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Divine Love Chapter V – Son Learns What Mom Did In The Past

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A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.

After hanging up, Charlotte went into the living room and sat on the couch next to Jamie, who was still playing his Xbox. He was so engrossed that he didn’t even notice his mom peeking at his erection as it stuck straight up from his lap. It was either the wine, or the site of his hard young prick, or hearing Julie describe the taste of his cum… but whatever the reason, Charlotte’s pussy was starting to drool again.

As she glanced at Jamie’s cock bobbing slightly with the beat of his heart, she thought about hearing him groan her name as he jerked off earlier. This made the aching deep in her cunt to intensify… even though he was her son. It was then that she checked the time, and saw it was almost 11:00.

Charlotte quickly snapped her mind back into caregiver mode and said, “Jamie, it’s time to put your game away and go, ummm… relieve yourself again.”

“Awww, mom, do I have to do it again?” Jamie asked in a frustrated tone.

“Yes you do Jamie, it’s been over four hours” Charlotte answered, and then she said, “And besides, I thought all guys your age liked doing that a lot.”

“Not when you have to… it’s more like doing your chores then,” and then he added, “Plus, this will be the fourth time today, so it’s getting sore and it takes a lot longer to, you know… finish.”

Charlotte could sense his frustration, and remembering the advice Julie had given her, she got up and walked towards her bedroom saying, “I’ll be right back.”

First, she went to her nightstand and pulled out the lube that she used on her favorite vibrator. Then she went to the back of her closet and reached into a box holding some adult DVD’s that her ex-husband had left behind. They were all in unmarked cases so she wasn’t sure which one she was getting, but they were all pretty much the same… and for a teenage boy, she figured any kind of porn will do.

The wine had really lowered her inhibitions so as she walked back into the living room and sat down next to Jamie, she bluntly said, “Dr. Alexander told me you might develop some irritation from masturbating so much, so this lubricant will help,” and then she added, “She also said it might take longer for you to orgasm and you might get frustrated, and suggested I give you something to help you… so here’s a DVD that your dad had that might help you finish faster.”

Jamie couldn’t believe that his mom had just given him lubricant and a porn DVD to help him masturbate… but it also showed him that she really would do anything to help him, so he softly said, “Thanks for everything mom,” and then he looked at the lube and asked, “What do you do with this?”

“Just put a little on your penis and it will make it slippery so it won’t get sore when you masturbate,” his mom replied.

“I know that mom…” Jamie answered, and then he said, “I meant ‘what do YOU do with this’?”

His mother just smiled at him, and with a wink, she said, “Well if you must know, teenage boys aren’t the only ones who need to masturbate to relieve sexual tension… sometimes moms do too.”

Jamie’s eyes grew wide as he realized his mom just admitted that she masturbated too, and as his cock throbbed even more, all he could say was, “Wow, I didn’t know you did that.”

“Well I do,” Charlotte replied as she put her arm around her son’s shoulder and hugged him, and then she told him she was going to bed, and to make sure he turned everything off when he was done. As she stood up, she kissed him on the top of his head, and then in her tipsy state, she reached down and wrapped her soft hand around her son’s erection… and as she gave it a squeeze she said, “Not bad equipment there, kiddo.”

“Mom!!!” Jamie cried out in shock as his mother gently clutched his hard penis.

“Oh honey, I was just paying you a compliment,” Charlotte said as she released his aching cock. Then she said goodnight and walked back towards her bedroom.

The fact was her hand had felt incredible when she held him, and Jamie actually wished she hadn’t stopped. But at least she had left him the porn DVD. So he waited until he heard his mom’s bedroom door close before loading the disc and then sat back on the couch. What he didn’t realize was that she hadn’t gone into her room, but was actually hiding in the shadows of the hallway.

The wine had now left Charlotte completely void of inhibitions, and holding her son’s cock for just a few seconds had raised the level of her curiosity and arousal, so she decided she wanted to secretly watch him jerk off. She had closed her door loudly to make Jamie think she was in her room, and now she was peeking at him from around the corner.

Thinking he was alone, Jamie stripped off his boxers. Now Charlotte could see both his hard cock and his tight little behind before he sat back down. She could feel the dampness spreading through her own crotch as she watched her son hit the ‘PLAY’ button, and then squirt some of the lube into his palm and then spread it on his twitching erection.

From her hiding place, Charlotte could barely see the TV screen, but she had a perfect view of Jamie’s hard young cock as he wrapped his fist around the shaft and began slowly stroking it up and down. The lube allowed his hand to glide effortlessly up and down on his erection, and it also soothed the thin membrane of irritated skin that encased his hard shaft, causing wonderful new sensations for the teen.

As he stroked himself, the TV screen came alive. First, there was just a blue screen, but then you could see a camera focused on a bed that looked strangely familiar to him… and then both mother and son got a huge shock when they heard a woman saying, “I hope there’s enough light for this,” and the voice was Charlotte’s! The young mother immediately knew it was a personal DVD she made for Jamie’s father a few years earlier, but she didn’t know that it had been left in the box with the other unmarked DVD’s.

