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Exposure II: The Photoshoot

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Chloe asks Jimmy for a favor, leading to shared experience

A week had passed since Chloe caught Jimmy jerking off in his bedroom.  He tried to avoid her as much as possible since hiding in his bedroom when Chloe popped around to see his mother, Alice.  He thought he'd got away with it, until later that week ...

"Jimmy, do you have a moment?" Chloe called out.

Jimmy was arriving home from his class on photography when he heard Chloe call to him.  He glanced across to see her waving him over, leaving him with little choice but to go and see what she wanted.

He arrived to find Chloe stood in the doorway, dressed casually in a light pink blouse and short skirt with black stockings.

"Come in, will you? I'd like to ask you something!" she asked, stepping aside as Jimmy entered her home.

Jimmy had never been inside Chloe's house before, despite her being at their home numerous times.  Her home was immaculate and beautifully decorated.  He stepped through into the lounge.

Chloe indicated for Jimmy to take a seat before she joined him on the sofa, a small gap between the two.

"If this is about what happened last week, I'm really sorry!" Jimmy blurted out, anxiously.

"Oh no, don't worry about that, sweetie ..." Chloe replied with a sweet smile, "... your secret is safe with me!" she added as her hand patted Jimmy on his knee. "No, I wanted to ask a favor."

"Oh?" Jimmy quizzed in response.

"Your mother told me that you're really into photography and all that stuff?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah, I'm doing a course on it!" he answered.

"Great.  It was just, looking at the magazine you had in your bedroom kind of took me back to my old days of modeling. I looked online and found this modeling agency. I contacted them, and they emailed me back asking for some photos to see if I was suitable for their agency!" Chloe stated.

"Oh, that's nice," Jimmy replied, courteously.

"The problem is, I've been checking around and to hire a studio or even a professional photographer is so expensive.  I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to take them for me, since you're into all that?" Chloe mentioned.

"Well, I'm not really a professional photographer. I'm still learning," Jimmy answered.

"I understand, but your mother showed me some of the photos you've taken over the years, and you have a great eye.  And if I'm honest with you, Jimmy ..." Chloe began before her hand swept across and found itself to rest upon Jimmy's knee, "... I want someone I can trust. You always hear creepy things about some of these studios and photographers.  Please, Jimmy, you'd be doing me a huge favor!" she finished saying.

"I guess I could, but what kind of pictures are we talking about?" Jimmy questioned.

"Just your basic portfolio.  Different outfits, different poses and all that," she answered.

"Okay, I'll give it a try if you're sure!" he informed her.

"Great!" Chloe said with a smile before she leaned across and gave Jimmy a warm hug.  Jimmy could feel her breasts press against his chest, her hands caressing his back, and the sweet smell of her perfume that caused his nostrils to flare.

"When do you want to do it?" Jimmy asked, before quickly realizing his words could have meant something else.  "I mean, the photo shoot?" he quickly added.

"How about now, if you're free? I picked out some outfits to wear in hope you'd agree!" Chloe replied.

"I'll have to run home and get my equipment," Jimmy informed her.

"Okay, you run and get it.  I'll go and get ready," Chloe stated.

Jimmy rushed home to his bedroom, where he gathered his camera equipment and laptop, in order to show her the pictures.

Meanwhile, Chloe went to her bedroom, where she had several outfits laid out to wear for the photo shoot.


Jimmy returned after several minutes, where he began to set up in the lounge.  He stood waiting, camera in hand before he heard Chloe coming downstairs.

Chloe stepped into the lounge, cast in high-heeled shoes and black stockings over her shapely pins. A short black cocktail dress hugged her tight, shapely frame curved at her hips and hugging her luscious breasts, which allowed a small amount of cleavage on display.

"I thought we'd start with this little black dress," Chloe said as she entered the room.

Jimmy's mouth was slightly agape, his eyes staring at Chloe's beautiful outfit.  Chloe caught sight of his look.

"I see by your expression, you like my choice of outfit?" she told him with a wicked smile.

