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I Watched My Wife Fuck Four Black Guys

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My wife took one hell of a fucking by four huge black cocks and I watched every second

My name is Terry and I have been happily married to my wife Susan for just over twenty years. We have three children, all in their teens. I am fifty-two and my wife is ten years younger than me. We have a very happy marriage but the one thing that has gone sour in the last few years is our sex life. I have to admit my sex drive is not what it used to be, and working very long hours and quite often being away from home means sex is not something that is on my mind as much as it was maybe ten years ago. My wife, on the other hand, has very high sex drive and I know how much it frustrates her that I am just not as motivated as her for sex anymore.

My wife and I were having a discussion last month about exploring our sexual fantasies and to my complete amazement she told me that for the last few years she has had a fantasy of being fucked by a group of black guys. I was amazed my wife had come out with something like this; first I was shocked, but it got me thinking that maybe watching my wife getting fucked by some huge black cocks would be a huge turn on for me.

Let me tell you about my wife. She is a very beautiful woman, very petite, and has amazing tits and fantastic legs. Even at forty-two she could pass for someone in her thirties. She is also a school teacher and a regular church goer that is well known in our community. She is a very reserved woman and that is why when she told me that she wanted to be fucked by a group of black guys I was gobsmacked that she even knew what a gangbang was.

So we started to search online on different adult websites looking for suitable candidates to fuck my wife. We eventually came across a black guy that lived out-of-town that seemed very interesting. After exchanging a few emails it became clear that he did not speak much English, but he did say he had a couple of friends that would also be interested in joining him if we did decide to meet in the future. I could sense my wife getting more and more excited about the prospect of meeting with these guys.

I had to work away for a few days, but I knew my wife would continue to message the guys while I was gone. My mind was racing as to what the guys and my wife were talking about behind my back, and at night when I was back at the hotel I was staying in I would log on to our emails and read the different messages sent by my wife and the guys.

What I read blew me away. I never knew my wife could be so filthy, she never ever spoke to me the same way she was talking in her emails to the guys about what she wanted them to do with her if they ever met up. In return the guys were teasing my wife by telling her how huge their cocks were and how they would make her cum like never before. My cock was rock hard reading these emails and I wanked myself to sleep that night thinking about my wife fucking these guys.

Once I returned from my work trip my wife and I set about arranging a meeting with the guys. We were going to meet them at a hotel about an hour from where we live, and the date was set for a weeks time.

Finally the day arrived. My head was buzzing all morning and my wife was in a complete panic about what she had planned for herself later in the day. We arranged for our children to be sent to a friends house to stay over the night.

My wife went off to have a shower and get herself ready. She decided she would tease her soon-to-be fuck buddies by wearing black stockings with a seam up the back of each leg, a short skirt with a very low-cut top and high heels. She looked a million dollars.

Just after lunchtime we set off in the car and made our journey to meet the guys. We thought we were going to meet up with three black guys but my wife got a text message telling her that in fact she was going to meet up with four guys. My cock was rock hard, but also I was nervous as to what my wife was letting herself in for. My wife, on the other hand, could not wait to get to the hotel and now the added guy had made her even more excited to get there.

We finally arrived at the hotel. We arranged to meet the guys in the bar and take it from their if everyone was happy. As soon as we walked in we instantly noticed four huge black guys standing at the bar ordering drinks. These guys were all huge and very well built. I looked at my wife and she had the biggest grin on her face. I held back as she went up to greet them. The four guys all stared at my wife, all nodding in agreement that she looked fantastic. My wife looked tiny next to these guys.

My wife seemed instantly at home but I felt completely in the way. One of the guys told me to go sort out the hotel room they would be using because it was not going to be long before they were going to take my wife and get started. My hands were shaking as I booked us in to our room. I decided to take our cases up myself and wait for the guys and my wife to join me.

The room was a good size with a huge king size bed in the center of the room and a chair in the corner. I sat and waited for what seemed like ages, my mind racing as to what these guys were going to do to my wife. From my first impressions, I got the feeling that they were quite a rough group of guys. I remember my wife telling me that they had just all come out of prison and that is why they wanted to fuck my wife because they had not had any sex in the last year or so. This was when I realised my wife was going to get one hell of a fucking from these men.

