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Watching My Daughter

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Dad spies on his daughter masturbating and discovers more about himself than his daughter.

I shouldn’t have done it really. It was a kind of a game that went a little too far, but here I was watching the laptop screen with my cock in my hand and I was as stiff as fuck. I was pumping it urgently. I wanted it to spurt all over the fucking screen at the sexy slut I was watching on the monitor. The slut, was herself, openly masturbating and sticking her fingers into her pussy with increasing urgency. The same slut that was breathing heavily, irregularly and the same slut that was now panting as her orgasm was about to let loose. Her facial and bodily language showed the pleasure and emotion of her orgasm and the words; the words were raw, and full of sexual abandon. She was such a slut.

Sally and I had been on our own for about two years, since my wife, and her mother, had died from a tragic accident. In the two years, she had grown into a very sexy woman and was attending a photography course at an art college. She had handled the trauma of the situation in a very grown up way.

It was actually my daughter that started it all off some months ago. She started to sneak around the house with a camera permanently switched on and ready for action. She said she was doing a portfolio and study for college that involved life in the home. She was taking pictures of home cooking, which I prided myself on, and the normal day-to-day life of sitting around watching the TV, car repair mechanics, gardening and everything related to a week-long event in our humble household.

She even took pictures of me in the bathroom once when I was leaning over the sink cleaning my teeth, but it went a little too far when she burst into the bathroom one evening when I was sitting on the loo. As it was, I was in a contemplative mood, and it was just as well that my cock was tucked away rather than bolt upright with my hand on it.

“What the fuck-” I shouted at her.

I heard the click, click of the camera as she just stood there and took some shots. I nearly got up and ran at her but I realised that my trousers were down around my ankles, and apart from the embarrassment, I wouldn’t have caught her anyway.

“Get out…NOW!” I shouted.

She finally got the message and left.

“I‘m going to get a camera and get you back for that!” I exclaimed.

She giggled and laughed out loud.

“You wouldn‘t know how to use one,” she teased me.

When I had time to think about it, she was probably right.

Then the idea hit me.

What I was good at was web-site engineering, and computers were second nature to me. Then I thought of webcams. Not the usual type of webcam, but the tiny ones, the ones you could hardly see; covert cameras.

In an instance it had become a game and I was going to get her back, just enough pictures to make her embarrassed, I thought. I purchased two of the covert cameras from the internet and was on tenterhooks waiting for them to be delivered. A week later, I took a day off work and installed the cameras, cleverly hiding them. They were wireless, so no need for tell-tale leads that could easily be stumbled upon.

I then went to my bedroom and turned on the laptop, installed the software and setup and initialized the cameras. Firstly, the bathroom came into view with a clear view of the whole room, then Sally’s bedroom came on-line and I had a clear view of her room looking onto the bed.

The game was on! And I was going to get my revenge by taking a few stills from the cameras and constructing a small web-site that I would publish on our home system. She was going to be embarrassed - big-time, but there was no need for her friends to find out.

I awoke the following morning to the sounds of the shower. I rushed over to my laptop and switched it on. I waited patiently for it to boot up and as soon as it did, I clicked on the BC icon standing for ‘Bathroom Camera’.

There she was sitting on the loo and pulling at her hair getting the larger knots out. She ripped off some paper and patted herself dry. I wondered why women always did that, it wastes so much paper, but I continued saving the movie as I took some stills as well. She then got up and looked at herself in the mirror over the sink. I watched as she wiped her eyes and studied herself, closely.

I was not prepared for what happened next. She raised her hand and started to stroke her breast.

My cock twitched.

Suddenly, I was not looking at my daughter, Sally, I was looking at a sexy woman with a gorgeous body and breasts to die for. I was looking at a woman with long legs and dark brown hair; hair that flowed over her breasts. I was looking at nipples that were hard and responding to her caresses.

I was staring at her display as my cock become very hard and erect. I pushed it down thinking it would go away. But it just made the feeling more pleasurable.

I looked at my cock and then returned to the monitor. Sally had now got into the shower and started to soap herself up. I was amazed at how much time was needed for a woman to wash her pussy, but I don’t think she was just washing it. My cock told me she was pleasuring herself. My cock was also telling me to grab it and wank it, but I decided not to listen to it this time. It was inappropriate.

I did take one still image, as my daughter half creased her body in the shower; presumably from her orgasm. I watched her as she got out of the shower and dried her hair and then her body. I watched as she moved out of sight of the camera and I heard the door to the bathroom open.

“Bathroom‘s empty Dad,” she shouted towards my bedroom. She always used to let me know she had finished.

