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New Client is my Dad?

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Subservient office assistant has to "service" her father.

This is a story about a office slut and her father. This involves cheating wife, so if that is not your thing then you will not like this story. I can't decide if I should leave this story as is or continue it so please comment with your opinions on that.


I rolled over and reached for my phone so that I can shut off my alarm.

Thank god it’s Friday, I thought to myself as I laid back on the bed.

Unable to even open my eyes yet, I rolled over on my husband’s chest being cautious not to let myself fall back asleep. Just in case though, I always have three alarms set on my phone…

Yeah… I’m not a morning person.

My husband Neil wrapped his arm around me and pulled me tighter against him as he kissed my forehead.

“One more day,” Neil said.

I merely nodded in agreement while at the same time trying to snuggle in a little tighter.

Neil and I have been married for a couple of years. We met in college and instantly fell in love. We kind of rushed into life, but I wasn’t complaining. He was a sweet, loving, handsome and successful husband that every girl would chase after. He only had eyes for me though sooo… Jackpot!

We are both young professionals and don’t get to see each other very much, however. I’m twenty-two, and he is only a couple of years older than me with a strong ambition for success. He often works long days and late nights but it kinda works for me. Monogamy is not really my strong suit but he doesn’t have to know that.

If anything It makes me love him more. Nobody makes me feel the same way he does. But… anyway….


UGH… there is my second alarm…

“Fineeee, I’m awake!” I said to my phone before shutting off the second alarm.

I pushed the blanket off of me and sat up. I felt a chill as the cooler air of the room hit my naked body. I wrapped my arms around my perky 32C breasts trying to retain as much body heat as possible as I hurried to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I felt instant relief as the warm water rushed over my skin.

I finished my shower and started drying my hair when I received a text on my phone.

“New potential client today. BIG FISH! Likes younger women so dress sexy. We need to land this one," said the text from my boss.

I paused for a moment and looked at my naked body in the mirror. I always took good care of my body and loved to stay in shape. I'm 5’6 with a slim hourglass figure, flat stomach, perky breasts with cute pink nipples, and a small round and tight bum. I also have a pretty face with long super dark hair (almost black) and green eyes that my mama gave me. I wasn’t shy about it. I knew I looked good. I worked hard to look the way I do.

No problem, I thought to myself as I smirked. I got just the thing.

I finished straightening my hair and put on my makeup and headed to the closet. I walked right past my underwear drawers and headed straight for my dresses. I had the perfect little black dress that I just got the other day and have been dying to wear. I slipped it over my head and wiggled it down over my body. It was a black v neck dress that showed plenty of cleavage. It hugged tight around my torso but then flared out below my waist and sat just about mid-thigh. It was sexy but still professional.

Perfect! I thought to myself although something was missing. Oh, I know!

I reached into one of my drawers and pulled out a lace choker and put it on. Now it’s perfect! I thought to myself again as I looked at myself up and down while biting my lip.

I reached for a pair of black high-heeled boots and headed out of the closet over to Neil to say goodbye.

“I'm off. Have a good day sweetie,” I said as I kissed Neil on the head. He was still in bed.

He opened his eyes slightly. “I love you honey bunny,” he said.

“I love you too," I replied as I headed out the door.

I decided to drive to work today. Usually, I’ll take the train but when I wear a dress I tend to get a lot of unwanted attention. I parked my car and headed up to the office. It was still empty aside from a couple of other assistants and support staff. I headed into my bosses office and started getting things ready for him like his mail, agenda, coffee, etc…

I was bent over my boss' desk trying to organize things when suddenly I felt a hand reach under my dress and then resting on my ass, squeezing it slightly. I didn’t react though and continued what I was doing. This wasn’t an unusual thing.

“Good morning, Mr. Olsen,” I said as I quickly finished up.

“Good morning Lindsay. I love the dress,” Mr. Olsen said as he moved his had from my ass to my bare pussy, gently tracing his finger along my slit. “This is nice too.”

“I know what you like,” I said as I paused enjoying his touch and waited for him to finish.

Mr. Olsen (a.k.a. Mark) and I met at one of my husband’s work Christmas parties. My husband’s work is a client of Mark's and he had control over me the first time I saw him. He is thirty-seven, tall and handsome and just all around perfect. A power suit that knows exactly what he wants, and he always gets what he wants. Including me. My husband ended up getting a bit drunk at the party and Mark took full advantage of the situation. It all started with a very intimate dance and ended with me on my back in my husband’s office. He found out that I was looking for secretary work and offered me an assistant position. I needed the job and … well… there was no way I could say no to him.

