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Arriving Home Early Is Both Good And Bad

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Plain hot sex and lots of it, but not for the faint of heart

An earlier story of mine I dragged out of my archives.

Hi, my name is Don. My wife is Debbie who is thirty-five, blonde, blue-eyed and five feet tall. We've been married for seventeen years. We met in high school and have been sweethearts ever since. Both of us were virgins when we met, so you can appreciate that neither of us had much sexual experience with other people.

When we hold each other, the top of Debbie's head rests just under my chin. Sex is incredible, but sometimes having Debbie in my arms is better. There is nothing greater than cuddling a woman Debbie's height. Pulling her tight against your chest and feeling her body wrapped in against your own. That kind of intimacy is the best intimacy, but I’m rambling now. Let’s get back to the story.

Debbie’s hair falls down to her shoulders and she is a full-figured woman with lovely "D" cup breasts. She doesn't think of herself as being pretty. She’s like many women and thinks of herself as being too something to be attractive to other men. Women are strange that way, too heavy, too skinny, not big enough boobs, or too big. Some perceived flaw that prevents them from feeling confident in themselves. Anyway, I know different because I've seen the looks guys give her when we’re out shopping or visiting with friends.

Debbie believes in being faithful, so recent events were a very big surprise to me. I had to go out the other night to a meeting around seven PM. Unfortunately, the chairperson was sick that night, so the meeting organizers rescheduled it for another time. I headed home about forty-five minutes after I had originally left the house. Several hours before I was expected back.

When I got there, I saw Gus's car parked in the driveway. Gus is about twenty and has the “hots” for Debbie. I've kidded Debbie about this a few times. She just gets embarrassed and says I'm being silly. She says Gus is my friend Dave's brother. I shouldn't make fun of him because he is a nice boy and a long way from home (he’s been in town about three months now visiting with Dave).

I parked out on the street and headed for the house. As I neared the house, something made me detour around to the side door. I let myself in as quiet as I could. We have a three-level split home. I was now on the lower level. When you walk up the stairs, you can see through an entrance hall into the main living room. Debbie and Gus were there sitting on the couch which was turned at about forty-five degrees facing me.

They were sitting close together but not touching with Gus turned slightly towards Debbie. Debbie was wearing her soft maroon velour robe which ties in front around the waist. Although the belt of the robe was presently undone, she did have it pulled close around her. Beneath it, I could see she had on her black silk negligee. It has an empire waist (just under the breasts) and flowing floor-length silk skirt. The breast portion is made of black lace, which naturally forms and supports Debbie's luscious boobs. You could certainly see the skin tone through the lace and if you looked closely, you could just barely pick out her light-skinned aureoles. Of course, her velour robe was closed right now, so Gus was only looking at a small amount of cleavage, but that negligee and I go way back, so I knew what was waiting under that conservative robe.

The lights were on but dimmed. They seemed to be just talking and listening to music softly playing on the stereo. Gus had his arm on the top of the couch. His fingers were softly stroking Debbie's long blonde hair. I don't think Debbie even noticed he was doing it. I made out a few words as they talked. It seemed that Gus was telling Debbie about how he'd never had sex with any of his girlfriends. They just didn't seem to want him. Debbie was telling him that it wasn't the right time and when it was he'd know it. Gus was a shy guy. I wondered if he had enough nerve to try anything. Something told me just to stay still and watch for a while.

I noticed as they talked that Gus was fidgety. I think he wanted to move closer but didn't know how without disrupting the moment. I'd been there myself in the past and knew what he was feeling. You wanted to move right up against the girl, but figured she'd slap you silly, so you stay where you are, hoping the moment would never end and that it would somehow get better. I also noticed that Gus had a significant bulge in his pants. Debbie didn't seem to notice, but I was betting that it must be uncomfortable for Gus right now.

It had been almost a half hour now. I didn't think anything was going to develop and was considering announcing my arrival home when I guess Gus finally couldn't stand it anymore. He suddenly reached out and turned Debbie's face to him. He quickly bent over and kissed her full on the mouth. He broke the kiss and began to stammer an apology. Debbie seemed to have an amused look on her face. She reached up, put her finger to his lips, and silenced him.

