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An Unexpected Desire

An Unexpected Desire

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A young woman's lackluster sex life is changed unexpectedly.

Steffani thrashed in her bed, and sweat littered her brow as she slept fitfully. The rain pounded the roof of her home, and her body tossed and turned in rest that was not restful at all.

“Honey.” She heard his voice but couldn’t reach him. Her naked body responded to his touch, the feel of his hard yet gentle hands as they roamed along the curve of her breast felt sublime. Even in her sleep she moaned and ached with desire. Her mouth sought his as he leaned over her for a passionate kiss.

In a flash he was gone…

Steffani jerked upward as tears stained her face and she realized the dream had induced such intense reactions again. Her body felt his hands; the tip of her nipple responded to the touch of his finger, her bottom lip savored the feel of his warm breath as he kissed her, and most of all…best of all she felt the tip of his cock as penetrated her achy and needy pussy, but he was not there.

Her husband had been gone sixteen months now, a drunk driver took her life’s purpose from her in about two seconds. She left her warm bed and went downstairs for a bottle of water. Would the dreams---nightmares really, ever end? What could she do to stop them? Steffani’s life was Chris and for most of the sixteen months since his death her life was a blur. A dull, lifeless, loveless blur. She hated the fact that she couldn’t get over him. She hated anyone that could get behind the wheel of what seemed to be a ton of steel inebriated to the point that they plowed into a man as he jogged on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Every time she thought about the lifeless form lying in the street her skin began to crawl and tears would well up in her eyes.

Steffani’s friends and family did their best to bring her out of her funk by visiting unannounced, emailing cheerful notes, and setting her up on dates. They did this out of love and for the most part she went along with their antics but really she disliked being doted on but took it all in stride. She met a multitude of available men during her widowhood. In fact, many thought it odd that such a young woman was a widow. They saw how deeply unhappy she was at times, but then they also saw flashes of light and humor dance in her eyes. It was on those days that she agreed to blind dates and such meetings that were made by her nosy family and hilarious friends.

Steffani tried to calm down and Jack popped into her mind. Jack was a blind date that she found more than a little creepy. Her mother’s find was ten years her senior and the biggest fiend she’d ever met. Jack fancied himself a ladies man of the highest order. Steffani termed him a pervert of the highest order. Jack told her upon meeting him that she’d be in his bed within four hours and that she would understand why females all over the city called him Jack, the Big Dipper. He made her skin crawl and they didn’t get beyond the first drink.

Steffani shivered again now and thought, ‘How did I make it through all those dates and meetings?’ She took a cool drink of water and walked into the living room and peered out the window. She knew how.

Dustin watched Steffani from across the street. He spent many a night waiting for her to fall asleep only to wake up hurt, angry, crying, and screaming out her late husband’s name. Dustin was Steffani’s husband’s best friend and business partner, and he found Chris on that fateful Saturday. His death wrecked him just as much as it had Steffani. It affected him more than many thought it should. He and his buddy did everything together and now he didn’t do near as much as he‘d done in the past. He and Steffani had become friends over the last sixteen months, and it was a stroke of luck that he found a house close to her two months after Chris’s passing. He promised his friend that he would look after his girl as Chris took his last breath. It was a promise that he’d never break.

Dusty, Steffani had taken to calling him Dusty since they formed their bond a few months back, had a hard time at first. He couldn’t reconcile his growing feelings for Steffani before Chris’s death or after. He couldn’t help his infatuation with her. She would breeze into the office twice a week for lunch with her husband, her red hair flowing over her creamy white shoulders and her piercing green eyes engaging all that she encountered. She had a smattering of freckles beneath her eyes that made him weak. His desire for her remained a secret to this day, although he thought she had to have an idea of how he felt. He picked up his cell phone when he saw her approach the window.

“Steffani, hi.” He loved the way her name sounded as it left his lips. He wondered how it would sound to her as he whispered it seductively in her ear. “Is it happening again--did it happen again? I saw your lights.”

She took a deep breath, sighed and struggling to speak she uttered a single word, “Yes.”

“Do you need to talk?” It pained him to see her suffer, and he wanted so badly to comfort her with more than just his voice. He would wait. He would wait an eternity for her if he was required to do so. He’d been telling himself this for months; it seemed like he’d been telling himself this for years.

“I… I need Chris!” She cried into the phone, making his heart ache for her. He knew that he couldn’t bring Chris back but he did offer her what he could.

