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Fiery Tongue

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A young woman discovers her true nature.

It was early morning; the rays of the sun had already touched the awakening desert when she came out of nowhere. Or so it seemed. One moment I was feeding the chickens and when I looked up, she sat there proudly on a mustang horse. With the sun behind her, I had to shift my position to see who she was. My focus immediately went to her left knee-high moccasin in the stirrup and her naked thigh before my gaze traveled upwards to her poncho-clad torso and her beautiful face, her long black hair and her green eyes.

The red headband was a sign that she was a scout and not one to take lightly. Her horse shifted to its left to reveal her holstered .44 strapped to her right naked thigh. I caught a glimpse of her breast and again those steely green eyes.

She spoke, “May I get some water for my horse?”

Mother always said that one could tell the character of a man in the way he treats his horse. This was no man but if I was a gambling woman, I would bet that she never backed down for any man. I slipped my leather-gloved hand into the sack of feed for the chickens and found the comfort of the .32.

“Sure,” I said. The red-brown skinned woman turned the horse sideways to dismount with the horse between us. I expected that move but the flash of her naked female flesh caught me flat-footed. The muzzle of her .44 replaced the image of her smooth sex.

“I mean you no harm,” she said, holstering her gun. “We just need some water. Then we’ll be on our way.”

My hand relaxed on the bud of the .32. Mother never turned away anyone in need. And she didn’t raise a fool for a daughter.

"This way,” I said; turning my back to her I walked to the pump and trough. Working the pump, I let fresh clear water sprout into the trough. She let the horse drink first before she removed her poncho and holster to start cleaning herself. Then I saw her Arkansas Toothpick with at least a nine-inch blade. Magnificent.

I was stunned at the sight of this magnificent naked woman. Her large breasts were firm and inviting, her stomach flat, her sex mound smooth and her pleasure button protruding between her lips. She had no qualms about her nakedness.

“Tell your man he can lower the gun but not his cock.”

I stiffened. Such audacity!

I had trouble breathing. I didn’t know if it was due to her forwardness, Jack’s presence in the house or my own lust. I desperately wanted to kiss those full lips, caress her breasts and pleasure her sex till kingdom come. It had been such a long time since I saw another naked woman, or since I was naked by the pool that all my pent-up longing for the touch of someone boiled inside me. I moved towards her…

“Valerie, NO.” Jack’s words and the sound of the cocked hammer of his Sharps .50 stopped me in my tracks. “She is dangerous. I heard people talking about this bitch. She killed many men.”

“Maybe they deserved it,” she said quietly as she took off her moccasins and continued cleaning herself, touching herself where I wanted to caress her, to drink from her fountain. “Or maybe you just heard the rumors.”

I could feel my passion rising, making me tremble with an indescribable passion. Was this what Mother called lust? No one had ever touched me there, not even Jack. My sex was throbbing and getting wetter than ever before. I didn’t know where this desire came from. These past two years with Jack, alone in this beautiful but dangerous desert left me dry between my legs. We tried to make love, but either he couldn’t get it up or I was as dry as a bone. Now suddenly, I was dripping wet. Why?

My gaze never left this wild woman.

“I bring danger,” she said. “A rancher’s men are after me. I broke his son’s nose because he thought I am weak since I don’t wear much clothes.” She rubbed the mustang down with straw and saddled him again. She was still naked.

“You can’t leave now,” I said. “Your horse is tired and so are you. Come and have breakfast with us.” I turned around to prepare something to eat in our small adobe house.

I saw Jack lusting after this Wild One. “Don’t try it,” I whispered. “She’ll cut you in two.”

As I prepared a meal for us, I saw her stable her horse, put on her knee-high moccasins and throw on her poncho. Then she strapped her gun to her naked thigh. A dangerous beauty, indeed. Looking at her ignited my own hidden desires. How I longed to be so free, to be free of all the layers of civilization that concealed my womanhood. Could I ever go back to my innocent life before Jack, before our sin? Maybe it was time we stopped hiding, running away from ourselves. I wanted to face the consequences of my acts of passion but that just might bring more trouble to Mother. I couldn’t allow that.

Just as I brought the venison, bread and eggs to the table, she entered the room with Jack close behind. I saw the sexual tension between the two and wondered what happened outside. Did he make a pass at her, or did she…? She said earlier that Jack shouldn’t put his penis away. Maybe things could change.