I sat there with a guilty expression on my face, as my mind said to me, ‘Yes - I know, I watched you come!

My cock twitched at the thought and I relented. I grabbed my cock in my hand and started to pump it. Then my other hand hovered the mouse over the icon labelled BRC ‘Bedroom Camera’. I stopped myself from clicking on it.

I lay back on the bed stroking my cock. I browsed for the image directory and opened the still image of my daughter bending over as she was experiencing her orgasm. I pumped my cock to the image and my spunk shot out from my balls at the speed of light, covering my hand and chest in the process. I had not seen my spunk get that high in such a long time, and there was lots of it too.

It was despicable of me, but it became a bit of a ritual. Every time Sally had a shower, I started watching her. Every time, my cock became erect at the sight of my daughter’s wonderful body and every time I had a wank. So far, I had not dared to switch the bedroom camera on, but I knew, deep down that that moment was coming.

It was Tuesday, and I was experiencing one of those lonely nights, the ones where you feel as randy as fuck. I was horny and I looked at the laptop sitting in darkness a few feet away from me. I brought it over to the bed and switched it on. I looked at the screen. The only thing I saw was BRC. It just called to me, I was mesmerised by it. Then it seemed to click itself.

Sally popped into view. She was laying on her front and reading a book. I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw her fully clothed. I was about to switch the laptop off, my intrigue satisfied for the moment, but then she moved and put the book to one side. I watched and saw her get under the bed clothes, take her nightgown off and settle herself. I saw her push the bedclothes half way down around her waist and I watched as she fondled and caressed her breasts.

My cock hardened as I put the laptop down to the side of me and rested it on the bed. I did the same as her. I pushed the bedclothes down and I watched my cock spring to life. I then watched my own daughter masturbate as I wanked my cock slowly to the sight of her caressing her breasts. Although they were average size, they were pert and her nipples were erect. She looked horny, and she certainly made me feel horny.

I watched her hand disappear down under the bedclothes and I surmised she had found her pussy. Her body rocked forward at the shoulders as she pushed her hand onto it.

My hand stroked my cock and for the first time, I found myself thinking of how much I would like to fuck my cock into her as she lay there. I realised then that she could not have been my daughter, not if I was having thoughts like these. Not if I wanted to fuck her like I did. No, she must be some teenager that is sharing my house. But she was my daughter and I did feel like this. I suddenly felt ashamed of what I was thinking, watching, and masturbating to.

Then Sally pushed the bedclothes all the way down and I saw her opened thighs; her pussy, all wet and glistening as her fingers stroked it. I saw her reach over to the set of drawers next to her bed, open the top draw and remove a sizeable dildo. I was partly shocked. Where the hell had she bought that from? I wondered, and more to the point, when!

I watched intently as she positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. I watched as my hand once again found my cock and started pumping it. I guess my guilt had ended and it was time to enjoy the spectacle that my daughter was about to give me.

In my mind, I was urging her to push the dildo into her cunt, but she just played with it all around her pussy, teasing herself with it. I nearly cried out.

“Fuck yourself with it,” but luckily I held myself back, after all, the walls were not all that thick in this house.

I just masturbated as I watched her pleasure herself and watched the look on her face. Then I noticed that her lips had closed, her eyes had closed, and I watched, mesmerised, as she shoved the dildo right up her cunt in one go. It went straight in.

My hand pumped faster over my cock as my mind urged her onwards. I watched as she pushed the dildo into her body, almost removing it completely before pushing it back in again. I wanted it to be my cock but it wasn’t. She pulled her legs upwards and leant back on the bed. Then her hand went underneath her right thigh and she grabbed her substitute cock and pumped it into her urgently.

My hand was pumping my cock relentlessly.

“Come on girl, cum for me,” I urged her onwards, as I pumped my own cock and watched my own daugher’s orgasm build up before my eyes.

I was nearly there, I could feel my balls contract and my spunk started to flow out of them. I wanted her to come at the same time, but I couldn’t hold back. Then I heard Sally whimper through the walls. I heard her words ‘Oh! Fuck yesssss-’ and I knew she was coming and coming hard. I let myself go. I relaxed my body and pumped as hard as I could. I let my spunk shoot from the end of my cock all over my chest. It was such a wonderful fucking sight to see my spunk all over me and to watch my daughter orgasm on the screen at the same time.

I watched the screen and saw Sally’s hand slowly come to a halt as she removed the dildo from her cunt. She was panting, and she rested it on the side of the bed, her legs closed and straightened as she relaxed, sated for now. She finally sat up, grabbed the dildo and started to get out of the bed. I switched off the camera and finally closed down the laptop. I reached out for some tissues and cleaned myself up. I reckoned Sally was doing the same with her dildo as I was, with my cock.

