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Tough Negotiations

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I went to the extremes with an important male client to keep my business afloat.

I had a new contract to fulfill and I had to deal with a tough client, Mr. Jacobs. He was a real hard ass when it came to business. Every time I came up with a new arrangement, he shot it down. But, I am not a quitter. I continued to pursue our negotiations. 

On Friday morning, I went into my office, preparing for another tough round of negotiations with Mr. Jacobs. By the time that he walked in, I was a jumble of nerves. I was having a difficult time concentrating. About twenty minutes into our meeting, he stopped me and asked me what was wrong. 

I looked at him and notice that he was staring very appreciatively at me. It wasn’t the first time he looked at me that way. I caught him several times getting lost in my cleavage, or glancing at my legs. The part that I didn’t like about it was that I liked it. The one thing that I always tried to stay away from was having sex with my clients, so why was this one different?

He was a very handsome, well-built man in his late forties, and he wore tailored suits. He had large hands, long fingers, and manicured nails. Whenever he smiled at me, I felt my body shiver. I have to admit, I was very attracted to that man right from the start. 

“Nothing is wrong,” I said to him as I stood up, feeling suddenly warm, and removed my suit jacket, revealing my sleeveless white silk top. Sure enough, his eyes went straight to my breasts. I felt myself getting hotter with him looking at me as I sat back down. 

Getting back to business, I pulled him back to our negotiations. We talked for more than an hour before we took a break. I got up and went to the sidebar for a glass of water. My throat was parched and my mouth felt like cotton. A moment later, I felt him behind me, and when I turned, I found him standing very close to me. I felt suddenly intoxicated by the masculine scent of his cologne, and the way his eyes moved up and down my body, lingering over my mouth and breasts. 

It was a wordless moment, and during that moment my heart raced. I took a sip of water and ran my tongue across my lips. Looking down, I noticed that Terry was showing signs of life in his perfectly tailored pants, and my beating heart was sliding up inside my throat. I took another sip of water to help swallow it back down. 

Feeling my face turning red and the sudden rush of heat between my legs caused me alarm. My trust in myself was very weak and I had to move past him, quickly, before something happens that I didn’t want to happen. I walked back to my desk, crossing my legs as I sat, causing my skirt to ride up slightly, and I didn’t want to make it obvious to pull it back down. But then, instead of sitting on the opposite side of my desk, Terry pulled a chair around and sat next to me. 

“I think the negotiations are heading in the right direction, Miss Woods, don’t you?”

I nodded and smiled, hoping he would not look down at my legs with my skirt showing more than it should. 

“I think there is just one more thing that I’d like to put on your desk, though.”

“What is it?” I asked, hoping that it would shore up our negotiations. 

He bluntly replied, “You.”

That did it. It broke me down completely. My blood turned hot, and I could barely breathe as the nerves in my belly tightened into one big knot of sudden desire. On the drop of a dime, I turned into a ball of fire. Fuck work ethics for once, I really needed this! I needed that contract too, and perhaps this would be the final straw that gets his signature on those papers. 

“Well, Mr. Jacobs perhaps that can be arranged. What do you have to offer to get me on the table?” I asked in a softer, sexier voice as I shifted in my chair, causing my skirt to slide further up my thighs. His eyes went immediately to my legs. 

“I assure you, Miss Woods, you won’t be disappointed.”

I took another sip of water, swallowing it down along with his words. Setting my glass on the deck, I looked directly into the eyes of the man who was doing a good job of seducing me.

“Mr. Jacobs, what you are suggesting is totally unethical, but for the sake of business, I would like to see what I’m getting first before I lay across my desk. 

“Please, by my guest, Miss Woods,” he said with a broad smile. 

Very slowly, I reached over and grazed my fingernails over the growing bulge in his pants. He pushed his suit jacket out of the way, slipping it from his arms as I turned in my chair to face him directly. My fingers worked attentively to loosen his belt, undo his pants and pull his zipper down. Reaching inside his boxers, my fingers wrapped around his cock. It felt huge in my hand, very thick and long, pulsing with blood in the same way that my blood was pulsing through my cunt.  

