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Mixed Nude Sauna in Europe

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First time in a unisex sauna led to interlude.

My boyfriend, David and I on were on our way back to Australia flying on Swiss International. We were to switch flights at Zurich but had a few hours between flights to play with. We decided to explore the city rather than stay at the airport.

We got to the centre of Zurich. It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday and all the shops were closed. Apparently, the Swiss don't do business on Sundays. We walked the streets and came across the first place that was open - a modern gym and spa facility.

A lot of young guys and girls were going in so we followed. We paid thirty Swiss Francs, were handed white towels and entered to find saunas, steam rooms, relaxation beds and a gym.

We looked for the change rooms. I thought I was seeing things when a totally naked girl, who looked in her twenties, walked right past us to enter one of the many saunas.

"I think this place is clothing optional," I whispered to David who was walking behind me.

He had this naughty grin on his face, his head still turned back towards the sauna where the girl had just entered.

I was wondering how this girl seemed totally natural and comfortable walking around nude in a public place. I justified it as a difference in culture between the Europeans and the rest of the world.

There were a number of saunas each at different temperatures. We agreed to meet up at the lowest temperature sauna and then we parted to go to the change rooms. I got a locker, undressed and packed away all my clothes, except for my panties (white cotton bikini style), which I left on. I wrapped the white towel around my boobs like a boob tube and around my waist, put the locker key green bangle on my wrist and went to meet David.

We entered the sauna and looked for space on the bench to sit down. The sauna was filled with guys and girls that were all totally nude. I climbed up to an empty spot on the upper bench. David sat down on the lower bench. I felt a bit out of place, wrapped in my towel. David also kept his towel around him.

It was quite surreal being there. Nobody stared at each other. They didn't see this as unusual. I wanted to look around but I didn't want to be seen as ogling or perving. I looked straight down and feasted my eyes whenever I could catch a glimpse inconspicuously. It was not a group of old men or women, but rather young eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds, and mostly women.

I noticed some women with large breasts, others with tiny breasts, some with big hips and others with no hips. What I thought unusual was that most had their pubic areas smooth shaven or waxed. It must be the fashion here, maybe the hair removal laser clinics were popular here.

I gave David the smile which said, "I know you are enjoying perving at all the young ladies naked bodies!"

After a few minutes, the sauna started emptying. David and I were the only ones left. I started to be mischievous.

"Hey David, I bet you are too shy to go nude!" I dared him.

"Oh no I am not!" he responded standing up, opening his towel and sitting back on it, nude.

I enjoyed seeing him being adventurous.

"Stand up!" I commanded.

As he stood I grabbed his towel and I sat on it on the upper bench. I was about to be a smart ass and say something when the sauna door opened and two young girls walked in. They were speaking German and looked around eighteen to twenty years old. They were both naked.

The blond walked in front. She had short hair, was tall and thin with tiny perky breasts and narrow hips which narrowed in on a pronounced pubic mound with sparse short light blond pubic hair, probably from a few weeks of growth after a wax. It looked sort of like a light fuzzy covering extending in a triangular shape from her mound and over her pussy lips.

The redhead was voluptuous, with rather big size C or D breasts which stood out from her frame and hung halfway down her chest. She had a bubble-shaped round little butt and curvy figure. Although I was focussed on her supersized breasts, I noticed that she had her pubes waxed smooth and hairless.

The girls sat next to each other on the lower bench right across from David. I looked over at him sitting there naked, knowing that he wished he had his towel to hide his nudity. I noticed how he took in every glance at these two teenagers. I was not the only one feeling out of sorts with this new experience.

He started to lean forward with his elbows resting on his knees as if hiding something. I peered over from my high retreat and noticed that he had a raging hard-on that he was trying really hard to fit between his closed legs. Lucky for him, the girls got up and left after only a few minutes.

"Hey David, what are you hiding there?" I asked him in a cocky tone.

"Nothing," he lied.

I was getting horny in a strange sort of way. I moved down from the upper bench and I kneeled down next to him.

"Let me see for myself," I said as I put my hands on his knees and tried to separate them.

He resisted.

"It’s natural to be turned on. I find this nudity pretty strange myself. I am not jealous that those girls got you aroused, as long as it's me who gets to enjoy it!" I said with a laugh.

