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We fucked each other's brains. The best fuck ever

I was daydreaming with this wonderful mature... until I was able to lay her down

The best fuck ever

My name is Marcos, I’m 33 yo, currently living in Barcelona, Spain.   I always read your erotic stories and it’s now as I’ve decided to write one on my own, the most passionate and widest sex escapade a man can have. This account is a real one and just took place on August this year as I was working in a small business office in Barcelona.   Since my co-workers had gone for their holidays for two weeks, I was the only clerk left at work here.  These buddies really deserved a good vacation… so did I.

First thing in the morning we use to get down to the bar around the corner to have breakfast, and the fact my friends were gone didn’t hinder me to continue the same trend by myself though.  The only thing different unusual here was the necessity for attending to another restaurant, for the usual one had closed for the summer vacation period as well.  This is how I entered in this place for the first time and sat at a table to eye the newspaper headlines slovenly and indifferent.  I turned out to be the only client that morning and since as there was only little work at the office, there wasn’t so much hurry in going back there and resume activities so soon. Out of the sudden,   I noticed a woman plus two more clients getting in  this place to eat.

I couldn’t help staring at this female, watching at her bouncing ass full of life, as she walked along the hall looking for a seat.  No doubt it was the kind of woman who awakes your most concealed recesses in a man, you don’t know why such mysterious women exist to call your attention though, so wildly, and the only word here that came up to my mind was: “SEX.”

First thing first she headed for the bar and was sited there with her back facing me, so I had all the chance to devour her from behind, gobble up her body with my stare and didn’t mind to be caught either.  She wore white shoes, high heels, finished in a long tip, Texans blue jeans. I must say, those jeans made a perfect drawing of the most splendid ass contour I’ve ever pictured, this added to her capability to shake it well as she walked.  She wore a fine black jersey too tight, up her body.  This woman’s hair was curled and wavy, chestnut – colored with clear locks of hair.  She ordered at the bar, turned around and came up to seat at a table just across from mine. 

I would be caught by now  as I was not as comfortable as before to gaze her attentively, but definitely would not mind at all and got back to continue studying her body, along with every movement she made: definitively it was an exciting  mature, who always  kept turning me on as I continued to consider her watchfully.  I reckon she was 40 yo., a woman  that really cared about her well preserved body. Her face showed an experienced woman who communicated lust through her vivid eyes, and a joyful stare. 

You could tell she was  a woman who appeared  never got annoyed or perhaps did not have problems, a happy chick, as well as   a brunette with  a  tanned  skin.  Her breast joined in to attract men powerfully, as they were a lot big, well preserved for an age, raised without bra assistance, only pressed by her tight jersey, so the ordinary bystander could discern her marked nipples clearly. To tell you the truth, I had an instant hard on here.

I wish to pause here and talk a little about myself: I’m experienced despite I am a young guy,  have laid down  too many sluts, most of them  girls. I like to have them in their own bathtubes and  I’m still full of beans.  Oh god, I was sitting here at this table trying to figure out how to do the sex act busily and for a long time with this slut,    French kiss her and perhaps more.  

I always check females in advance, so never risk to buy a pig in a poke.  I have my fiancé and she lives abroad.   We meet every two months for a few days nevertheless.  I am open minded, confident, honest, a kind and sympathetic man; I take it easy and standing by to engage in a chat with strangers. 

I am the average guy, average height, strong body, and still exercise. I like sports and pump iron.  If you look at my features you will find out I am a kindly guy, a square John.  This ebony had taken a seat opposite to me, sideways though, thus I was offered an exquisite view of her legs. I had gotten too busy here, staring at her high heels, even enjoying them considering her thighs, as I began to examine her breasts too, erect nipples and fine hands.

There was a point at which she already had realized I was an obsessed guy, gripped by her well built body, staring at her.  She soon would beat time with my Johnson, and have a chance for a fuck doggy. Well, I was a comer here.   The waiter brought her a Spain fruit juice. She didn’t order anything more. Suddenly, she addressed to me to comment how deserted this town had become: only a few remainder downtown.  This would be the start for a spirited small talk.

It only took me half an hour to learn her name; was a divorced woman, 42 yo., on vacation here but  would go to a vacationing resort soon along with a friend in two days time; she also was a mother of a teenager, who was spending  the summer  with her ex.  She, on the other hand, would go to the Beleares (Islands in the Mediterranean Sea).

