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It's a scorching day and the tension between Brandy and her dad grows.

I was soaking wet when I woke and the sheets stuck to my body as I moved across the bed, trying to get up. The sun shone through the windows and it must have been ninety degrees inside.

I opened the window and I gasped at the heat. The breeze felt like a hair dryer on my face.

I went to the kitchen dressed in only panties and a halter top. Sweat ran down my back and my armpits. A drop of sweat ran down my forehead and onto my nose. I wiped it away and sighed.

In the kitchen, I found my father standing by the sink, filling the coffee maker. When he heard me he turned around.

“Dad! What the fuck… please.”

He looked down at his morning erection, clearly visible through his boxers. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry, Brandy.”

He quickly turned around but the image was already burned into my mind. I opened the fridge door and the cool air that flowed over me was like velvet on my skin. My nipples turned hard and I rubbed them a little. I drank directly from a chilled carton of OJ.

“Brandy, use a glass.”

I turned to my father, still drinking, and some juice trickled down my chin and onto my boobs. After a moment, I stopped gulping and sighed.

“Sorry, I was so thirsty.”

My dad’s gaze lingered on my juice-covered top and I knew he could see my nipples jutting against the fabric. It was a weird feeling, having him stare at me.

It was actually in June when I first caught him looking differently at me. There was something in his eyes, a bit like when a cat watches a mouse before it pounces. At first, I felt uncomfortable, but then I liked it. It felt good that my dad liked the way I looked. None of the boys in school seemed to like me.

I guess I’m not the prettiest girl. I have mousy brown hair that never seems to be the way I want it. I have freckles and I’m pretty much blind without my thick glasses. My skin is pale — I don’t tan at all — and I guess my only strength is my body. I have firm, high tits, and a pert ass, but I don’t wear tight clothes and so the guys at school don’t notice my body. But my dad sure did.

“What’s for breakfast?” I asked, sitting at the kitchen table.

“Bacon, eggs, and toast. The usual.”

He put a plate of food on the table and, from the corner of my vision, I noted that he still had a hard-on. There was an uncomfortable tension in the room and so I said, “Thanks, it looks great.”

“You’re welcome. Any plans for today, honey?”

It was Saturday, so no school. “No, I’ll just hang around the pool and keep cool, I guess.”

“Sounds like a plan. I need to run some errands but I should be back in an hour or so.”



I didn’t have any errands to run, I just needed to get out of the house. Being there alone with Brandy dressed only in her panties and that juice-covered top was too much. My wife had left me for another man a year earlier. She left a note that said Fuck You, and that was it. No explanation, no reason, just left me and Brandy.

Living an hour's drive from the closest town made my social life shitty. I had tried internet dating but all the women just wanted to chat and not meet. I masturbated almost every day. I had thought about paying a prostitute but the idea of all the cocks before me turned me off.

One day, I'd got home early from work and when I walked past Brandy’s room I  heard noises, like as if someone was fucking. I knew that Brandy didn't have a boyfriend so I peeked.

She was sitting at her desk, her ass on the edge of the seat, and a porn video was playing on her computer of a woman sucking a dick. Brandy was pinching a pink nipple and her other hand was between her legs. As I watched, I heard the wet sound of her pussy being finger-fucked and my cock grew hard.

I quickly walked to my bedroom and closed the door. Leaning against it, I took a deep breath trying to come to terms with what I'd just seen. The fact that my daughter was masturbating wasn’t a big deal; it was quite normal for a sixteen-year-old girl. But the fact that she was watching porn was a surprise. If I had a son and caught him watching, I wouldn’t think twice about it.

I calmed myself but my cock was still hard. I went to the bathroom and jerked off while imagining Brandy finger-fucking herself. Afterward, I felt guilty and promised myself to never again use her as a jerk-off tool.

It didn’t work. From that day in May, I constantly used that image of my daughter masturbating to jerk off. The more I did it, the more natural it became until the day I realized I wanted to fuck her.


When Dad had left, I thought about masturbating. Over the last year, I had become hornier. In the beginning I had just gently touched my pussy and rubbed my clit until I came. By now, I was fucking myself with two fingers pushed in as far as I could reach. I never seemed to get enough. Usually, I did it once in the morning and then several times after school. It was just such a great feeling, coming over and over again until my legs trembled and I lay exhausted on my bed.