I parted his knees to face his bulging cock at eye level. It rose up from his balls, which looked big and full even under the bush of dark pubic hair that covered them.

I straightened my towel, which was slipping down my sweaty chest and I moved in closer to him still kneeling in front of him and I cupped his balls with my right hand and slowly caressed them by twisting my fingers around his scrotum and carefully massaging his sack in circles as I firmly rested my left hand on the bench to give me support.

His erect penis was red and strained to its full length. He leaned back against the wooden sauna wall as I continued to stimulate him. He tried to pull my towel off me to get access to my breasts but I didn't let him.

He was enjoying my touches as he arched himself backwards pushing out his hips and giving me full and open access to stroke his jewels. I saw sticky spit start bubbling out of the pointy-head of his penis but I didn't stroke his eight-inch tube of raw manhood. I just continued teasing him by caressing the underside of his balls.

"Well are you going to make me cum?" he asked me, in an irritated, urgent and very frustrated tone.

I was being cruel arousing him more into a frenzied state and not seeing it through to the climax.

I was also aroused myself, close to the point when you feel you just want to rip off your clothes and just fuck in the heat of passion regardless of anything or anyone around you.

My pussy was moist and I ached to touch my clit and rub it with my finger, or even better feel a hard cock penetrating me deep and pounding in and out of my pussy.

The sauna door opened and in walked the redhead from before. She walked into the line of fire with my hand wrapped around his balls and his cock like a cannon aimed upwards and ready to fire. She smiled and just sat down facing us on the opposite bench.

I quickly moved my hand away as David tried to hide his weapon, crouching quickly back to his closed knees up pose. He couldn't hide it though. His cock was too long and too hard to slip beneath the confines of his legs and you could see it poke out through the gaps. I quickly moved back to my perch on the upper bench, acting as if nothing was happening.

The redhead still smiling started to talk in broken English with a strong German accent.

"Don't be embarrassed. I love to relieve myself in the sauna. The hot air and sweat always seems to make me horny."

I just smiled from embarrassment, not knowing what to say. David was still sitting there with his head facing forward and his knees tightly pressed together. I noticed him smiling in an awkward shy way, as if he was caught with his hands stuck in the cookie box.

I looked at the redhead and noticed that she had light pale skin. Her nipples were pink pointed slightly downwards and sported pointy erections. She was not shy sitting with her legs apart. I could not see much from where I was sitting but I am sure David facing her directly could. I was still wrapped in my towel, while she was in the nude. I felt overdressed and very out of place.

The redhead stood up to pour the bucket of water over the element to make steam. As she leaned over I couldn’t help myself and I found myself staring admiringly at her smooth apple round butt. As she leaned over I noticed her smooth camel-toe peering through under her butt crack and between her legs.

Two fleshy hairless pubes with a neat slit down the middle. Not a sight I would normally see, women just didn’t parade like this, even in the gym changeroom at home. She returned to sit on the bench.

Out of the blue, she started to talk to David.

"You got a lovely cock. I have not seen a circumcised one before. All the German men like to hold on to their foreskin."

I was a bit taken back by her directness.

"I think it's much cleaner this way," he remarked.

"I wonder if it feels different when fucking?" she asked.

She is getting a bit candid with my boyfriend I thought to myself, but my natural unassertive predisposition prevented me from stopping this undesirable interlude.

David knew what she meant but his sense of humour got the better of him.

"I wouldn't know. I keep it this way all the time!"

She laughed.

“I have always wanted to suck a cock like that. I would be able to lick around the ridge without the foreskin getting in the way," she continued as she edged forward, even perching up closer to look at it.

Even though he had his knees up she could obviously still see it from where she was sitting. This was my boyfriend she was hitting on and I didn't know what to do to stop it. She talking dirty and direct, like this was a threat to me. What a fucking slut she was, I thought to myself feeling anger starting to boil.

He said nothing. He was probably in as much shock as I was. I had no words to say. It was like I was in shock from the surprise.

"Wow. I really like your cock. It must be much nicer to suck than what I am used to."

'Was she ever going to stop. This little bitch!'  I was talking to myself in my head.

David let his knees drop. His raging hard-on now on open view. I quickly returned his towel and he took it but immediately got up.