I suddenly heard a noise coming from down the hall. I could hear very loud talking and laughing, my heart was pounding out of my chest as the handle of the hotel door twisted and the door was opened. I watched the first three guys walk in to the room followed by the last guy with my wife flung over his shoulder. She looked tiny compared to the four guys as she was lowered to the floor and the hotel door was shut behind her.

She looked over at me and smiled as the four guys surrounded her and almost instantly started to run their hands over her entire body. The guys took no notice of me watching as they began to grope and strip my wife out of her skirt and top.

It was a matter of seconds before she was standing in just her bra and stockings, wearing the smallest lace thong. One of the guys was standing behind her and cupping her big tits in both his hands. She had another two of the guys standing either side of her with their huge fingers probing her pussy through her thong. The fourth guy seemed to be in charge and telling the other guys what to do. He got down on his knees in front of my wife and instructed the two guys standing either side of her to take one of her ankles each and lift her legs in the air. The guy behind my wife supported her weight as both guys raised her legs and pulled her ankles wide apart. My cock was rock hard as I watched the guy on his knees between her now spread legs move her thong to the side with one hand then started to eat her pussy with his mouth and tongue.

My wife's face was a picture as she was held in mid-air by the guys while she was being licked out. The two guys holding her ankles really opened them up wide she began to moan louder and louder as more and more this guy ate her pussy.

It was not long before her legs started shaking her entire body was being taken over by a huge orgasm forming in her pussy. Just as she was about to cum the guy between her legs started to finger my wife's bumhole. She let out an almighty scream as cum squirted over the guys face and on to the floor. This was just he start of a very long night for my wife and the guys had no intention of letting her recover from her first orgasm.

My wife's shaking body was carried over to the bed. I could hardly see her under a mass of huge black guys. Suddenly her legs were once again being held high in the air by her ankles, but instead of one guy licking her pussy she had two guys between her legs. Whilst they were munching away the other two that were holding her legs apart were sucking on her nipples.

I sat in amazement at the sight of my wife being almost eaten alive by these guys. The noises she was making was like nothing I had ever heard in my life before. Her high heels had now flung off her feet and I could see her toes curling as she was almost at her second orgasm of the night. I could sense my wife was loving every minute as I heard her scream for them to stick their fingers back up her bumhole just as she squirted cum over their faces.

The four men climbed off the bed and left my wife to recover from another powerful orgasm. The all started to undress and this was when my jaw nearly hit the floor. I could see from the bulges in the guys underwear that these guys were packing a huge amount of cock between them. I watched my wife's face light up like a christmas tree as all four guys finally got naked in front of her. All four cocks must of easily been more than nine inches each. They told my wife to get off the bed and knee on the floor in front of them. She could hardly stand on her still shaking legs.

They surrounded her once again and each took it in turns to stuff their huge cocks into her mouth. Even with her mouth wide open she struggled to suck on their huge cocks, and all the while she was on her knees the guys groped and pulled on her erect nipples and squeezed her tits hard with their huge hands.

Finally the guys lifted her back on to her feet and walked her over to the bed. They told her to lay down on her back. One of the guys put his hands on her knees and opened her legs up as he climbed on the bed his huge cock pointing straight at her pussy. The other three guys stood either side of the bed and watched as his cock got closer and closer to the entrance of her soaking wet pussy. I watched the look on my wife's face as she was looking down between her legs as finally the tip of his cock entered her for the first time.

My wife had trouble fitting his cock inside her. The only cock she had up till now was mine and that is only six inches when erect. The other guys each took hold of her legs and opened them up wider for her as again he tried to push his cock up her pussy. Slowly at first and inch by inch, I watched in complete shock as he buried his cock balls-deep inside my wife.

The noise she made will stay with me forever as the guys let go of her legs and she instantly wrapped them tight around the guy's waist and held on for dear life, as with every long thrust of his monster cock he began to fuck her harder and harder. The three guys watching started to cheer and shout at the guy to fuck her brains out. I could see that the next guy in line was itching to have a go inside my wife. Within maybe only a minute or two my wife was shaking from another orgasm. As soon as the guy pulled out of her pussy the next guy was climbing on the bed ready to continue the onslaught,

The next guy flipped my wife over on to her front and started to fuck her doggy style. He was pounding the living daylights out of her pussy and my wife was screaming so loud another guy climbed on the bed in front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth. She was being spit roasted and was loving every minute.

I noticed the one of the guys at the edge of the bed was lubing up his cock by spitting on his huge helmet; I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen next and sure enough, I was right. He climbed on the bed and pulled the guy fucking my wife's pussy out of her and asked my wife if she wanted a cock up her arse.