Her first inclination was to rush into the living room and remove the disc before her son saw any more, but before she had the chance, she heard Jamie whisper, “Oh wow… I can’t believe mom’s letting me watch this… this is awesome!”

Charlotte was shocked. She knew that all boys have some curiosity about their mothers, and she had caught Jamie sneaking peeks at her when she would be rushing around in just a towel, or her bra and panties… but she never thought it was anything more than just curiosity. Now she understood that he really did find her sexy and attractive.

The teenage boy had good reason to find his mother sexy. Charlotte was every bit as attractive as his doctor, but while Dr. Alexander was a Nordic-looking blond, his mom looked more Mediterranean, with long dark hair and a tanned complexion. She was also more voluptuous, with full round hips and 38C breasts to Dr. Alexander’s 36B’s. The two things Charlotte and Julie did share were incredibly shapely legs, and a firm round ass that made men of all ages drool. So like many boys with a new-found curiosity about women, Jamie not only looked at Charlotte as his mother, but also a sexy woman.

Through her tipsy state and obvious arousal, Charlotte still thought of retrieving the disc before it played any further… but then Julie’s comment about ‘having no limits’ when helping her son rang in her ears, so she decided to let him watch more. But she wasn’t being entirely noble. She really did want to help Jamie, but the events of the day had changed the dynamic between her and her son… and now she wanted to secretly watch him masturbate while watching her naked on the video.

Jamie was so focused on the screen now that he didn’t hear his mother move to where she could have a better view of both him and the TV. As she looked at the screen, she saw herself standing in front of her bed in a skimpy black bra and black panties. Then, as her on-screen image began taking off her bra, Charlotte focused back on Jamie. Since she had seen the self-made recording before, she was now more interested in seeing how her son would react to what was about to happen on the screen.

Jamie’s eyes were as big as saucers as he watched his mom reach behind her and unsnap her bra, and as the lacy material fell from her shoulders and exposed her breasts, he groaned, “Oh my God.” They were magnificent… round and full, and capped by hard nipples that were so dark pink they were almost brown in color. But as large as they were, they showed very little sag, and as the teenage boy gazed upon his mom’s incredible tits, he began to stroke his lubed prick even faster.

As Charlotte watched her son’s reaction to her on-screen nudity, her right hand slid down her belly, and then disappeared inside the cotton sleep pants she had changed into. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out as her middle finger found her swollen clitoris, and then began circling it as she watched her son jerking off. Just then she heard him whisper, “I hope she takes her panties off.”

The teenager wouldn’t have to wait too long for his wish to come true. His heart raced as he watched his mom turn her back to the camera, and then he gasped as he saw she was wearing a tiny thong that exposed her amazing ass. He had always thought his mom’s behind was her best feature… and he was right.

Then he watched her hook her thumbs into the waistband of her tiny panties and then bend at the waist as she pushed them down over her full hips and round buttocks… giving him a close-up view of her swollen, wet pussy lips and puckered anus as the material fell to the floor.

“Ohhh, Mom,” Jamie softly groaned as his eyes feasted on the blatant way she was displaying herself to the camera. Now he began stroking his bloated cock even faster, until he realized he was close to cumming and quickly stopped. He had a feeling there was much more to see on the DVD, and he didn’t want to shoot his load before he saw what else his mom was going to do.

Charlotte’s fingers were also busy inside her pants. Her pussy juices were soaking her fingertips as she teased herself while watching her son staring at the huge TV screen. The scene on the DVD was so explicit that you could actually see her swollen cunt and tight asshole as she bent over. The picture was so clear that Jamie could see her labia glistening with excitement, and the hard button of her clitoris peeking out from under its hood.

After bending over to take off her thong, Charlotte turned to face the camera again. Then she posed with one hand placed on her hip, giving Jamie a full frontal view of her nude body. His eyes panned from her beautiful face, down over her luscious breasts and tight tummy, past her cleanly shaved pubic mound, and down her shapely legs. He was truly amazed at just how beautiful his mother was.

Once again Jamie started moving his slippery fist up and down his swollen prick as he watched his mom climb onto the bed, and then roll onto her back. Then he groaned, “Oh God Mom… yessss,” as she spread her legs wide and started to slide her hand down towards her dripping snatch.

The teenager was quickly on the verge of orgasm again as he watched his mom’s hand glide over her tight tummy and smooth pubic mound… and then he heard her moan as her manicured fingertips found her sodden cunt, and then she began sliding them up and down the swollen cleft.

Jamie couldn’t believe that only a few minutes earlier, his mom admitted she masturbated… and now he was actually watching her do it. She had her head and upper body raised on a pillow, so from the camera angle, he had an unobstructed view of her beautiful face, her full round breasts, and her pink, moist pussy as she began playing with herself.

Just as Jamie thought things couldn’t get better, his mom suddenly took her hand from between her legs and rolled on her side. Off-screen, he could hear the drawer of her nightstand open, and then after a moment, Charlotte rolled onto her back again. Only this time she was holding a large penis shaped object in one hand, and a bottle of lube, similar to the one she had given him, in the other.

“Wow, so that’s what she uses the lube for,” Jamie said out loud.

