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Peeping Son

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Things get interesting when Mom catches me and a friend spying on my sister

I grew up a normal boy in a normal household, interested in the usual – football and girls. My parents married young. My older sister Rhonda was born when Mom and Dad were just eighteen. I came along just two years later. Our family lived on a small farm in a small town. The town where I went to school had very few cute girls. Actually, my sister Rhonda was the best looking girl in the school.

When I was thirteen Dad was killed in a freak farming accident, so that just left Mom, Rhonda and me at the house. By the time I turned sixteen, my friends had noticed how hot my mom and sister were. My friends would tell me I had it made living with two pretty women, but I didn't understand what the hell they meant.

I think my best friend, John, put it best. "Haven't you noticed how cute your sister is? And your mom is a real hotty, too. If I were you, I would set up a way to get a look at them in the shower. Just think about that pussy you could be watching."

What can I say? We were teenage boys and any female was fair game.

Okay, so I didn't have to be told twice. I was obsessed after that suggestion from John, and in a very short time I had rigged up a way to pop the screen out of my bedroom window and hang a mirror out and line it up with the bathroom, which was right next to my room. I had a straight shot into the shower.

Pay dirt! Now I just waited for the shows to begin, and begin they did. The first time my good-looking sister Rhonda went into the shower, I was watching. When she stripped off her clothes and turned on the water, my stiff dick was in my hand. And it didn't take me to long to shoot my load all over the floor in my room.

Then Mom hit the shower later that same night. I really hadn't noticed how good-looking my thirty-nine-year-old mom was until that moment. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, small firm breasts and an ass that wouldn't stop. Just like Rhonda!

When I told John about the show, he wanted in. "Hey, it was my idea in the first place," he whined.

I finally gave in. "Okay, stay over Saturday night. But get ready for some good-looking female flesh," I said, trying to sound cool. Little did I know what would end up happening.

About an hour or so after John came over, Rhonda went into the bathroom to take a shower before dinner. We weren't far behind. As soon as we heard the water start, we had the mirror out the window and were in teenage bliss. We must have been acting suspiciously in our haste to go upstairs because, to our horror...

"Just what the hell do you two young men think you are doing?" came the all too familiar voice of my mom from the doorway behind us.

I almost fell, spinning around and dropping the mirror onto the cement patio with a huge crash as it smashed into a million pieces.

"Ah...just know...ah..." I stammered, my face turning beet red.

"Well, let’s just see what you two find so interesting out that window."

With two teenage boys hanging out a window with a mirror shining into a bathroom where an eighteen-year-old-girl was taking a shower, well, Mom figured it out pretty quick.

"So, David, spying on your sister. And getting your friend in on the crime, too. Just what do you think you're doing – a little sex education? Did you spy on me too, David?"

"Ah...yes, I guess," I said, trying to keep from crying.

"How about you, John? Did you spy on me too?"

"No, ma'am!" I thought John was about to shit his pants. He looked so scared. Then came the biggest shock of my life. "Ever jack off looking at me, Davy? Did you sit in here masturbating, wishing you were in there with your sister or me? Well, did you?"

"Ah, yes...I guess so."

"Hmmm, then I guess that you liked what you saw, huh?" Then, to further my humiliation, she called to Rhonda, asking her to come into the room and explained what we were doing.

"Well, if you two boys have been looking at us, it's only fair that we see you," was the shocking statement from the lovely lips of my freshly showered sister. "Let's see those little dicks of yours!"

We stood there with our hands crossed over our crotches in misery. I don't know about John, but I was about ready to fall through the floor with shame. After my Mom backed up Rhonda and sternly demanded that we comply, we started to slowly take off our clothes.

"Come on, boys, let’s hurry it up. We don't have all day!" Mom was in a hurry I guess.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, we were standing there, two nude lads with our hands covering our crotches and my mom and sister staring at us.

"Hmm, okay, now take your hands away from those little dicks so we can see what you got there."

I could see John's face was bright red, but I also noticed that as his hands came away from his crotch he had a big stiff dick that any sixteen-year-old would be proud of.

"Not bad," said Rhonda as she inspected John's teenage equipment. "Now you, you little jerk."

I followed John's actions, knowing that I was smaller than him. But I was grateful that at least I was hard. Even though I was a little smaller I wasn't all that much smaller.

"No, not bad at all," said Mom. "Do you boys know what to do with those cocks?" she asked as she reached out and grabbed both of our dicks. We both jumped in surprise at her touch. Neither of us had ever been touched there by a female before and I have to say it had quite an effect on us.

"What is it that you liked about watching Mom? Her tits or her pussy? Maybe her ass? How about me, you little pervs? Did you like my tits? How about your little friend here, ever touch a real tit before, Johnny boy? Ever seen a cunt up close?"

Rhonda dropped her robe and started fingering herself standing in front of us. "Come on, Johnny, I'm going to teach you a lesson you will never forget."

Mom asked, "What about it, David, my tits?" With that, she opened her blouse to reveal her firm tits. "Or maybe my cunt, huh?" I stood there trembling as she undid her pants and let them drop to the floor in front of me.

Mom reached down to her crotch and spread her pussy lips for me. "Come here, young man, and get a closer look. You can't see that well through the window.”

I did as she asked and walked over to her with my stiff dick swaying in front of me. Mom caught me by the arm and pushed me down onto my knees in front of her. Then to my shock, she grabbed a big clump of my hair and pulled my face to her hairy pussy.

I couldn't believe I was eating my mother’s pussy, at the same time my best friend was losing his virginity to my sister right next to me on the floor of my room. I glanced over at them from time to time and saw Rhonda pull John down to rest on top of her. I almost stopped eating Mom out when I saw John's butt begin to rise and fall and knew that he was screwing my sister right there in front of both my mom and me.

I was brought back from the sight of my best friend screwing my pretty sister when Mom said, "David, your punishment for peeping on us is going to be getting me off. I haven't had a good orgasm since your dad died, and I want to see if you can be as good a man as he was. You're going to fuck me as long as I want. I don't care if you cum or not. I'm your mother and I make the rules!"

"Yes, Mom," I mumbled with Mom’s pussy still pressed against my mouth.

I pulled away from her crotch and stood up in front of her. I pulled Mom over to my narrow little bed and gently pushed her down and climbed up between her spread legs.

It was almost like magic. I knew the basics of how to fuck but had never done it other than in my dreams. But everything went just like a dream as I sank my aching cock all the way to the hilt into my mother's willing cunt. I was in absolute heaven as her hot slick flesh enveloped my virgin dick.

I started frantically screwing my mom for a minute. As I was pumping away in her cunt, I looked at John and Rhonda; she was now giving him a great looking blowjob. Seeing my best friend’s cock going in and out of my sister's mouth, and looking down at my own cock pistoning in and out of Mom, and the thought of just what the fuck was happening, was too much for me to take.

I guessed Mom could feel me building up to an orgasm because she whispered into my ear, "Not yet, Davey, let me feel your hard cock just a little longer."

But when John shot a huge load of cum all over my sister's face that was it for me. "Mom, I'm gonna cum!"

"That's right, cum in me, baby! Let me have my peeping son's cum deep in me!"

With that, I let go a load of pent-up teenage cum that even surprised her.

"Gee, baby, you're just like your dad. A good, hot load after a good, long fuck."

All I could do was lay there on top of Mom trying to catch my breath.

"Now, John, next time you come over to spend the night, I better not find you boys peeking on Rhonda and me again. Or we’ll have to punish you two again. We wouldn't want that now, would we?"

"No ma'am," John said with an exhausted smile on his face. "Can I stay over Sunday night? Please."





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