It started out as just a job but his control over me grew. If he asked then I would do without question. It started out as only sexual favors for him but we had a possible client that we were on the verge of losing. He was always staring at me and flirting, then out of nowhere Mark offered me as a “signing bonus." I was not super happy about the idea at first but what can I say? I’m obedient. I ended up sucking his cock and we got a new client. And so the trend began. Usually I would just suck a cock or two, but sometimes sex would be involved. It was a last resort tactic, but nowadays Mark just offers me up like a cup of coffee. I’m not complaining though. I kinda like the feeling of being used. Maybe "kinda" is the wrong word… I really like the feeling of being used.

Mark finally moved his hand from my now damp pussy and sat in his chair and turned on his computer. I went to get him his coffee and pulled out his agenda.

“So you have a meeting at 10am in the board room and then lunch with your wife at 1pm. Do you know what time the VIP will be arriving?” I said as I made my edits to his other cancelled meetings.

“I think he is coming at 11am but I’m not sure. His secretary was very vague. She must be new,” Mark said

“Okay, well I will pencil him in for 11 then.”

The morning went smoothly and Mark's 10am meeting was quick. The board room emptied out while Mark worked on his laptop.

“We have a little time before the next meeting and I could use a little release,” Mark said casually while still working away on his computer.

“Of course, Mr. Olsen,” I said as I got on my knees and crawled under the table. It was a little awkward but I am used to it now. I got between Mark's legs under the table and undid his pants. I reached my hand in and pulled out his big semi-hard cock. Without hesitation I took his cock into my mouth as I have done so many times before. I engulfed his entire shaft running my tongue up and down the length of it. His cock grew in my mouth pressing into my throat. I worked my mouth up and down his now fully erect dick being careful not to hit my head on the table above me.

Knock knock

I paused for a moment with Mark's cock still in my mouth.

“Mark! Am I interrupting anything?”

“Hey, Tom! Not at all, come in and have a seat.”

Mark's hand reached for my head, pushing me down on his cock so I would continue sucking. That voice sounded so familiar though. I kept sucking and licking his penis like the expert cock sucker I was and pushed the curiosity out of my head.

I saw the chair beside me pull out as the man sat down. All I could see were his black pants and old mahogany leather shoes as he pulled himself and his chair under the table. His knees were inches away from me but that was of no concern. I was focused on my current task.

“You look a little flush Mark. Is everything ok?” asked Tom.

“Oh ya. My assistant is just taking care of something under the table,” Mark said with a chuckle. It sounded like they were good friends and this is something that was commonplace. It was a little unusual but who was I to argue.

“Ah I see. Judging by the look on your face she must be pretty good,” Tom said.

“You know me, nothing but the best. Would you like to try?”

“You know I won’t object,” said Tom as he undid his pants and pulled out his massive member. I couldn’t get over how big it was as I watched him start stroking it. I picked up my pace on Mark's cock as I watched Tom’s cock grow even more. I was mesmerized as I felt Mark tense up and blow his load in my mouth.

I swallowed every drop and licked his dick clean before tucking it back in his pants.

I could hear Tom and Mark discussing golf as I made my way over between Tom’s legs. I reached for his now fully erect and massive cock as he released it to give me control.

I started licking up and down his shaft, getting it nice and slick so my hand would glide on it. I stroked his now glistening cock still amazed by the size. I didn’t know if I could deep throat him but I was determined to try. I placed my lips on the head of his cock gently teasing it before taking it into my mouth. I bobbed on it a bit trying to take more and more into my mouth. My jaw started getting sore as the head of his cock bounced off the back of my throat.

“Wow Mark you weren’t kidding. She is amazing!” Tom said with a euphoric tone.

“You can have as much as you want. And she is only twenty-two.”

“Oh really? That’s the same age as my daughter,” Tom said

I almost choked when I heard that. This was getting strange now. The familiar voice and my dad’s name is Thomas. I was so confused and curious but oddly turned on at the same time. It was such a weird feeling but I tried to push it out of my head because I had a job to finish.

I picked up the pace now and gripped his cock a little tighter. I took his cock as deep as I could, but it was so big. I wanted to know so bad whose cock I was sucking. I tried looking up but he was tucked right under the table so was unable to see. He leaned back a bit and I tried looking up again but then suddenly I felt his cock pulse in my mouth, shooting his hot seed down my throat. I refocused myself as I licked his cock clean. I spent a little extra time making sure I didn’t miss a drop. I tucked his cock back in his pants did them up again.

"Wow that was probably the best blow job I have ever received,” said Tom. “Let me see what the girl with the amazing mouth looks like.”

“Of course,” Mark said. “Lindsay?”

I crawled out the other side of the table and adjusted my dress as I stood up. I fixed my hair and straightened myself up before turning around to face them. When I turned around though my stomach sank. There sitting at the table was my father with an equally shocked look on his face.

I was frozen unable to speak and the room was dead silent.

“She is beautiful isn’t she?” Mark said finally breaking the silence.