In the end, I decided against it. It was too hot to masturbate. It would have to wait for the evening or maybe in the shower later on.

I lay on one of the sunbeds in the shade under the large tree in our backyard. As I lay there, I thought about my mother and wondered why she had left me and Dad. She wasn't a very good mother, anyway. As a kid, she seldom hugged me or told me she loved me. She spent most of her time nagging at Dad and I felt sorry for him. Still, when she'd left, I cried a lot and was very upset. As time went by, I realized I didn't really miss her. But, I did feel a bit sad for my dad who was alone.

I knew they'd had an okay sex life. I often heard them fucking at night. I guess that was the only thing they had in common. These days Dad didn't get shit. He had told me about internet dating and how crappy it was. I had suggested he go into town and maybe go to a bar, but he said he didn't want to drink and drive. I figured he must masturbate as I did, which was cool, I guess. Poor guy had to do something.

As I lay there thinking about my dad jerking off, my mind drifted back to earlier and his morning erection. I'd never seen a cock in real life and I wondered what it felt like to touch one. Then, when I realized I was thinking about my dad's cock, I shivered. What the hell was wrong with me?


After driving into town and aimlessly walking around in the heat, I had a coffee at a cafe and then drove home. I'd been gone for two hours and thought that would be enough to calm down.

As I entered the house I called out for Brandy but there was no response. I went into the backyard and saw her lying on a sunbed. She was asleep, one leg slight pulled up and her hands were at her sides.

The bed was positioned so I saw her from the front. As I got closer, I could clearly see the outline of her pussy and the slit. Her breathing was light and her boobs rose slowly. I went a bit closer and, for a second, I thought about reaching down to caress the form of her pussy but I didn't. Instead, I stepped back and pulled out my hard cock. I began to jerk off while watching her. I was taking a huge risk: if she woke up there would be hell to pay but I was so horny I didn't care.

I moved my hand fast to get it done and over with. As the orgasm built in my crotch, my legs began to feel like rubber. When I came, I shot three thick globs of cum that landed on the grass and glistened in the sun. I quickly put my cock back and went inside.


I lay rock still with my eyes closed, trying to understand what had just happened. Well, I knew what had happened: my dad had masturbated while looking at me. I had been dozing but when he opened the door to the backyard it had creaked. I thought he would say something, but when he didn't, I figured he was just checking on me. When I heard his footsteps approaching, I peeked from behind almost-closed eyelids. I watched him stop, stare, step back and pull out his cock. It was such a shock I didn't move, just lay there watching him. He made funny faces as he jerked off and, when he came he closed his eyes and moaned a little.

I knew I was wet, I didn’t have to check. My pussy was burning and it wasn’t from the sun. I was horny, and it was wrong, so fucking wrong. I jumped in the pool to try too cool off and think of something else. But, as I swam a few laps, I couldn’t get my dad’s cock out of my mind. It was thick and quite long. His balls were big and there was a thick bush of pubic hair around the base.

I got out of the pool and let the sun dry me. That took about a nanosecond and, during that time, I made a decision.


I heard her jump in the pool and I thanked my lucky star that she hadn’t woken earlier. I took a beer from the fridge and put the can to my forehead. The cold made me feel better and I ran it over my cheeks. I was about to open it when I heard footsteps behind me.

“Dad, what the fuck was that?”

I stopped rolling the beer can and stood still. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind and in the end, I said a lame, “What?”

“You just came all over the grass after masturbating while watching me, that’s what.”

Her voice wasn’t angry, more like she'd stated a fact; not at all accusing.

I slowly turned around and opened the can. While drinking from it I watched her. She stood in her bikini a few feet from me. Her nipples were hard and her eyes cool.

I took the can from my lips. “Yeah, I did, and I’m very sorry for doing it.”

“Have you done it before?”

“No,” I lied.

“Will you do it again.”

“No, " I lied again.

She was quiet while her gaze ran from my eyes down to my crotch and back up again. “Are you hard?”


“Do you want to become hard?” As she spoke, she undid her top and it fell to the floor. Her boobs were large, a C cup with tiny pink nipples. I dropped the can. It rolled under the kitchen table, spilling beer all over the floor.

Brandy cupped her boobs an ran her thumbs over her nipples. “Do you want to touch?”