"You look beautiful!" Jimmy told her.

"Aww, thank you, sweetie. That means a lot!" she replied.  "So, let's get started, shall we?" Chloe stated.

For the next hour or more, Chloe posed in several different outfits, occasionally running upstairs to change to a new design and style.

Jimmy snapped away with his camera, shooting multiple snaps of Chloe in various poses around the lounge.  It was clear Chloe had experience in the profession, knowing exactly what the camera wanted to see.

Every change allowed Jimmy to transfer the images onto his laptop, where Chloe was able to scan through the collection of photos.  She appeared impressed with his eye for capturing the right picture.

After they'd finished the photo shoot, the two sat down at the dining table.  Jimmy scanned through the hundreds of photos for Chloe to pick out her favorites.

Jimmy placed the selected ones in a folder, which he then transferred onto a USB key and handed it to Chloe for her to email copies to the modeling agency.

Chloe asked Jimmy to keep the photos on his laptop for now, as a back-up in case something happened.

Jimmy collected his equipment when Chloe thanked him again for helping her out, giving him another warm hug of gratification for his hard work.  Again, he felt the warmth of her body against his, as well as the sweet aroma of her scent left upon his clothing.

Jimmy went home, as Chloe went about her own business.


That night, Jimmy found himself awake in bed.  It was gone midnight, and he couldn't sleep.  He could still smell Chloe's sweet scent upon him, and it was driving him insane.

He felt his cock harden; he pulled back the sheets and slipped down the boxers he wore to bed.  His cock bounced and danced around in its freedom.

Jimmy reached down to the side of his bed, where he left his laptop and placed it at his side upon the bed.  He booted it up and opened the folder containing the photo shoot of Chloe.

He scanned through the images on the screen before he picked one out and enlarged the photo to full screen.  

A shot of Chloe sat on a wooden chair, her long silky brunette hair loose and hanging around her beautiful face.  A low-cut blue dress displayed her deep cleavage. One hand pulled at the hem of her skirt, drawing it up to reveal more of her smooth legs.

Jimmy was aroused, even if Chloe was fully clothed.  She looked so sexy and incredible. He thought of her hugging him again, the feel of her heavy bosoms pressing against his chest. The feel of her warm body holding him tight, and the sweet scent of her perfume.

Jimmy grabbed his cock, wrapping his fingers around his long, thick, hard shaft.  He began to stroke himself off.  He was already half-way there, just from looking at the picture of Chloe.

His imagination ran wild.  Thoughts of her naked body pressing against his. The chance of seeing her beautiful large breasts bouncing and jiggling over his face.  The notion of sliding his hard cock deep inside her warm dripping cunt excited him to the point of no return.

Soon, he exploded.  A wave of sticky white seed spurted out of his cock, all over his bed.  Jimmy was too caught up in the emotion of orgasmic explosion to worry about stains right now.  His body shook as he gasped for air.

Finally coming down from his incredible high, Jimmy cleaned up the mess before settling down for the night.  Sweaty, and now drowsy, Jimmy found himself falling asleep quickly, dreaming more about Chloe.


Almost a week passed once more before Jimmy got caught arriving home by Chloe, who called him across to her house.  She ushered Jimmy inside as they went into the lounge and sat down.

"I sent those photos you took to the modeling agency.  They loved them!" Chloe informed Jimmy.

"I'm glad they liked them!" he replied, elated.

"The thing is, they were so happy with them, they wanted more," Chloe said.

"Oh?  I guess I could take some more if you want me to," Jimmy replied with a slight eagerness to his words. It was all experience in his chosen craft.

"Yes, I do.  The only problem is, they wanted some more ... risque photos," Chloe stated with a slight trepidation in her tone.

"What do you mean?" Jimmy asked quizzically.

"They stated they were looking for shots in sexy underwear, and stuff like that," Chloe told him.

"Oh.  Maybe you should see a professional about doing those, then," Jimmy answered a little reluctantly.