Now my wife and I have only tried anal sex a couple of times in the last ten years because we have never really managed to do it properly, and my wife has said that it never really seemed her thing, so you can imagine the look on my face as she turned to him and nodded yes.

I put my hands up to my face and watched in horror as this guy first dipped his cock up her soaking wet pussy and then used her cum as lube on his cock and slowly pressed the helmet of his cock onto her bumhole. Her face was a picture as this rock hard huge cock entered her arsehole. Inch by inch the guy found a way inside her tiny tight bumhole. If my wife was noisy before then she was going crazy now. I saw her fingers grip the headboard in front of her as the guy behind her placed both his hands on her hips and started to move his cock in and out of her. Her stocking covered legs starting trashing around as he really started to pick up speed.

"God, I fucking love this!" My wife yelled as faster and faster he fucked her arse.

One of the guys standing around the bed put his hand between her legs and started to finger her pussy at the same time. This was more than she could handle and instantly squirted cum all over the guys arm. The rest of the guys were cheering and getting really excited; my wife was being fucked like an animal and she was loving it.

What I saw next will scar my eyes for the rest of my life and I have to be honest I have never cum so hard in my life. The guy fucking her arse moved his arms around my wife's waist and told the over guys to help him flip her over so that he was on his back and she would be on top while he was still inside her arse. The guys each took one of my wife's ankles and wrists and after the count of three the guy behind her fucking her bum rolled her over. He was now laying on his back with my wife's legs high in the air and because his cock was so big it was still in her arsehole.

I had no idea what they were going to do next but I was soon to find out because another one of the guys was now climbing on the bed and moving in between my wife's legs.

"You wanna try two cocks?" The guys shouted at my wife.

I was just about to stand up and say that my wife only wants to have one guy at a time when my wife shouted.

"Oh god, yes!"

I sat with my hand over my mouth as the second guy began to point his cock at my wife's pussy as at the same time the guy under her was still balls deep inside her bum. The two guys that were left watching moved either side of the bed and took hold of my wife's ankles yet again and pulled her legs so far apart I thought she was going to split in two just as the guy between them entered her pussy with his huge cock. The noise my wife made as both cocks went inside her was insane. Both her holes were stretched to the limits as these guy's cocks tried to find a space inside her.

From where I was sitting I could see her toes curl up tight in her stockings and both guys began to fuck her holes really slow. Both guys were moaning and groaning real loud because her holes her so tight.

It was not long before my wife's face turned from pain to pleasure and soon she was begging them to fuck her harder. I could hear the noise of their balls slapping between her legs and both guys were now pumping their cocks in and out like pistons in a car engine. The guys holding her ankles both started to kiss, lick and suck on my wife's toes as she was getting fucked harder and harder. Only maybe a minute had passed and already she was about to cum hard. Her body was shaking and the guys gripped her ankles tighter to stop her legs from shaking too much.

I watched these two guys fuck my wife for at least another fifteen minutes before I heard them both say that they were going to cum soon. By now my wife was an exhausted wreck; at one point she had cum so hard that I think she may have passed out for a few seconds. The guys were relentless and fucked her like she was a piece of meat.

Suddenly both men started to groan really loudly and shouted that they were going to cum any second, but somehow they found another gear and fucked my wife even harder. The headboard was now smashing against the wall and the bed was swaying back and forth. The guys holding my her ankles had now also grabbed her wrists and held her tight as the guys reached their climax.

Both guys shouted that they were going to cum in my wife and even in her exhausted state my wife screamed for them to fill her with their cum. Both men bucked and shook as they exploded inside her holes. Their was cum everywhere, and at the same time my wife had reached her final orgasm of the evening. She was a wreck as both guys finally pulled out of her. Cum gushed from both her holes as she lay with her hands between her legs, holding her sore arse and pussy.

The two guys that had fucked her both collapsed on the floor, their huge cocks shining with cum. I had never seen anything like it in my life. My wife was fucked like she could never have imagined.

Eventually the guys got their clothes together and left my wife and I in the hotel room. We spent the next three hours talking about what had just happened. My wife said that it was the greatest sex she had ever had and that she would love to do it again one day.

Well, it took her at least a week before her pussy and arse stopped aching. She really did get fucked hard by those guys but she would not have changed it for the world... and to be honest, neither would I.


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