“Y…yes! Incredibly beautiful,” said my dad. I guess he wasn’t going to say anything so I just played along.

“I hope you enjoyed yourself,” I said nervously.

There was a moment of silence again…

“Yes I really did,” my dad said in a flustered tone.

I tried to keep a straight face and just smiled and nodded, but inside I was screaming WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO?

“Well I think that’s all for today. I’ll discuss your proposal with my partners and maybe we could schedule a follow-up?” my dad asked attempting to keep a straight face.

“Of course,” Mark said as he stood up and shook my dad’s hand. “How about next Tuesday?”

I opened his schedule and checked the day.

“You have an opening between 9 and 11 on Tuesday morning,” I said.

“Perfect,” my dad said as he left the room.

Mark continued working on his computer and I took a seat beside him. I suppose I should have done something more productive but I was just so unable to focus. I couldn't stop replaying the events that happened to my head. Strangely though I was more aroused than I was worried. There must be something wrong with me getting aroused after sucking my dad's cock. I tried to push it out of my head and get back to work but I just wasn't able to.

Mark closed his computer and looked at me.

“So what did you think of Tom?” he asked.

“He was… really nice,” I said timidly.

“Just really nice?” Mark said. “Oh come on you must have something more to say than just really nice. He is exactly your type, he is distinguished, handsome and a has large cock.”

Mark was so right, he was exactly my type. I never really thought about it until now. Like yeah I did like the handsome younger power suit type guys, but nobody got me wetter than the George Clooney type. Especially if that man is as well endowed as my dad is….. OMG did I really just think that.


I licked my lips as I savored the flavor of my dad's seed on my tongue. Oh God this is so wrong I kept thinking.


I thought to myself what if this happens again. Or what the phone call is going to be like when I try to talk to my dad about this. I should probably just text him instead of calling…

“Lindsey!” Mark shouted. I finally snapped back to reality and realized that he had been calling me.

“Oh, yeah sorry what?” I said.

“Where did you drift off to?” Mark said.

“Oh sorry I'm just deep in thought.”

“Just really nice,” Mark said chuckling under his breath. I think he made an impression on you?

“No... No. Just another client,” I said sheepishly.

Mark moved his chair closer to me and put his hand on my leg.

“I don't believe you,” Mark said.

He slid his hand up my leg up to my bare pussy. He pressed his finger into me with ease. I was completely soaked down there.

“Just really nice,” Mark said again chuckling. “Stand up and bend over the desk.”

I quickly did as Mark asked. My wet pussy clearly put him in the mood.

Mark positioned himself behind me and lifted my dress over my ass. I could already feel his hard cock pressing against my opening. He slowly pushed inside me with ease. I bit my lip as my pussy begin to spread open for his cock. A surge of pleasure instantly shot through my body. Having a dick inside me at this moment was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.

He started slow at first but then as my moans became louder, his pace went faster.

All I could think about was sucking my dad's cock. It was driving me wild and was about to cum already. This was so wrong to be thinking like this. In my head I was screaming no no no, but out loud I was screaming yes yes yes!

I was so stuck in my head and overcome with pleasure that I didn’t even realize when I shouted out, ”Fuck me, Daddy!”

Mark paused and said “Daddy? That's a new one.”

Oh shit!

“I uh...” I said flustered.

“Well why don't we just stick with Mr. Olson,” Mark said.

“Yes Mr. Olsen,” I responded.

Mark slowly started fucking me again, and then the phone rang. I grabbed the phone to look at it and it was Mark's wife.

Worst timing ever. I was so close to cumming.

“It's your wife,” I said, my voice jerking with each of his thrusts.

“Just tell her I'm in a meeting,” Mark said.

Mark slowed his pace as I answered the phone.

“Mr. Olsen’s phone,” I answered trying to maintain a professional tone while Mark fucked me.

“Hey Lindsey, give the phone to Mark please,” Mrs. Olson said.

“I'm sorry but he's in a meeting right now, can I take a message?”

“Ugh…just tell him I need to move our lunch up to 12.”

“Lunch at 12?” I repeated as I looked back at Mark seeking approval.

Mark continued slowly pressing in and out of me as he simply nodded.

“That will be fine Mrs. Olson, I'll be sure to let him know.”

“Thanks,” Mrs. Olson replied with a bit of attitude.


Mark's wife didn't like me very much however I don't think she actually liked anybody to be honest. I'm sure she knew that Mark fucks me but would never admit it. Without question she had a few guys on the side as well.

I hung up the phone as Mark increased his pace again. I knew he was close as his hands gripped tight around my waist. His movements became more erratic as I felt him tense up and shoot his load deep inside me.

No orgasm for me I guess...

Mark pulled his cock out of me and cum dribbled out of my pussy and on to the floor.

