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An Uneven Romance - Part Two

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He's taken further into her strange, kinky world

“Hey, Sam.”

I jumped and spun around, startled. One of my housemates, Mark, had walked into the kitchen where I was preparing breakfast for Sarah, the incredible girl I’d brought home the night before.

Sarah was a pretty special girl; after a night spent with my head between her legs she had eventually let me cum this morning. She’d somehow coaxed me into wearing her wet panties from the night before though, and when I came she fed it to me, rubbing what was left all over my cock and her panties. Then she insisted I wear them for her all day.

So that’s how I got here, desperately hoping my jeans had been high enough to hide the green lace of her panties as I reached into a cupboard in front of Mark. I finished breakfast as quickly as I could, chatting to Mark and hoping he didn’t see anything. Then, I ran back to my room to find Sarah sitting fully dressed on my bed.

She pointed to the floor in front of her and told me to come over. I stood where she’d pointed and held out a tray with our breakfast on. Frankly, I was feeling kind of puzzled since I’d expected to spend a lazy morning in bed with her.

“Kneel in front of me, baby, but first put my breakfast on the bed and take off those clothes!”

Maybe I liked the thought of where getting naked might go, or maybe I was getting used to her ordering me around. Either way, I had my jeans and shirt off in seconds and I was just hooking my thumbs into her panties when she interrupted me.

“Not those, sweetie!” She spoke quickly and then pointed to the floor in front of her again. “Kneel here!”

I knelt in front of her and she started eating casually and chatting like nothing was wrong with this situation. As we spoke, she placed her feet on my chest, rested them on my shoulders and even pushed them against my face. She started pushing her big toe against my lips until I finally took the hint and started sucking. That was about the time my cock started straining against my panties. Eventually, she handed me a little of our breakfast and more or less let me eat in peace.

“After this, you need to get dressed, baby. We’re going out for the day!”

As she said this, she cupped my balls in her fingers and was rubbing her palm against my cock through the panties.

“Pinch your nipples for me, sweetie.”

Her every instruction was matter of fact, as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about them at all.

I reached up with one hand and started playing with my nipple, rocking my hips against her hand as I did so.

“No, no! Both nipples!”

Slowly, I began playing with both. I felt stupid but I was willing to go along with it as long as she kept rubbing me. As I did, she slid off the bed and pushed me forward so my head was resting on it and I was bent over. Once again, I found myself being stroked in panties, having my ass felt up by this beautiful girl. I had no idea it could feel so good, and then she spanked me. My cock was rock hard but suddenly I felt embarrassed. I knew I shouldn’t enjoy being treated that way and I was sure my friends would hear her slapping me.

“Such a cute ass! Now don’t worry, you haven’t been a bad boy. You just need this from time to time so you don’t get all silly and macho on me. You’re a little boy and I have to make sure you act like one!”

I went bright red with shame, and even that didn’t stop me leaking precum into my panties.She spanked me again and again. It wasn’t hard, just humiliating, and every slap made me rub my cock against her hand. I felt closer and closer to cumming with every blow she landed on my ass and then, when I was close to making my panties even messier, she stopped.

“Well that’s that! Now get dressed, we have a busy day!”

I knelt there, resting my head against the bed, trying to catch my breath and ignore my throbbing cock until I could gather myself enough to stand up and pull my clothes back on.


We spent the day shopping.

We took a bus into town and I almost died from embarrassment when Sarah sat down. She patted the seat next to her and shouted over to me, “You going to sit next to me, baby? Or are you still sore?”

I scurried over to her and sat down, avoiding meeting the gaze of any of the other passengers. Sarah wrapped her arm round me and pulled me in close. Occasionally, she would slip her hands down the tight jeans she’d picked out for me and play with the panties I was wearing. She did this throughout the day, whilst I desperately tried not to get an erection. At one point, she slid her hand up the back of my top,

“Can you imagine if you wore a bra? I could play with that too!” she asked with genuine enthusiasm. “Shall we buy you something pretty?”

