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At the Lake

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Massage from stranger leads to much more

I awoke with a startle to Karen's soft gasp of surprise. She had just come upon me curled up belly-to-belly with Jay, half asleep, heads resting on each other's inner thighs. Karen. My oldest friend, my nursing school buddy, my unrequited lust object, seeing me with a stranger. Our eyes met in the semidark of the room, dawning realization in hers, love in mine.


I groaned softly as I turned on my pad on the dock. My thigh was really aching. The warm sunlight was only slightly helping the pulled muscle from yesterday's hike. "I'm getting too old for this," I murmured to myself.

A soft voice appeared from nearby. "Do you want some help with that thigh?"

I gasped, sat up and looked around. Nobody was in the house, but then I saw the smiling swimmer about ten yards out on the lake. "You startled me!" Without thinking, I wrapped my towel around my body.

"I'm so sorry. I was just swimming by when I saw you trying to stretch."

I nodded, suddenly aware of the sweat beads between my breasts. "I didn't know anybody else was out here today."

"My family went off on a canoe trip but I didn't want to go."

"Yes, my husband and our friends are off hiking again."

I rolled on my belly to see her better, groaning softly again.

"That hamstring must really hurt you."

I nodded.

"Can I help? I'm pretty good at massage."

I looked skeptically at her. She looked to be about 17, from what I could see without my glasses. "Are you sure?"

She nodded, approached the far end of the dock. Seemingly without effort, she lifted herself almost entirely out of the water with one push. I realized she had been swimming nude. She was long and slender, small breasts, dark hair to her shoulder blades, light brown thatch over her mound. She moved with an almost unnatural grace. I blushed as she caught me looking.

"I hope you don't mind, we always swim nude here. I've been coming up here longer than I can remember, and I'm 24 now. Oh, and a massage therapy student," she added as she saw me grimace again.

Slowly I nodded. She approached slowly as I laid on my belly, trying to relax my leg. A few drops of lake water dropped from her hair onto me. 

“I’m Jay, by the way.”

“Charlotte,” I half groaned as her hand made contact with my aching thigh for the first time.

She touched me gently for a few moments. "Do you have any lotion?"

"I have some massage oil up in the cabin. My friend Karen worked on my leg earlier."

"OK if we go up there? I think you're getting a little sunburned anyway." She gently tugged my tankini strap an inch to the side to demonstrate.

I winced a little as I turned to get up. She offered me a muscular arm and helped me up with ease, and helped me hobble the stairs up to the deck. I found myself staring at her nipples, and blushed when she caught me.

"My room is in the back," I indicated which with my chin. "The oil is on the night table."

She looked around the main room. "There isn't a good place to massage you here. The love seats are too short and the floor too hard. How about your bed?" She took my hand and led me back. Her strong arm helped me balance as she removed my tankini and shorts.

I laid out on the bed. I briefly considered covering up with the towel before deciding it would be impolite. Instead I laid on the towel.

Taking the oil, she carefully warmed some between her hands before starting on my feet. I groaned softly. She was better than “pretty good.” My entire spine and scalp lit up with her first strokes, and I started tingling between my thighs. Her hands next went to my right calf and thigh, then left calf before gingerly approaching the sore left thigh. She was very gentle here, hardly putting any pressure at first, but gradually increased until the knot unraveled and the pain reduced a lot.

As she worked, my mind dissolved in reverie and, yes, arousal. At some point Jay’s hands became my husband’s hands on me, then Karen’s. As Karen’s hands approached my bottom, I became aware of a distinct warming all over, and worried briefly if Jay could smell the faint scent of arousal I was exuding. She seemed not to notice, as she continued up my back and shoulders, and started working on my neck and scalp.

“Turn over,” she murmured. I complied, reluctantly. My breasts may be somewhat saggy after two kids, but my nipples are always a giveaway to what I’m feeling. She started massaging my face, beautiful eyes meeting mine with kindness. Desire? I couldn't tell. As she worked down my chest, her hands once again became Karen’s on my breasts, and my moans were softer, more private. She worked down my belly and softly pressed on my mound before starting on my thighs and working down to my feet.

Finally she raised the left leg to try to stretch the hamstring. I was softly groaning, partly in pain and partly in arousal, even before her hand gently tugged my bikini aside and started lightly caressing my labia. Her eyes met mine again as she brought her fingertips to her tongue for a taste, then back to my labia. 

I was past caring this was a stranger touching me in a way no one but my husband had done in years. A faint sigh of approval was all she needed to slip a couple of fingers in me and start rubbing my clit. "Ohh, Karen," I sighed softly, not thinking, not realizing what I was saying.

Before I could have believed it, I was having the orgasm of the year. Untying my suit bottom, Jay kissed down my body, gently guiding my thighs apart, and began licking me, so gently at first I hardly knew what she was doing, but in a minute or two I was having another orgasm.

She laid beside me, softly caressing and kissing my mound and breasts as my breath slowed. I knew it was wrong, but what I really needed then was to taste her. Gently tugging her hair, I brought her kissing up my body to lie beside me. Gingerly keeping my leg from cramping, I slid down and laid between her thighs. My tongue lightly traced her mound and softly grazed over her stray hairs. Could I do this? I hadn’t been with a woman since college.

Opening her lips with my fingers, I stopped to admire her beautiful petals and breathe in her arousal. A dusky rose color and delicate wings greeted me. My tongue found her inner lips and softly spread them for my first tentative lick. God she tasted sweet. Her groan told me I was in the right place, as did her vibrating hips. All too quickly I was rewarded with a soft flood of spicy ambrosia. Fingertips on my forehead asked me to stop, although I wanted to continue for hours.

She gently guided me back up the bed and held me gently, kissing me softly and caressing my back as I did hers. Eventually she turned around and we fell asleep, spooning with my hand on her breasts.


The next few hours were a blur. I’m not sure how many times we woke to kiss and touch and lick.

I awoke with a startle to Karen's soft gasp of surprise. She had just come upon me curled up belly-to-belly with Jay, half asleep, heads resting on each other's inner thighs. Karen. My oldest friend, my nursing school buddy, my unrequited lust object, seeing me with a stranger. Our eyes met in the semidark of the room, dawning realization in hers, love in mine.

She smiled. “Who’s your friend?” 

I reached for Karen's hand as Jay slowly awoke, kissing her fingers. I whispered, “Her name is Jay. She’s a massage therapist."

Karen grinned. “That explains everything.”

Sheepishly, Jay and I unraveled, and I marveled I could move almost without pain. I watched as she stood gracefully, and shared a brief private smile with Karen. Offering her hand and giving Karen's a soft squeeze, she chuckled and said, "You must be Karen," smiling at Karen's brief surprise. She left without another word; her last parting look at me was loving and playful, almost seeming to wish she could stay with me and Karen.

“How come you’re home before the guys?”

“They wanted to hike to the top of the hill, and I decided to come back and take care of you instead.” She smiled. “Looks like Jay took care of you.”

I smiled back. “Well, her massage was fantastic.”

“I can see that. I hope you realize I want to massage you now too.” She grinned lustily as she started to strip off her shorts and tee.

“I was hoping you might offer.”



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