"No.  I mean, I don't know if I can trust someone else.  I really trust you, sweetie!" Chloe said, placing her hand upon Jimmy's knee.  "I'll pay you for your time; don't worry about that," she added.

"I can't take your money!" Jimmy stated outright.

"Well, I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement.  Please, Jimmy.  I really want you to take them.  The last set looked amazing, I loved them!" Chloe said with a glowing smile.

"I guess, if you're really sure?" he asked.

"I am!" she stated firmly.

"Okay, then.  I'll have to go and get my equipment from home!" Jimmy said as he rose from his seat.

"Okay, I'll go and pick out some outfits to wear.  Thank you so much, sweetie.  I truly appreciate you doing this for me!" Chloe said as she hugged him tightly.

Jimmy exited her house, rushing home to collect his equipment once more.  Meanwhile, Chloe went upstairs to her bedroom, where she picked out some sexy lingerie to wear.


Jimmy returned after several minutes to find Chloe stood in the lounge waiting for him.  High-heeled shoes, black stockings, and a silky black robe over her body.

"I thought we'd do this in my bedroom if that's okay with you?  It's just, it'll be a bit more personal, I feel?" Chloe asked.

"I guess so!" he answered.

Chloe led Jimmy upstairs, down the small hallway into her boudoir.  The room had a sense of warmth to the color and decorating.  A dressing table and chair stood across the room, close to the window.  A king-sized bed stretched out from one wall, with a large wardrobe, doors open which displayed the wealth of clothes Chloe owned.

Jimmy set up his equipment, placing the laptop on her dresser while pulling out his camera.  His back was to Chloe, who began to disrobe, preparing for the photo shoot.

Jimmy turned around.  "Holy fuck!" he said in a shocked voice.  His eyes boggled at what stood before him, only feet away.  His cock twitched in his jeans.

Chloe stood next to the bed, her robe now placed upon the bed sheets, in her outfit.  High-heeled shoes made her slightly taller than she actually was.  Black stockings stretched across her smooth legs, all the way to her upper thighs.

A pair of black thong panties covered her modesty, leaving little to the imagination, the straps wrapped around her shapely hips.  Her breasts heaved in the black bra, which cupped the large mounds of flesh tightly within.

"Do you like?" Chloe asked, knowing from his response and facial expression she had him in the palm of her hand.  She offered him a twirl in her lingerie, and Jimmy caught sight of the thong, which disappeared between the crack of her ass cheeks on display.

"You look ... wow!" Jimmy said, stuck for words.

"I'll take that as a yes, then!" Chloe stated with a slight giggle.  "Shall we begin then?" she added.

Jimmy finally snapped out of it as he grabbed his camera and prepared to take photos.

For the next ten minutes, Chloe posed around the bedroom in her sexy lingerie.  Standing. Sat at her dresser.  Perched on the bed, as well as lying upon it.  From all sides, Jimmy snapped away, shot after shot.

Jimmy uploaded the photos to his laptop, allowing Chloe to scan through the images to see what he'd shot.

"You take such beautiful shots, Jimmy!" Chloe commented.

"Thanks!" Jimmy replied.

"If you're up for it, would you take some more?" Chloe asked.

"I guess. Haven't we got enough though?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, I wanted to try some more, sexier shots, if that's okay?" Chloe said, in hope.

"Oh.  I guess!" he replied.

Chloe stepped around the bed and began to go for sexier shots with each pose.  Jimmy began snapping away at her as she teased with one finger between her ruby lips, sensual eyes and her hips to one side.  

Turning her back upon Jimmy, who got a good view of the sweet dumplings of her ass cheeks on display, she reached behind, grasping at her buttocks and squeezing them as Jimmy snapped another sexy shot.

Chloe continued posing, looking over her shoulder with a smoldering look while running her fingers through her hair.

Jimmy never muttered a word as Chloe began posing sexier, more risque.  She reached behind and unclasped her bra hook as it snapped free.