As in a dream, I saw my hands move forward as she took a step toward me. Then I had them in my hands, heavy, soft and firm. I sighed.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Her voice had changed pitch and was a bit deeper and hoarse.

“Yeah, god, they are firm.”

She closed her eyes and I felt her hands working my belt and buttons. My pants fell to the floor and a hand was inside my boxers. As she wrapped her fingers around my cock, her eyes flew open and she slowly went down on her knees.


I couldn’t believe I had my dad's cock in my hand. Using my free hand, I pulled down his boxers. By now it was rock hard and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I hadn’t planned so far ahead. All I was going to do when I walked into the house was to confront him. But something had changed and, before I knew it, I was on my knees. 

I looked up at him. “So, what do I do?”

He looked shell-shocked and not a word came from his mouth. I thought back to the pornos I had watched and they gave me an idea. I stuck out my tongue and let it circle his dark red cock head. As I did it, my dad sighed and so did I. I had never realized how soft the cock head was and how warm. As I licked it, I soon understood that one spot just under it must be extra sensitive because each time my tongue touched it my dad would gasp a little and his cock would jerk. 

I concentrated my attention there and after a while, a drop of clear liquid came out of his little hole. I licked and it was sweet. I opened my mouth wider and took his cock inside. My jaws and lips were stretched.

“Ah, careful with the teeth,” Dad moaned.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. It was hard to speak with my mouth full.

I began to move my head up and down as I had seen in the movies and, as I did it, more of the sweet liquid came out and it tasted wonderful. I cupped his balls and massaged them a little. The more I sucked on him the more he moaned and I loved every second of it.


Looking down at Brandy sucking my cock, I was torn between telling her to stop and letting her continue. It was so wrong what we were doing on so many levels. I didn’t quite understand how we'd ended up with her on her knees with my cock in her mouth. When her teeth scratched me, I asked her to be careful instead of pulling away and telling her to stop. It felt so good what she was doing and it was so long ago I'd had a blowjob. I figured one didn’t matter. We could blame it on the heat, claim we had heatstroke and had done something stupid.

Then it happened, I shot my load.

I had thought about telling her but my body just erupted and I didn’t have time. She pulled away and stared up at me with wide eyes and cum running down her chin, just like the OJ earlier.


I wasn’t ready for it when it came. Suddenly my mouth was full of this hot, funny-tasting liquid. The taste was different from the clear liquid I'd tasted earlier. As I pulled away, his cock slid out and what I realized was cum ran out. I spat the rest on the floor and wiped my mouth.

“Honey, I’m so, so, sorry,” he said. "Please forgive me. I should never have let you do that.”

I got up and our eyes met. “Dad, I wanted to, don’t feel bad.”

“But what we just did, it’s wrong.”

“I know it was, but who has to know? I won't tell.”

There was a long silence and, as it became uncomfortable, I said, “Now it’s your turn.”

Dad seemed to come back to reality. “What do you mean?”

“I want you to lick my pussy. Come...”

I took his hand and he followed me like a child. Up the stairs, along the corridor we walked. We didn’t speak and when we reached my bedroom I let go of his hand.

Inside, I took off my bikini bottom and lay down on the bed with my legs spread wide. Dad stood at the foot of the bed staring down at me. I ran a middle finger along my slit and it came away wet. Placing it on my lips, I whispered, “C’mon, Dad, get down there. I know you want to.”


She looked so hot where she lay. Gone was my previous concerns. Brandy obviously wanted me to eat her out so I wasn’t forcing myself on her. I got on the bed and lay down between her legs with my face above her pussy. She was cleanly shaved, not a hair in sight. Her pussy lips were pink and a bit swollen and her clit peeked out. I closed my eyes and ran my tongue along her slit and she moaned.

As my tongue opened her, I could taste her sweet juice. It was so different from her mother's which had been a bit sour. Brandy tasted of salt water and honey, at least in my mind. Licking and sucking her lips while stroking her thighs made her moan louder and her ass came off the mattress. She pushed my face harder against her pussy and I drank her. After a while, she began to squirm and her thighs locked my head in place.

“Oh fuck, fuck, Dad... Dad, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

With a drawn-out whine, her body tensed and then relaxed. Her thighs fell away from my head and, as I looked up at her face, she was smiling, her cheeks pink and her chest heaving.

She looked down at me. “That was amazing. So much better than playing with myself.”

