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The Accidental Dogger Part 2

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I go dogging but this time with a friend.

In my earlier story, “An Accidental Dogger” I told how an innocent lunch stop turned into the sluttiest experience of my life. In this story, I revisit the site…but with a friend.

The last time I found myself in the dogging site happened by accident when I was travelling home after visiting a client, Tracy, with whom I get on very well to the point of flirtation. She is an extremely attractive brunette and, like me, I think she is at least bi-curious.

I had another meeting arranged with Tracy so I dressed up in my best business suit: a dark blue pencil skirt and matching jacket over a silky white blouse. Tracy always makes me feel very sexy and to enhance that feeling, I wore a thin lacy bra and matching lacy thong which presses into my crack in all the right places as I move. I hate tights so finished with a pair of sheer stockings with lacy tops.

It was a long drive but the meeting went well and Tracy was flirting with me more than ever and giving me light touches as she talked as if to emphasise a point. I guess she knew she was sending electric shocks directly to my pussy every time she made contact and that made me more aware of the underwear up my crack!

At the end of the meeting, I suggested I take her out to lunch and she readily agreed and we headed out to my car. She led me through the building and that gave me the opportunity to admire her beautifully tight bum held in its tight, black trousers. I could see she was wearing a thong too, one of those with a small jewel at the “T” at the rear that peeked over her belt below the tightly fitted jumper she wore. It took all my self-control not to grab those cheeks.

“Can I suggest we grab a sandwich and sit and chat at a local beauty spot I know, rather than the usual pub?”

“Yeah, fine,” she said. So I headed to the local car park that was such a rewarding experience last time I was there, stopping on the way for sandwiches and coffee.

When I got to the car park, there was only one other vehicle around and I suggested we both jump in the back where I could stretch out without pedals and steering wheel in the way. Tracy agreed and we settled into the back seat and I took the precaution of locking the doors.

Business lunches can be a great opportunity to get to know people because they open up about themselves and their personal circumstances. Tracy was no different. She told me she was single and the same age as me. She also told me how much she enjoyed my visits. Apparently, I am very different from the usual men in grey suits (I should hope so too!).

It was getting a bit stuffy in the car so I took off my jacket and glanced across to see Tracy gazing at my boobs. I knew my blouse was gaping a bit between buttons and I twisted around slightly to give her a better view. I also lifted my leg closest to her a little onto the seat so that she could get a little tantalising view up to my stocking tops.

Blatantly fishing, I asked her what she liked about my visits.

“I find you very, erm…arousing,” she said.

A shiver ran through me. This was going exactly how I’d hoped. I looked into her eyes and she held my gaze. I had to kiss her. I leaned forward and our lips met and before I knew it her hand was behind my head forcing my lips onto hers, her tongue dancing around my mouth as I responded in kind and my pussy started to flood.

With her free hand, Tracy undid a button at the front of my blouse and her hand was inside and very shortly after, it was inside my bra, cupping my boob and flicking my nipple. I broke off the kiss and pulled her to me, gasping into her ear, “Ooh, don’t stop!”

I ran my hands over her boobs. I could feel the hard nipple through her jumper which I then pulled up to expose her breasts in their silky pink bra. Reaching around, I undid the clasp to free them. Meanwhile, she had opened more buttons and pulled my bra up and over my boobs to free them so that she was now fondling both of them. I dipped down and took her nipple into my mouth and I could hear her breathing coming in gasps as I nibbled and sucked on those hard teats.

Whilst I was engaged with her boobs in my mouth, I felt her reach down and pull at the hem of my skirt but she was obviously struggling to pull it up as it was so tight fitting. I sat up and helped her wiggle it up and over my hips to expose my pussy which was no longer covered by the tiny thong. I decided I might as well whip that off too, whilst I was still wriggling with the skirt.

Tracy sat and stared at my pussy.

“I’ve never seen another woman’s before,” she said quietly. Oh, God! Please don’t lose interest now!

I looked into her eyes, slowly took her hand in mine and guided it to my pussy. My lips were already open and very wet. She let her hand settle there but didn’t move. Oh God! I reached down and took her middle finger in mine and fed it into my wet hole. This seemed to spur her into action and she slowly started to finger fuck me. I was gasping and moaning loudly, as much as anything else to give her encouragement and she started to speed up, rubbing my clit with her palm.

I resumed my attentions to her nipples with my mouth but now it was my turn and I reached down to her trousers. I undid the belt, the clasp and pulled down her zip. It was tight but I managed to get my hand inside her thong and I could feel the stubble of short pubic hair. I pushed on. I felt the hard nub of her clit and stopped to give it a rub. She gasped and gave a little yelp. She stopped fucking my hole. Oh, please! Keep going! Fortunately, it was only a temporary pause and she resumed finger fucking me. I pushed on further into her wetness. I felt her wet labia and fiddled around until I found the way in. My middle finger sank into her soaking cunt and I followed it up with my ring finger.

We carried on finger fucking each other for a while but I wanted more.

“I need to taste you!” I gasped.

At this, she wriggled up to a position where we could push her trousers and thong down and I continued to push them down her legs to just past her knees. This allowed me enough room to push her legs open and expose her pussy to my gaze from a couple of inches away. Her dark pubic hair had been trimmed very tidily and was very short so that her engorged pussy lips were poking out with her pussy hole slightly open thanks to the work of my fingers.

