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Twist of the knife! ch 9. Part Une.

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Ignorance is bliss!

Thank you for all the great feedback. In my effort to fulfill my original vision for this story during my rewrite, I have pushed ch 9, over the 10,000-word limit and it will be in two parts, as will the final ch 10. Things have been a little hectic, and I'm not getting to spend as much time as I would like editing, but I'll keep at it! Part Une is not quite as sexual, but there is no gain without pain, and without pain, there is no true love!

Fall 2016. I certainly won’t get much sleep tonight. The moon is coming up, and it’s full. But that’s okay, it’s not like I have to get up and go to work in the morning. Okay I know, you want to know what happened next. Well, letting Lori going out with the girls was a real turning point for us, and you know how when things are going really good, but you have this nagging feeling it’s too good. Yeah, I thought you might. I guess I should have seen it coming, but on the other hand, I was thinking with the wrong head. Anyway, back to my story.


‘Girls night out,’ Saturday, March 26, 2016. Lori and I have been having a lot of fun with her 'girls night out,' over the winter, and the wives have been getting together most Tuesday's for sewing/girls night. Our Wednesday porn searches nights have been going strong, but Lori has been shying away from anything cuckold or club related, and I'm pretty sure I know why. Just before New Year's Eve, I mentioned doing a club scenario with Sandra, thinking it would be a lotta fun, but Lori just gave me an icy stare like I was out of my mind. I think she was afraid of ruining her 'girls night out' fun, and I never brought it up again!

Needless to say, I haven't seen Sandra, my 'hot wife,' since Lori started going out dancing with the girls, and I really miss her. But I can't complain too much because Sally and I have gone out to dinner and the moves a few times, and Nurse Betty and Mistress Z have worked me over real good a couple of times this winter.

The winter has been unusually warm, and I’ve been riding my bike since late February. I was just getting out of a hot shower after another good hard ride when I heard Lori call out from the kitchen, "Dinner in ten minutes, baby."

"Okay, honey, I’ll be right out."

This is a special ‘girls night out!’ The girls are celebrating Sandy's Birthday, and Lori bought a new dress just for the occasion. Kristin will be picking up Lori and Sandy around eight, and then I'll be meeting up with the guys at the pub to shoot some pool, or more accurately shoot the shit.

By the time I got dressed and made it to the kitchen, dinner was all laid out, and Lori was sitting at the gourmet counter in her leopard print nightshirt, intently texting on her new iPhone when I came up behind her asking, “Which one of your boyfriends is getting lucky tonight?” as I grabbed her hips and started snuseling her neck.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Lori replied mockingly with a little giggle from my snuseling, "but actually, I'm trying to make Sandy ‘spill’ and tell me what she’s wearing tonight, and she says because I wouldn’t let her see my new dress, I will just have to wait, followed by a whole row of raspberry emojis!”

“Well, she has a point, you wouldn’t even let me see your new dress!” I said with a little pout as I gave her one last kiss on the neck and sat for dinner.

Lori suggestively wiggled her eyebrows saying, “It'll be worth the wait, baby!”

"I'm sure I will, honey," I said with a big grin, actually quite curious about her new dress because Lori usually can't wait to model something she bought for 'girls night out' and she was being unusually secretive about this dress. 

We ate dinner slow and relaxed, smiling whenever we made eye contact, but something was off, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Lori seemed to be in a good mood, but she wasn't being nearly as giddy as I expected, considering it was Sandy's Birthday.

It was going on seven-thirty when Lori finished her plate and got up saying, "I should get ready. Sandy’s really looking forward to cutting loose tonight," with a quick wink of a smile, adding, "and so am I!" with just enough animal growl to raise the alarm hairs on the back of my neck as she turned and walked away, politely asking, "will you clear the table for me, baby."    

"Sure, honey," I said with the back of my neck still tingling from her little comment.

I cleared the dishes and put away the leftovers, then I flopped in my recliner and grabbed my tablet, tapping the Lush icon to see if the next chapter of this really fun story I've been reading is out yet, while I waited to see her new dress. 