She told him she understood how he was feeling, but that she was married and too old for him. That he should find someone his own age and just be patient. Gus blabbered that she was so beautiful and that he really cared for her. Debbie said she was flattered, but that it just wouldn't be fair to him. She loved me and Gus could never be more than a good friend. Gus said he would accept being a good friend if he could just be close with her for a while. He asked if he could just hug her for a little while. Debbie agreed. Gus wrapped both arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder with his faced pressed against her neck. Debbie wrapped her arms around his shoulders as well and was stroking the hair on the back of his neck.

They stayed that way for a while. Then I noticed that Gus seemed to be giving Debbie small little kisses on the hollow of her neck. He was doing it ever so softly. I wasn't sure that Debbie was even noticing until I heard her sigh softly. She was enjoying it! Gus didn’t know it, but he had stumbled upon Debbie’s Achilles heel. Kissing her neck was sure to get her motor running and running fast!

I didn't know what to do. Should I break it up right now or let things develop further? I loved Debbie more than breath itself. I was jealous, but I also felt the raging hard-on in my pants. I tried to reason out why I should feel so excited by seeing Debbie with another man. While I was working on it, Gus and Debbie were progressing on the couch. They were now actively necking and kissing with each other. Gus hadn't tried anything else yet, but I knew the more he swapped kisses with Debbie the hotter she would get. She loves leading up to sex with long bouts of necking.

I couldn't figure it out. I'd never want Debbie to have another man if I thought she'd stop loving me. I knew that wasn't likely though. Seeing her with Gus made me want her even more. I had this burning desire to see her enjoy sex with Gus. I wanted her to cum like gangbusters with him! I could almost experience her joy with her as I thought about it. Moreover, after, I was even more excited thinking about having her as soon as Gus and she were finished. It all didn't make sense. I knew this was going to take some time to reason out. In the meantime, what to do now? The other little brain helped my decision. I decided to wait and watch.

Gus had now slipped his hand between Debbie's robe and her negligee. I couldn't see it, but I could tell he was stroking the side of her breast. They continued to kiss as Debbie began to unbutton Gus's shirt and run her fingertips across his chest. Things began to happen quickly now. Debbie reached down and began to stroke the bulge in Gus's pants. Gus let out a low moan and told her he couldn't hang on much longer. She told him to take off his pants. He was up in a flash and removed his pants, underwear and socks all in one move. Gus stood there with his cock proudly straining to reach the ceiling. There was pre-cum running from the tip. Debbie's face was only inches away. I could see her examining Gus's cock.

Now I've read all those letters in Penthouse about twelve-inch cocks. I have five and a half inches and Debbie has never complained. Gus was no twelve inches either. More like seven inches. We both fell into the average category and I suspect there are a lot more out there like ours than all of the massive dicks you read about all the time.

Debbie nonetheless seemed quite taken with Gus's cock. It was actually smacking up against his stomach. Almost like mine when I was nineteen. Oh to be young again! She reached out and began to stroke it, first running her hand over the head to smear the pre-cum on her palm. Gus moaned even louder now. I could see his legs begin to tremble. Debbie got down on her knees in front of Gus. He was in for a treat, as I know Debbie loves to kneel in front of me and give me head. Debbie had to pull down quite strongly on Gus's cock to bring it in line with her mouth. She moved her head forward and engulfed his cock into her mouth in one swallow. I could see her cheeks balloon out as she tried to take it down all the way. She was gently sucking on it and Gus seemed to be going out of his mind.

Now Debbie doesn't like the taste of cum, but she loves to give head. She will do it for hours, bringing me to the edge and then letting me down dozens of times. It is incredible! When she's finally ready to let you come, she'll bring you back to the edge and then at the last moment remove her mouth and use her hand to pump your cum a mile out of your cock. I think Gus was about to experience just that.