“Would you mind taking these off for me, “Mr. Jacobs,” I suggested when I pulled my hand free. 

He gladly pulled off his shoes, and then he stood and removed his pants and boxers. He stood there with at least eight inches of throbbing meat pointing at me at face level. He groaned quietly as I softly measured and stroked his cock that pulsed in my hand. Licking my lips, I watched his eyes as he watched my fingers move slowly up and down the thick rounded length of his steely flesh. 

He was right, I wasn’t disappointed. I was feeling eager, and leaning over to his lap, I swirled my wet tongue slowly around the head of his cock. He tasted salty and the strong scent of his masculinity was like an aphrodisiac to my senses as I lick his shaft down one side and up the other. “You are very good at your job, Miss Woods,” I heard him say when I reached the top. 

“No, Mr. Jacobs, I am great at my job,” I answered, and slid my mouth down the length of his cock, taking as much as I could while massaging the underside of his shaft with my tongue. He moaned rather loudly and grabbed the arms of the chair as I bobbed up and down, feeling his cock swell as I sucked him. Stopping short of making him cum, I pulled my mouth from him and sat back in my chair. 

After licking the raw, salty taste of his cock from my lips, I said, “I like what you have to offer, Mr. Jacobs. I am ready to seal the deal on top of my desk now.”

He didn’t waste any time helping me up from my chair and running his hands along my arms. Leaning forward, he ran his wet lips along the side of my neck while caressing my breasts through my silk top. I wasn’t wearing a bra that day, and I could feel my nipples responding to his touch as he grazed them through the fabric. 

“Mmm, nice tits,” he muttered as he squeezed my ripe melons, and I responded with a pleasurable moan. 

Lifting me up with a tight grip around my waist, he perched me on the edge of my desk and stood between my open legs. In the process, my skirt had ridden up to my ass. He looked down to see where my stockings ended and the smoothly rounded flesh of my thigh began. He got his first glimpse of my red silk panties, obviously stained with my arousal soaking through. 

He smiled and kissed my neck again, whispering in my ear how he loved the sweet scent of my perfume. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as his mouth came down on my right nipple and teasingly bit it through my silky top, causing my hard nub to swell even larger. 

Pulling the chair around behind him, he sat, pulled off my heels, and ran his large warm hands and long fingers slowly up both of my stocking-clad legs. His fingers met at my junction and traced the wet camel-toe of my panties. His fingers ran gently up to the waist of my panties, then with a sudden jerk, he ripped them off of me, literally, and tossed them aside. 

Oh, Mr. Jacobs!” I squealed in surprise. I didn’t expect that he would go from handling me gently to treating me roughly, which turned me on more than I already was. 

He grabbed my knees and splayed my legs wide to view my bare pussy. 

“Oh, Mr. Jacob’s, you are such an animal!” I said in a playfully aloof manner as he stared hungrily at my bald pussy.

“You want this contract, don’t you, Miss Woods?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then lay back on your desk and keep those legs open for me,” he said while teasing the folds of my pussy with the soft play of his fingers. 

I leaned back and laid flat across my desk after he pushed my computer and other things out of the way for me. I was too eager to have his cock inside me to be regretting my actions at this point. But he wasn’t ready yet. I could tell he wanted to stretch out our negotiations when he leaned in from his chair and started licking my pussy. I felt his tongue flicking against me, running up and down my wet slit, and jabbing my clit over and over again. He soon had me moaning with each lick, clawing at my desk, arching my back. 

The sweet erotic sensations of his masterful tongue were quickly becoming overwhelming. I needed a release, and I needed it badly. He sensed my arousal, smelled my heat, tasted my juices as they thickened on his tongue, and he took his time drawing out my pleasure. 