I dived in. I lapped at her slit, drinking her juices. I nibbled her lips and thrust my tongue deep into her. She was breathing heavily, moaning loudly and I was sure she would cum soon. She was thrusting her hips up to force herself onto my tongue. I was kneeling on the back seat with my ass and dripping cunt in the air and clearly visible if anyone was outside.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m cumming!” Tracy’s hips were bucking against my face as the waves of orgasm hit her but I did a grand job of keeping my mouth clamped onto her pussy to receive the juices that flooded out of her.

As she came down from her orgasm she looked into my eyes and I felt so aroused that I pulled her towards me. Then I felt her freeze.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She pulled back and pointed over my shoulder. I turned around to see two guys standing next to the car door with their cocks in their hands and masturbating furiously. They must have had a grandstand view of my gaping wet pussy as I bent forward with my tongue in Tracy’s.

“It’s alright, I have locked the doors,” I said.

Now, I am a bit of an exhibitionist and despite my highly aroused state, I could have gone higher.

“Would you like to give them a show?” I asked Tracy.

“Erm…I’m not sure. I’ve never done anything like this before.” She was obviously very nervous. I kissed her.

“I don’t want you to feel pressured in any way, Tracy, but I have been on the brink of an orgasm with you for the last half an hour and I can’t wait much longer so if you decide not to, I will finish the job myself with the help of these two cocks and I would love you to watch. It would be even better if you did it for me.”

She hesitated and kissed me full on the lips.

“I really want to see you cum,” she said.

“Good girl!”

I swivelled around on the seat so that I could lean back against the car door. My shirt and bra were still bunched up around my neck and my tits were fully exposed as was my pussy.

I took Tracy’s head in both of my hands and smiled into her face.

“I desperately need your tongue in me,” I said.

“I’ve never tasted a girl before and I’m really looking forward to it and making you cum!”

With that, I pushed her head down towards my nipples and she sucked one into her mouth. Her tongue was dancing around my hard tips sending electrical shivers directly to Cunt City and she lingered a little too long there for my liking, probably putting off the moment when she had to taste my cunt or maybe just an excellent tease. So I pushed her head down further over my belly until I felt her hot breath on my pussy. All this time she had been kneeling in the footwell between my legs and I couldn’t reach her.

“Turn around; I need to finger you too,” I said. At which, she shuffled around in the cramped space so that her cunt was on my chest and I had easy access to such a beautiful sight. This was also for the benefit of our audience who Tracy seemed to have forgotten about for now as she expertly munched on my labia.

I looked around to see the two guys still by the window and I managed to press the button to lower the window by a couple of inches, enough to get a cock through.

Sure enough, the guys didn’t waste any time. I had two cocks, one either side of my head as I leaned against the door.

So there I was with the most beautiful pussy in front of me and two cocks next to me. The pussy was the easy one and I stuffed a couple of fingers into Tracy’s hole making her gasp into my cunt. With my free hand, I reached up and took the smaller cock and by craning my neck, I could just about manage to get the other cockhead into my mouth.

Arranged this way, I found it difficult to move so the guys did most of the moving, thrusting into my mouth and hand whilst Tracy worked on my cunt, bringing me ever closer to my orgasm.

I don’t know exactly what Tracy was doing down there but it was the most amazing feeling emanating from my cunt and I could feel that warmth start to spread from there and I could hear the squelchy sounds getting louder from my pussy as Tracy worked on it.

…And then it happened. My body went completely into spasm after spasm as the orgasm hit me. I was bucking up against Tracy and I had to try hard not to bite the cock in my mouth. I was just getting my breath back when I felt the cock in my mouth twitch and swell. There was a grunt from its owner and my mouth was filled with hot, sticky jizz. The now floppy cock slipped from my mouth as its owner withdrew.

“Oh, Di, please don’t stop. I’m so close!” and I realised that during my orgasm, I had stopped pumping my fingers into Tracy. I swallowed the mouthful of cum and said, “Turn around.”

Tracy turned around so that she was lying on top of me, tit to tit.

“Take over,” I said.

Tracy took the remaining hard cock into her hand and I reached down between us and resumed fingering her. The cock was above my head and right in front of her face and Tracy started pumping it furiously. Judging by the amount of juice flowing out of her and onto my hand, she was very close to cumming, and the guy at the window was breathing heavily too.

“Faster, Di, faster!” she said breathlessly. “I’m cumming!!” She let out a loud wail and wetness flowed onto my hand. Meanwhile, this was too much for the guy who thrust forward and grunted before squirting cum right into Tracy’s face; she had opened her mouth to catch as much as she could, and what she missed fell onto my face below.

The guy withdrew and I closed the window before reaching up to kiss Tracy again, tasting a mixture of my cum, her cum and two lots of jizz.

We hugged on the backseat of the car and I pulled a blanket over us so we couldn’t be seen from outside. We held each other’s naked bodies together, separated only by a thin layer of sweat and cum. I felt so close to this beautiful woman in the blanket cocoon that I could have cried.

“Tracy, you make me feel so good that I think I am going to have a wet pussy for months just thinking about you.”

“Well, Di, mine has been wet for months from thinking of you since I last saw you. Let’s phone in sick and go back to my house. You have given me a taste for something that I want to explore further.”

With that, we dressed quickly and headed off. Tracy and I have been inseparable ever since.



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