Gus was moaning continuously now. Debbie removed his cock from her mouth. His cock popped back up against his stomach. It was completely covered with her saliva. She reached out and began to pump his cock slowly from top to bottom with her hand. She began to gently stroke and squeeze his balls with her other hand. Gus couldn't take any more and with a loud groan began to spurt his cum straight up to the ceiling. It rose up past the top of Gus's head before falling back onto the floor. Debbie seemed spellbound as she watched him pump out his load. He squirted what looked like a pint. He must have been saving up for some time. As his orgasm subsided, he slumped to the couch. Debbie continued to squeeze the last drops of cum out and nuzzled his balls with her lips.

Debbie slipped up onto the couch and they began to kiss again. She continued to stroke his cock and balls with her fingertips. I noticed that he hadn't even gone fully soft and was now back to full erection. Gus was telling Debbie that it was the best cum he had ever had. He asked if he could do something to make her feel good. Debbie told him that she would like what she had done for him. Gus said he had never done that but wanted to learn and please her. She asked him to kneel in front of her. She shifted herself so her butt was on the edge of the couch. She then pushed his head down.

You didn’t have to tell Gus more than once. He slowly slid her negligee up her legs. As he went, he kissed her legs all over. Her bush was now visible. Gus was stroking and kissing her upper thighs and mound. Debbie slowly opened her legs. She placed one leg on the top of the couch and the other as wide as she could. You could see her pussy, completely exposed in all its glory. Gus was dumbfounded. He stopped everything and just stared.

Finally, he looked up at Debbie and told her it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. From where I stood, I could see her juices already running down her butt crack. Her pussy lips were swollen and inflamed. Debbie reached out and pulled Gus's head towards her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and began to lap at her pussy. Debbie told him to open the outer lips and lick her button. Gus stopped again to admire her inner lips once he had spread her pussy apart. You could see everything now. From where I was, I could actually see the juice oozing out of her pussy hole. Gus began to gently lick her clitoris.

Now it was Debbie going out of her mind. She threw her head back, closed her eyes and began to moan. The more she moaned the more Gus enthusiastically worked on her clit. It wasn't long until spasms racked Debbie's body. She was beautiful!

Gus moved up beside her and they began to kiss again. He began to gently stroke her fur with his fingertips. I heard him tell her that he wanted her. She said to let her calm down a minute. They continued to kiss.

In the meantime, I had finally released my cock from my pants. I couldn't believe how much pre-cum had leaked into my underwear. I swear you'd have thought I'd actually already cum. I was incredibly excited. My cock was as hard as a rock. Although I had extremely mixed feeling about what I had just witnessed, I knew that my most important feeling was the happiness I felt that Debbie was enjoying herself so much. I loved her, even more, knowing that she was so incredibly alive and sexy and that another man saw and felt her sexiness too. I wanted her desperately!

Things were heating up again on the couch. Debbie was moaning and pushing her mound up against Gus's hand. Gus's erection was like steel up against his belly again. He was rubbing himself against Debbie's thigh. Every once in a while, I caught glimpses of wet streaks from his cock on her thigh.

Debbie finally told him she wanted him inside her. Gus scrambled onto her and placed himself between her legs. I could see Debbie reach between them and take Gus's cock in her hand. She rubbed it around her pussy and placed it at her opening. When it was there, she pulled on Gus's back with her other hand. He slowly sank his cock into her silky pussy right to the hilt. I could see his balls below his ass mashed up against Debbie. He was in all the way! Debbie was sucking on his tongue now and urging him with her hands on his back to fuck her.

Gus didn't disappoint her. He began to pump her with long strokes. From where I was, I could see him pull his cock out almost all the way. Debbie's pussy lips seemed to resist letting his shaft go. Her lips gripped onto his cock all the way out. Gus would then push forcibly back in. I could hear the squishy sound of their juices as their bodies came together. Both Debbie and Gus were moaning and groaning as their tongues continued to explore each other.

Gus was picking up the pace. I could actually see Debbie's juices beginning to get frothy around his cock as Gus pounded her. Gus began to cum and Debbie was right behind him. I think I could actually see Debbie's pussy spasm around Gus's cock as they came. His cum was pushing out around his cock and her pussy, slicking Debbie's cunt all over. It was obviously a very big load. I could see it rolling down her butt onto the couch.