“Lindsey why don’t you clean this up and then we’ll get going. Don't want to keep the missus waiting,” Mark said.

“Yes Mr. Olson right away.” I went to go get some paper towels and cleaning supplies and quickly cleaned the cum off the hardwood floor. I gave myself a quick wipe too as I fixed myself up and went to meet back up with Mark.

The drive over to the restaurant was quiet at first until Mark finally spoke up.

“So where did Daddy come from?” Mark said.

“Uhhhh… it just kind of slipped out,” I responded.

I knew Mark suspected something was off. I'm not usually one for dirty talk during sex and I have always been a good girl type. Well… acted like a good girl anyway.

“Aha I see,” Mark said. “Maybe Tom triggered some daddy issues in you hmm?”

“Daddy issues?” I chuckled.

If only he knew.

“My dad and I get along great thank you very much.”

Which was true. Dad and I were always close when I was younger. When I left for college however, we stopped talking as much. Just the odd check-in phone call or text, and holiday gatherings. I guess we did grow apart when I started adulting.

“Whatever you say,” Mark chuckled.

The car pulled up to the restaurant, and I could see Mrs. Olsen and her assistant Jeffrey standing out front waiting. She looked annoyed as usual and Jeffrey was busy playing on his phone.

Mrs. Olsen (a.k.a. Cynthia) looked like your traditional trophy wife. She had long straight blonde hair, big fake tits, and an incredibly toned body for a woman her age. Especially a woman that has already given birth to two children. She did what most rich bored housewives do and started up a foundation for some sort of obscure charity, like the Foundation for Out of Work Hand Models or something like that.

I couldn’t keep track though because it's a new cause every single week it seems. In reality all she really did was just throw a bunch of dinner functions and parties. But it made her feel very important and you could see that this sense of entitlement went to her head.

Mark got out of the car and I followed. He went over to Cynthia giving her a quick peck on the lips. They look more like colleagues than they did a married couple to be honest. There was zero affection and it was like everything they did together was just to keep up appearances.

Mrs. Olson didn't even acknowledge me as we all went inside the restaurant.

As usual…

Mark and his wife went to their usual table while Jeffrey and I sat at the bar.

“So did you get fucked yet today slut?” Jeffrey said.

I giggled to myself. If only he knew how right he really was.

“Oh yeah, your mom's big cock does it for me every time,” I replied.

I hated Jeffrey. He was that weasel brown-nosing snob type I just couldn't stand. But he hated me to so it actually kind of worked out. Our attempted insults at each other were kind of like a mutual bond that we shared. It was kind of helpful because we spent a lot of time together during these lunch meetings or whatever meetings…

Jeffrey's face was glued to his phone so I decided this would be a good time for me to finally text my dad.

“So are we going to talk about what happened,” I texted.

Almost instantly I got a reply back. “What are you talking about?”

“Today at the meeting? Don't you remember?”

“I don’t remember anything aside from the boring old meeting.”

Okay so I guess we're just going to pretend like it didn't happen? That’s probably for the best anyways. I mean what really was there to be said? “Oh hey Dad, I sucked your dick…” “Oh hey daughter, I enjoyed it but we won't do it again okay...?”

I suppose this makes things a little easier.

“Well ok then… I suppose it was just a boring meeting. I’ll talk to you later, ” I replied.

At least the meeting had snacks! Wink wink.

I enjoyed my lunch and the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I still couldn't stop thinking about what happened no matter how hard I tried. I just hope this doesn't make things awkward.

I got home around 5 and I was horny and frustrated. I went and sat on the couch and I moved my hand between my legs. I slowly traced my fingers over my slit. I pressed my middle finger inside me. I was so wet and I could still feel Mr. Olsen’s cum inside me. I started to drift off into ecstasy as I fingered myself.

I pulled down the top of my dress and begin massaging my breast. My mind raced with the day’s events. The thought of my dad's cock in my mouth was driving me wild. I was so lost in lust that I didn't even hear the front door open.

“Well hey there,” said a man's voice.

I froze and stopped what I was doing and opened my eyes. Standing there was my husband with a big stupid grin on his face.

“Long day?” Neil said as he dropped his briefcase and took off his jacket and tie.

“Oh hey I didn't even hear you come in,” I said as I quickly started trying to readjust my dress.

“Well hey don't stop on my account,” Neil said. “In fact, why don't you let me help you.”

Neil got on his knees between my legs and started lifting my dress again. He brought his face down to my thighs and begin kissing them.

I was flushed with embarrassment as I tried to stop him. Surely he would have been able to taste the cum in me.

“No no honey that's okay you don't have to,” I said eagerly.

“Just shhh,” Neil said as he started running his tongue between my pussy lips.

