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The Thaw

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In anticipation and apprehension I watched him come to my table, his erection as obvious as mine felt, and I looked him over, tall, rather fat, and very dark. He had been on the first page of matches for bi-curious men, and we had hit it off on IM. I had been looking for a man willing to let me practice cock sucking, and he had promised his ass in return for mine. We had spent a week agonizing over whether our boundaries were really that stiff, but our cocks had been stiffer than our boundaries by the end of it and I was more than willing to get buggered, while he was finally eager to be sucked repeatedly by me, as gay as that seemed to him. We agreed to get tested and I bought the lube necessary to ensure an easy mutual penetration of our melting boundaries, and practiced three times a day in the shower with a comb handle and then a banana until I was not only ready but eager for what he promised was a hefty rod.


“Glen?” he asked.

“The same. Harvey?”

“The same.”

He sat down and we ordered a beer, and we surreptitiously slid over our test results. We were both disease-free and the date on his was two days before, so I relaxed on that score and we chatted until our beers arrived. The booth was isolated, its being late on a Wednesday afternoon, and he said, “You’ve really never done anything with a man before?”

“I whacked a couple of guys in my senior year in high school. And you?”

“Nope. Wanted to for years. But for a black man, it’s not easy to arrange. Other black guys won’t do it and most white guys who are interested have sick ideas.”

I said, “I mostly have suck ideas.”

He laughed in relief and we chatted like two normal guys for several minutes. Finally, he said, “Do you still want to go through with it?”

“Yeah. Want to go to my place? I got much better liquor than this place does.”

He laughed and said, “My last three girlfriends used that line on me too.”

I settled up as he walked out, and I met him down the block. We walked to my apartment and I ushered him in, and after handing him a short scotch toasted our success.

“With an emphasis on suck, I believe,” he grinned.

“Damn straight.”

Nervous, we downed our shots and felt brave again. “How do you want to do this? Watch porn?”

“No need. I’m about to burst.”

I was on fire. My face burned from the scotch and lust and guilt, and I looked him over, a massive bulge in his pants jutting toward me like a faucet under a tarp. My throat was dry, my boxers slightly wet, and I said, “Let me.” I knelt before him, my mouth nearly at the level of business, and watched in awe as the bulge in his fabric pulsed almost as fast as the throbbing in my ears. I reached out and undid his belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped him, letting his trousers fall to his ankles. While his pants had been loose, his underwear was stuffed tight almost to overflowing, and I ran my fingers along his waistband and pulled his boxers down.

I was proud of my six inches plus a fraction, but it suddenly seemed like a child’s toy when I saw his yardarm throbbing and pointing straight out at me, at least ten inches. He had a smallish head encased by the black sheath of his foreskin atop a column that widened as it approached his balls. I looked up at him. “My god, it’s gorgeous.”

We laughed and our reserve dissolved, replaced by a teenage-like eagerness to fuck and be fucked, pure sex and pure desire driven by balls swollen with lust and jizz. The lust in my loins had me intoxicated and swollen, in danger of spewing spontaneously, and Harvey seemed as close to the edge and as drunk with hormones as I was.

I reached out to feel his snake, tentative as if fearing it might bite me. It pulsed under my fingers, his sharp intake of breath proving he was as nervous as I was, and I grasped him with both hands, the head still sticking out proudly above both fists. “So long,” I said in awe, “and so hard. I never held anything nearly that big.”

I squeezed his cock with both hands as I leaned in, licking the tip as precum oozed onto my tongue. His breath quickened as I closed my eyes and gave suck, my lips closed tightly around his head as my tongue licked the underside of the tip. I began moving my head slowly, stroking his cock with his foreskin through the pressure of my lips, and as his pulsing cock started thrusting, seeking further pleasure in my maw, I removed one fist and stroked more vigorously with the other as my lips masturbated more of his shaft, his head advancing into the back of my mouth and then temporarily retreating, both of us moaning in pleasure as I worked him relentlessly.

My extra hand had been fondling his swollen balls, then worked back into his ass crack. He moaned as I rubbed against him and to my surprise easily entered him. Overjoyed that he had practiced as much as I had, I soon had three fingers inside him as he grabbed my head and began thrusting into my willing mouth. Seeking to pleasure him better than any cunt ever had, I ran my tongue side to side under his hose, and in a minute he thrust deeply into my throat, heedless of my comfort, and his first spurt shot out of him like a water hose turned on then off, then on again as flood after flood drained into me, his ass pulsing around my fingers like I knew they soon would around my cock. My mouth was filled with hot sticky goo, my fondest fantasies finally coming true, and I stared up at his body, focused on nothing but the ministrations of my mouth, letting him feel my throat swallowing as my fingers rammed his ass fast and hard, his prostate hard and small under my middle finger.