I've been encouraging Lori to dress a little more provocatively. I even bought her a black pleather alligator skin mid thigh skirt with a pretty high slit, for Christmas! It fits great, and she couldn't wait to were out with girls. I know she likes the attention, and I liked the payoff at the end of the night. She's unbelievably horny when she gets home and uses me like a piece of meat. It’s really demeaning, and I love it!

Fifteen minutes later, Lori strutted up to me spun around and struck a pose! I just stared dumbfounded! She was the epitome of every 'Hot-Wife' going out clubbing video I had ever watched, and somewhere in the back of my mind I had a fleeting thought, she’s just messing with me, right? But I knew better, and the thought was quickly drowned out by a chorus of fire alarms and blaring steam whistles in my head!

Lori’s new dress was a low cut ‘skin-tight’ black club dress that barely covered her ass, and the silver metallic hourglass shaped panels front and back really accentuated her curves. It shimmered with a fine dusting of iridescent glitter, and the full-length front zipper was down about four inches, being very generous with her cleavage and push-up bra lace. I looked down at my favorite black fuck-me heels! Four-inch stilettos, with four thin buckled straps, that climb six inches up her legs, and Lori didn't hold back on the makeup either. In fact, the only thing missing was a right ankle-chain, and I wasn’t so sure she didn’t have one of those in her little club purse.

Lori put her hands on her hips and leaned forward, spilling out more cleavage, asking, "Well, do you think I will get asked to... dance!" with an evil little grin and a truckload of innuendo!

I knew she would get asked to do a lot more than dance as I cleared my throat, "Ah-hum..., you will definitely get asked to dance..., honey," I replied with a hollow twinge in my stomach as I spoke.

Then right on cue, Houseboy chimed in. ‘Jesus dude, wake the fuck up! It's time, she's ready, and she is going to do it with or without you, and probably has been! You know she will do anything thing for you dumb ass, and the thought of making you watch turns her on as much, if not more than it does you. But no... you’ll just sit here like a fucking idiot and miss out. Come on, your cock is so hard it's throbbing, don't be stupid! Tell her what you want!’

Shit, my cock was rock-hard and throbbing as I pictured Lori in her new dress, necking in a dark corner with some hot young stud groping her tits and finger-fucking her!

"No! I just can’t do it," I said under my breath without thinking.  

Lori cocked her head asking, "What was that baby, I didn't hear you."

I refocused and tried to think of something to say, finally croaking out, "I think the zipper is a little low, honey," with that hollow twinge in my stomach now more of a lump in my throat, and my mouth suddenly very dry!

Lori pulled her zipper down another inch with a naughty grin saying, "Is that better, baby?"

I swallowed hard and decided to change the subject before I drove any further into the ditch, "I better get going, honey, I'm supposed to meet the guys at the pub soon," I said with my voice weak and raspy.

"Well, don't you want to know, baby?" Lori asked teasingly biting the end of her finger.

I was afraid to ask, "Know what, honey?" I sputtered.

She put her hands on her hips and raised her eyebrows, "Panties!"

Oh, Jesus, my was head spinning, not sure what to say if she wasn’t wearing any, "Well?" I asked, barely able to speak.

Lori spun around, took a wide stance, bent over and grinned at me from between her legs with her little white cotton panties 'vividly framed' by the thin black outline of her new club dress around her completely exposed ass! I stared at her flawless creamy skin, my emotions torn. I wanted to run my hands up her curvy muscular legs, pull her panties to the side, and bury my raging cock deep into her pussy! But my guts were churning like a cement mixer, knowing that every 'red-blooded' man at the club would feel the same way, and wondering how many of them would get to!

"Yes…, you have on panties, honey," I replied with my voice cracking.

She stood and quickly turned around, "I was just teasing, baby, everything’s okay," she said looking concerned.

Lori could tell I was pretty shaken up as she pulled her dress down and her zipper up to a more respectable height. Then she jumped into my lap and hugged me tightly, trying to calm my fears saying, "You know it’s Sandy's fortieth Birthday, and all us girls agreed to dress up and make it a fun night for her. I'm sorry, baby, I was just messing with you! Are you okay?" she asked with a soft sympathetic tone.