It sounded like a question, but she steered me towards the lingerie shop we just happened to be passing without waiting for a reply. She dragged me inside and started browsing the shelves until a sales assistant came over.

“Can I help you with anything?” she asked. “What were you after?”

“Oh it’s not for me really.” Sarah turned to face the assistant. “I guess he can pick.”

The lady turned to me. “Well aren’t you lucky? Most guys don’t get free reign to pick what they’d like to see their girlfriends in.”

Before I could reply, Sarah giggled. “Oh you have the wrong idea! They’re more personally for him than that!”

The lady looked a little taken aback, she clearly understood what Sarah meant.

“Well, there aren’t many people in... I guess I can help you find something that fits.”

“Ooh wonderful!” Sarah squealed. “Can you measure his hips and back?”

I was mortified, I couldn’t believe Sarah told the lady we were buying for me. I didn’t even choose to wear panties! I was led to the back of the shop and made to stand with my arms out as I was measured.

“Now he’ll need to go up a few sizes, depending on the style for his panties. Since he has a little more to fit in them than most customers have.”

She was talking to Sarah and I was being mostly ignored now as the pair of them sorted things out. I wanted to dig a hole and hide in it, so the lack of attention was fine by me.

“Oh, not that much more....” Sarah said quietly.

I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or storm out. Instead, I was led around the store as the assistant suggested styles and items to Sarah and they tried to reach a decision. Despite knowing they were for me and not really wanting them, the sight of the lingerie all around me had me fighting against getting hard. I knew it had to be from the teasing earlier, it couldn’t be because I wanted anything here.

Eventually, an incredibly girly pair were picked out. They were sheer at the back and satiny at the front.The bra was made out of the same material as the front of the panties and there were frills everywhere. The top of the bra cups were frilly and the whole back of the panties was ruffled.

“These will cover most, but not all of that cute bum and make it even cuter!” said Sarah. She then turned to the lady. “We’ll take these please.”

I was dying of embarrassment, and the day wasn’t even over.


Our last stop before home was a sex shop. Sarah went in on her own, whilst I stood outside feeling self conscious with my bag from the lingerie store. When she came out, she stuffed the bag into her handbag and took me by the hand.

“Come on, you can come stay at mine. We have a lot of fun ahead of us, and you have clean panties for tomorrow!”

The smile she gave me as she said it reminded why I was following this girl round like a lost puppy.


We headed back to Sarah’s and it turned out we had the house to ourselves. She leapt on me immediately, kissing me with her hands all over me. I was ecstatic, was I finally going to fuck this girl? We kissed passionately, my hands exploring the body I craved. Sarah dropped to her knees, helping me pull off my jeans. I felt stupid standing in my panties but I quickly stopped caring when she freed my cock from them and starting kissing it.

She looked beautiful with her lips sliding down my shaft, I was finally getting what I wanted. Her hands came up between my legs, feeling my balls through my panties and occasionally moving back to feel my ass. Everything she did felt incredible, I totally lost myself and barely felt her move my panties to the side.

All I caught was her wicked smile before she pushed her finger inside me. I wanted to shout at her, to tell her this was too weird but I was busy trying not to cum. My knees buckled and I almost fell, I had no idea I was this sensitive.

“Mmm does somebody like that?” Sarah murmured.

I just nodded. Sarah was leaning back a little, just stroking my cock now and fingering me.

“You like it when I finger you in your panties?”

“Yes, Sarah. I can’t believe it, but I really do!”

“Such a good little girl, and do you want to fuck me?”

“Oh god yes!” I barely even noticed she’d called me a girl.

“Okay, but you have to do something for me first.” She pushed another finger into me as she said this.

“Anything!” I gasped.

Sarah let go of my cock and made me kneel with her. Then, she reached for her handbag and pulled out her bag from the sex shop. I was confused to say the least when she pulled out a fleshlight and a condom.

