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The Payroll Incident

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A payroll error turns into an exciting opportunity

This story is part of The Weekend At Dave's Cottage series.

The e-mail showing my pay stub was obviously wrong. The amount was substantially higher than my normal pay, more than double. I checked my account balance and confirmed the amount deposited.

Shit! This is going to be a problem.

I contacted my supervisor and was told to contact the payroll department directly. I sent them an e-mail outlining the issue. I received a reply back informing me to come to the Accounting Department at five o'clock to see Ms. Reebeck.

As I stepped out of the elevator I was surprised by the posh surroundings. It was a large, open and expansive area free of cubicles behind the large reception counter. Along the back were a row of offices with opaque glass, each with large windows exposing a great view of the city. The tile floor led to the counter and was replaced by thick, luxuroius carpet to the offices beyond. It was a far cry from the decor of the lower levels, never mind the factory level where I spent my days.

As I approached the reception counter I was greeted by a tall blonde with a beautiful smile and blue eyes. She stood up and eyed me up and down as I reached the desk. She leaned forward and put her arms on the desk, placing her large breasts on top of them. The button on her top strained to hold back the large amount of cleavage being displayed as she grinned at me.

"You must be here to see Ms. Reebeck," she stated.

"Yes, I am," I replied with a smile.

Wow, what a great rack.

"Would you like to have a seat?" she asked as she gestured to a row of chairs along the wall.

"No thanks, I'm fine right here," I replied with a grin.

She smiled and looked me over again, her blue eyes twinkling.

"So, you work on the factory floor," she said. "We don't see you fellows up here."

"No, we seldom go into the office areas," I replied as I struggled to keep contact with her eyes instead of the large valley of creamy flesh in front of me.

"Hmm, too bad," she said as she reached one hand out. She grabbed the lapel of my work shirt and pulled it away slightly, exposing my chest hair. Her fingers rubbed the material as her eyes scanned across my chest. Her hand fell away and she held it out towards me.

"Can I see your hand?" she asked.

I put my hand out to hers and watched her fingers run over my hand and wrist. She moved it up my exposed forearm and gently squeezed the muscles.

"Hmm, you seem strong," she purred as her eyes returned to mine.

We were interrupted by the sudden buzzing of the phone on the desk. She stood and quickly grabbed the receiver.

"Yes, he is here," she spoke. "Would like me to bring him in now?"

She glanced at me with a sly smile as she spoke again. "Yes, he is," she giggled.

"Follow me," she instructed as she put the phone down and gestured to the row of offices.

I watched her shapely hips sway as she strolled across the floor on her stiletto heels. She glanced back to catch me watching her ass and flashed a big smile as we stopped in front of the last office doorway. She put her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear.

"Nice to meet you," she purred. "Hopefully we can meet again, outside of the office." 

"Anytime you like," I replied as her hand travelled down my back and came to rest on my ass.

With a gentle squeeze of her hand, she whispered again. "Oh, I will be in touch."

She smiled and slowly walked away, making sure my eyes followed the sway of her ass wrapped in the grey pencil skirt.

Oh, she's fucking hot!

I turned and entered the office. It was a huge space with large windows, two couches, a few chairs and a huge oak desk. I stood and waited for the invitation to enter. A voice called out from a small open door to the left of the desk.

"Come in and close the door," she instructed. "I will be right out."

I closed the door and stood waiting by the couches. Images of the tall blonde ran through my head, causing a stirring in my pants as her ass swayed and her cleavage burst forth in the movie in my mind.

"Well, hello there," I heard as the movie suddenly stopped and I came back to reality.

I looked up to see a tall, curvy brunette in her fifties standing in front of me. Her long hair draped over her shoulders and the blue-rimmed glasses fit her pretty face perfectly. Her tailored black jacket was open, revealing ample cleavage in the white blouse underneath. A snug black skirt hugged her curvy hips and ended just above the knee. Below the hem were slender and shapely legs covered in black stockings and feet clad in black stiletto heels.


The stirring in my pants did not decrease and I noticed her eyes drop down to my crotch. I put my hand out and smiled.

"Hi, I am glad to meet you," I offered.

"I can see that," she giggled as she took my hand. "I'm Andrea."

As we shook hands I marvelled at her long, slender fingers and the perfectly manicured long nails. She wore numerous rings, except for the wedding finger on her left hand. It was bare.

"Take a seat, young man," she instructed as she gestured to the couch. "Let's chat about this issue you seem to have."

I sat down on the soft leather and sank comfortably into the cushion. 

"It's the end of the day," she continued. "So you can have a drink with me while we talk."

I watched her as she went to the bar and mixed us each a drink. I studied her shapely curves as she stood with her back to me. She turned, tossed her long hair and gave me a big smile as she handed me the glass.

Why does she look so familiar?

She sat on the couch opposite me and crossed her legs. As a result, her skirt rode up and exposed her inner thighs, clad in black stockings. She moved her right foot until the stiletto heel was hanging from her toes and dangled it as she spoke.