"I have had enough of the sauna, I am going to go for a run on the treadmill in the gym and then I will come find you in say forty minutes, " he said as he stood up, covered himself with the towel and left through the sauna door.

Out went my dear David, probably going to find a toilet cubicle to masturbate.

I was horny from touching David's' balls before this girl intruded on us, but observing his girl talking dirty and looking at my boyfriend like she did got me red hot with envy and lust, mixed together in a frenzied concoction.

Being in a sauna didn’t help. I was sweating profusely. My back and stomach were covered in sweat and I was dripping sweat form my face.

I wanted to go shower to cool down but I noticed it was a communal shower and everyone – girls and guys just went nude together.

I instead got some water at the fountain and stood around to recover from the cooler air. Meanwhile, the redhead left the sauna and went to the change room. Not knowing what else to do I went back into the sauna to sit back on my little perch, still wrapped tightly with my white towel.

In came two American guys in their twenties. They didn't expect to have someone around them who could understand English. Everyone else spoke German around here.

"Wow, Can you believe how these girls just go naked like this ?" the one said to the other.

I noticed that they both had long baggy swim trunks on.

In came a tall medium sized brunette with a landing strip of trimmed hair framing her pussy and wasps of little curls disappearing under her vagina but running down her groin area and in between her smooth buttocks.

I watched on as these guys took every opportunity to voyeur her. I even heard them talking about her. She only stayed inside a few minutes. I assume she didn't like the attention. The German guys were used to public nudity didn't need to comment or perv at others. It was natural for them, I suppose the way it should really be.

"I dare you to go nude!" the one guy dared the other.

The next thing the guys stripped off their trunks and sat with their white untanned areas showing. I was now the voyeur and I looked over at them. The one guy was hairy all over but had tight toned abs and what looked like quite a long flaccid penis. The other was much paler, with less hair.

I was not in the habit of staring at guys penises but they just hung there protruding from their pubic bush and I just had to enjoy this most unusual sight. I was also quote horny and this was like free live porn.

I could not distinguish between the heat from the sauna and that building inside my groin. I felt hot and feverish. I was sweating beneath the towel. As sweat beads ran down my legs and arms and my breath got shorter and deeper I was almost hallucinating when I tried to refocus and recollect myself.

My lustful thoughts must have shown through my expression.

A strange and alien feeling overcame me. I suddenly had this deep wanting to be the focus of a stranger’s attention, being watched over, being voyeured, being eaten up by someone’s eyes as they stared at you and lusted over you.

It was like a demon had risen from within me. It had consumed my shyness and in that irrational unexplained state of mind, I pulled my towel off in one sweep and at first let my ample breasts now sweated over get some air. It felt good to have the towel off. I just sat topless in my cotton panties.

I knew the guys were ogling me. I saw their faces turn to face my round well-proportioned size B breasts. I can't lie, I was at full arousal and all my erogenous zones felt electric, like a live wire ready to ignite. My nipples went instantly hard as I felt their eyes covet my body. My inhibitions were melting away. I had to keep going. I was going to give in to my newly felt confidence.

I put my hand under my butt, grabbed the elastic band and raised my knees as I pulled my panties up my thighs and over my knees and then slid them off my legs. My panties were quite moist from the sweating and heat.

I had instinctively lifted my knees up and closed them tightly to hide the view of my exposed pussy. Their eyes were transfixed on me. They were enjoying the strip show. I was being stared at. I sat there for a minute ignoring the onlookers and acting like I had not noticed them. I was still hiding, I realised, so with another dose of bravery, I relaxed back into my seat, dropped my knees down and let my legs lay next to each other.

I craved being seen. Without making eye contact I took in a view and noticed both guys had half erect penises. I wanted to show more, to be an object of desire and exhibit everything. I wanted to fully reveal myself with no holding back.

I took in a breath and I leaned backwards, pressed my chest outwards and opened my legs wide, knowing my pussy would be in clear vision now. I lifted my legs up and sat with my soles resting against each other and my knees wide apart, actually a groin and hip opening pose form yoga. I had not shaved for a while so I had some growth.

I was soaked to the bone from the heat and sweat was covering my legs, stomach and chest. My body was glistening on the outside and I was also welling up inside my pussy, which with my legs so open was in the limelight.