"I'm okay, honey, and I know you wouldn’t do it intentionally, but a lot of guys will be seeing flashes of your little-white panties tonight, " I replied trying to sound like nothing was wrong, but knowing deep down that’s why she wore them.

Lori broke our hug and looked in my eyes with her evil grin in full bloom saying, "I could take them off!" 

I broke into a good hard laugh to keep from crying, and Lori joined in as we hugged again, but a moment later Sandy came bursting through the back door, “Hey girl, are you ready to party?” she asked sounding pretty wound up.

“We’re in the living room, beotch!” Lori hollered back with her pet name for Sandy.

Sandy falls into the big beautiful woman category very nicely! She is five-foot-eight, about 170 pounds with G-cup tits, and she loves to show them off! When Sandy first moved in next door, Lori would give me sideways glares whenever Sandy flaunted her tits in front of me. But over the years, it has become a game for them, and now Lori thinks it's funny to see me get all flustered whenever Sandy flaunts her tits around me.

When Sandy stepped into the living room, her eyes went wide! “Wow... that dress is really… something!” Sandy stuttered, looking a bit shocked as she looked back and forth at us, obviously wondering if I was really okay with Lori going out like that! She was getting quite a shot of Lori's little white cotton panties from her POV!

I could see that Sandy was ready to party and flaunt her tits tonight! She has always been into the 'Silver-Leaf Renaissance Fair' scene, and she was wearing a thin white gauze cloth peasant blouse with her best custom fitted leather corset over it. Her tits were spilling out of the top with barely a lip of her blouse showing above her corset, and her short tight high slit black skirt was definitely not ‘period-correct.’

After a moment, Sandy decided everything must be okay and leaned forward with a naughty smile, asking, “So, what do you think... will the Birthday girl get the boy’s attention tonight!”

I cleared my throat as Lori and Sandy grinned at me, “Well, it is your Birthday party, and I hope you have a really good time tonight,” I replied, trying to be diplomatic and wondering if Sandy had on panties, but definitely knowing better than to ask.

Then Kristen pull into the driveway honking, and felt a strange sense of relief as Lori gave me a quick kiss and hopped off my lap saying, "I’m sure Sandy will keep us out late, so don't wait up, and don’t worry, baby, I’ll wake you up when I get home!" beaming me a naughty smile as she grabbed her little club purse.

I waved at the girls saying, “Goodbye, honey,” and the girls waved back giggling as they went out the door.

I know she said don’t worry, but I was worried! That wasn’t my wife that just left the house. Lori wouldn't be caught 'dead in public' in a dress like that, and the heels are from the play-wardrobe, my wife has never worn them! I wasn't sure what to think anymore. Maybe she decided to let Sandra or sally out for Sandy's Birthday party tonight, but I didn't get any cues from her that I could pin down. I've been wondering for a while now if she hasn't come up with a whole new persona that only plays at the club, and maybe this was more or less a ‘Freudian slip’ and the first time I've met her, whoever she is? Either way, I’m sure Sandy will keep the girls out partying way past midnight!

The girls haven’t stayed out late since New Year's Eve! Of course, all the other husbands happily agreed to that special occasion, and I went along with them. That was the first time in twenty-five years that I didn’t kiss Lori at midnight, but I'm sure somebody else did, and if I’m being honest with myself, that’s when the ‘something’ I haven't been able to put my finger on all started.

Lori hasn't done anything I can point to and say, 'I know your fucking around on me,' and she has never put me off like she had something to hide when she gets home from the club. Yes, her panties are always wet, but if she is fucking anyone they must be using rubbers because I know what a cum filled pussy tastes like, and Lori knows it! I suppose she could be sucking guys off in the men's room or parking lot, and now that I think about it, she has made me fuck her on the gourmet counter as soon as she came through the door, a couple of times!