"I understand you received an overpayment on your pay," she stated. "Is that true?"

"Yes," I answered. "It's far more than normal."

"Maybe you got a pay increase?" she suggested. "For doing such good work."

"I wasn't told of anything," I replied. "I don't think so."

"Maybe someone feels you deserve a bonus... or a promotion, perhaps?" 

"I don't know anything about that," I said. 

"Hmm, interesting isn't it?" she questioned. "We are always looking for the right people to advance in our company, maybe someone thinks you are a good candidate for management training?"

I shrugged in reply. I had never heard of anyone from the factory moving upstairs.

She sipped her drink as her heel dangled from her foot. She dipped her toes downward, allowing the shoe to fall to the carpet.

"Would you get that for me?" she asked.

I moved down to pick up her shoe as she uncrossed her legs slowly. My eyes were drawn to the exposed thighs as she did so and I caught a glimpse of the top of the stockings. Nestled between them there was no material visible, just a bare, slick pussy. I looked up to see her smiling.

"Maybe you can take my other shoe off as well," she suggested.

She lifted her leg and placed her foot in front of my face, exposing her pussy even more. I had a clear view as I slowly removed the shoe. I cradled her foot in my hand for a moment, running my fingers over her toes.

"You have beautiful feet," I said.

"Maybe you could rub them for me?" she offered. "I do feel a little... tense."

I began to massage her foot, pushing my thumb into the sole. She moaned as my thumb travelled around and lay her head back with her eyes closed. I gently rubbed her toes, each one getting its own share of attention. I put her foot down and picked up the other, massaging it as she groaned.

She jerked suddenly as I hit a tender spot just below the ball of her foot and let out a whimper.

Why is that sound familiar?

 I rubbed and slowly leaned closer to her foot. I could see her shiny slit glistening between the black stockings. I took her toes into my mouth and gently sucked. I was rewarded with a loud moan and a parting of her thighs. My hand slid up past her slender ankle and cradled her calf as my mouth worked on her toes. I slowly moved in and slid my hand up under her knee. 

Her hands appeared on her thighs and I watched as they slowly pulled the hem of her skirt higher. I began kissing my way up her leg and past her knee. She responded by spreading her legs further apart and wiggling down the cushion towards me. I caught the faint aroma of her womanly scent as I reached the top of the stocking. I felt her hand on my head as I pushed her legs apart with my hands and put my face between her legs.

My tongue flicked out and ran up her slit, eliciting more moaning as it swirled around her budding clit. 

“Oh, yes... oh yes... just like that,” she gasped as she pushed into my mouth.

I reached up with my hands and grabbed her large, heaving breasts. The large nipples poked the palms of my hands as I massaged the heavy mounds and sucked the juice from between her legs. Her hand pulled my hair as her hips began bucking vigorously.

”Fuck... that’s it, baby... just like that,” she groaned. “Eat my pussy... make me cum baby.”

 I pulled her clit between my lips and ran the tip of my tongue over it. With a shriek and a sudden jerk she climaxed. Her body shook as the orgasms slammed into her, wave after wave. Her thighs gripped my head tightly as she quivered and let out a loud gut-wrenching groan. Finally, her grip loosened and I pulled my mouth away. I caught my breath and looked up at her for a moment, enjoying the look of pleasure on her face.

Why does she look so familiar?

With a deep sigh, she opened her eyes, looked down at me and smiled. She pursed her lips and blew kisses at me as an invite to kiss her. I moved up her body and gave her a deep kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She kissed back and her tongue wrapped around mine, sucking it deep inside. I felt her hands on my face, holding me to her as she pulled back slightly and licked my lips. She pushed my face back and smiled.

”You are fabulous,” she purred.

What? Fabulous? Where did I hear that before?

She pushed me away and told me to stand up.

”Take those clothes off,” she instructed. “I want to see you nude.”

 I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it to the floor, followed by my shoes and socks. Her smouldering eyes were taking in the sight of my lean, muscular body as I studied her closely. Her eyes locked on mine.

”What’s on your mind?” she quizzed. “You have a question.”

 I paused before speaking and undid my belt, sliding it out of the loops and dropping it to the floor.

”Have we ever met before?” I asked. “You seem vaguely familiar to me.”

 She giggled and gave me a big smile.

”I believe you are... familiar... with my sister, Rachael.”

Rachael? Red? From the cottage? 

“As in Rachael and Ed?” I asked.

”Yes,” she laughed. “As in Rachael and Ed.”

”She’s your sister?” I said with surprise.

”Yes, she’s my sister,” she giggled. “That’s how I got your name.”

 I undid the button on my pants and began to slowly pull down the zipper. Her gaze shifted and followed my hand as the slow growl of the zipper suddenly filled the room.

Holy shit! Sisters! 

I tugged the pants and boxers down to the floor and stepped out of them. I stood up and thrust my hardened eight inches of cock towards her. She smiled and reached out, taking me in both hands. She stroked me slowly and looked up at my eyes.