She cupped the bra against her heaving bosoms as she turned to face Jimmy.  Her bra straps fell across her shoulders, down her arms.  Chloe pushed her breasts together, offering deeper cleavage than before.

She turned back around, pulled off her bra and held it high in one hand, while her other hand stretched across her large breasts, which now stood bare.

Jimmy could now feel the snake begin to awaken fully in his jeans.  It slithered around, forcing itself against his boxers that trapped it in its cage.  His bulge was becoming a little more apparent.

Chloe tossed her bra across the room while her hand still clutched her breasts. She turned sideways, just enough that Jimmy got a good view of her side boob - a beautiful piece of soft flesh hanging down from her chest.

Chloe cupped her breasts with the palms of her hands as she turned to face Jimmy.  She posed for several more.  Holding her breasts, she pushed them together and jiggled them in her hands.  She leaned forward, allowing them to hang down resting in the palms of her hands.

Jimmy kept snapping away, not believing how lucky he was.  Taking photos of this beautiful mature woman, semi-naked before him.  Little did he realize it was about to get so much better, and hotter.

Chloe stood upright; suddenly one of her hands moved away from her breasts. The other still cupped hold of one, exposing her left breast before Jimmy.

Jimmy's eyes widened, staring upon Chloe's left breast.  So succulent and soft as it hung from her chest.  Large areolas, with a slight brownish tint to the shade.  Nipples that were erect in the cool air. Jimmy couldn't help but lick his lips. Chloe noticed.

Chloe covered the left breast, before repeating the same for her right breast, exposing it to Jimmy while covering her left breast.  She returned to cover both before she suddenly thrashed her arms wide open, allowing both her breasts to break free, jiggling and bouncing in their own delight.

Jimmy's cock was like a raging bull, thrashing around in his trousers, stretching at the garment to break out.  It was becoming unbearable.

Chloe posed topless for a few more shots. She'd taken notice of Jimmy's growing problem in his pants, and decided to act upon it.

"Sweetie, you know I'm stood here half-naked and you're still fully clothed.  I think it's only fair you take off your pants for me.  Besides, I can see by that large bulge that it wants to be let out for air," Chloe said, with hands on hips.

Jimmy stood silent, unsure of how to respond.  Yes, his cock wanted to break free, but he didn't know if this was right.

"Let me help you!" Chloe finally said.

Chloe approached Jimmy, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. She crouched down, helping Jimmy kick off his shoes before he slipped out of his jeans. She looked up at the boxers being stretched to the limit.

Chloe grabbed the hem of his boxers, slipping them over his hairy legs.  They pulled free and Jimmy's rock-hard cock broke free.  It did its natural merry dance, bouncing around like it was at a rave party.

Chloe, briefly, had a close-up view of Jimmy's beautiful erect cock. It stared directly at her face, throbbing before her.  God, how she wanted to grab it, jerk it, and ram it deep into her mouth. It made her mouth water.  But she held the sexual thoughts inside, for now.

Chloe took a step back, looking upon Jimmy.  He stood, now half-naked with just a t-shirt on.  His erect cock on display still pointed at Chloe like a magnet. Jimmy started to blush slightly, which Chloe noticed.

"Jimmy, there's nothing to be ashamed about.  I've seen your cock before, remember, and besides, it's a really nice cock," she told him, offering some reassurance of support.  "Let's continue, shall we?" she added.

Chloe moved to the bed, where she continued posing.  Perched upon the end, offering views of her amazing cleavage and naked flesh on display. Jimmy continued taking shots, doing his best not to think about being half-naked before a beautiful woman.  His bouncing cock, though, was doing its best to grab everyone's attention.

She rolled over at one point, showing Jimmy her sweet ass cheeks again.  Her hips rose high in the air, while her front stayed low upon the bed.  Her ass stretched out before Jimmy, who had stepped around the bed to get a view from behind.

Chloe rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide.  Her panties stretched across her pussy, barely covering her womanhood. Jimmy's insides were burning him up, being this close to a woman's pussy for the first time.