I know I should have put my foot down tonight and said, “no,” as Lori's words replay over and over in my head, "If you ever feel the slightest bit threatened or uncomfortable, that will be the end of it!" But as threatened and uncomfortable as I was feeling, I had my reasons for not telling her no. Lori would have been very upset, and I would never find out what was really going on!

I know the unspoken rule! 'Husbands don’t go to the club on ‘girls night out,' and I knew the guys would be pissed if I screw things up for them. But I had a plan, and I couldn’t ignore my gut any longer as I grabbed an old blue-jean-jacket and camo ball cap that I hadn't worn in years out of the back of the coat closet, threw them in the back seat and headed to the pub to meet up with the guys.

I tried to put everything out of my head as I walked into the pub just like any other night. I greeted the guys with the usual glad-handing and got my ploy in early by passing on a beer for an iced tea, and telling them I had gone for a long bike ride and was tired, but I would hang out and shoot a few rounds of pool before calling it a night. It was just past ten-thirty when I stretched and yawned saying, “One more game, and I’m calling it a night.”

Rick looked at me a little funny as Ken spoke up, "No point in hurrying home. I'm sure my wife will keep the girl's out partying way past midnight, it is her Birthday, and you know how she is!"

Then Rick chimed in, "Yeah, Kristin told me Sandy would probably keep them out late tonight."

I did my best to look tired, replying, "Yeah, that's what Lori said too. I'm just dead on my feet guys, but hey, like I said I'm good for one more, so break-em!"

Dave and I beat Rick and Pat, and I told the guys I'd had it saying, “Lori will just have to wake me up.” They all grinned at that and we said our goodbyes.

I pulled out of the pub a little before eleven, and what a surprise, Houseboy spoke up, ‘It's about time you grew a pair, but you're a little late, she's probably blown a half-dozen guys by now, and I'll bet her little white cotton panties are in some studs pocket as a souvenir! But hey, that's okay, I'm sure she will still be going strong when you get there, she is in really good shape from all those aerobics classes!’ I just ignored him and focused on getting to the club.

I knew the club would be packed, but it's big enough that in my get-up unless I came face to face with Lori or one of the girls, I should be able to find a place to sit and see what was really going on. I parked a block away feeling pretty nervous as I got out of the car and started walking to the club, and by the time I got to the door I was ready to turn around and go home, but then Houseboy spoke up again, ‘Come on, you're right here, don't blow it now. She’s probably just dancing and having fun partying with Sandy and the girls anyway. Or, she's in the men’s room sucking some guy off while getting fucked from behind with a line at both ends waiting their turn. But, you will never know, dumb ass!’

Houseboy was right about one thing, if I don’t go in I will never know for sure, so I steeled myself, went through the door and paid the cover. It was just past eleven-thirty, and the place was packed as I blended into the crowd and headed to the bar that wraps around the mechanical bull-ring in the center of the main room. I found an empty stool and ordered a beer as I started scanning the dance floor and tables looking for the girls. The Wild Bull looks western themed, but they play top forty pop and rock, and the DJ was spinning a good old classic-rock tune, and I was betting the girls had something to do with that.

I quickly spotted Birthday balloons and saw Kristin and Connie sitting at a table by the dance floor, but the rest of the girls must be out dancing or 'something,' so I started scanning the dance floor again and spotted Sandy. I could tell she was having a great time and feeling no pain! She was whipping her long black hair around like a hardcore head-banger, and If her tits bounced any further out of her corset, her nipples would be showing. Then I spotted Sue, Patti, and sure enough, my wife.

The girls were moving and grooving in more or less a group with lots of guys milling in and out, but after a couple of songs, I could tell Lori was sticking with a good-looking young man and wasn't mixing with the other guys. I couldn't see them very well on the packed dance floor, but at the end of the next song, I watched as Lori took him by the hand and led him through the crowd headed towards the girl's table.

