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The Gardener

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The gardener takes control…

Lindsey and Martin had been in a relationship for five years. They were both in their late twenties and equally successful. Lindsey was a human resources lawyer and Martin an accountant.

Four years before they had decided to cohabit in Martin’s home for two reasons; Firstly, Martin had a magnificent garden and secondly, because Martin worked from home, he already had a well laid out office to suit his needs. Lindsey, whose home needed a great deal of TLC at that time, was therefore happy to sell his place. Once they moved in together, Lindsey happily contributed to the monthly expenses of Martin’s home.

As a versatile couple, they were considered part of the A-gay set and lived a comfortable existence. They did not have an ‘open relationship’ in the conventional sense and thus far, had never indulged in threesomes. Being away from home for several days a month, however, Lindsey often played the field on his many business trips. Likewise, when Lindsey was away, Martin also indulged in a bit of ‘extracurricular’ activity. They did not hide their ‘indiscretions’ from one another but always abstained from doing the ‘group thing.’ It was a gentleman’s agreement that worked for both parties.

Martin’s garden maintenance service that called once a week, were becoming more expensive by the quarter. He was also not happy with their standards and given his large plot, became convinced that the attention of a full-time gardener was what was required.

With the cottage he had in the rear of his property, unused as it was, a full-time gardener seemed to be a logical option. In his opinion, free accommodation and a salary would be a wonderful incentive for anyone wishing to fulfill this function.

Martin finally decided to take the initiative and placed an advertisement in a local newspaper. The first several applicants left him stone cold but when Alexandre arrived for an interview, Martin knew that he had found the right person. Alexandre had been born in Senegal and was the most majestic looking black man. He was tall and lithe and had the aristocratic bearing of a Nubian king from the Dark Continent.

Alexandre was also supplied with an evening meal each day, which was part of their employment agreement. This, however, and would be consumed in the servant’s quarters. Martin believed in the adage that; ‘familiarity breeds contempt,’ and he was determined to keep a strict employer/employee relationship. This, nonetheless, was rather short-lived because early on, Martin also began to supply Alexandre with a sandwich for lunch. Martin reasoned that whether he made one or two sandwiches was immaterial in the greater scheme of things.

Alexandre was a very hard worker and in no time, the garden that Martin had been so dissatisfied with began to transform splendidly. With every passing day, however, Martin was more obsessed with Alexandre and became a total voyeuristic junkie. Peering through his vertical blinds he would observe Alexandre at work. For Martin, concentrating on his work also became a real problem. Watching Alexandre topless and only wearing shorts was a daily pastime for Martin. The glistening glow of the ebony god tending his garden became a thing of total wonder. Cock in hand Martin would daily beat his meat as Alexandre went about his daily duties outdoors.

Alexandre was no fool and realized that he was working for a gay couple. He also knew that Martin was constantly watching him. Although Alexandre was essentially straight, as a teenager he had partaken in sexual activity with another guy and had fond recollections of their trysts. Man on man activity did not perturb him at all. He also knew that sooner or later, Martin would definitely make his move.

Impishly, Alexandre began to fuel Martin’s daily dilemma by hauling out his dick and taking a piss in the flowerbeds. Alexandre made a real show of this and flapped his huge dick about as he milked the excess moisture from his cock. Naturally, this had Martin convulsing with delight.

For the next couple of weeks, this daily routine played itself out. Every evening Martin would practically dismember himself as he replayed the events of that day.

On one of Lindsey’s next away trips, Martin could no longer restrain himself and invited Alexandre to join him in the house for dinner. Alexandre was somewhat surprised but graciously accepted the invitation.

After they had eaten, Alexandre surprisingly asked Martin about his relationship with Lindsey. Martin decided to ‘go for broke’ and honestly told Alexandre about their relationship and the laissez-faire foundation that it was based upon. The look of intrigue on Alexandre’s face was mesmerizing as Martin related the story.