“Do you remember when Chris forced us to go on that camping trip?” He forced a smile hoping that she could hear it as she listened to his voice.

“I do, he played that horrible joke on me!” She smiled and turning off the downstairs lights, she went back to bed with her friend in her ear and a tiny bit of joy in her heart. She laughed at the thought of the rubber snake in her sleeping bag, and recalled her husband’s dancing eyes full of laughter and delight. Immediately, she knew who the guilty party was and after a few minutes of screaming and running out of the tent, she attacked her husband with a playful barrage of punches to his chest which led to a night of passionate sex. 

Steffani fell asleep on the phone, her soft breathing all that Dusty could hear as she lay warm in her bed. He longed to be there snuggling with her, her red hair mussed and tickling his nose. Just the thought of her hair did things to his body that made him want to plunge himself deep into her slit.

‘Damn I got it bad, what the hell am I going to do?’ Dusty’s thoughts remained on his best friend’s wife a few minutes more before he fell asleep.

Dusty was an attractive sort but not your average stud. He stood just under six feet and his body, though fit, was not a mass of chiseled muscles. His dirty blond hair and brown eyes were set in face that was refined yet slightly rough around the edges. He did well with women, but lately all he could think about was Steffani and she appeared to be off limits to him. She was emotionally unavailable, still in love with her husband, and not at all looking for a relationship. He made up in his mind to approach her again--he made that decision before but chickened out after seeing her dressed for a date a couple of months back. This time he meant it, and he would talk to her tomorrow. He needed closure and felt that Chris would not mind his attraction to his wife. He really thought Chris knew about his infatuation prior to his death. He would talk to her, but the rest was up to her and fate.

As was their routine, Steffani and Dusty met in front of her house at six in the morning to run three miles. Steffani was an avid runner, her long well toned legs a testament to that fact. Her body was any man’s dream. Dusty saw her skimpy running shorts and tank top cling to her dewy skin everyday when they ran. He couldn’t run behind her because if he did then his body would not be fit to run, it would turn on him and he’d fall flat on his face.

Steffani watched Dusty as he passed her. He was so antsy this morning, and she wondered what was his problem. It was almost as if he was angry at her. She frowned thinking, ‘What have I done?’ She had to know what the issue was. “Dusty!” He ran ahead oblivious to her shout, and his feet pounding the pavement as he gained speed. “DUSTY!” Steffani ran to him and grasped his shoulder.

“What is it?” He tried to look beyond her to the street and their running route. He couldn’t take the intense look in her eyes just now. She knew something was amiss and was determined to pull it out of him.

“IT is you, what is bothering you, Dusty?” Her eyes sought his inquiringly.

“Nothing, let’s just run so that I can go home.” Silently he thought, ‘you don’t know Stef? I’ve given far too much for you not to…’

“I’m not buying that, tell me.” She watched as a multitude of emotions flooded his eyes for the briefest of moments and then the stoicism returned. Dusty hung his head and kicked a rock on the ground. He wondered if it was time to have the conversation with her, but the words didn’t come.

“It’s just…I’m just tired, maybe I should let you run by yourself today.” He took the easy route again, offering her space while sacrificing his need to grab hold of her and show her exactly what was bothering him.

“Do you really think that I can’t see that something is on your mind? I’m not that insensitive. So what…it’s okay for you to be there for me but I can’t be there for you?”

“Damn it, Stef…just leave it alone!” He yelled at her and immediately saw the hurt in her face. Steffani shook her head, glared at him and without a second’s thought brought her foot up and slammed it down onto his. She turned her back and ran home, leaving him too stunned to move. He decided to finish his run and thought, ‘Damn, I think I’m in love!’

Dusty returned home from work to find a note taped to his door. Steffani had visited. She agonized over her poor behavior for hours and thought it best that she apologize. He’d take her up on the offer of dinner after he showered and washed the stress of a full day’s work out of his mind and off of his body.

But first he opened his laptop to catch up on his mail. He surfed the internet and found something that would help get Stef out of her funk and place them in a romantic and seductive setting. Picking up his phone, he thought about what Stef would think about a dinner cruise.

“Hey!” He was hard pressed to remove the nervousness and doubt from his voice.

“Hi Dustin.”

“Dustin? Huh, I don’t like the sound of that…” His brow nit with doubt as he listened over the cellular airwaves. “You stepped on me and now you’re calling me Dustin again, what gives?”