I felt so good that I completely forgot why I was trying to stop him. I needed to get off so bad and his tongue was just the tool. I just moaned and laid my head back. His tongue pressed between my labia and inside me. He then ran his tongue up to my clit it started teasing it. Neil sucked on my clit gently and I could hear him fiddling with his pants.

“You taste amazing today,” Neil said as he got up and began stroking his cock in front of me.

“Oh, haha,” I chuckled with relief. “I started a new diet. Maybe that’s why?”

Really? A new diet? I could have thought of something better than that.

“Well whatever you are doing keep doing it,” Neil said grinning.

Oh. Never mind then! Safe! I can certainly keep doing “it”.

I was always so careful to clean my vagina before I came home but I guess I don’t have to worry about that now.

Insert hashtag #creampielife

Neil pressed his cock to my hungry pussy, slowly working his way inside me. It didn't take much, I was already so wet and stretched out from Mark earlier. I wrapped my legs around him as he started thrusting in and out of me. He leaned down to kiss me as we made love. I could taste the salty hint of semen on his tongue.

If only he knew. It did taste nice though.

I wrapped my arms around his neck holding the kiss, not letting him go. His thrusts were getting longer and deeper, faster and harder. I was so wound up from the day that it didn't take much for me to orgasm. I wrapped my legs around him tighter and held him closer as I began moaning and convulsing uncontrollably. My body shuttered and my pussy clenched around his cock as I felt him start to shoot his seed inside of me.

Neil collapsed on top of me after we both simultaneously climaxed together.

“I needed that so bad,” I said panting and out of breath.

“Me too,” he said. “It’s been a very long day and this is the perfect way to finish it.”

“Hot tub?” I said as I stripped off my dress and headed to the back yard.

“I’ll bring wine!” Neil shouted from the kitchen.

Neil and I spent the rest of the night relaxing. I really was looking forward to a full weekend of doing absolutely nothing.

(The next morning)

Beep beep beep

What the fuck! I thought to myself as I reached over and grabbed my phone. I looked at it to see a text from Mark.

“Need you now! Get to the office asap.”

“Ugh…” I groaned as I fell out of bed and started getting ready.

I threw on a black pleated mini skirt and a white halter top. I finished it off with some black thigh high socks and a pair of black suede high heeled boots.

I hopped in my car and headed to the office as fast as possible. When I arrived Mark was in his office while a bunch of men waited in the board room.

“Good you are here! I need you to get legal up here asap and tell them to bring everything they have on the Synergy account,” Mark said.

“Yes Mr. Olsen,” I responded as I quickly went to do as instructed.

I had never heard of Synergy before. They must be new I thought to myself.

I did as I was asked and then brought some coffee and pastries to the board room. I could feel all the men watching me as I entered the room and bent over to place the tray on the table. I knew my skirt was riding high and probably showing off plenty. I didn’t wear any underwear again that day because it's what Mark would have wanted.

Or I just forgot. It happens when you are used to going commando.

Mark always tells me, "Nothing makes business easier than a little eye candy."

“Nice to see you again Lindsay,” said one of the men with a familiar voice. Chills shot through my spine as I turned around to see my father smiling. I blushed hard knowing I probably just flashed my father my ass and possibly more.

“You look beautiful as usual,” my dad said. In a futile attempt I clenched at my skirt trying to lower it a bit and cover myself more. There wasn’t really much to work with so it didn’t really help.

“T.. thank you Mr. Percival,” I responded nervously. “Is there anything else I can get you?”

“Nothing right now,” my dad responded slyly.

“Seems you are quite fond of my assistant Tom,” said Mark said as he entered the room.

“What’s not to be fond of?” my dad replied.

“Well consider her yours then. Contact her with anything you ever need and she will take care of you,” Mark said sounding very pleased with himself.

“Anything?” My dad and I both said at the same time.

What the fuck, Mark!

“Anything,” Mark said with a wink.

My dad looked at me and smiled. “I will be sure to take full advantage. Thank you, Mark.”

Wait, what?

I nodded and left the room so their meeting could begin. That “anything” made me nervous. If it was anyone else I would know exactly what “anything" would entail, but my dad would never take advantage of me like that… or so I thought anyway.

The meeting concluded and everyone stood up and began shaking hands. I entered the board room again to start cleaning up. The men began leaving and while I wasn’t looking, one of the men reached under my skirt and grabbed my ass. I looked back to see who it was but all I saw was a crowd of black suits heading out the door.

Sneaky sneaky…

“You can take off as well Lindsay,” Mark said as he was doing something on his phone. “I gave Tom your cell number. I trust you will take care of him. He is a very important client and he is very attracted to you.”

“Attracted to me?” I said nervously.

“Oh you have no idea,” Mark said chuckling.

What does that mean?

“Yes of course, Mr. Olsen.”

I headed home and tried to decipher what Mark meant.