“So, if you were to have fun with me, that wouldn’t be a problem?” Alexandre finally asked after Martin’s litany had ended.

“No, not really,” Martin quickly answered, bristling with anticipation.

Alexandre then got off his chair and removed his t-shirt and shorts. As he again sat down, the cock that Martin observed was even more spectacular than the phallus he had ogled in the preceding weeks. Large as he believed that Alexandre’s dick was, the slab on meat that curled over Alexandre’s thigh was the most splendid cock he had ever seen. As Martin’s hand took hold of the massive black uncut horn as he kneeled before Alexandre, he was practically salivating with lust. Martin had never believed that a knob could be this huge.

When Martin began to toy with the massive dick, Alexandre’s eyes scrutinized him with an eagle’s gaze, with a commanding look on his face.

Like an acolyte in the temple of masturbation, Martin commenced tugging on the dick of death.

“It looks like you like my big African cock?” Alexandre chuckled.

Martin’s head eagerly nodded, as his eyes spun with lust.

As Martin’s hand moved up and down the thick black shaft, Alexandre sighed with his ongoing approval. The master had now become the servant as Alexandre’s eyes clearly flashed his dominance.

For the following several minutes, Martin worked Alexandre’s dick. The majesty of Alexandre’s magnificent cock was totally incredible. Alexandre did not lift his arms as he watched Martin perform on his dick, watching the proceedings with his hands dangling on either side of him. He watched an entranced Martin, languidly and lovingly stroking his knob.

After several minutes, Martin watched the most unbelievable ejaculation of his life as Alexandre finally began to cum. With his body twitching, Alexandre tilted his head backward. Initially, pearls of jizz began to form at the tip of his foreskin, one after the next, before bubbling down the shaft of his dick.

Next, as Alexandre’s torso began to heave with pleasure, a flow of lava began to ooze out of his knob and cascade onto his thigh. The mass of the spunk was totally mind-blowing. Martin was sure that the volume was double that of what he and Lindsey were capable of producing. After the motherlode had been expelled, more pearls bubbled out of Alexandre’s foreskin. Martin was stunned and couldn’t help himself before he commenced scooping up the jizz and smearing it all over Alexandre’s torso.

When they were done Alexandre rose up and got dressed. As Martin watched with a disappointed look, Alexandre politely said, “Thank you for a lovely meal,” before leaving unceremoniously.

After his departure, Martin looked at his sticky hands before sniffing them. The smell was so enticing that he soon began to lick his digits lustfully, focussing on the moist residue in the webbing between his fingers.

When Martin got into bed that night, he wondered what the future would hold for him and Alexandre. Martin had no doubt that Alexandre was a straight man and pondered if what had happened encompassed the full extent of Alexandre’s repertoire. Martin would have loved to suck his dick and better yet, to have experienced that magnificent cock slamming into his backside. Their encounter had excited Martin beyond belief he hoped that an escalation of their happenstance may lay ahead. He thought about Lindsey and wondered if he should tell him about what had happened, in the custom of candour they had always practiced.

Finally, Martin decided not to do so, reckoning that he needed to test the water with Alexandre a little further before adding an extra dynamic into the equation.

As Alexandre lay in bed that night, he smiled to himself. He knew that his job was half done and that he may soon be in control of this household if Lindsey did not present an obstacle. Although this was not an ideal situation for him, sexually speaking, his present comfort level far outweighed the squalor of the upbringing in his native land. He had observed the splendour of Martin and Lindsey’s life and he was in total awe.

Alexandre obviously knew that as a gardener he would never attain this kind of luxury, but if he played his cards correctly, the wardrobe of finer clothing he had always yearned for might not be far off. As his pondered, in his mind’s eye, he saw the shoes and fine apparel that he had dreamed of. Alexandre knew that he had to take things slowly.

Softly, softly, catch the monkey,’ was the thought that crossed his mind.

The following evening, with Lindsey still away on business, Alexandre was not surprised when he once again got a dinner invitation.