“I’m sorry, Dusty, really. I don’t know what came over me.” Her voice dripped with guilt at her childish behavior.

“Apology accepted." He considered his next step carefully, “Stef?”

She didn’t wait for his question, “Dusty, I … dinner?” Her behavior towards him was unfamiliar to her, it began to confuse her and she didn’t like the feeling at all.

“Stef, I want to take you to dinner tomorrow night, will you have dinner with me?” His breath hitched in his throat as he waited for her to answer.

“What?” Was he thinking of a real date? She didn’t know how she felt about having dinner with him outside of their respective homes, and they never ventured out with the exception of going to a movie. Yet… “As in get dressed up and go out…a date?” Steffani didn’t consider the fact that Dusty might be attracted to her, and it never occurred to her that his feelings went deeper than friendship.

“Steffani, say you’ll go…you do owe me you know. My toes hurt and I couldn’t finish my run.” He lied to her; he had to get her on the cruise.

“What about now, I’m hungry Dusty.”

“I’ll bring you a sandwich.”

“No, come on over now.” She’d already prepared the spaghetti and toast. She would feed him, tell him she’d go with him tomorrow, and kick him out so that she could rest.

Dusty dropped his phone on the desk and hurried to the shower. It took him longer than normal because all he could think about was Stef’s body; her long red hair…he wondered if she had red hair everywhere, her small lips that she licked to moisten them when they ran, and her green eyes as they filled with laughter when they watched "When Harry Met Sally" or any other romantic comedy that she talked him into watching. He laughed at that because he would give her anything if only she’d let him. He thought of her husband as he crossed the street to her home. Her tie to him deep and once more he questioned his sanity.

As was there custom, Steffani left the door open for him. “Hey, Stef! Where are you?”

“Kitchen, come on let’s eat.” She was in shorts and a t-shirt, her favorite comfort clothing. “Does your foot really hurt?”

“No.” Laughter filled the air as she considered his answer.

The laughter died and Dusty thought how serious the silence had become. He wondered if now was the time to talk to her, to let her know that he was attracted to her…honestly, he wondered if he loved her. It would be a bitter pill to swallow if she denied him. He turned to her only to find her gazing up at him, her face spattered with spaghetti sauce and a wooden spoon in the air. His laughter filled the room again, she looked a mess, and now for certain he knew.

“You’re laughing at me,” she giggled. Soon her giggles became gut wrenching laughter.

“You’re a mess…and you have…more…more… freckles, spaghetti freckles!” The silliness between them an apparent illustration of their comfort with each other. He handed her a paper towel, “Wipe up, let’s eat.”

They sat down to dinner and the conversation flowed between them easily because she was smart and challenged him on every subject. It was during their talk that he became so sure of his love for her. He damn well had to tell her, but he didn’t know how. He never struggled with words before because his mind was always clear, but this---this was different. When they met he recognized her beauty, over time he became familiar with her wit, and now he was intimately connected to her heart. His hope was that she would feel the same in time; he needed for her to feel the same. He finally brought up the dinner date, “Will you go out with me Steffani? There’s this dinner cruise that I’d like us to take. Please?” His voice was shaky with emotion. She looked into his sexy brown eyes and all of a sudden an unfamiliar and odd feeling pierced her gut.

“Yes, I will. What are we going to do?”

“It’s a dinner cruise, dress nicely. And for you, I’ll even wear a suit.” She smiled at him and began clearing the dishes. He took their wine to the living room sofa and turned on the tv. A rerun of Will and Grace was on; the man had a thing for red heads.

She came to the sofa and flopped down next to him, and her head instinctively fell to his shoulder. His lips grazed her forehead and she looked at him in surprise. He brought her lips to his in a searing kiss.

She stopped abruptly, “God, no I can’t …can’t do this.”

“What?” He found his voice heavy laden with last because he’d wanted her for years.

“I uhm, Dusty, this isn’t right.”

“Right?! What the hell are you doing to me?” His anger was instant. He couldn’t endure this another minute. He rose to his feet and shooting daggers through his eyes at her, “You can’t keep loving a fucking dead man, you’ve done it for over a year now and the shit ain‘t working for you, Red!” He left her as she burst into tears.