The young man looked like a college football player in his early twenties. He was about six feet tall, and a stocky 220 lbs, with a mop of wavy dark brown hair, cut tight on the sides and looking very handsome in his black Henley and 505 jeans as he followed my wife through the crowd grinning. When they got to the table, I could see Lori’s zipper was down at least as far as her little show at the house, and her hem was riding pretty high too! I watched them pick up their drinks and take a big gulp as a pang of jealousy shot through me, now that I knew they had been sitting together!

Lori pointed at Kristin’s watch and thumbed towards the door. Kristin signed, one o'clock, and Lori nodded in Sandy’s direction shrugging her shoulders obviously not sure if Sandy would be ready to go by one. Then Lori put her hand on the young man's arm and thumbed towards the far end of the club, making a talking gesture as Kristin smiled and gave them a thumbs up. Huh… okay! So much for my good friends looking out for me.

I wasn't too surprised when Lori retrieved her heels from under the table. I know she doesn't wear them dancing. But when she stood and slipped on her stiletto heel as she put her left foot on a chair then leaned forward to fasten the buckles, I felt much more than a pang of jealousy as her dress pulled halfway up her ass! Much to the delight of her boyfriend as he leaned back tilting his head sideways for a better look!

My heart was racing, and my head felt like an expanding balloon. But I had no words for what I was feeling as I noticed several of the guys standing close by and at the next table were enjoying the view too, while Lori took her time buckling each of the four straps, wiggling her ass as she worked. She was facing more or less in my direction, and that’s when it dawned on me, from this angle I couldn't see if she was still wearing her little white cotton panties or not!

Kristin noticed Lori's little show and pointed out all the drooling guys to Connie, but they just started giggling and let her go! Lori switched to her right foot and kept the show going as a growing crowd intently watched every wiggle. Strangely, I could feel my cock straining against my jeans as I watched everyone ogling my slut-wife.

Then a chorus of catcalls and hoots rose from the enthralled crowd as Lori finished her last buckle with an exaggerated sashay of her ass! I shuddered with what could only describe as a mixture of exhilaration, panic and humiliation coursed through me, and I had a raging hard-on as I watched her 'boyfriend' experience a squinty-eyed pursed lip shudder of his own, obviously feeling something deep in his groin too!

Lori stood and pushed in the chair as she reached for her little club purse, 'accidentally' knocking it on the floor, and I watched in total disbelief as she took a wide straight-legged stance and slowly bent over to pick it up, while the crowd cheered her on! My cock started bucking and throbbing as I stared at my wife, trying to come to grips with the fact that she was a complete slut, and I was so turned on watching her I was about to cum in my pants without even touching myself!

Lori casually grabbed her purse off the floor with another little sashay of her ass as the ruckus crowd cheered! Then she stood coyly looking over her shoulder and made an exaggerated 'oops' gesture to the crowd of hooting guys, then turned around feigning embarrassment and tugged her dress down, bulging out her cleavage, much to the delight of the cheering crowd.

I was still on the edge of blowing my load when Lori took her grinning ‘boy-toys’ hand and led him through the club in my direction. I pulled my hat down low and leaned over my beer as they passed, but they never looked my way. I watched as she led him weaving through the crowd towards the dining room and lost them as they went through the archway. I got pretty nervous when they walked by, but I couldn't get over her little show, and how turned I was!

I blended in with the crowd not sure where they would be when I entered the dining room. Luckily, Lori and her boy-toy were at a small table for two in the far back corner, sitting across from each other and leaning in close like they were about to kiss, oblivious to everything around them. I found an empty stool against the opposite wall trying to be nonchalant and pretending to nurse my beer as I watched them. Lori was smiling and leaning over her arms, enhancing her cleavage, and he was obviously enjoying the view, but they were just talking so far.

Over the next half-hour, I watched them talking and laughing, and one point they pulled out their iPhone's and took turns pointing, smiling and laughing as they flipped through some pictures. Lori touched his arm a couple of times as they laughed, but I got the distinct impression nothing was going to happen between them, and I was strangely disappointed. I had already conceded that my wife was a 'club slut,' and was so turned on by her little show I was hoping to see more.