”She wasn’t lying about you,” she giggled. “You are fabulous.”

”Suck me,” I growled. “Like Rachael did.”

She smiled and reached for her glasses.

”No, leave them on.”

She took her hand away, leaned forward and took the fat, throbbing head of my cock into her mouth. She slowly sucked the tip as her fingers ran the length of my swollen shaft. Slowly she swallowed more and more, each time sucking back to the tip before going down again. I felt my cock touching her throat and let out a loud groan as she finally took the whole length of my thick shaft. She slowly deep-throated me as her hands gripped my thighs tightly. She pulled back and gasped for air. Her hand wrapped around my pulsing shaft and pumped vigorously.

”Cum in my face, baby,” she growled. “Show me how much I turn you on.”

”Not yet,” I replied as I pulled her up.

 I turned her around and bent her over. Her arms went out and her hands grabbed the top of the couch as I pulled her skirt up and kicked her feet apart. I quickly shoved my aching cock into her, pushing the fat head into her wet opening. She gasped as I buried my cock in her. I grabbed her hips and enjoyed the view as I fucked her from behind. Her ass was near-perfect in shape and firmness, her pussy a hot, silky oven. I plunged my throbbing shaft deep, grabbed her hair and fucked her as hard as I could.

”Oh fuck!” she groaned. “Oh yes... fuck me... fuck... fuck me!”

”Just like Rachael,” I growled. “Just like I fucked her.”

”Ohhhh,” she suddenly groaned.

 I felt her pussy grip my cock tight as she climaxed. I kept thrusting, struggling to hold my load as she climaxed. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled out, pulled her towards me by the hair and unloaded. My cock erupted as streams of hot, pearly liquid splashed across her face. I pumped my shaft violently as the cum flew across her glasses, mouth and chin. As the spurts subsided I rubbed my cock over her face, running it around and through the greasy mess.

”Oh yes, baby,” she gasped. “That’s what I wanted.”

She grabbed my cock and shoved it her mouth, sucking the last drops from me. She kept sucking, her mouth traveling my shaft as she looked up into my eyes. Cum ran down her face as she sucked.

Fuck, she’s so fucking hot!

Finally, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let it go. She wiped her chin and sucked her fingers clean. She had a huge grin on her face as she looked up at me.

”Oh, that was a huge load, baby,” she giggled.

”Just for you,” I replied. “You really turn me on.”

She laughed as she stood up and went to the open door behind the desk. I heard water running as I sat on the couch and caught my breath. She returned with a glass of water and gave it to me.

”Thank you,” I said before emptying the glass in one drink.

She straightened up her skirt, shook her hair out and put her shoes on before going behind the desk and sitting down.

”You can get dressed now,” she instructed. “Then have a seat.”

She gestured to the chairs in front of the desk. I dressed and took a seat.

”So, let me explain,” she said with a sly grin. “We have a junior management position open in our Human Resource department. Usually, these positions are filled with existing management trainees, mostly women. We think it’s time to add a male perspective to things for better communication with the factory floor.”

I listened closely.

”Rachael mentioned that you worked here and had... skills... that I might find useful.”

”She told you about the weekend at the cottage?” I asked.

”Oh, yes,” she giggled. “We talk about everything. She told me all about you. I think this could be a great opportunity for you.”

 “You do?”

”Oh yes. You will be fast-tracked into management with the HR department, which reports to me. So we will have to meet regularly and work together closely. Of course, it comes with much higher pay, vacation and benefits. Plus special perks.”

”Like this?” I asked.

”Yes,” she laughed. “Although it’s more of a perk for me. You will be ready and available if and when I require your... assistance. Plus keep in mind - I am in charge. Understand?”

”Yes, I think I do,” I replied.

”Now,” she continued. “You will need to dress the part if you are to be working for me. I think you need to get some new clothes, a few nice suits, etc.”

”No problem,” I replied.

”We need to make sure that you get the appropriate things. You met Carol when you arrived?”


”She will be taking you shopping. She has great taste and knows what I expect. The payroll error is an allowance to ensure you can afford what is required.”

”Shopping with Carol. Sounds like fun,” I said.

”It will be. There are perks, remember?”

”Carol is a perk?”

”There are other perks in your future,” she giggled. “I am not a selfish person, I don't mind sharing."

”When do I start?” I asked.

”Tonight,” she replied. “We have a dinner reservation."

”I am not dressed for going out,” I said as I gestured to my work uniform.

”That’s fine,” she said with a smile. “The reservation is at my place.”

She stood up and reached her hand across the desk. I stood up and shook her hand.

”Welcome to management,” she said.

”Thank you, I won’t disappoint you,” I promised.

”One more thing. Keep the last week of the month open. Ed is going away on his annual fishing trip so Rachael will be staying with me for the week. I think she may want to spend some time with us."

"No problem," I replied with a grin.

No problem at all.

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