exploded. "God damn it! She said there was a car with a cool driver at the curb. Anne said that."  Had the redhead pranked her now? Or just more of damn Aunt Veronica's dubious doings?

“The Uber driver had to circle the block about three minutes ago, but she’ll be back. She’s a sister from S.E.X.I.” the receptionist calmed the half-naked co-ed. “So are you pledging or something? Isn’t it a bit early or late for that?”

“No, not pledging, not even a dare, just my deviant aunt’s sex-travagant sense of humor,” Tricia explained, exasperated.  

Finally, a new-ish, nondescript, four-door sedan rolled up to the curb outside and the second naked escape attempt landed the S.E.X.I. heir in the back seat of her ride.  A hand came from the front seat with Tricia’s phone in it.  It was buzzing. 

She opened her home page.  It was Veronica, Tricia deleted the call.

“Can you take me to my apartment? I think I have cash there,” she asked the driver. 

“Sorry, I have to go to the destination on the app. It’s a contract. I have to take you to the dean’s house, or I could lose my franchise and my job. But she sent your phone with me.” 

“Thanks. You wouldn’t happen to have an extra pair of shorts or a panty in the car, would you?”

“Normally that question would seem a little odd, but seeing how your circumstances are unusual,” the blonde driver answered, “are you pledging this weekend or something?”

Tricia shook her head.  Yes, I’m in college, no I’m not pledging anything!

“Anyway, no, I don’t usually keep extra bottoms in the car when I’m working. Sorry,” the blonde turned back to the wheel.

“Yeah it’s okay,” Tricia pulled up her contact list and found Danny.  Her phone blurped and a tiny map icon with a dot on it appeared.  She tapped it and a map popped up, Danny’s phone was somewhere near here, about a block away.  


After toweling off from his shower, Jim Curtin was sitting in his robe and thinking about the day when his phone rang again.  It probably wasn’t going to be a student asking about their finals grade he assessed.  

Since the morning, the chemistry professor at Sanford E. Xavier Institute of Education had gotten a call from the assistant dean who needed an escort to tonight’s faculty BBQ.  Then Danny Moresby had appeared with a crazy story about Dean Veronica naked in her office, handcuffed to a chair.    

“Hello,” he said.

“Jim it’s Melanie again,” the Dean of Admissions replied.

“I’m not late, am I?”

“No of course not, but there’s kind of a change in plans,” she said. 

“Are we still going with Plan A? Because that’s me.”

“Well, I have something unusual to ask you, and yes, you are still Plan A.”

Unusual was getting to be the norm for the day, the chemistry professor thought.

“Thank you, that’s good. What’s up?” he asked her.

“Well, you know how a while back there was that complaint about the MAD fraternity that they had managed to make the clothing disappear of some of the girls who attended a party.”

“Yeah, it was all really embarrassing, because they planned that for a weekend that I was on retreat,” Jim answered.

“They actually hired a house mother for the weekend, you remember that I guess?” Melanie asked.

“Sure, it was Robert Conners wife.  Is her name Janine?” he replied.

“Yes, and she’s something of a legend around campus now,” since the MAD frat party, Melanie thought. She asked him, “Can you do something for me?” 

“So you mean before I pick you up for the barbeque?”

There was a sigh on the other end of the call and then Melanie said, “I have to stop Dean Veronica from some dubious scheme, I don’t know what it is, with her niece Tricia and her boyfriend, your buddy DJ.”

“Tricia Haynes is Dean Veronica’s niece?  And why DJ? Wait, okay, I think I know why. Because he went up to fix a chair in the dean's office,” Jim understood.

“Yes,” the assistant dean responded. “Tricia Xavier Haynes has been taking classes for six semesters, and I got put through the wringer when admissions didn’t catch it. And Veronica’s been fuming about it for days. I called her this morning and she was off to DJ's and Tricia's apartment already.”

Jim was running Danny’s story of the morning through his head. Tricia was apparently off with Veronica, Danny was off to get a suit from Veronica’s trendy chic men’s shop, and what were he and Melanie off to next? 

“Anyway, the MAD brothers somehow turned girls costumes into gossamer and glitter, do you remember that?”

“There really was never anything proven, or so that’s what I was told.  I didn't have much to do with the inquiry,” Jim admitted.

Melanie paused a moment then, “Well, Bob Conner, friend and alumni of the MAD fraternity is also a wealthy donor to Sanford E. and there was a need to hush things over because Janine went on a hot wife adventure at the party.”

“Wow, that was so much that I didn’t think I ever wanted to know, but it certainly explains a lot,”  He'd heard a rumor about "Lucky" Bob Conner's hotwife, Janine and her kinky hijinx at the frat party, but had thought it was just the geek guys bragging.   