It was about quarter to one when Lori pointed at his watch, tilting her head toward the girl’s table, and as they got up to head back he held out his hand like a true gentleman. Lori politely took his hand and this time he led her through the crowd back to the girl's table.

I waited for a minute, then worked my way back to the bull-ring bar, vigilantly scanning the crowd, making sure I didn’t accidentally run into any of the girls. I was pretty sure Lori hasn't been fucking this guy as I watched them talking and laughing with the whole gang like old friends.

It was almost one when Lori's boy-toy got up saying his goodbyes as the ladies all smiled and gave him little waves. Then Lori tugged his arm, and when he leaned down, she gave him a motherly peck on the cheek. Huh, I must be missing something, maybe he's gay? The girls were looking pretty wound up, but I figured they would be leaving soon, so I slipped into the crowd and left. I wanted to be home and settled in when Lori got there.

I was sitting at the gourmet counter sipping a beer when Kristin pulled into the driveway a little after two am. Sandy must have kept the party going until at least one-thirty, and as they got out of the van laughing and bantering until they said their good nights, I was having mixed feelings about all the wives. But I guess it's like Vegas, and what happens at the club, stays at the club!

I wasn't mad when Lori burst through the door all bubbly and came strutting across the kitchen with a big smile, and threw her arms around my neck. She was giddily wiggling her body as we started passionately kissing and I leaned in going straight for a pantie check. Yep, and they were soaked! Lori must have got quite a thrill from putting on her little show. Of course, she could have put them back on before she got home, and I had no idea what happened before I got there tonight, or the last six months, for that matter!

I broke our kiss and genuinely smiled at my beautiful wife saying, "I take it the dress was a big hit, honey, and you must have had a really good time tonight, judging by your panties!"

Lori smiled brightly, "We had a great time! Sandy was out of control, and we finally dragged her out of there about one-thirty. I'm sorry for being so late baby," she said, apologetically while grinding against my hand as I rubbed her hot cunt through her soaked panties. (Yes, somehow, cunt seemed appropriate!)

Lori had pulled her zipper almost all the way up before she got home, and I pulled it down to where it was at the club saying, "That's better, honey," then buried my face in her cleavage and began kissing all over her exposed tits. Lori giggled and grabbed my hair as I wondered who else has had this privilege lately! The thought, making my already rock hard cock throb as she pulled my face deep into her cleavage!

I was struggling for air when Lori released me, and I came up smiling with my eyes fixed on her tits. The top of her nipples were showing above the lace of her push up bra, and I thought I could see reddish hand marks around them like someone had been roughly groping her tits, but in the dim light of the stove vent, it was hard to tell. On any other 'girls night out' I would have set Lori on the gourmet counter, attacked her tits, and gone from there! But I had other plans tonight, "Let's get you out of those heels, honey, your feet must be killing you!" I said.

Lori knows I prefer her heels on, and gave me an odd look as I grabbed her little club purse off the counter. I lead her into the dining room and set her purse on the table as I pulled out a chair and kneeled down, motioning for her to put her foot up so I could unbuckle her straps. She slowly lifted her right foot, giving me a questioning look as she put it on the chair. "I just want to see your little white cotton panties from this view, honey. I'm sure a few lucky guys got flashes of them tonight, but not like this," I said grinning, trying to ease her mind, knowing what must be going through her head!

My statement had put her mind at ease, and her expression softened as I slowly unbuckled each strap staring at her panties with my cock raging in my pants as I thought about all those guys at the club ogling her and cheering her on! When I opened the last buckle and slipped off her heel, I gently kissed her foot and began slowly kissing my way up her leg, staring at her little white cotton panties. Lori started giggling and playfully pushing against my head as I kissed my way up her inner thigh. I stopped an inch away from her soaked panties and breathed in deeply, taking in her wonderful aroma!    

I knelt, motioning for her left foot, and Lori seemed at ease as she put her foot in the chair with a sexy little wiggle. I slowly unbuckled each strap, taking in the awesome view, then slipped off her heel and gently kissed her foot. But sadly, as I kissed my way up her leg, it was time for the 'coup de gras' and I knew this would hurt me as much, if not more than it would Lori. But I couldn't tell her how much watching her at the club turned me on without letting her know I was there.