“Danger is two hours behind.” She took a seat at the table and broke a piece of bread. Jack and I got the message and started eating. We needed to prepare for the fight. We had enough guns and ammunition to stand off a small army, Jack made sure of that. Even our defensive tactics were excellent. We never had to defend ourselves up till now.

We ate in silence.

“We have one hour left before all hell breaks loose,” I said as I put away the last of the clean dishes. We all pitched in to clear the table, wash the dishes and sweep the floor. Jack had all the guns out and our defenses up.

Working up the courage to do what I had to do, I looked at our nameless guest for inspiration.

“I fight better after a good fuck,” she said and threw off her poncho. “You want this, don’t you?”

“Oh, God, yes,” I stammered. Ripping off the layers of my clothes, I was naked before Jack had his boots off. For the first time in two years, a burden lifted from my body as I stood naked next to my bed in our one-room adobe house. Her eyes were fixed on my sex as she untied her holster and unsheathed her knife.

“Bring me hot water and soap,” she instructed a naked Jack. “We need to clean that red bush of yours.” I nearly wet myself as she lathered my sex and took her razor-sharp knife to shave my mound. She rinsed her handiwork with warm water and proudly stood back, admiring my naked sex. “Beautiful, don’t you agree, Jack?”

I looked down at myself and could see my own pleasure button throbbing an invitation. I was as pale as the moonlight compared to our guest. For the last two years, guilt made sure that my clothes covered my whole body and that my hat hid my face from the sun. I always wore gloves whenever I was outside. The contrast between the two of us couldn’t be more obvious: light and dark, soft and hard.

Jack made the first move, his manhood hard and pointing directly at our guest. I felt a pang of jealousy that Jack would be aroused by her and never by me. Or maybe it was because we grew up together, me as the daughter of their cook on the ranch. He made a promise to his father never to touch me in that way.

My jealousy disappeared as she reached out to him. Grabbing Jack’s thick manhood, she pulled him closer and kissed him hard on the mouth. He responded and took her in his strong arms. It looked like a wrestling match between two equals. Neither one wanted to yield to the other. I saw Jack’s hardness making its way between her legs. As if that was the key to open her up, she turned him around and dropped him in one smooth move onto my low bed. They landed with a thud, she on top.

Jack tried to wrestle free but she pinned his arms down and moved down his torso to his groin. Coming to my senses, I quickly joined the two on the bed and steered Jack’s cock into her gaping wet sex.

“Thanks,” they said in unison as she started to ride Jack like she would ride her mustang. Lying beside them, I saw her breasts moving up and down, her face a study in concentration. It was what was happening between their legs that I wanted to know more about. I moved behind her, between Jack’s splayed out legs, watching the action.

I have never seen two people going at it like they did. Horses and other animals on the ranch, yes. But never people. My own sex throbbed and I could feel the wetness dripping down my thighs. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this, and that it could be so beautiful, so arousing. I heard her moan and shudder, then collapse on Jack. It seemed as if Jack didn’t spill any of his seed into her.

“You’re a good fuck, Jack,” she said, slowly rolling off Jack onto her back, his erection glistening with her wetness. “Now it is her turn.”

“I can’t do that,’ answered Jack. “We tried. It didn’t work. I also made a promise to my father and her mother.”

“I want to do her.” She opened her legs as an invitation. “Come here, young one.” I looked at her wet puffy lips and bent down to… Suddenly I didn’t know what to do. I thought that these things would come naturally, but this was overwhelming.

“Lick my cunny,” she said.

Taking a deep breath, I took a better look at her dark outer lips opening the pink center slit like a delicate desert flower. What astonished me was that the hole opened and closed as if it had a mind of its own. I looked up at her between her breasts and saw her smile.

“It’s a trick I learned from our medicine woman,” she said. “What are you waiting for?”

I surely didn’t need another invitation. Closing my eyes I used the tip of my tongue to lick between her folds and tasted a mixture of both their juices and their salty sweat. I couldn’t get enough and plunged my tongue deep into her gaping hole.

“Use your fingers. Stick them in me.”