After eight spurts I lovingly catalogued and tried to commit to memory, I pulled away reluctantly from his still hard cock and stood, stripping quickly as he caught his breath, his eyes fixed on my waist and then my cock. He looked into my eyes and said, “I’ll finally get to live out those high school fantasies. Showering after PE, all those young cocks calling to me, finally I can give in.”

He touched my cockhead with one finger, circling it as precum oozed onto it, and ran it down to the flare and onto the shaft. Soon three more fingertips joined in, and I moaned quietly when the thumb joined them.

“Do you like it?”

He replied, “It’s…different. Not sure how I feel about another cock.”

“Well, I know I love yours.”

“Dude, that’s so gay,” he said in a mock accent, and we laughed.

“Technically speaking, I’d say it’s bi as hell.”

He grinned and said, “It’s like the time I first jerked off. I pounded the fuck out of my fucker.”

I grinned back, “I can do that for you.”

“I’d rather pound the fuck out of your shitter.”

“You can do that too.”

 I stroked him firmly as I unwrapped and applied a condom on my coffee table, and he said, “I need it so bad.”

“Me too.”

His raw desire had me eager to take him inside me, let him use me like a woman, sheath him inside my bowels as I reduced him to a yammering teenager bursting through ignorance to new knowledge and intense pleasure as his spewage paid tribute to our partnership. I took position over the end of my couch, ass in the air, as we lubed my ass up in a fevered rush, and then suddenly without asking or saying anything, he came up behind me and pushed hard against me.

Pain shot through me as I tried to unclench; slowly the unwavering pressure worked his head into my ring. I groaned and stood still as he moaned in lust, slipping further inside me steadily, slowly, painfully at first, and the further he pushed the wider his cock opened me. It took three minutes to insert his head, then another two minutes per inch of glorious shaft, a mere crawl that gave him intense pleasure and me intense pain that slowly faded, replaced by an exquisite pleasure from the pressure of his flesh inside me.

I was being filled, the receptacle of a man’s passion, lust, and choad, entering a new world of experience as he plowed deeply into a new land. He pushed in slowly an inch at a time then withdrew half an inch for redoubled efforts to bury himself inside my now willing ass. Finally he bottomed out, his hairs pressed against my ass, his balls pressed against mine, four swollen plums ready to burst, both of us struggling epically not to waste our first time in a fevered, mindless spew just yet.

He groaned, “I’ve never had anything this tight before.”

“No surprise, really,” I laughed, and he chuckled. I added, “Now grab my hips and fuck me like a real man.”

He eagerly obliged, stroking back and forth as I gorged myself on the sensations aroused by his cock penetrating and receding, his breath quickening as I gave him the ultimate pleasure. He held me tightly as if afraid I’d fade away like a wet dream if he let go, and I squeezed down to give us both added pleasure.

This pushed him over the edge. Reaming me mercilessly like a sex doll, he thrust fast and hard into me, crouched over me like a teenage boy in the last throes of desire as he used another or abused himself. Soon he was screaming wordlessly as I fucked back, his swollen balls banging hard against mine, his cock drilling me like a machine, and then he crouched slightly to fuck upwards as his climax washed over him and spewed out into the latex separating us.

He squealed like a girl as his magnificent instrument pumped vigorously inside me. After a dozen squeals, he collapsed, his cock remaining hard, and I pulled away. He fell to his knees and caught his breath as I removed his condom and wiped him clean. I stroked him lightly as he stared at my cock near his hands, and as it throbbed in eagerness, he said, “I think it’ll be easier for you.”

“I dunno, I practiced for a week to manage that.”

“So have I,” he grinned.

“Assume the position,” I said, and he leaned over the sofa for me. I slipped the lubed index finger of my right hand inside him as I stroked his still rampant cock with my left, reveling in the size of the new toy offered me. “I love your cock. I can hardly wait to suck it again,” I said.

“Just fuck me,” he replied, “You know you want it.”