As Charlotte hid out of sight, she focused on her son’s reaction to what she was doing on-screen, while stroking her clitoris even faster. She saw his eyes grow wide as he watched her lift the fake penis to her face, and then he gasped as she took the head of the synthetic penis into her mouth and sucked on it.

Charlotte almost came when she heard Jamie softly groan, “Oh jeez, mom, I wish you would do that to me,” because the fact was, at that moment… it was exactly what she wanted to do.

Jamie watched his mom sucking on the dildo for a moment, and then she took it from her mouth and squirted some of the lube on the bulbous head. After tossing the tube aside, she smiled at the camera and then began spreading the lubricant up and down the shaft, giving the fake penis a hand job. Without realizing it, Jamie began stroking his own burgeoning cock at the same pace… imagining the fake penis his mom was stroking was his.

Jamie’s cock was beginning to throb, and he didn’t know how much more he could take. That was when he saw his mom twist the bottom of the fake penis, and then he heard a low buzzing noise. He wasn’t sure what was happening until Charlotte slid it between her legs and pressed it against her opening, and then he heard her groan, “Oh fuck… yes.”

It wasn’t hard for the teenage boy to figure out that the vibrating fake penis his mom was using was doing something wonderful to her. He watched as she pushed it deep into her pussy, and then moved it in and out a few times before pressing the tip against the tiny nub at the top of her gaping slit. Her head was thrown back, and she groaned, “Oh yes… that’s so good,” as she began rolling it around her clit.

The shaft of the fake dick was shining with his mom’s juices now, and her pussy was red and wet… and there was a trickle of liquid leaking from her slit and running down over her tight anus. The scene was getting a little overwhelming for the teenage boy, who could feel the intense pressure of orgasm building deep in his groin as he jerked his young, hard prick.

As the on-screen Charlotte used the vibrator on her steaming pussy, the real Charlotte was frigging her clit as she watched her son pumping his cock. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she would cum, both on the DVD and in real time… and she was trying to time her orgasm for the moment her son’s cock exploded in a fountain of young sperm.

Charlotte could hear her amplified voice groaning, “Oh yes… oh yes,” and she knew what was about to happen on the screen. At the same time, she watched as Jamie’s fist became a blur on his well-lubricated cock. Just then, the stereo speakers boomed with her voice as she screamed, “Oh fuck… I’m cumming!”

Jamie may have been a virgin, but he didn’t need experience to know his mom was having an orgasm. He couldn’t believe she had given him a video of herself doing such naughty things as she plunged the big fake penis deep into her dripping cunt, screaming in ecstasy as her swollen pussy lips clutched at the shaft of the dildo as she came… and the scene finally sent him over the edge.

“Oh, Mom… ARRRGGGHHH,” he screamed as the base of his cock began to convulse wildly, and the first jets of his young cum rocketed from the tip of his penis, arched high in the air, and then landed on his stomach. His eyes stayed riveted to the image of his mom’s contracting pussy as spurt after spurt of milky-white sperm sprayed from his throbbing cock.

‘Oh my god… it’s beautiful,’ Charlotte thought as she watched from her hiding place as her son came. Then she had to clamp her hand over her mouth as her own orgasm exploded deep in her groin. Her legs went weak and she nearly collapsed as electric impulses were sent out from her over-stimulated clitoris. She quickly forced two fingers deep inside her soaked cunt, and she could feel her vaginal walls gripping the invading digits over and over as orgasmic contractions ripped through her body.

Mother and son were cumming at the same time… Jamie’s orgasm being inspired by the sight of his beautiful mom masturbating on screen, and Charlotte’s being triggered by watching her young son stroking his spurting cock only a few feet away. For both, it was one of the most intense orgasms they had ever experienced, and they manipulated themselves until the very last spasms stopped.

Jamie collapsed back on the couch, totally spent from the intensity of his orgasm. At the same time, Charlotte pulled her fingers from deep in her dripping cunt and brought them to her face. They were drenched with her juices, and as she put them in her mouth and sucked the sweet nectar from them, she imagined it was Jamie’s cum-covered cock that she was cleaning with her mouth.

After she licked her fingers clean, Charlotte took one last look at her beautiful son. He was slumped back on the couch, and she could see his now limp cock, and pools of his young cum glistening in the reflection of the TV screen as they dotted his stomach and chest. For a moment, she thought about walking into the living room and licking her son’s sperm from his tight teenage body, but then she snapped out of her trance and realized that she had probably already gone too far. So instead, she quietly tip-toed back to her room and slipped into bed, and after regaining his strength, Jamie did the same.

That night, sleep came easily to Jamie… but for his beautiful mother and equally attractive doctor, it was a fitful night. Both women tossed and turned as they dealt with their conflicted emotions. Oddly enough, neither of them felt any guilt or shame over their feelings… instead, they were grappling with the intense arousal that Jamie had created in both of them.

And while she didn’t realize it yet, the situation for Julie would be compounded when her own handsome young son returned home from his sleepover. Eventually, both women fell asleep, not knowing that the next day would be life-changing for them… and their sons.

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