Surely he couldn’t mean that my dad was actually attracted to me sexually, could he?

Beep beep

I checked my phone to see a text from my mother.

“Linds your dad told me that you are both going to be working together now. I am so proud of you and I think we need to celebrate. Your dad and I are coming over tonight.”

“Sure mom. Sounds like I don’t really have a say in the matter,” I responded.

I wonder how much he actually told her.

(Later that night)

My parents came and we all had dinner and chatted about everything from the weather to politics. I thought things with dad and I might be weird but it felt just as it always did. Until the alcohol started flowing.

My dad suggested we take advantage of the hot tub.

I got changed into my pink string bikini and headed to the back yard. Mom and dad were already sitting in the hot tub and Neil was in the kitchen cleaning up.

“Wow!” my dad said as I approached the tub. “You look amazing! Come sit beside me.”

I could feel my dad’s eyes examining every inch of my body. I blushed and smiled, not sure how to react. I was flattered but even more confused at the same time. I slipped into the hot tub beside him with a bit of distance between us, but he slid closer to me until our legs were touching.

Mom was sitting across from us in her one piece and looking a bit tipsy. “So are you excited about working with your dad?” she asked.

“I am...” I started saying but was interrupted by my dad.

“Her boss has assigned her as my personal liaison, so she has to do anything I want,” my dad said proudly.

My dad placed his hand on my thigh under the water. My eyes went wide as I looked down, but I was unable to see anything with all the bubbles.

“Oh you poor girl,” my mom said to me.

You have no idea!

I chuckled nervously as my dad's hand slid up my leg. I could feel his pinky finger trying to slip under my bikini bottoms.

Dad! What are you doing?

I couldn’t believe what he was doing right now. I was so turned on by his touch but this was wrong. I grabbed his hand to stop him from going any further under my bikini.

“And her boss said she can’t refuse any request,” my dad said as he pinched my thigh. He was talking to mom but that comment was clearly meant for me.

And so my obedience becomes my curse.

I reluctantly released his hand and allowed him to continue exploring. Dad wasted no time as he pushed my bikini bottoms to the side and began tracing his fingers around my mound. I was getting so aroused but I had to keep a straight face.

“Don’t worry mom I’m sure dad will have mercy on me, right dad?” I said as I turned to look at him.

“Well of course Linds. This is going to be fun I think,” dad said as he pushed one of his fingers inside my wanting pussy.

I gasped as he entered me. His fingers are huge and even one filled me up quite nicely.

Well I guess now I know what he means by “fun”.

Neil finally returned from cleaning and slipped into the hot tub beside me.

Oh my god! What if he notices what my dad is doing to me?

I was trying to think of a way out of this situation but my dad’s persistent fingers were making any rational thought difficult.

“Linds you look a little flushed,” my mom said to me. My father’s finger working in and out of me clearly was starting to have a visual effect of me.

“No, I’m fine mom don’t worry,” I said even though I clearly wasn’t fine. I was so turned on and my dad was so good with his hands. I was going to climax.

“Are you sure?” Neil said. “Maybe you are just overheating in the hot tub?”

Neil wrapped his arm around me and my dad started finger fucking me even faster. I couldn’t hold out anymore. My hands gripped at the legs of both my dad and Neil as an orgasm ripped through my body. I bit my lip trying to hide it but a small moan slipped out anyway.

“Mmmm oh fuck!” I gasped with notes of ecstasy. “You know I think the alcohol and the hot tub is a bad mix right now. I think I just need some water.”

I pulled my dad’s hand from my pussy and fixed my bikini before exiting the hot tub and heading for the kitchen. I collapsed on the floor as I ran my hands over my body, finally able to enjoy the pleasure I just experienced. I was hot as hell but it’s wasn’t because of the hot tub.

“Are you ok?” my dad said as he approached me, dripping wet.

“Ya I’m fine daddy,” I said.

Daddy? I haven’t called him daddy since I was like sixteen. What was happening to me?

“Good. We don’t have a lot of time.”

Time? Time for what? I thought to myself, but my question was quickly answered.

My dad dropped his soaking wet swimming trunks and held his cock in his hand. I looked up at him with that “are you serious” look.

“But… but… I’m your daughter,” I pleaded with him. My eyes drifted back to his massive cock as I bit my lip. It really was a beautiful penis as far as penises go.

“It's nothing you haven’t done already, besides… it’s your job,” my dad said.

This is so wrong but he is right.

“Y-yes daddy,” I sighed as I got to my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my hand and began stroking it. He was only semi-erect but still was bigger than Neil and Mark. I gently licked the tip with my tongue. All I could taste was the chemicals from the hot tub.

I reached for a towel and dried off his cock and balls before tasting it again.