I’m honest, and should admit that at the same time Ana –that was her name-  spoke, I only could hear the word “sex” resound like an echo through my mind, while I was doing great efforts to deviate my stare and look away, having some difficulties  for I always turned back to staring at her goodies again.

She was aware of her charm. I began by saying I was working now, engaged at usual work at the office, and only would have vacations next September.  Ana listened tentatively, pretending she was shy, for she knew she was the sensual charming girl here chatting with me! She just followed me, and having progressed a lot into the chat, each one of us knew absolutely what had been the point here since our chat had began: to fuck her. Besides, I had been trying to scoop on Ana at this restaurant and she had responded ok to now.  

I had a rock hard on within my pants and what a problem turned out as I  managed to stand up with this rock hard but suddenly remembered I haven’t  tuck in my shirt when I left the office!!
I inquired what were her plans for today, and could tell by her hesitant response she just was taking it easy here at this town,  her duties could be put up for another day. I charged at her, gently, determined though. I came up with a mew idea by saying: “Sorry, need to check the plumbing.”

This was just a pretext to go to the lavatories and compose after I jerked my Johnson a little.  As I was on my way to the bathroom, I stopped to watch the two chesty girls in tube tops, next to our table. I returned and said:

“Ana, you know very well I haven’t taken my eyes off you since I got in this bar, I can’t help watching you!!”

She replied:

“Oh, yes Marcos, I see now. Do you like me?”

I said: “Absolutely.  I’ve been fascinated since I saw you here.”

Actually, I was but lying on her, only having thoughts of this curvaceous whore and how I would manage to get her round ass rammed and deep jizzed after I plugged her as with my big cock.
She said: “Oh, Marcos, I like you too.”

I said aloud to the waiter: “Check, over here, please!!”

I said: “Come on with me,  Ana.”   She replied: “But… where would we go?”

I said, smiling:  “Come on, girl, come with me now.” 

I already was figuring this skinny brunette showing her trimmed cunt. If this beaver was really bald, I’d soon have her shaved pussy ruined by my big dick… or perhaps this was a hairy pussy I’d find here? I was day dreaming. She obeyed so I took her up to my office. She inquired:

“Are you sure you’re alone, by yourself, Marcos?”

I replied: “Don’t you worry Ana.”

I lead her to a special hall for staff meeting. Its only furniture consisted on a round table, and a few chairs.  I walked to her showing my evident hard on, grabbed her by the waist and drew her softly toward me. She didn’t resist at this point, and the mature undoubtedly had noticed my shaft hard as blue steel as contact was made. I didn’t waste time and lowered my hand, placing it on her exciting stimulant buttocks. It’s at this moment I realized this pretty brunette had a tattoo on boob, and then began to have images again squirting a load out of her neatly trimmed snatch.

I pushed her back toward me again… we were so excited our tongues began to explore our oral cavities in a French kiss. I unbuttoned her pants still kissing her, slid them down, to discover a black panty, like thongs, leaving a stiff, straight up asscheeks up in the air as she bent for me to see… the ideal girl for a fuck doggy, Oh, my God!! This long legged woman was about to show me her wet love hole!! My hands joined in, invited to this party as well, feeling her, and rejoicing on the splendorous ass!!

She inquired: “Got a condom?”

I’ve always been a cautious guy, so carry one in my wallet. I began to play around with her and noticed as Ana was completely wet, as excited as I was. I fondled the vagina labia while my hands slid under her tight jersey looking for my treasured prize: I had been longing for these tits and began to pinch the nipples softly; hard to believe, I checked myself if they were so firm and stiff as they looked.  I amused myself by rubbing and touching those beautiful breasts. She didn’t cease to moan, sigh, panting softly.

You guys can picture an image of we both fucking while she still wore her high heels and pants down. Her thong wasn’t touched by my hands,  just pulled sideways and the jersey lifted in the upper front. While she showed her best of her tits, with ardent nipples on it, she leaned against a table using her hands for support, arching her back. I noticed her eyes half open, and a panting suppliant mouth. I thought that I’d soon spread her ass cheeks wide for pretty ass munched and have the girl drink my cum.

I was now dedicated to suck this woman not giving her a respite, my center of attention, her anus mainly, next her buttocks, tits, legs and vagina as well as poke with my tongue to the deepest after nibbling her clit. She whispered:

“Oh, Marcos, do as you wish!!”