Steffani ran to her room and looked out the window as Dusty walked, shoulders slumped, across the street. She had to do something about the way she was beginning to feel about him. Her nerves raw, her eyes red and watery, she crawled into bed. Sleep eluded her for some time, she tossed and turned as she recognized that her emotions were battling within her soul. Again she felt like an immature teenager. But the battle that she fought was about more than her relationship with Dusty, it was about the love she still had for Chris. Struggling to understand, Stef fell asleep.

Chris appeared over her bed, “Steffani…” She struggled to hear him. “Wake up baby, I need you.” He took a lock of her fiery hair in his hands and kissing it, he called to her once again. She sat up in the bed and looked at Chris, her whole body shook from this strange feeling of having him close to her after such a long time. She reached out to him but felt only heat because no flesh met her hand.

“Listen to me, baby.” Tears flooded her eyes as she stared at a face that wasn’t really there.

“He loves you, Dusty is the one. Open yourself to him, let him help you heal.” She shook her head, never having anyone else in her life before Chris she didn’t think she could love another.

“Yes, my love…you must. I’ve always known how he’s felt about you. Let him love you, it’s fine with me and now I can rest.” And just as suddenly as he appeared, he was gone and the heat that she felt as she reached out to him before was gone.

Her tears stopped and her mind began to assess the possibility of loving another.

Dusty was up earlier in the morning; he didn’t want to wait for Steffani to run. He needed the time to sort things out, he couldn’t go on living this way and tonight would tell him whether or not he would walk away from the love of his life. There was little doubt that he loved her and whether or not she realized it, he was absolutely certain that she loved him. If she showed up tonight, then he would try his best to make her see it.

Steffani saw Dusty begin his run. Her body was on autopilot as she prepared for work. There was one thing that was certain, she cared for this man. Chris, did she really talk to him last night, helped open her mind to the possibility of loving him. Chris was always her hero, did he just save her again?

Steffani sent a text to Dusty’s phone.

Hi, Dusty. I’ll be ready tonight at 6:30, we really should talk. Until then--Stef.

Dustin arrived at Steffani’s door at precisely 6:30 pm and this time he knocked. She opened the door and his knees went weak. Steffani’s emerald green wrap dressed clung to her like a second skin, and her hair cascaded in soft waves to her shoulders, its hue emblazoned by the early evening sun. Oh how he wanted to embrace his love, but doing so might get him slapped. The man wanted no more violence in his pursuit of this woman.

“You look uhmm, you look exquisite!” He offered her his hand.

“Thank you, you clean up quite well yourself.” She took his hand and she let him lead her to his car. He opened the door for her and lustfully eyed her legs as she sat down. He rushed to the driver’s side and entered the car. The forty-five minute drive to the cruise was filled with laughter and easy conversation because neither of them ready to engage in the conversation that mattered the most.

Arriving at the yacht, Dusty took her hand but released it when he realized that he might be overstepping the line as he did not ask. Steffani let his hand fall as she entered the dining room and gasped at what she saw. There were twinkling lights hanging from the yacht’s ceiling, mahogany tables littered the room that featured a wall of glass that allowed for a magnificent view of the bay. It was beautiful, the setting sun bounced off the water enchanting Stef as she watched. There was a dance floor that had specks of gold glitter strewn about it and soft classical music drifted from speakers hidden from view.

“This is beautiful Dusty, thank you for bringing me here.”

She looked around as couples began to fill the room, she wished that everyone would arrive so that the cruise could begin. The waitress approached their table and asked them for their drink order. They both placed drink orders and glanced at each other when the talking was done. Silence between them had never been so thick with nervousness, and Dusty felt his body’s temperature increase.

“You first.” Steffani spoke softly as she watched his handsome face smile at her. He took a steadying breath and calmly began apologizing.

“Stef, I’m so very sorry for shouting at you.” She shook her head and took his hand, not wanting to wait for him to touch her. Though she didn’t really understand her doubt about offering herself--her heart to him, she did want to hear what he had to say and thought her touch would help calm him.

“I deserved your shouting. I want to understand, but Dusty, I do still love Chris.”

“I know. Stef, he’s gone. I’m here and I want you to let me in…I sorta need it, Red.” She smiled at hearing that name again. The first time she heard it was when he yelled at her the previous night. She pulled a strand of hair out of her face and heard his quick intake of breath.

Steffani had spent over sixteen months living her husband’s death; most of those months she’d spent pleasuring herself to climaxes that were lackluster and without any real excitement. Her sex life was stale, boring and until now it showed no promise of being anything but stale and boring. Throughout the day Steffani thought about what it would be like to have Dustin in her life and in her bed. She thought of it then as she listened to him, and she blushed as the waiter approached. They placed their dinner order and then Dusty stood.