I slipped two fingers inside her slippery cunny and licked her button. Her body reacted to my tongue as I remembered my body did when I touched it at night when Jack was asleep. Then I started to do what I knew would trigger me. I sucked her button into my mouth and flicked my tongue over her sensitive point.

Sensing that she had moved I looked up and saw that she had Jack’s erection in her mouth, sucking on it. I stopped what I was doing to pay better attention to what they were up to. Suddenly, Jack’s body convulsed and he shot his white milk into her open mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” was all he got out before he collapsed next to her.

Then I heard the sound of horses walking in the soft sand with a shod hoof kicking a stone.

“They’re here,” I whispered and flew up, grabbed the Winchester and opened the slit in the window in time to see four riders a hundred yards away. I heard a shuffle behind me, hoping that they would join me in the defense of her.

“You better get dressed,” Jack said as he threw my dress to me. “And wipe her from your mouth.”

Using my torn dress to wipe her juices from my mouth I looked at her, seeking her approval. She was already dressed in her poncho with her gun strapped on. I felt foolish, standing there naked, vulnerable with trouble on the way. Embarrassed, I gave the rifle to Jack and slumped to my corner of the adobe. I put on my only other dress, my boots and combed my hair. I strapped on my own .32 Smith & Wesson and took up my shotgun.

“Hallo, the house.”

“You cover me,” I said as I moved to the door. “They wouldn’t harm a young woman with a shotgun.” I hid the gun between the folds of my dress.

I stepped outside to face four guns aimed at me. The surprise on their faces was as big as mine must’ve been.

“Valerie, what the hell are you doing here?” asked Tom, Jack’s older brother, sporting a broken nose. He lowered his rifle. “We were worried sick looking for you two. Is Jack here?”

Jack came out with his hands in the air, looking foolish.

“Hi, Tom. Good to see you.”

“What have you done to Val?” asked Tom. “Did you sleep with her? You promised.”

“She is still unspoiled. You can feel for yourself. We just swam naked.”

“If you penetrated her, I swear on our mother’s grave, I will cut your balls off.”

“Hey, I’m here, you know,” I said. “Who broke your nose?” I needed to get the conversation in another direction.

“Some naked bitch we’re after. Have you seen her?”

“You let a woman get the better of you, and you want to run the Tumbling Box. How manly of you.”

“With three men to back you up,” I heard her speaking from inside the adobe.

Suddenly, Tom’s face turned red and he lifted his gun. I shifted my shotgun and aimed it at Tom.

“One more move and this double barrel will settle your argument for good,” I said.

She came out of the adobe and stood next to me, her open poncho revealing her right breast. Tom’s cowboys couldn’t keep their eyes off her.

I saw the turmoil in Tom’s face; he didn’t know what to do. He knew that if he made a move towards her, I would kill him but he needed to save face with his men.

“I apologize for breaking your nose,” she said. “I won’t do it again, I promise.”

Tom relaxed in the saddle, the danger averted, and he didn’t lose too much face with his men.

“You two can come back home,” said Tom. “If Valerie is still a maiden, no harm done.”

“You go, Jack. I have some unfinished business with her,” I said, taking her hand.

“What?” Tom looked at me with lust in his eyes. I lifted the shotgun slightly. He looked at us both, then at the shotgun. His body slumped as a sign of resignation and slowly turned his horse around.

“Come on, Jack. Let’s leave these two wild ones alone.”

We watched Jack saddle up and ride with his brother into the desert.

“You said that a good fuck helps you fight better,” I asked. “What kind of fight was that?”

“The best kind is when you don’t have to fight,” she said as the five riders disappeared behind the rocks.

Looking at this desert goddess, my passion throbbing between my legs, I took off my dress and for the first time soaked the rays of the sun on my naked skin. It felt wonderful as the desert breeze caressed my breasts and my cunny. I turned to her and kissed her passionately as I saw Jack kissing her.

“Stop, my little sparrow. You don’t need a fuck like Jack. I want to give you a day you’ll never forget.”

I backed off, disappointed. My groin was on fire and she wanted to take it slow. She took off her poncho, threw it on top of my dress and took my hand.

“Take me to your secret place.”

The spring, of course.

As I lay on my back next to the spring, she opened my legs and kissed my cunny lips. I made sure the spring was no longer a secret. I screamed as one orgasm after another shook my body.

Then I knew how she got her name: Fiery Tongue.

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