They lay still. I could tell that Gus and Debbie were savouring the feel of each other. Incredibly, in only a few short minutes, Gus was beginning to pump into Debbie again! He started slow and gentle with short little pumps. Debbie began to moan again. When Gus heard that, he began to pick up speed. He pounded her for almost ten minutes. Debbie had at least two powerful orgasms before Gus filled her pussy with another load.

Gus lay on her for a minute as they kissed. His cock gradually softened and finally plopped out of her pussy. I could see strings of cum slowly stretch from the tip of his cock and fall onto the couch. He rolled off Debbie and lay beside her. Both of them were panting for breath. Debbie lay there with her legs spread. Their combined juices covered Debbie’s pussy completely. I could see big blobs of cum matted in her pussy hair. Her outer lips were swollen and wide open. More blobs of cum were draining from her cunt hole. She was so incredibly beautiful!

After a few minutes, Debbie pulled her robe around her and turned onto her side, facing Gus. She reached over and began to fondle Gus's cock and balls. They began to kiss and talk quietly together. Gus told her he had never experienced anything like that before in his life. He told Debbie she was the most beautiful, incredible woman he had ever met. She just smiled and said she had enjoyed it too.

I noticed Gus was beginning to get hard again. Debbie did too. She said he was insatiable, but that he should probably get dressed now as she thought I might be home soon. Gus asked if he could visit her again. She said she'd think about it. He got up and reached for his clothes. His cock was dangling just inches from Debbie's face. She bent forward and kissed it. She then reached out and squeezed his balls as she took his cock head into her mouth and sucked on it. She backed away and told him that would have to do until next time.

Gus finished dressing and she walked him to the door. They embraced and shared a long passionate kiss. He opened the door and was gone.

Debbie closed the door and stood in the hall for a moment. I could see she was contemplating the last two hours. Her cheeks began to flush. She turned suddenly and made her way up to the bathroom on the top floor. I heard the door close.

I stood there for a few minutes thinking about what I had seen. Despite all the conflicting emotions running through my head, I realized that I was turned on more than I had ever been in my life. I had a hard-on made of steel, I wanted Debbie so bad that my balls ached and my cock throbbed. She was more attractive and I loved her more now than I ever realized. For the moment, my condition resolved any concerns still in my head. I determined to make sure that I would never do anything to make Debbie feel guilty about enjoying her sexuality. I would make sure she knew I loved her and wanted her more than anything in else in my entire world.

I walked up the stairs on shaky legs and called out, "Honey, I'm home!"

She said she'd be right down. I went and sat down on the couch. I could see the wet spot on the cushion where they had been making love only a few short minutes ago. Debbie came down, came over and gave me a welcome-home peck on the cheek. She was still wearing her robe and negligee. Her robe was open and I could see her beautiful breasts through the lace bodice. They jiggled ever so slightly as she walked towards me. Her nipples were hard and pushed out against the fabric.

I told her I had missed her and pulled her down onto the couch. I wrapped my arms around her and cuddled her against my side. We lay there feeling the warmth of each other’s body, enjoying being in each other's arms. I asked her if she had a good night. She said Gus had come over and visited for a while. They had watched TV and talked for a bit before he went home.

I said he was probably very excited to be with such an incredibly beautiful woman. Debbie blushed and told me I was being silly. I tilted her head back and kissed her on the lips, dipping my tongue into her mouth. Her mouth was slicker than usual and I thought I could taste a faint muskiness from Gus's sperm. I held the kiss for a long moment. I reached out and gently cupped her breast, massaging it with my full hand. Her nipple was very hard and burned into the centre of my palm. We kissed some more. I reached down and began to pull the fabric of her negligee up her leg.

She put her hand on mine and told me that she hadn't showered yet from the day's work. I told her I didn't care and couldn't wait. I told her I could smell her scent and it was intoxicating. I had to have her now.

I pushed her back and knelt on the carpet in front of her. I gently spread her legs apart, pushing the black silk up her legs. She resisted slightly and then seemed to relax back onto the couch. I began to kiss her thighs and mound with many little kisses, slowly working my lips down to the top of her pussy lips. She sighed and fully relaxed spreading her legs further apart. I could now see her slit. She had wiped herself clean, so there wasn't any juice evidence on her outer bush, but her pussy lips were very swollen and red. That was impossible to hide!