Things progressed along similar lines after dinner. The only differences were that Martin actually removed his shirt, and secondly, Alexandre invited him to suck his dick. With Martin’s eyes ablaze with lust he eagerly took to his task.

Martin’s throat felt like it was on fire as he engorged the huge phallus that was offered to him. Martin, nonetheless, couldn’t give a fuck if his tonsils were shredded by Alexandre.

Twenty minutes later, Martin feasted on the abundance of jizz that his labours had provided him with.

Again, Alexandre made a hasty departure once he had cum. Sad as Martin was, he was nevertheless, encouraged by the escalation that had transpired that evening.

After Lindsey’s arrival the following day, Alexandre knew that the evening ritual of dining in his own room would get back to normal. During the daytime, however, and also over the following days, Alexandre decided to up the ante with his pissing routine, which became far more extravagant. As he held his dick in his right hand, his left hand toyed with his nipples. Added to that, after elaborately flapping his dick about extracting excess moisture, he fondled his balls luxuriously.

Martin had to fight with all his might as he watched, in order to uphold a proper decorum and not simply run outdoors like a raging slut.

Much as Martin loved Lindsey, he couldn’t wait for Lindsey’s away trip the following week. Martin was aching to see how far matters would progress with Alexandre before confessing to Lindsey.

The following Wednesday evening on Lindsey’s first night away from home, Alexandre, naturally, was invited to dine with Martin again.

That evening a new dynamic developed when Martin removed all his clothing before kneeling before Alexandre. An added dynamic that pleased Martin immensely, was when Alexandre kissed him during their episode. The third thrill for Martin was that he also ejaculated on the floor, just before Alexandre came in his mouth.

Things were definitely looking up!

The next night, Alexandre had decided that he would employ the coup de grace and finally fuck Martin. The charade had run its course and he knew that Martin was ready for the final phase of the build-up that had thus far taken place.

“Would you like me to fuck you?” Alexandre asked, a few minutes after their tryst had got underway.

With a maximum of restraint, Martin answered, “Yes… please.”

In the bedroom, Martin was soon on his stomach waiting for his dream to be fulfilled. After Alexandre mounted Martin’s body he first commenced sliding his dick in Martin’s crevice.

Next, Alexandre began to slowly enter Martin’s portal in a measure and languid fashion. For Martin, the invasion was wonderful. The ‘agony’ of the incursion exceeded his wildest expectations, and as Alexandre’s rhythmic thrusting got underway, Martin thought he had arrived in heaven. A further delight for Martin was when Alexandre commenced nibbling on his neck and ears.

Unbeknownst to the two lovers, Lindsey was returning home a day early. Lindsey had not alerted Martin to this fact and had decided to surprise his lover. Before turning into their driveway, Lindsey switched his headlights off and parked his car in the driveway. Lindsey made his way to the front door and quietly opened the door.

He was perplexed when he saw the two dinner plates on the dining table and the clothing that was strewn about. A thrill of excitement surged through Lindsey’s body as he wondered if he had ‘caught’ his lover, in flagrante delicto.

Silently, Lindsey then made his way toward the bedroom.

At the open bedroom door, he watched in awe as he saw the magnificent form of Alexandre plowing into Martin’s backside. He instantly pondered how long this had been going on, and secondly, given the status of their relationship, why Martin had not yet told him. Lindsey’s thoughts, however, were instantly dispelled by the incredible sight he was observing.

Lindsey watched in wonder for a minute or two, before he decided that he simply had to join in. After silently removing as his clothing, he moved forward toward the bed.

“Do you guys mind if I join in?” he asked.

Two sets of concerned eyes immediately turned to face him.

“Don’t stop, let’s have some fun,” Lindsey instantly said, with a horny smile.

As the two relieved faces on the bed smiled back at him, Lindsey knelt on the bed and after lowering his torso, pushed his face between Alexandre’s cheeks and began lapping his tongue on the glorious hole that was winking at him.

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