I had my finger in him to the last knuckle by that time and pulled out to wrap myself in latex. The same drive to conquer that had seized him washed over me, and I pushed roughly against him, unrelentingly penetrating him slowly but surely. He opened to me reluctantly, grunts of pain mingling with my gasps of pleasure, and I reached down to feel his cock throbbing in renewed lust. “I wish I had this much to give you,” I grunted, and he groaned as I increased my pressure.

Suddenly he relaxed and I slipped fully inside him. “Oh my fucking god,” I said, “you’re tighter than any woman.”

“Just take me,” he moaned, and I pulled out reluctantly and thrust home powerfully. Even my first time with a woman I had retained some control and some awareness of the situation, but suddenly the only thing I knew was that I was buried in a hole and close to coming. I let myself loose and pummeled him like a jackhammer. I ground away, lost on a tidal wave of sick desire, until the wave hit the shore and my seed sprayed deep into the condom buried in his bowels. The first spurt was torn out of me, leaving me sore and raw, and I screamed as the next ten spurts rushed hot and sticky through my irritated tubes.

Finally I went soft and pulled out. I pulled off the rubber and wiped my cock off and looked down at his throbbing cock. “It was good?”

He paused and said, “It was. It was better than good.”

My flesh responded to the sight of his and I hardened again as he watched, and I said, “So were you. It was worth all the pain.” I reached down and grabbed my new friend and said, “I’m going to make this glorious cock of yours the happiest little ass weasel in the world.”

He laughed in shock and then began breathing hard as I stroked him tentatively, getting a renewed feel for him. He stood there as I worked him, but when I said, “I need it too,” he shook his head.

His reluctance to touch my cock challenged me to overcome his resistance to the gayness of pleasuring cock, and I grasped him firmly in my right hand and stroked slowly as I said in a low voice, “What’s the matter? Too gay for you?” He nodded and I continued, “You’ve had it in your ass. I’d say you’ve gone as gay as it gets.”

“That’s just fucking.”

I guffawed, “It’s a lot gayer than fucking, my friend. Your cock loves my fingers. You should return the favor.”

“It’s really a lot at once.”

This I understood. I said, “Okay, we’ll just do what makes you comfortable. Sit down. Another shot?”

“Yes, god yes.”

I poured us each a tall one and sat next to him. We were both fully erect and ready, and I intuited that I needed to push him to the edge just right and then the slightest push would make him putty in my hands.

We toasted. “To the ream of my dreams,” I said.

“To the cock of the walk,” he replied.

As we sat there quietly, my left hand roamed up his thigh to his cock. He sat back and manspread as I played with his balls, his pillar curving up towards me throbbing for relief. I leaned over and licked the tip, trying not to laugh as he gasped and held back. I licked around the head and then worked him in, lifting my head to lick the top two inches of his shaft so he was wet enough to slip inside my mouth quickly and easily, and I breathed roughly as I worked my head down, his flesh poking up into me as he began responding.

I grabbed his shaft and jerked him off as my tongue transported him to heaven. His precum oozed continuously into my mouth, his cock rigid under my ministrations. Suddenly I felt his fingers touch my shaft, and to encourage him I tilted toward him and licked him more vigorously. Soon he had grasped me fully and was stroking me roughly, and then suddenly he pushed my head down with his other hand and thrust fast and hard into my mouth. I only gagged a little, managing to hold him off just enough not to lose it, and with a cry he pulsed salty and chemical once again into my mouth, keening as I swallowed everything he gave me.

I sat back happily, warm in my belly, watching in satisfaction as he finally started wilting. I looked up to watch him staring at my cock, and slowly he lowered his head and took me inside. The work of his tongue sent thrills through me, and soon he bobbed up and down on me. I said, “I’m about to come,” and he lowered his head further in reply and opened wide. I saw his cock hardening again, and with a chuckle I thrust up into his suckling mouth and circling tongue. He was fully erect when I groaned and my first spurt flowed into him, and as he coughed and swallowed I groaned, moaned, and gasped.

Finally he had taken all of my juice, and he lifted his head with a frown on his face. “That was really…much,” he said. “Maybe too far for me.” He came to a decision and said, “Turn around.” He pushed me down into the couch and lubed up quickly, and without preamble or mercy thrust home vigorously. As his cock tore me apart, I said, “Fuck me.” He used me relentlessly and pumped a full load into me in less than two minutes at the same time a spontaneous climax launched out of me. He fell back and said, “God damn, I’m sorry.”

“It was good. I liked it…well, at the end.”