“Dance with me Red." He placed his hand on the back of her neck, and it shook at the touch of her pale skin. “Please.”

It wouldn’t do for her to tell him no, after all, she found herself wanting him increasingly as the date went on. It was her turn to take a quick steadying breath, “Yes.” She stood and felt his hand go to the small of her back.

“You should always wear green, Stef, though I can’t imagine anything looking bad on you.” She blushed at his words as her body glided into his while the music swept over them.

He led her around the dance floor brilliantly; her body responded to his naturally and again she thought of being with him. Her mind and body battled with her heart as they swirled around the dance floor. She couldn‘t speak about her heart for she thought that it would always belong to her husband. For the first time in a long time, she felt as if that was changing. Dusty was the cause of that and it scared her. Her body didn’t have the same reaction for it was heated and fully aware of the chemistry that flowed between them, and all too quickly the dance ended.

They ate dinner slowly, each enjoying the other and sharing all that they have in common. The conversation became heated. “Stef, tell me you’ll give us a shot. I want you.” His body reacted to her body on the dance floor, and he tried hard not to show it, but he spent most of the dinner with a bulge in his suit pants.

“I...” She licked her lips and struggled to continue, “I… want you too.” A surge of sexual heat flooded her womanhood and she didn’t flinch as he reached under the table and stroked her thigh.

“Kiss me.” He challenged her. He wanted to be certain that what she said was true, and what better way than a little bit of a public display.

“What, don’t be ridiculous Dusty.” Thoughts invaded her mind as she watched for his response, ‘I can’t do that…can I?’ She realized that this was just the type of thing that would bring excitement back to her lackluster sex life…add that extra spice to their budding relationship.

“Kiss me, right now…show me that you want me.” He was not budging as she moved her face an inch closer to his, but he would not meet her half way. “Come on, Red…you do know that I’m not meeting you halfway. Show. Me.”

“Mmm, okay,” she said. A sudden shyness overtook her and almost rendered her speechless. She again edged closer to him, and then closer still until…her lips met his gently. The chaste kiss over before it even began. Dusty shook his head.

“Unh, nope that’s how my first girlfriend kissed me when we were in high school.”

“But… all these people.” Her face went red, almost as red as her hair.

“This is a couples only cruise Stef, didn’t you notice? I doubt they really care what the two of us are doing here. Now, kiss me!” He grinned trying desperately not to laugh at her.

Steff inhaled, took his face into her hands, brought her lips to his, and kissed him. Heat filled her body as his tongue dipped into her mouth and began a tango with hers. She let him take over the kiss while her head adjusted to the explosion that ripped through her body. Dusty ended the kiss.

“Now that is a kiss, Red.”

“Ahhh, indeed it is…” She felt an unfamiliar stirring between her legs…it had been too long for her, much too long. She had to tell him, “Dusty I will...” Shyness interfered with her brain but she knew she must tell him.

“What is it, Red?” His thoughts bounced around but one thing was clear. He had to hear it from her before he took her to bed.

“Dusty, can we leave?”


“Please, Dusty…” Her eyes pleaded her case as she looked at him, but she realized that he was not going to bail her out. “Dusty, please make love to me. There…I said it.”

“Let’s go!” He waited for her to stand, placed his hand firmly on her ass, and escorted her to the door. He would tell her later what the cruise was all about, but now he had to have her naked, wet, and writhing beneath him.

The drive home was torturous for them both and though Dusty wanted to be a gentleman, he placed a hand on her thigh and laughed when she appeared to be shocked at the action. He had a lot to teach her about spontaneity, eroticism, and kinkiness; lesson one might as well begin now.

“Open your legs, Red.” His hand roamed her thigh as he saw the question in her eyes.

“While you’re driving? No.” She flinched as his hands moved to the hem of her dress.

“Open your legs.” Her legs closed slightly before she surrendered to him.

“Good, now your underwear, take it off.” Her eyes grew wide and her mouth opened but no words were spoken. She took off the fabric barrier to her sex and handed the black thong to him. “Fuck.”

“You wanted something Dusty?” She questioned him---challenged him in the front seat of the moving vehicle. “Two can play this game.”