“Janine and I go back a ways, she was at Sanford E. a long time ago. Bob is a friend, too.  And Veronica secretly despises them both.“ Melanie was reminiscing and Jim followed right along.

“After everything with the MAD Party blew over, Janine and I had a few cocktails and she told me about the spray that made the girls clothes turn invisible,” the dean of admissions suddenly announced to the chemistry professor. 

Jim dropped the phone, literally.  He bent over and picked it up, all the while thinking, what did she just say?

“I’m not sure I heard that right. You think the nerds at MAD house invented a spray that would turn girls clothes invisible? Wait, damn.”  Jim knew right away who exactly was probably capable of doing just that. 

"I think I know someone who knows where to get hold of that magic spray,” he confided.  
"Okay, then can we meet at Janine Connor’s in about fifteen to twenty minutes?  Bob’s out of town as usual and I have this idea that Janine may be just the distraction that Veronica's bar-be-que needs. It's Saturday and she's probably bored anyway,” Melanie mused.

If what they were plotting could work, actually did work, it was going to take a miracle.  Cause only a miracle could make it work.

“Fifteen minutes is pushing it. I’ll try to get there in ten,” he told her.

When the Assistant Dean used the MAD fraternity crash code, Jim had been floored. Now she was plotting with him to distract Dean Veronica by making her clothes turn invisible.  If he could have tossed another bomb at that particular party he would never have thought of hot wife Janine Conner.  And we were still on plan A.  

Considering everything, no plan B would be necessary. 


Danny was walking out of Wallace and Davis, Clothiers for Men, when he heard the catcalls and whistles.  He hopped back up the steps for a better look down the block. A crowd of shoppers had gathered and cars were stopped in the streets.  The center of attention seemed to be a half-naked brunette who shrieked then ran back into the building behind her.

Wow, some college chick is doing a dare, Danny thought.  That wasn't even unusual the way today was going.  And that was just the way everything was going today.  

Danny had been woken in his bed with Dean Veronica’s mouth all over his morning woody.  Over coffee, the dean, who he had just learned was Tricia’s aunt, offered to buy him a suit so he could attend the faculty barbeque that night. 

Now, Danny was walking back to his van with the suit, along with a few other new garments for which his credit card was sorely bruised. As he opened up the side door to stow away the packages, his cell phone chimed.  He put the suit and the two boxes on the seat, then climbed into the van.  

He had his phone out and was holding it when it chimed again, Tricia was texting him. 

Are you on Sanford pkway?  Near the fountain?

Yes, Danny texted back.

Then he hit the phone icon and was soon ringing her number.

“Hey, pull up your Geo map, I think I’m right down the street,” Tricia said when she answered.

“Yeah, I just got a suit at Wallace and David, the men's shop.”

“It’s Wallace and Davis and wow, can we still afford the rent for the month?”

“Your aunt, Dean Veronica, bought it.  I got another shirt and two ties,” he told her.

“That’s perfect because I need you to bring me a shirt,” Tricia explained.  “While my twisted aunt was buying you a new suit, she tricked me into a massage and stole my clothes.”

“You are not serious!  That keeps happening to you and I’m not complaining but wow.” Danny smiled at the memory of Tricia, naked in the car seat next to him in the van stuck in midtown traffic one day. “What kind of car are you in?  Have them look for my van, I’m just a block west of you.”

“You are my favorite boyfriend right now.”

“Right now?  High praise indeed Milady de Xavier.  One question,” Danny retorted.

“Only one?” Tricia countered. “Because I can think of twelve I’d ask you.”

“How did you get tricked into a massage?”

“It wasn’t the massage, it was the happy ending!” 

Soon the Uber pulled up behind Danny’s Grand Caravan, and he shut off the phone and hopped out of the van.  Crossing the street, he was already pulling his shirt off as he walked to the other car.  The driver stuck her blonde head out the window and whistled loudly, stopping him in the middle of the street.

“Hey, a little slower, I want to watch!” she yelled at him.

Danny laughed and entered the rear door of the sedan.  Tricia lounged across the beige back seat, naked from toes to tummy.  

“Here you are again, rescuing me when I’m running around bare bottomed,” she said.  “I hope I never get tired of that happening.”

“So you’re saying it’s going to keep happening?  I could get used to it,” Danny smiled and handed over his white button-down oxford.

“Wait, when I came out of Wallace and Davis there was a crowd of people cheering at a half-nude brunette on the sidewalk down the street,” he looked at her, astonished.

“I’m so glad you got to see that, it was quite a performance and I’d hate to have it go un-credited!” Tricia smiled and kissed him.