He went to wash up as I poured us another drink, and when he came back we sat on opposite ends of the couch.

“I really love fucking you,” he finally said, “and it’s good when you fuck me. That’s what men do.”

“And women suck.”

He laughed, “Well, in that way, yes.”

He had confirmed what I suspected, so I thought for half a minute and finally said, “Sucking you’s incredible. Better than I had hoped. You do a good job too. That was fine.”

We sat there quietly again until he said, “This is just us, you know. Just sex.”


“I need a woman in my life, but I’m curious. Really damn curious.”

“Same here.”

“But it turned out better than I thought it would. Can’t do any of this with black guys, you know. No one would let their guard down enough, not the guys I like.” I nodded. “So we’ll just have fun and learn what we missed until new women come along, and then that’s it. Fair?”

“Fairer than fair.”

“What women do you like?”

“Breathing, conscious…”

We laughed and he said, “I mean…I’ve always been with black women.”

“Sounds good.”

“You have too?”

“No, but I have nothing against it. Women are women.”

“And you’ve never fucked any of them up the ass?”

“No. You?”

He looked down at his cock and laughed, “Do you think any woman would let this get near her back door?”

We sat there and chatted for half an hour until we were hard again, and we quickly jerked each other off fast and hard like two boys just discovering the pleasures of self-abuse. He lay back as I crouched over him, his massive rod brown and massive in my hands, my cock throbbing in his right hand, and as his hips thrust up in tandem with my pounding fists, I said, “I’m close.”

“Do it. I’m about to too.”

We groaned in unison, staring each at the other’s cock, and our first spurts were torn out of us simultaneously, mingling on his belly and chest as stream after stream sprayed thick and sticky.

After we cleaned up, he dressed and left, saying, “I need to think about this. Get used to it. I’ll contact you when I’m used to the thought.” I nodded and with a sudden surprising pang of relief watched him leave.

However, at two that morning I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door slightly and saw him standing there. I smiled, “Well, come on in then,” and as soon as the door was shut he dropped his pants and said, “Suck me.”

Eager to please despite my exhaustion, I knelt and took him in readily, working him into the back of my throat and finally further, millimeter by millimeter, as he stood above me drunk and filled with lust. He groaned, “Yeah, you love my snake. Swallow me. Show me how much you love my steaming man milk.” With a groan he thrust and sprayed suddenly into my throat. I counted seven spurts as he drained away in satisfaction.

I pulled away and stood up, and he knelt before me and said, “It’s so wrong, but I can’t get your cock out of my head. I need your cum,” and opened wide to devour me. I fed his ravenous maw as he thrust two fingers up my ass, and with a plunge I drained fast and hard into him as he pulled back to let half my shaft into his mouth, my juice pooling in the back of his mouth until he pulled away with a slight grimace, closed his eyes, and swallowed. Hard again, he stood up, pushed me against the wall, pulled out a tube that he used quickly on me, and thrust hard into me. He lasted two minutes, and as he drained into me I sprayed thick and hot on the wall, each of my spurts a continuation of his spurt.

That night he left soon after. He showed up at midnight or later four nights a week for the next month, giving me his bitter medicine orally, then taking his own dose, then servicing me anally in a mixture of lust, gay panic, and ball-draining pleasure. The third night he stayed, letting me fuck him after he had used my ass mercilessly, and then we fell asleep before our cocks came alive again.

After another week we sixty-nined each time after going to bed, asses sore from using each other, and although he looked sick at heart after swallowing me, we fell asleep exhausted, and he awoke in the morning to the sight and feel of me settling down on his solid cock. After he came, he pulled me to his lips and drained me, smiling in satisfaction and showing no qualms.

“You taste great,” he said for the first time. “You have a beautiful cock.”

I grinned, “Aren’t you going to fuck me now?”

“Hell naw, I need more of your cum.” We fell into a sixty-nine, his throat relaxing as he took me all the way inside his throat for the first time, nursing at my flesh as easily as I nursed at his, and soon I clenched and sprayed, my jizz flowing down his gullet, and as I stared at his throbbing cock in my orgasmic bliss, it sprayed copiously onto my neck and chest. He pulled me up to him and kissed me roughly, his tongue playing with mine for the first time, and he said, “I’m glad I decided to go for it. You’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

“You’re pretty good yourself.”

In complete calm he grinned and said with pride, “Damn straight.”

I grinned back, “Well…not quite.”


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