Steffani thought she could keep up with him, but silently she knew that he would win. He would win in the game of pleasure and he would win her heart. He moved his hand up to her slit and parted it and her aroma filled the car. Simultaneously, they both sucked in air each aware of their libidos that gradually increased as the drive came to an end.

“If you want this to stop Red, you’d better stop me now.”

“No…let’s go inside Dusty.”

He raced around the car and opened her door, “Come on Red or we’re gonna give the neighbors a show!” He rushed to her door, “Open it…hurry!” His hands roamed her body while his cock ached as he grew in his trousers.

The door finally open, he pulled her inside, slammed it and her against it. He took her lips in a heated, frenzied, passionate kiss. Her body yielded itself to his, and matching his fervor she reached for his pants. She traced the outline of his cock with her slender hand.

“Oh baby, if you go straight to that this will turn out a little differently than what I’d planned.” His eyes met hers; he saw only heat there, sexual heat and he needed only to touch her to set that little ember ablaze. She gripped his cock telling him exactly what she wanted.

“Fuck!” His outburst caught her by surprise and she jerked her hand away from his cock. He grabbed it and put it inside his briefs, “Oh no you don’t, finish what you’ve started, Red!”

He lifted her dress and slid two fingers into her slit, and opened her precious flower so that he could test her readiness for him. Liquid heat flowed down his fingers as he shoved his fingers into her pussy, and he went still at her quick intake of breath. She clamped down on his fingers and squeezed hard. He began to move around inside her, and his eyes looked into hers while he tried hard to wait for her to set the rhythm but found himself unable to do so. He stroked her pussy but wanted to change it up and take her a little closer to the edge. He turned his fingers around and began a ‘come here’ motion with his fingers while pushing deeper into her sex. Not wanting to ignore her clitoris; he placed his thumb on it and slowly began to draw circles on the sensitive nub. He was rewarded as she spurted more of her liquid heat down his fingers.

“Oh God Mmm...” She threw her head into his chest and placed her arm around his neck. Her eyes began to glaze over as she teetered on the edge of ecstasy‘s cliff. His fingers felt much different than hers and she thought that she would cry out in joy if he would just make her cum!

“Yes, Red! Fuck you’re so wet…” She closed her eyes while he pleasured her precious pussy. This was not what he wanted because he needed to connect with her in every way. “Stay with me Red, open your eyes.” She opened her eyes and saw the passion that he had for her.

“Oh my God, I think…” Her body erupted as her climax ravaged her body; she succumbed to the orgasm while Dusty watched her exquisite face. He held onto her as she went limp.

“We’re not done Red, hold on.” He picked her up and took her to the room. He felt her quiver and shake in his arms. He laid her down on the bed, stood, and stripped while she endured the aftershocks of her delicious climax. “Are you ready for more, sexy girl?”

“Oh my, look at you Dusty, let me…” She didn’t even get the chance to finish her sentence. He reached down and under her and yanked the dress from her luscious body.

“I’ll buy you a new one!” That’s all she heard as he flung his face, tongue first into her sex.

Dusty was expert at cunnilingus. He opened her with his tongue while inhaling her sweet scent. His adventurous tongue found her hood and he took his fingers and lifted the folds so that his tongue could strum her precious pearl.

“Ahhh, I …uhm never…” This was the second of many times that she wouldn’t finish her sentence. Her heart beat faster as the blood rushed and the sexual current in her system wreaked havoc in her pelvis. Dusty looked up at his lover, drew a breath, and asked the question that just popped into his mind.

“Never? Are you saying that you’ve never cum just from receiving oral sex? No one has licked you to orgasm, Red?”

“Uhmm.” He had his answer and if what he assumed was true, he intended to rock her world.

Dusty sank his tongue into her core, shocking her, and pushed it into her repetitively while writing his name on her clit with his fingers. She squealed in delight as the new sensations flowed through her. She’d never had it this good and her body was at his mercy. Dusty continued to stimulate her pussy with his mouth and fingers, never letting the pressure from his tongue wane. He was growing painfully erect as he did so, but he wanted nothing more than her pleasure and satisfaction. He wanted only to be the best for her while merely satisfying his own need.

Steffani felt herself being brought to the brink, and it was extremely erotic to have this man loving her. His mouth did the filthiest things to her pussy; he licked, he bit, he sucked every piece of flesh she had between her legs. Her pussy lips were being sucked while his fingers probed her clit, her core was tongued while his fingers pinched and pulled her clitoral hood, and the entirety of her sex was but a feast for him. She loved every second of the attention. She writhed and bucked as she felt his teeth gently scrape her clit which sent her spiraling into another climax.