“Okay, better!” I said as I wrapped my lips around his shaft. I ran my lips over his shaft getting it coated with my saliva before I really got going with my tongue. I gripped the base of his cock as I ran my tongue up his veiny shaft.

I took his cock back in my mouth and took as much of him as I could. I was able to deep throat Neil and Mark but I could only get half of my dad’s cock in my mouth.

Dad ran his fingers through my wet hair while I continued working on him.

“Thomas? Is she okay?!” I heard my mom yell.

“Yes, she will be fine. She just needed a snack!” my dad shouted back.

Well now my dad's cock is a snack I guess… well it does finish with a protein shake so I guess it’s kinda accurate.

I felt him tense up as he pushed my head down deeper onto his cock. I almost choked as my dad groaned and his pulsing member shot a ton of hot cum down my throat. He finally released my head and I pulled his dick out of my mouth and licked it clean.

“Better daddy?” I said as I looked up at him wiping my mouth. Those words made me feel so dirty but so proud.

“That was the perfect princess,” he said as he reached down and helped me back to my feet. “We should get back before they worry anymore.”

I nodded and followed him back to the hot tub. The rest of the night was enjoyable but my mom got drunk and needed to head home.

That night I went to bed knowing things are only going to get weirder.

(The next week)

It was Tuesday and the morning at the office went as usual. Coffee, groping, briefs, BJ for Mark, first meeting of the day etc… the usual stuff.

I thought a lot about what happened with my dad over the weekend. I tried to make sense of it but it was clear that wouldn’t be possible. All I knew was that I sucked his cock twice and I liked it.

“So what’s up next Lindsay?” Mark asked.

“Well we have the meeting with Mr. Percival planned but I did not receive a confirmation from his office yet.”

“Oh he will be here. I’m sure of that,” Mark said with a smirk. “Lift your skirt for me.”

“Yes Mr. Olsen,” I said as I lifted my red flared skirt exposing my black thong underneath.

“Right take that off please. You won’t be needing it,” he said as he pointed at my underwear.

“Yes Mr. Olsen,” I said as I peeled off my thong and went to stuff it in my desk drawer.

I returned to Mark's office to see that my dad had already arrived. He was sitting there on the couch with a very pretty redhead that was maybe a few years older than me. I was very shocked to see that she was stroking his cock while he talked with Mark.

“Oh perfect timing!” my dad said as he noticed me enter the room. “You look beautiful as always.”

“Thank you Mr. Percival,” I said while I glared at the girl stroking my father.

Was I jealous of her? I shouldn’t be but… A possessive instinct came over me that just screamed “Don’t touch him! He is mine!”

“Well… shall we get started then?” Mark asked, clearly enthralled by the redhead as well.

“Yes of course, Mark, but if you don’t mind I think I would like Lindsay on my lap while we finish this up,” said my dad.

“Of course,” Mark said as he looked over at me with a nod.

I nodded and headed over to my father and sat on his knee. The redhead holding my father's cock chuckled. I immediately shot her an evil look both because I was jealous and confused about what was so funny.

“Lindsay I said I want you to sit on me,” said my dad. Now I was even more confused.

I am sitting on you!

“I uhh, am?” I stammered.

My dad placed his hands on my waist and lifted me up and pulled me closer to him. I was hovering inches above his cock as the red-headed girl licked her fingers and began rubbing my pussy.

A light bulb finally went off in my head when I realized that she was getting me ready for my dad’s cock.

I froze for a moment as I contemplated what I was actually about to do. Sucking my dad's cock was one thing but fucking him would be going too far.

I looked at Mark, and then back at my father, and then back at Mark. I was clearly shocked by what was about to happen.

My dad slowly started lowering me again. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing on my pussy while the redhead guided it, searching for my opening. Finally she found it and I could feel the head of my father’s massive cock press inside of me.

“Wait!” I shouted as I braced my hands on the couch preventing myself from lowering any further. I looked around at everyone hoping someone might object.

I can’t do this! We can’t do this! This is incest!

“It's ok,” my dad whispered in my ear.

His words relaxed me somehow. It was almost as if he knew what I was thinking and just knew I needed reassurance.

“Are you sure?” I whispered back to him.

“Very sure, Princess,” he whispered back.

Mark was looking at me confused. He wasn’t used to seeing me resist.

I reached for the redhead's arm and moved it out of the way. I started slowly lowering myself on my father’s massive manhood. He was stretching me out so much. I felt so full as I got half of his cock inside me. Shivers shot through my body as he slid in me more and more until I was finally sitting on his lap, completely stuffed with his member.

I started to lift myself again but he wrapped his arms around me and held me down.

“Just be still for now princess. We need to conclude some business first."

Sit still? But why?

I nodded and tried to comply but it was so hard not to try to bounce on his cock. It felt so nice inside of me.