This phrase uttered by the lusty mature alone became a prelude for me to advance into a second stage, as I had just discovered how she wanted to play this game: I’d be the macho man here, an ardent lover, her most wanted desires, obsessed for a stuffing into her pussy, getting the message clearly.

This play game was in progress now… I grabbed a lock of hair and got her to her knees. She neither made a gesture to resist, nor changed her attitude either.   I demanded: “Oh, baby, suck my dick, Ana!”

I barely heard Ana’s faint voice, uttering: “Fuck, yes, Marcos.”

She said this over and over with a faltering speech, breathless and run her tongue along my balls, so I rushed to grab my shaft and introduced it between her lips. She received it with an evident excitement, pleasure and anxiety. Ana began to give head and her torment could be noticed in her face as she looked at me, eager to deep throat the massive cock.

At first she sucked vigorously, almost choking. I should admit here I  love blowjobs, just imagine my hunger for a deep throat   as I grasped my partner by the hair, then pushed her head  to gobble up my penis. I fucked her mouth while my penis forced its way into her, not allowing the cock to slip out.

Definitely, this is what Ana deserved and she liked it. I only could see a vicious woman giving head persistently; took my penis off her and helped her get up; made her to lean on the table and slid the thong down.  Her screams could be heard around the hall as looked for support with her hands, feeling how I ate her pussy, licking her thighs and ass, along with her anus.  Ana’s pussy had already been dripping wet.  I said:

“Are you ready for this, Ana?  I’m gonna penetrate within you.”

Ana was now showing me her puckering asshole. Her moans and panting only allowed a chance for a: “Please, do it now, Marcos.”

I quickly put on my hat and stood behind Ana:

“Don’t fucking move!” I ordered.

I normally have a thick cock, which was hard as blue steel now, buy this wouldn’t be a problem here as my penis   prod into the hunk with a single blow. I shoved it all, as a result of her already widened vagina.

The woman let out a loud scream, actually she moaned loudly, so I increased my strokes on her, grinding strongly and quick.  She begged for more: “Oh, aaahh, oh, like that, gimme more, oh, fuck!! Harder, please!!”

Just at the moment I was pounding her to the utmost as I guessed she was reaching her orgasm, I poked her anus with my finger, but she moaned louder instead, so I continued to play with the beautiful ass, spanking it once. She replied:

“Oh, like that, yes!!”

I slid my finger out, then got back to introduce it deeper into her anus, stimulating her to moan with each time the finger was plunged in. She didn’t expect I just was spreading her ass apart in preparation to pound it down afterward. 

Oh, I had opened her anus!… no more a virgin, and was certain about this; took my penis off the cunt, not allowing her to sigh from frustration and despair. I put the cock head to the edge, but failed after two frustrated attempts trying to prod. She cooperated by resting completely on the table, and spread her asscheeks for me.   She said:

"I remindo you I'm a virgin."

I had become now into frenzy, frantic guy attempting to push in, trying to restrain my psychosis so not hurt her with my assault.

My hot dick head could finally breake into her sphynter, pleasing the brunette chick while she moaned. My cock head poked  within her after I fell short many times. This made Ana to sigh, but didn’t give me a sign me  to stop, meaning it hurt.

I pushed again and realized my rod was half way into her. She screamed:

"Oh, daddy, you did well, fuck a duck!!"

The pig headed had almost totally gone. I kept pushing slowly. This made the woman to match my rhythm… it worked so wonderfully well, like a piston, so it was my chance here to increase rhythm, while taking her tight ass and playing with the clit.  She appreciated my generous caress: “Oh, Marcos, yes, like that, oh yes, oh, my God!!”

I mounted this woman to ride her and fuck doggy. I said:

“Come on Ana, you bend over a little more, please!!”

I grabbed her tits firmly and began to give vigorous strokes stuffing her. I had to make up for lost time. She moaned: “Oh, yes, like that, gimme more, darling,  fuck, this is great!!”

I was happy as a pig in a slop and cummed widely into her, feeling my cum spurt jet into her anus. We chatted briefly latter and she admitted we were two people who’d just fucked each other’s brains out. We said good bye. It’s been two weeks now and I haven’t met her since.  This tasty Latina was finally gotten pumped anally by this pro!
                                                              THE END

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