“Oh god, ohgodohgod!” She screamed as the two words became one and her orgasm reached epic proportions.

‘Fuck, that’s music to my ears.’ Dusty thought as he felt her pussy muscles clench and ride his fingers, dripping those luscious juices onto his hand. He couldn’t wait a second longer as he listened and watched her face experience her first oral induced climax. He sat up and pulling his fingers from her pussy, he plunged himself into her, and shock again registered on her gorgeously freckled face.

He stilled inside her, and let her grow accustomed to his length and girth. His rigid cock sheltered nicely in her feminine heat. She sucked him in deeper which set him off; he pulled out of her and forcefully pressed into her again. Her body opened to him and Steffani began to match his rhythm thrust for thrust, and she never imagined that she would feel this way. Their bodies were in sync and she loved the way he gazed down on her as he so powerfully sexed her.

“Oh, Dusty…hmmm you fill me up so good. I…oh damn!” Her body was being ravished as she felt his cock pulse inside her.

Dusty did not want her to cum again just yet. He lifted her up and never exiting her body he laid down on his back so that she was on top. He watched as she began to ride him; her firm bouncy breasts begged for attention. He reached out to her and took a pink areola between his fingers, her nipple becoming hard while he teased it. He picked her up and off his stiff cock and watched as she recognized that the fullness was gone. He was teasing her and he wanted her to see his playful grin.

Steffani opened her lust filled eyes as he pulled her from his cock, and she did her best to press back down to gobble up his cock with her leaky sex but he was having none of that. “Dusty, please…what?” She pleaded with him.

“Tell me how bad you want it Red.” He smiled as his cock lingered stiff as a rod under her pussy, and he licked his lips as he noticed her gaping hole.

She realized what he wanted while she gazed into his eyes. He needed to hear that it was him that she wanted from here on. “Damn you! I need it, I”

Immediately upon hearing those words, he lessened the pressure on her waist and harshly thrust up into her. He flexed his thickly veined muscle into her as she plundered herself on his cock. Both of them doing their best to please the other, they allowed their lovemaking to become voracious and deeply primal. It was as if something inside them had clicked at the very same time and sent them into a whirlwind of need.

“Red!” He didn’t think that he could hold out much longer while she rode him. He pressed his thumb on her clit and began manipulating it pushing her closer to the edge. He felt her body respond.

“Oh damn…Dusty, I’m gonna…. Again!” She clamped down on his cock, held him deep inside her, and climaxed. She did her best to squeeze, clench, and choke his cock harshly because she wanted his semen deep inside her.

Dusty felt her working his cock; he was about to give her all that he had, his balls were full and boiling as her liquid heat flowed down his shaft. “Fuck Red! UGH!” His body convulsed as stream after stream blasted into her. He’d never experienced such a connection with a woman, and it was as if she was the spark he needed to fuel his life’s fire.

“Mmm, Dusty…oh God!” She felt each spurt of his climax deep within her. She bit her bottom lip as she continued to milk his cock. She knew deep within her that Dusty was just the person that she needed to lift her spirit, and to bring her out of her funk. He was the spice that she needed to flavor her life’s sexual feasts and she wasn’t ready when he was then, but now…


“Red!” His body was still pulsing in hers. Their mutual satisfaction was his goal. If she wanted more he could and would give her more. “Baby, what is it?”

“I need…” She wanted to express to him her desire…how unexpectedly that the desire overtook her body, her life. He was that desire. He looked into her eyes as she leaned over to look at him.

“Red…don’t talk, I know!” He reached up to her face as tears filled her eyes and said something that he’d never thought he’d have the opportunity to say to her. He said it even as their bodies were still connected and quivering.

“Love you, marry me Red!”

She opened her mouth to say something but found that she could not speak. Her body was so spent, her heart so full, and her mind so blown that all she could do was fall on his chest and breathe in his scent, smiling as she did so. Dusty felt her hair fall over his chest and tickle his shoulders, he held her, smiled at his love and sent a silent thank you to his friend. They lay in bed together, connected mind, body, and soul. Both of them smiling as Dusty fell asleep looking forward to spending time exploring the added spice that now filled their lives. Steffani, more than happy at finding that her unexpected desire turned out to be exactly what her life needed, was grateful that Chris saved her…again.

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