The first night that I watched Sally was intense. It was excruciatingly horny to watch and to spy on her. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, but it was my daughter, it was wrong.

Yet, at the same time, I was hooked. After a week of spying on my daughter, sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night, I was reduced to a neurotic and permanently horny wreck that wanted to fuck and lick her so badly.

It was around this time that I noticed a distinct difference in how Sally was behaving around me. I had no reason to think that she had found out about my nocturnal activities, as things just happened along as normal. Yet I felt something had changed between us.

My nocturnal activities continued as I watched her undress at night but most of the time, recently anyway, she was just going to bed and masturbating under the covers. I pumped my cock, watching her, nevertheless. Then she started to be a little more of an exhibitionist, and she eventually started to masturbate and fuck herself with the dildo on top of the sheets. She always looked so horny, and sometimes, when she had an orgasm and scrunched her face up, I could see her mother, Karen, in her. She even arched her body in the same way.

It was on one of these nocturnal spying sessions that something happened that I was not expecting. Well, not expecting is a little tame. I was horrified at what happened.

I was watching Sally on my laptop, and as usual she started to play with her nipples and breasts first, pinching and pulling them and making her exquisite nips stand to attention. I loved watching her do that, and I felt my cock starting to grow in response to the scene in front of me. I once again placed the laptop on the bed beside me and watched.

Sally let her hand wander down to her pussy and she started to probe her outer lips before stroking her pussy. Her head was resting against the pillows and she had her eyes closed. Suddenly she opened her eyes, got off the bed and walked to the side of the room; out of view of the camera. I watched her return to the bed with her laptop and with leads plugged into it. She placed it on the side of the bed just like I had done and she started to masturbate as she watched the monitor.

I resorted to stroking my cock as I watched her and I had presumed she was watching some porn. It was strange thinking that my daughter actually watched porn. It was even stranger to watch her stroke her fingers along her pussy as she watched it. I suppose I was doing the same as I wanked my cock watching her. I watched her smile as her fingers entered and were removed from her cunt. She studied the monitor and watched intently as she pleasured herself.

Sally raised her head and slipped her fingers into her mouth. She licked them dry. I found that so fucking erotic that I nearly exploded. My hand was moving over my cock at a phenomenal rate. This was one night that I thought I was not going to hold out until she came. Then she spoke.

“Dad, why don‘t you just come in here and fuck the arse off me?”

Her question hit me firmly in the chest and it had come out of my laptop and not from behind the wall. I immediately stopped wanking but the despair only set in when she turned the monitor around and away from her.

I watched my screen with horror as I watched her look directly at me, and repeat the same words. I nearly died, but her words puzzled me. I was fucking confused and utterly shocked to the core. Then I noticed her laptop’s screen on her bed. It showed me in all my glory, with my cock in my hand, and me looking at my own laptop. I looked straight at the wardrobe and then I saw the webcam and lead disappearing over the wardrobe and through the corner of my bedroom door.

The little bugger!’ I thought.

I felt utterly guilty, humiliated and thoroughly caught out. I watched in silence as she continued to let her finger stroke her pussy.

“For fuck‘s sake, Dad. I know you‘re watching, now get in here and fuck me.”

I sat in pure shock. All manner of thoughts raged through my head, even the ones where I thought she was guessing. I shook my head as I watched her monitor screen. She wasn’t guessing.

I looked at my now deflated cock, and kept hearing her words in my head. She wanted me to fuck her.

All I had wanted to do for the last four weeks was suck her pussy and fuck her and now I was getting the green light. I watched her finger disappear into her cunt as she leant back on the bed.

“Come on – you know you want it,” she taunted, with a lascivious grin on her face.

I started to stoke my cock some more until it was hard and erect.

“I’m so fucking wet.” Her words were brazen and erotic at the same time.

“I know you‘ve been watching me fuck myself with my fingers, now get your arse in here and push your cock up me!”

That was the last straw, I stood up. I was stroking my cock as I opened her bedroom door and walked through it. I saw her smile as she tracked me walking into her room with my cock in my hand.

She jumped up from the bed and grabbed her laptop and set it down on her bedside table; out of harm’s way. She then moved to the bottom edge of her bed and dropped to her knees in front of me as I walked towards her.

“Such a gorgeous fucking cock, Dad,” she sighed.

I watched as her mouth sink down on my cock. She knew exactly what to do and she took my cock down her throat with hardly any effort; what was left protruding she stroked with her hand.