Now that I was settled the redhead got up and disappeared behind Mark's desk. On her knees with his cock in her mouth clearly but I didn’t care about that for some reason. I felt more relieved actually that she wasn’t touching my father anymore.

Mark and my dad talked about their deal and I tried to sit still but I just couldn’t. My hips kept moving on their own forcing my dad’s cock to shift inside me. He reached his hand under my skirt and started making little circles on my clit. This did not make things any easier.

I was so zoned out in my pleasure that I didn’t notice anything either of them were saying until one key thing was mentioned.

“So are we going to add the assistant swap in the contract or are we just going to shake on it?” Mark asked.

“Wait, what?” I said confused.

“You are going to be working for me from now on,” my dad said.

I looked at Mark shocked at the fact that he would just trade me, but I was also excited. My dad’s cock inside just sitting there was teasing me so much. I wanted him to just fuck me so bad and now the thought of getting to fuck him at work all the time was making me crazy with lust.


I uncontrollably started bouncing on my dad’s cock. He tried holding me down but I just couldn’t stay still anymore.

“Please just fuck me!” I begged.

Mark chuckled as he looked at me squirming. “Looks as if you are going to like your new boss even more than me. I’ll let you two have some fun and we can sign the contract after.”

My dad just nodded as he finally released me. I started riding him instantly as Mark and the redhead headed off to another room.

The second they were gone I stood up and pulled my shirt off over my head and unzipped my skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Now naked I climbed back on my father straddling him. I kissed him passionately while my hand fumbled with his cock trying to push it back inside of me.

“Oh my god daddy! Fuck me Daddy!”

“Every day, princess! You are mine now!” my dad groaned as I bounced up and down on his cock.

Those words drove me wild as I arched my back and wrapped my arms around my father’s neck. I pressed my breasts into his chest and buried my face into his shoulder while the most powerful orgasm I ever had shot through my body.

“Mmmmm fuck I’m cumming daddy!” I screamed.

My dad picked me up and laid me on Mark's desk. He held my legs up as he began pounding my sopping wet pussy. I gripped my hands on the edge of the desk to keep from flying off.

“I’m yours, daddy! I’m your dirty little assistant now!” I screamed as his shaft plunged in and out of me. “You can have me whenever you want!”

My dad looked deep into my eyes as he groaned. His cock began pulsing inside me shooting waves of hot cum deep in my womb.

I gripped the desk harder as I moaned uncontrollably while a second orgasm shot through me.

“Daddy!” I screamed again.

I laid there panting while my dad slowly moved in and out of me. My pussy milking every drop from his still twitching cock. He slowly pulled his member out of me. I reached down with my hand to hold my pussy and keep his hot seed from leaking out of me.

“That was amazing,” my dad said while he did up his pants.

I couldn't move and just laid motionless on the desk. Mark and the redhead returned to the room observing the aftermath.

“Looks like you two had fun,” Mark said chuckling. “Amber can you clean Lindsay up please?”

“Yes Mr. Olsen,” Amber said.

Amber? What a cliché name for a redhead. I thought to myself, oblivious to the task that she was just given.

I watched her as she moved her head between my legs.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Cleaning,” she responded with an excessively cute sounding voice.

You sound like an anime character.

She grabbed my hand and moved it out of the way as she engulfed my pussy with her mouth. I felt her tongue inside me as she sucked out all of the cum she could. She then lifted her head and brought my hand to her mouth, sucking on my fingers and licking my palm.

Amber stood up again and said “All clean Mr. Olsen."

What, do you want a gold star? I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes.

Mark and my dad finished signing the contracts while I got dressed.

“You can take the rest of the day off and gather your things from here princess,” my dad said.

I blushed at being called princess in front of everyone.

“Yes Mr. Percival. Thank you,” I said as I headed to my desk.

My dad left and I finished packing my things. Mark came and sat on my desk.

“Lindsay Percival,” he said with a grin. “I looked up your maiden name in your profile. Looks like I was right about the daddy issues.”

“I… uh… what?... Uh…no…” I stammered nervously.

“Don’t worry Lindsay. Your secret is safe with me,” Mark said as he leaned over to hug me. “I’m going to miss you.”

“I'm going to miss you too, Mr. Olsen,” I said as I hugged him back.

“I think you can call me Mark now… or we can try out that daddy thing again?” he chuckled.

I smirked at him and kissed his cheek. “Maybe we can,” I said as I grabbed my stuff and headed for the elevator.

I went home and spent the rest of the day relaxing until Neil got home. I told him about my new job and we spent the night celebrating.

“You know, I’m glad you are going to be working for your dad. Now I don’t have to worry about you having an affair with your boss.” Neil said laughing.

I think he was only half joking. If only he knew how wrong he was.

The end… maybe….?


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Copyright © Copyright © Lindseee. All Rights Reserved.

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