I took my time and kissed her outer lips from the top of her pussy down as far as I could go. Whenever I kiss the spot between her pussy hole and her ass, Debbie always humps her crotch up higher so that I can reach down her ass crack as far as I can. Tonight was no different and as she humped it up higher, it exposed her pussy to full scrutiny. I stuck my tongue out and licked her with just the tip from as low as I could right up through her pussy lips to where I knew her clit was. She moaned.

I looked up and saw that her eyes closed and she had a contented smile on her face. Clearly, she was enjoying the attention. My fingers found and spread the top of her outer pussy lips. Her clit popped into view. It was fiery red and swollen at least twice its normal size. There was slick juice all over it. I knew that after sex, Debbie's clit is usually very sensitive, so I'd run the chance of ruining the moment if I concentrated my efforts there. I moved my hands lower and spread the lower lips exposing her pussy hole. It was very inflamed and gaping open with juice oozing from it. I knew what some of that juice was! My breathing came in short gasps and my heart was pounding in my chest.

Slowly I lowered my face to her pussy and began to very gently lick the rim of her pussy hole. I could taste Gus's sperm as it flowed to the back of my mouth and burned my throat. I buried my face into Debbie and began to suck and insistently lick out her pussy hole. She was moaning continuously now. Her cunt began to spasm and pushed big globs of sperm on to my tongue. I kept snaking my tongue into her until I was sure I had sucked up all the juice I could reach. Then I gently nibbled my way up to her clit. She was now into it enough that her clit wasn't quite so sensitive. I began to roll my tongue around it. She groaned and reached down to hold my head against her pussy. I could tell she was very close, so I slowed my tongue so I was circling her clit agonizingly slow.

Her orgasm hit her like a runaway train. Pushing my face into her cunt, she let out a scream of ecstasy. Every muscle in her body tensed and quivered as her cum rolled across her body. She was awesome! I continued to lick as her orgasm slowly faded away. She pushed my face away, so I moved up beside her and cuddled her in my arms. I stroked her hair and told her I would love her forever.

We just lay together for a few moments holding each other. Debbie reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. I had soaked the front of them with pre-cum.

She felt the wetness and said, "You must be very excited! What’s got you going?"

I just smiled and said it was because I loved her so much. She told me to take them off because she wanted me inside her now! I stood up and did exactly what Gus had done a short time ago, removing my pants, underwear and socks all at once. I stood there with my cock pointing straight out. It wasn't up against my belly, but it was damn hard all the same!

I positioned myself between her thighs. Debbie reached down and rubbed my cock head in the folds of her pussy, positioning it at the entrance of her hole. I slowly sank down and felt my cock enveloped by her wetness. She was so hot! Her vagina felt differently, yet so familiar. It was slicker than usual. With one shove, I was buried right to my balls! Lights were going off behind my eyeballs and I could feel burning flashes beginning inside the pit of my stomach. My balls had pulled up tight against me and were squeezing the base of my cock. I hadn't even begun to pump her yet!

I whispered in her ear that I couldn't hold out. She held me in her arms and humped her pussy against my pelvis getting me in just a little bit farther.

She said, "That's alright, baby, cum in me good! I want your hot sperm in me! I want it to feel good for you!"

My cock jerked and I shot jolt after jolt of hot cum juice into her willing pussy. I think I passed out for a few seconds from the intensity of the orgasm that racked my body. The next thing I remember was Debbie cooing in my ear, telling me she loved me and asking if she had drained my balls well enough. My cock softened and slipped out of her pussy. A large glob of cum followed and smeared itself on the hair around my cock and balls. I pulled her up from the couch and we walked hand in hand to the bedroom.

As we snuggled in bed together, we whispered words of love. Our eyes were getting so heavy as the warmth of being in each other's arms was soaking through us.

As sleep began to overtake me, I couldn’t resist saying, “Baby, I’m so glad my meeting was cancelled and I came home early.”

The last thing I remembered was the quizzical look Deb gave me as I drifted off to sleep.


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