I was nearly there as she pulled her mouth off me and licked all around my knob. She fondled my balls and just as I was about to squirt, she stopped.

“Not yet daddy, not yet.”

I looked at her in amazement and with pure love in my eyes. She was a clever young woman and she knew that I could easily have come in her mouth in those few seconds she took to swallow my cock.

She smiled at me, and then her smile broadened into a lascivious grin as she backed onto the bed. She made her way up to the headboard, and then lay back onto the bed as she opened her legs. Her fingers once more caressed her pussy.

“Fuck me, Dad,” she pleaded.

My cock was rock hard, fully erect, yet more and more blood was pumping rapidly into it. Fuck I was dying for this and I knew that I would cum in seconds as soon as my cock entered her.

I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between her open thighs. I wanted to lick her and fuck her at the same time. I couldn’t do both. My cock twitched. I let my hand caress her thigh and make its way up to her waist as I leant forward. My cock prodded her pussy as I lay on top of her. I grabbed her hands and pushed her arms upwards towards the headboard of the bed.

“Fuck it in me,” she said, her eyes urging me on. Her words, removing any hesitation I may still have had.

My cock slipped past her wet lips a few times before I managed to nuzzle the cock head in the folds of her pussy. Each time she sighed out loud and shook her head to the side.

“That‘s it,” she whimpered, “straight in Daddy, I can’t wait any longer.”

I did as my darling daughter commanded me. I thrust my cock straight into her wet and waiting cunt. It was fucking glorious, and it was everything that I had dreamt of when I was watching her. She was soaking wet, slippery and tight. Her velvet sheath was going to make sure that I wasn’t going to last very long, but I wanted her to cum first.

We fucked each other; her arse was pumping upwards as much as she could to meet my downward thrusts. She was gasping and thrashing about underneath me. All I could hear were grunts and groans coming from her mouth.

“I‘m cumming. I’m cumming-” she said at last.

It was all the encouragement I needed. I kept fucking her slowly; giving her all the pleasure of the full length of my cock. I was desperate to see her cum and to see that wonderful look on her face.

The force of her orgasm ripped through her, as she just mumbled out the words, ‘fuck’, ‘fuck’, ‘fuck’ over and over.  Her head was thrashing on the pillow. Then she did something that took me over the edge. She pushed her tongue out from between her closed lips and arched her back as her orgasm struck. It was something that her mother, Karen, always did when she came.

It was too much for me to see that sign of emotion on her face. Sally was panting and gasping for air and I pulled my cock from her pussy just as my spunk was rocketing up my shaft from my balls.

I spurted all over her stomach and breasts as I also moaned and groaned.

I eventually lay down beside Sally, propping myself up on my arm and watching her as her breathing returned to normal.

Her body was covered with my spunk. She scooped up a small amount on her finger and swallowed it in a lascivious and cock jerking way; grinning as she did so.

After regaining her breath, she told me that she had found the icons on my laptop one evening when her laptop failed to boot and she desperately needed the internet for some college work. She clicked on BC and BRC and watched; firstly in horror, at the view of the bathroom and then her bedroom. She then described how she slowly came to the conclusion that her own dad had been watching her do just about everything in each of the rooms that she thought was safe and secure; the same rooms where her sexual desires could play out with just her, as audience.

Although shocked at what she found, Sally told me that she also became turned on at the thought that I was looking at her. It made her feel sexy and wanted. She then decided to find out if I was doing the same. That was when she installed her own webcam; although far cruder in design than my covert cameras, it worked and I didn’t even notice the wires. Well, to be honest, why would I.

“You little bugger,” I told her, as she cuddled into my chest. The sensual feel of her breasts on my skin was exquisite and the feel of her hand on my cock making it twitch and stiffen was so lovely. It was going to be a long night.


The following morning I awoke to Sally sucking on my cock. It was already fully erect and I was more than half way to my orgasm as she sucked it like a pro. I was about to stop her and pull her up the bed to fuck her, but decided to let it be. Very soon after that my balls tightened and my spunk shot down her throat. She swallowed it all. Then with a big grin on her face she gave me a wink.

“Come on sleepy head,” she said, “things to do, places to go!” she exclaimed.

I wasn’t all that sure what she was on about, but it made me smile.

That was the last time Sally slept in her own bedroom. My bed is now our bed. We have been fucking each other for the last two years and she is the most wonderful person that I could ever be with. She has become more like her mother every day. I’m not sure why, perhaps its genetics, or perhaps you see in the other person, what you want to see.

I am so glad that her photographic course led to the way we live now.

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