I kissed my way up to her panties and inhaled her wonderful aroma again, then stood and pushed in the chair as I casually knocked her little club purse off the table. Lori froze as I walked behind her saying, "Pick it up, honey, I really like that dress, and I want to see your ass again...! You know... like the little show you gave me before you went out tonight.”

She slowly turned to look at me with a strange mixture of confusion and dread on her face, and I could see the wheels spinning a 100 mph in her head. I was grinning like ‘a wave on a slop bucket’ as she turned away and started slowly bending over to pick up her bag, still holding out hope this was all a bizarre coincidence.

“Yeah, just like that, honey,” I said encouragingly as she reached for her bag, tentatively smiling at me between her creamy thighs. I backed up a step and tilted my head saying, "I don’t know... it doesn't turn me on nearly as much without a crowd of men cheering you on!" Lori looked utterly stricken as she tried to stand but then fell forward onto her hands and knees, bawling.

I didn't expect this reaction! I expected Lori to whirl on me, and give me ‘nine kinds of shit’ about being at the club on their 'girls night out!' But after seeing her tits and her reaction to the undeniable knowledge that I was there. I could tell she must be feeling guilty about something more than flashing a bunch of guys and talking to some hot young man for half an hour. 

I wasn't mad about her fooling around at the club. I was just feeling like the kid that always got left on the bench at the football game as I knelt and wrapped my arms around her, softly saying, "I'm not mad, It’s okay, honey, everything’s okay," trying to console her as she wailed and shook uncontrollably.

I held her tight until her wailing eased a bit, then lifted her to her feet, kicked out a chair and sat her in it as I knelt in front of her and gently cupped her face, lovingly looking into her hopeless broken eyes, feeling like a real ass, sure that Lori must think I’m going to leave her. I leaned in and kissed her softly as I held her tightly, trying to make her understand that I wasn't mad. Lori started to return my kiss only to turn away bawling again, and I gently turned her to face me desperately needing her to understand, pleading, “Please, honey, I love you! You are my wife, and I will be your husband for as long as you will have me!”

Lori shook her head blubbering and sputtering, “But you were there, you saw...! How can you love me? How can you even look at me?” She whiled and began violently sobbing as she tried to turn away, but I held her face firmly until she relented, then leaned in and passionately kissed her until I felt her respond.

Lori began desperately kissing me like it might be the last time, but after a moment I broke our kiss, knowing she still didn't understand and began pleading, “Please, honey, I need you to understand,” as I searched her eyes for the woman I love. Lori weakly nodded, her shoulders lurching with each pitiful sob as I pulled a chair in close and gently squeezed her hands, forcefully stating, “I need you to listen to what I have to say. I’m not angry! I love you, I need you, and I need you to understand that I don't care about what's been happening at the club. I know you think it’s over and I’m gonna leave you, but I’m not... do you understand?”

Lori looked at me snorting and jerking as what I said slowly sank in. I could tell she was trying to choke back her tears and speak and I was hoping she finally understood, but then her face twisted with pain and she blurted out, “I’ve ruined everything!” as she violently tried to pull away from me, screaming, “WHY DON’T YOU HATE ME?”

I pulled Lori to me and held her tight as she thrashed until she finally fell limp in my arms. Then I picked her up, cradling her in my arms and kissed her on top of the head. “I love you, honey,” I said as I carried her to the bedroom and gently laid her limp body on the bed. She wasn’t crying anymore as she took short shallow breaths, staring off into space with her eyes blank and lifeless. Lori was in a state of shock! 

I covered her with the extra comforter from the cedar chest and kissed her forehead as I began gently caressing her face, whispering, “We’ll talk in the morning, honey. Everything will be okay, you’ll see. Just know that I love you, and there is nothing you can do to stop me from worshiping the ground you walk on,” as her eyes slowly closed and she drifted off into a fitful sleep.


Ignorance is bliss! Part Deux, coming soon! 

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