I am not sure why, but I looked down at my abdomen and saw my pussy folds parted, my red lips sticking out and looking swollen and wet, crowned by my engorged swollen and totally aroused clitoris. I felt so sensual. Having my pussy on display while I was aroused sent throbbing waves of pleasure through my body.

My nipples responded by growing even longer. The guys would have a head on view of my cunt, wet, horny and excited. I felt so naughty, so kinky. I enjoyed this moment of control, being a dirty slut, overtly sexual. I was so turned on.

"Look at that pussy. wouldn’t you like to go down on it and suck those pink folds now!" the one guy whispered to the other, not realising that I could hear and speak the same language.

I didn't look at them but I noticed in the corner of my eye that they were transfixed on my pussy. The one guy had his hand on his penis which he was trying to hide between closed legs. I knew that from the lower bench they would be able to see everything.

I looked down at the centre stage and noticed that white sticky fluid was welling up along my wide open slit and some was oozing out of my red inner fleshy folds. I even felt treacles of my juices run down my inner thigh. I was on fire.

I looked up at the guys this time looking straight at them as they were both staring head on at me lustfully. They quickly and guiltily turned their gaze away, but when I smiled at them, they knew that I was well aware of their voyeurism and didn’t mind. It was like I had given them to ok to continue looking. They were leaning forward much like David did.

I peered at them and I suspected that they both were now fully erect. They kept on looking at my pussy as it got more turned on. I wondered if they could also see the creaminess forming along the insides of my folds.

I stood up, left my towel on the on the top bench and descended down the step to sit on the lower step as it was cooler I took my time and I knew they were following my every movement, staring at my pussy and then butt as I lay down on the lower bench only just opposite the guys.

As I moved my attention was grabbed by their erect penises now in my view. They were two stunned young guys who were scared to move an inch and I wanted to be fucked right then and there. I wanted David but he was not present. I was frustrated to the bone.

I turned over to lie facing down and turned my face the other way. I knew the guys were feasting on my butt. I looked in the glass and saw the reflection. They guys were holding their cocks. The one guy was slowly pulling at it.

The one guy got daring and put his hand on my butt cheek as I lay there. Normally I would have pushed him away but I enjoyed the feeling of being touched. His large hands held most of my small butt. I don't know what I was thinking but I moved to face him. I felt his fingers move around my ass and slide under my butt and across my inner leg almost touching my pussy. I had gone beyond the point of return, as they say.

I got up and he quickly sat back down where he was before. I kneeled down in front of the bench he was sitting on and I yanked his hard cock into my hand and started to wank it up and down. His hand was caressing my butt cheeks again. The other guy moved closer as he reached over to touch my breasts. I grabbed his cock too and while kneeling between these boys, I with both hands stroked their cocks.

While I was pulling up and down on both their cocks I felt four hands all over my body stroking my butt, touching my hard nipples and then even rubbing away furiously at my clit. I repositioned myself to give them easier access while I continued thrusting away up and down their sweaty cocks. I felt a finger enter my wet pussy. It felt so good. The other guy was pulling at my nipples. It was all intensely pleasurable. I felt myself getting closer to orgasm.

I increased my speed like a piston on their cocks. I felt the one guy start to squirt his cum. It shot white blobs of warm cum all over my stomach and breasts. I let go of him and I pulled harder on the other guy's penis and he momentarily followed suit, his cum landing all over the sauna floor.

The guys turned their focus on me. I felt four hands all over my butt and my cunt. Fingers inside me, fingers on my clit, fingers on my breasts, even a finger at the entrance to my ass. I exploded in the most amazing orgasm. My body went all floppy so I dropped down on to my knees with my legs still apart, arched back and just moaned as my juices ran out of me in many small contractions accompanied by awesome pleasure.

I felt this immediate relaxed glow and bliss as I straightened up, got up from the floor and sat back on the bench opposite the guys. The sauna floor was covered in spots of white cum as was my chest, stomach and legs. There was so much on me I could even smell it. I rubbed it into my skin mixing it with the beads of sweat. The guys said thank you and quickly put their board shorts back on and left to go shower.

I then too left the sauna, went for a shower and met David at the reception, just in time to return to the airport. I never got to tell David about this little interlude. He would never have believed me if I had told him anyway.

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