She posed with her hands upon her inner thighs, before they moved down to her pussy and began to rub at either side of her mound.  One hand patted the crotch of her panties for a moment, teasing the camera.

She then put both legs together, stretching them high in the air as she grabbed the string to her panties and slipped them over her hips.

Jimmy's heart skipped a beat as she began to expose the soft pink flesh of her glowing pussy before him.  He tried his best to continue taking photos as his cock bounced around in excitement below.

Her panties slipped up her long legs as Jimmy stared through the camera upon Chloe's pussy lips squeezed tightly together.  He took shot after shot of her, zooming in upon the fleshy mound.

Chloe pulled her panties free, tossing them aside before she spread her legs once more.  Her pussy blossomed.  Her pussy lips were large, flapping away each side of the opening to her deep canal like butterfly wings.

Jimmy took more photos of Chloe's glowing pussy, finding it hard to control his own body's reactions to this beautiful mature woman lying naked before him.

"Why don't you take some close-up shots of my pussy, sweetie?" Chloe called out.

Jimmy moved closer as he pulled the camera in upon Chloe's wide-open pussy.  Drawing closer, he could feel the heat rise from her pussy and see the glistening of her inner labia.  She was so wet.

Chloe moved her hand over her pussy, peeling her skin back to reveal the engine beneath the hood.  The small nub of her clitoris became exposed for Jimmy to see up close.

Chloe's hand began to rub across her pussy, touching herself before Jimmy.  Soon, her hand slipped down and a finger disappeared inside the wet canal.  Jimmy could hear the wet sounds of her dripping cunt.

Jimmy pulled back, standing upright again.  He continued taking shots of Chloe, seemingly masturbating before him. He thought it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

"Mmm, Jimmy. You've got me so wet, looking at that beautiful cock of yours!" Chloe groaned through deep moans of self-pleasure.  Her hand rubbed her wet cunt, with the finger occasionally sliding inside her wet cave.

Jimmy's cock bounced at the compliment, while Jimmy himself felt a warm feeling rush through his entire body at her sweet words. His cock ached, desperately wanting to be played with.

Chloe saw his cock thrashing around, fully erect with his engorged head swelling.  She licked her lips at the sight of this strapping young man standing half-naked before her now.

"Will you jerk off for me?" Chloe muttered through heavy breathing, as she continued to play with herself.

Jimmy stopped taking photos, standing there.  His cock needed attention, and he couldn't resist anymore.  He grabbed his thick, hard shaft and began to do what she requested.  He stroked himself off before her, again.

Chloe watched, her hand feverishly rubbing her wet dripping cunt, while her eyes focused on Jimmy masturbating before her, his hand thrashing at his erect cock.  His swollen head seeped the pre-cum that dripped out.

Chloe licked her lips as she looked intensely at this young man jerking off over her.  It got her so hot, and even wetter.  She was growing closer to the end.

Her hand rubbed, slapped, and her fingers delved inside her warm wet cave.  Her breathing grew heavier before the orgasm hit her hard.  She moaned a little louder, exploring the inner demon of her desires taking over.

Her body shook violently as she rocked upon the bed.  Her legs closed in upon each other, tightening their grip around her hand, which was trapped against her dripping wet snatch, her fingers still caught inside her soaking cunt.  Her large breasts jiggled.  She gasped for air before she slowly began to descend from her beautiful high.

Jimmy watched in delight at Chloe having an orgasm before him. He'd never seen such a beautiful sight in his life, that of a woman reaching perfection over him.  It brought him closer to his own satisfaction.

Chloe gathered her composure as she looked at Jimmy still jerking off, several feet away.

"Give me the camera, sweetie.  I want to take some photos of you, for my own personal collection," Chloe said.

Jimmy handed over the camera as Chloe now turned the tables.  She began snapping away at Jimmy, taking shot after shot of his erect cock throbbing in his hand.

"Come closer, sweetie?" Chloe asked as Jimmy approached, stopping at the edge of her bed.  Chloe took shot after shot of his throbbing cock in his hand, snapping away at him pleasuring himself for her.