She handed me the condom and knelt behind me; I was suddenly feeling very vulnerable.

“Put it on and take your panties off,” she commanded and I obeyed. I pulled the panties down and slipped them off before ripping the condom wrapper and pulling it over my cock.

“You didn’t think I’d just let you fuck me, did you? After all the panty-wearing, pussy-licking and sissyness; you think I’d accept you as a man? No, you’re going to show me you can handle a pretend pussy first, then maybe you can have my perfect one.”

I wanted to cry, I couldn’t believe what she was saying to me. Even worse, I couldn’t believe I was still hard. She placed the fleshlight against the head of my cock and waited there.

“Well, are you going to show me you’re a big boy and not a sissy?”

I tried to push forward and found I couldn’t get the force. I sank forward so I was on my hands and knees, then tried again. My cock slid into the plastic sleeve and I groaned at the sensation. I was so built up, I didn’t think it would matter what I was fucking. Sarah leaned over my back and whispered words of encouragement in my ear, reaching down to feel my ass and squeeze my balls.

“Mmm, pound that pussy, baby! Maybe you’re more of a man than I thought!”

I picked up my pace, slamming my cock into the fleshlight. I was so worked up I didn’t think I would be able to last but it hardly mattered. The sooner I came, the sooner I’d get to try fucking her.

“Oh my, you’re quite the stud aren’t you? How could a girl not want you after seeing you fucking a pretend cunt like this? Are you going to cum for me? Show me what a big boy you are?”

I wanted to please her and I was sure I should be cumming by now. Her hands felt amazing and the fleshlight was tight around my cock. It had to be over soon. I started breathing hard, but I was just tired. It was no use, I was starting to go soft and Sarah knew it.

“Oh... that’s a shame, honey. Don’t worry, I know what will help.”

I knelt there on my hands and knees, helpless and exhausted. I felt Sarah lift up one of my feet and then the other; she was putting my panties back on. She pulled them up over my ass and gave it a slap, making my cock jump and grow again. I couldn’t believe it was betraying me.

Then, Sarah was kneeling at my side, holding the fleshlight under me with one hand and groping my ass with the other. My cock grew harder and Sarah smiled, sliding her hand into my panties.

“I guess this is more your style. Does this feel good, sweetie?” she asked, pushing her finger inside me.

“Y-yes, Sarah,” I whispered, rocking my hips back and forth.

“Oh my god, look at you! You won’t fuck the pussy I got you but you’ll move your hips for a finger in your ass?”

It was so unfair! I couldn’t help that this was getting me hard and I couldn’t fuck the fleshlight without moving like I wanted her fingers. I opened my mouth to protest but just moaned when she pushed a second finger into me. I was so humiliated. Here I was with this beautiful redhead and I was wearing panties and fucking a plastic pussy rather than her. Somehow, I’d never been so turned on in my life.

“Oh you love it! Move that ass!”

She started fingering me hard, pushing me into the fleshlight with every movement. Even as she embarrassed and belittled me, I struggled not to cum. When she pushed a third finger into me, it was too much. I came hard: filling the condom she gave me; moaning and writhing as she fingered me.

“Well, I think we both know where you belong. Don’t worry, you might not be a big boy but I have a lot of uses for a sissy like you.”

With that, she dropped the fleshlight and peeled the condom off me. I was exhausted, panting on the floor. There was no resistance in me when she grabbed my chin and brought me up to my knees.

“Now prove you’re mine, baby girl,” she said, holding my chin tightly.

She lifted the condom to my lips and I took it from her. I breathed deeply and tilted it back, pouring my cum into my mouth and staring at her.

“Now swallow, sweetie.”

It tasted awful and I almost gagged. I couldn’t believe the things I had done in the past 24 hours. My mouth was coated in cum, my ass was sore from her spanking and fingering, and I was wearing this goddess’ panties. I stared into her eyes and swallowed, knowing she owned me now.

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