I couldn’t help laughing. The situation was so absurd I didn’t really know what to say or do.

“Okay, so let’s keep this a secret and never talk about it again,” I said and crawled backward away from her.

“Hey, wait, stop,. Where are you going?” she said.

“I’m going to take a shower to clean this mess off me. Which I will never be able to do, obviously.”

“Why, Dad? I liked it and I guess you did too. I thought since we've gone this far, we might as well fuck.”


As soon as the word fuck had left my lips I realized I might have gone too far. Dad’s chin dropped and he looked at me as if I was insane, which maybe I was. But one thing was for sure, my pussy needed cock.

“Brandy, this has gone too far already.”

“C’mon, we can always blame heatstroke for what we are doing. Remember?”

“I’m not putting my cock inside you.”

He was now standing at the foot of the bed and his cock was slowly going limp. I moved so I was kneeling on the bed and then took his hands in mine.

“Dad, I want to be fucked, okay. I’m sixteen years old and I still haven’t had a cock in me. All my friends at school have. The boys don’t even look at me so there is no chance of getting any from them. So please, please, fuck me. Look, I will even make it easy for you.”

I let go of his hands and turned around so I was on all fours. Pushing my ass up and opening my legs, I used my fingers to spread my pussy lips.

“There you go, all you have to do is stick it in me. Don’t worry, I’m on the pill since last year. The last thing Mom did before she left was make sure I was on the pill."


Her ass was perfect, like a juicy apple staring back at me. Her pussy looked so inviting and my cock rose to the occasion. Because I couldn’t see her face, the pussy and ass could belong to any teenage girl and I guess that’s what made me do it.

I stepped a bit closer and placed my hands on her hips. Her fingers found my cock and guided it to her entrance. As I felt the warmth and the softness of her lips, I gently pushed inside her.

“Oh, oh, shit, you are big,” she moaned into her pillow.

She was so tight I really had to push hard to get in. Then I reached her hymen and stopped. “Brandy, are you sure about this?”

She lifted her head. “Yeah, Daddy, take my virginity.”

In one hard push I broke through. Brandy raised her head and cried out but I didn’t care. I began to pound her pussy as if there was no tomorrow. I even slapped her ass a little for being such a naughty girl.


When Dad’s cock broke through, pain shot through me and I screamed out. To my surprise, he didn’t stop but began to fuck me hard. As the pain seared through my body, a glimmer of pleasure began to grow and slowly my pussy adjusted to his thickness and I was loving it.

“Oh, Daddy, your cock, it’s amazing.”

“Yeah, you like Daddy fucking you?”

He slapped my ass a few times. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m such a slut letting my daddy fuck me.”

He pulled out and rolled me over. Placing my legs over his shoulders, he lined up his cock with my pussy. I used my elbows to raise up just in time to see his cock head spread my pussy lips and disappear into me again.

My mouth was half open and I looked into his eyes while he fucked me. “Yes, give it to me, Daddy, fuck my little pussy hard.”

And he did. It felt so good I fell back again and held my boobs in place so they wouldn't bounce too much. My body was reacting to his onslaught and a warm feeling began to grow from my pussy outwards. I let go of my boobs and dug my fingers into the sheets.

“Yes, yes, I’m coming!”

Dad didn’t say anything, he just kept on fucking me hard. Then I came. I held my breath and my mouth flew open. I stared at his face and guessed that he wasn’t far away from coming.


Brandy’s pussy kept on squeezing my cock after she had come. I managed two or three deep thrusts before emptying my load inside my daughters pussy. My cook slowly went slack and slipped out of her and she moaned a little. I watched as the cum trickled out. Brandy slid a middle finger between her swollen pussy lips and then popped the finger into her mouth and sucked it.

“Mmm, Daddy, you taste so good.”

Her body was covered in sweat and her cheeks were red from the heat and from fucking. She smiled up at me and I slowly shook my head.

“This is pretty fucked up, Brandy.”

She giggled. “Yeah, it is, but I thought it was cool.”

I got off the bed and was about to leave when she added, “Daddy, don’t be too long. I want your cock inside me again.”

“Brandy, remember one thing. This is all happened because we had heatstroke.”

She laughed. “C’mon, you have wanted to fuck me since the day you saw me rub my pussy.”

I felt myself blush. “You knew?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Oh shit, well, fuck it. Let's have fun as long as we both enjoy it.”



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