Jimmy continued to jerk, faster and harder.  He was getting close.  His shaft pulsated under his fingers wrapped firmly around the thick piece of meat. He was about to cum, which Chloe recognized by his facial expression.

"Jimmy, cum over my tits," she uttered, watching him jerking hard.

Jimmy looked at her, licking her lips and her eyes glued to his cock.  Did he hear her right?

"Please, Jimmy.  Shoot your creamy load over my tits.  I want you to!" she spoke again.

Jimmy heard her clearly this time as he stepped closer to her body, not wanting to disappoint.  Chloe continued taking photos though, now close-up shots of his hard, throbbing cock in his hand.

Jimmy felt his balls tighten as he yelled out.

"Oh fuck!" Jimmy blurted out.

His legs turned to jelly. His body shook as the orgasm ripped throughout.  He heaved his hand against his throbbing cock as a wave of cum shot out the end.  It landed perfectly upon Chloe's jiggling breasts, spreading widely across her chest.

Jimmy gave another hard stroke, followed by a third.  More cum spewed out of his slit, splashing across her hardened nipples and areolas, setting its wet, sticky mess over the soft pink mounds of her heaving flesh.

Sweat dripped down Jimmy's face, as well as his body.  He began to regain his own composure as his breathing slowed to normal.

He stared down upon the stains he'd left upon Chloe's chest, almost in delight at his achievement of plastering her tits with his sticky seed. Strings of his white cum tangled across her breasts, with smaller splashes of the aftermath making their own mark.

"Take some shots of your cum on my tits, sweetie?" Chloe asked, handing Jimmy his camera back.

Jimmy did as she asked, taking several shots of his cum dripping, pooling, and covering her luscious breasts.

"Can you upload them to your laptop so I can have a quick look, please?" Chloe asked.

Jimmy stepped to the dresser as he began uploading the photos to his laptop.  Behind, Chloe had pulled a tissue from a box on her bedside table and began mopping up the salty seed covering her breasts.

Jimmy was unaware of what was going on behind, oblivious to the fact that Chloe was cleaning herself up.  Chloe also dipped her finger across some of Jimmy's dripping cum and slipped it between her lips as she tasted him for the first time. It was salty, leaving Chloe with a hunger for more.

After cleaning herself up, the two sat together as they scanned through the images that had been taken.  Chloe picked out some of her favorites and had them transferred to a USB key for her to keep.

"Oh, don't forget to put on those photos I took of your beautiful cock, and cumming on me.  I might look at those tonight when I lay in bed and play with myself," Chloe stated upfront to Jimmy.

Jimmy couldn't believe his luck.  Chloe freely admitting that she was going to masturbate over him for a change.  It made him proud as he felt a little bit of confidence rush through him.

After he finished, gathering his equipment and most important of all, getting dressed, Chloe escorted Jimmy to the front door, now dressed in her black robe.

As she saw Jimmy out, she leaned in and kissed Jimmy on the cheek, thanking him for what he just did as he left to head home.

That evening, not only did Jimmy glance through the hundreds of photos of Chloe he'd taken as she stripped down and bared her naked soul before him, he jerked off several times before he fell asleep that night, looking at her beautiful body and cumming each time.

Meanwhile, Chloe found herself looking at photos she took of Jimmy's hard cock throbbing in his hand and cumming over her naked breasts.  All the while, she rubbed herself off as she lay naked upon her bed, reaching another beautiful orgasm that fulfilled her desires.

But this wasn't the end for Chloe. She had gotten away with her plan so far, not letting on that there was no modeling agency. The photo shoot was a way to gain Jimmy's trust, teasing him, enticing him into the fold of her arms.

She had one more trick up her sleeve, where she planned on finally fulfilling her desire to have him. To suck his delicious hard cock and ride him until he couldn't cum no more. Next week would seal the deal. It would be the final ... climax, to her thought-out plan.


To be continued ...


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