Jim parked his sporty import convertible in front of the Conner house. He walked up to the door, and finding it open walked in, announcing, “Hello, the door was open? So I just came in.”

“We’re in the office, just follow the hall,” said a voice.  

Jim took a minute to look around the house.  Very chic and stylish with lots of open space.  And very large windows, he thought.

The hall led him straight to what he guessed was Bob Conner's den or office, where he found Dean Wilkes and Mrs. Robert Conner, aka the hot-wife.

Janine Conner is a fine piece of work.  All curves and boobs climbing out of a silky side slit dress on this particular afternoon, early in the summer.  She oozed charm and sex in a purely natural, earthy way.  You could say she was a little overdressed for a college town but you would never say she was demure. 

“Doctor, I’m so glad you could come,” the brown-eyed blonde hostess uncrossed her long legs and stood up, a move both revealing and exhibitionist, and as her dress fell away, she flashed her fine foxhole at Jim.

“I'm not a Ph.D., and it's Jim, please. It’s definitely my pleasure to meet you this way,” Jim took her hand and graciously kissed it, then added another going up the inside of her wrist.

“I like that,” Janine said. “I’d like more.”

Melanie coughed to stifle a laugh, then tossed her red hair and interrupted, 

“Maybe we should talk before we start taking each other’s clothes off,” she smiled at the two others.  “And I might need a drink if I’m going to get undressed.” She went on. “Jim, it’s so good of you to help out on such short notice.”

Janine went over to a bookshelf that opened into a hidden bar and started on some cocktails while the dean and the chemistry teacher talked. 

“So I’m pretty sure, Dean Veronica has something really nasty she’s playing on your friend and his girlfriend, Tricia Haynes, well Xavier-Haynes,” Melanie said. 

“And you think Darry McLuhan made this spray that made the girls clothes disappear?  I mean if any of them could do it, he’d be the one,” Jim admitted.

“That damn Darry, my frat boy scientist made my clothes just turn super sheer and shimmery,” Janine suddenly popped in.  “We were riding in his car and suddenly it was like I was wearing nothing but starlight and glitter.

The girls coming to the MAD house that night didn’t know what hit them.  It was right there in the free glitter spray sitting near a mirror on a table in the hallway.  Show a college girl a free sample of something and she’ll go after it like a moth to a flame.  

Darry had worked up five bottles of the Emperors New Clothes potion. It was some kind of spray that would make the girls clothes disappear after about half an hour.  Just enough time for a girl to start partying and sooner if the girl decided to get a little crazy with the spray bottle.  

A few beers later and suddenly the party erupted in shrieks and laughter.  The girls were having a ball as each of them watched their costumes magically turn invisible.  All these hot sorority sisters firm little co-ed bodies appeared naked in the see-through clothes, and for the first time the MAD fraternity had the kind of party they’d never had in the history of fraternities,” the hot wife related.

“And don’t think the sorority sisters were being held hostage, they were all partying their asses off, laughing at the way the nerds had pranked them.  It’s S.E.X.I. baby, and that is exactly how we roll, always and forever,” she suddenly planted a kiss on an unsuspecting Jim Curtin.

“That is amazing,” Jim observed and reached out to grab the house MILF. Janine dashed away, smiling and waggling a finger at him.

“You should call Darry, and Melanie and I need to find the right gown for her to borrow.  Anyway, we should probably get going," Janine suggested. The hostess slipped a cocktail in front of Jim. 

"So you two are going to be changing and undressing and dressing.  Uh, any chance you can do that in here?  Or the living room has nice windows.”  Picking up the drink, Jim took a long pull from the glass, the subject of hotwife body chemistry now the only thing on his mind.

“While I like where you're going with that,” the dean of admissions agreed, "we should put a pin in that for now. Janine. What do you think of coming to the party and making a big play for Veronica in front of the faculty?” 

“Melanie, that is so funny,” hotwife Conner replied.  “You know I’ve got a thing for Vee Vee.”

“Oh, please call her that tonight when you see her,” Melanie challenged. 

“First of all, like I would not go there?”  The brown-eyed blonde dashed her drink down and slammed the heavy glass tumbler on the counter.  "What do you think, should I just walk up and drop my dress in front of her?"

The blonde hot wife turned and pulled the shoulders of her dress off and let it slide to the ground.  It seemed a well-practiced move that uncovered the shapely blonde siren leaving her naked from nose to toes.

“Or maybe arrive at the bar-be-que like this!” Janine Conner whirled on her sandaled heels. 

“Most days I would have thought that would be unusual, today not so much,” Jim Curtin admitted. “Let’s go over to the fraternity house and see a MAD scientist about a disappearing potion.”


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