“Oh… God! Oh, Mr. Jacobs, please make me cum!” I cried out as I felt my belly tighten. I reached down and vicariously stroked my swollen clit sticking out of its hood while he lapped at my wet pussy, licking me slow, prolonging my climb to orgasm. My moans filled my office, begging him to lick me, to eat me, to fuck me.  

He pushed my fingers out of the way and closed his mouth over my engorged clit, sucking it fiercely into his mouth. Feeling my body rising toward the finish, I grabbed my breasts, kneading and pulling on my hard, distended nipples through my silk top as I felt his tongue working magic on me. When my dam finally breached, I grabbed hold of his ears and pulled his face hard against my throbbing, convulsing cunt as wave after wave of pure pleasure rushed through me. He sealed my pussy with his lips and sucked on my surging release, drinking down my orgasm. 

He stood up, licking his lips, then he said, “Miss Woods, you have a fine tasting pussy. I think we are ready to seal the deal now.”

He made me scoot further back on my desk and got onto it with me. Pillaring above me, he lowered his hips, and I felt his hard cock rub against my sensitive pussy. Reaching up to grab his shoulders, I groaned with sensuous acceptance as he pushed his cock deep inside me. Bending my legs at the knees, I planted my feet flat on the desk as his cock moved in and out of me slowly. 

I started moving with him, moaned for the pleasure of his cock. And listening to his masculine moans, I could tell he was enjoying the feel of my pussy. My second orgasm rocked me sooner than I expected. My moans turned into sudden cries of pleasure as I grabbed his shoulders and tightened the walls of my pussy around his thrusting cock. 

In the midst of my orgasm, he pushed my top up to expose my breasts and hungrily fed on my nipples, making wet trails across my white fleshy lobes as he did so. He fucked me harder and I came a third time. Another orgasm followed that one in short time. My orgasms were coming quicker now, one after another, and he hadn’t had his yet. He was still going strong, never giving me a chance to catch my breath.

I wished I was on a bed. The hard desktop was killing my back, but it was minor compared to the extreme pleasure I was feeling. But then I got a much bigger surprise when he pulled his cock out of my sopping cunt, pushed my legs back to my shoulders, and started working his wet, slippery cock in my ass. 

“Take it, you worthless cunt,” he said sharply while sneering down at me as he tried pushing past my stubborn sphincter.

“Oh, Mr. Jacobs! Have you no shame? You have no right to call me that… Ooo – Ohhhhh…” my words trailed off after he broke through and pressed the head of his cock into my rectum. 

I braced myself against my desk and moaned as he guided and worked his cock deeper into my ass. I’ve been fucked in my ass before, but this felt like a long, hard bowel movement in the opposite direction. I couldn’t believe that I took the whole thing when I finally felt his balls pressing against my ass. He felt beyond huge when he started fucking me like I was being split in two, but I took it without wavering.

When he started thrusting into me, it hurt, but it felt good too. Soon, we were both moaning, and our bodies began to sweat. With every push of his cock, I felt his balls tapping my ass. He reached down and started fingering my wet pussy while he fucked my tight ass, bringing me yet to another orgasm. 

My body weakened. I could barely keep up with him, and my ass felt like it was on fire. He owned me at this point, fucking me like a cheap whore purely for his pleasure, and nothing more. Then suddenly, he pulled out of my ass and slammed his cock deep inside my pussy. The sudden transition sent me over the top once again. I screamed at the top of my lungs. Surely, my secretary in the outer office heard me. As my orgasm was overtaking me, his cock was filling me. He moaned and dug his fingers into my flesh as his cum erupted inside me. 

I was out of my mind at this point, a total slut. I slipped away from him, turned and dropped to my knees, taking his cock in my mouth, hungrily sucking the remaining cum from his drooling cock. When I finished, we recomposed ourselves. 

“Well, now. Mr. Jacobs… are you ready to sign the papers?” I asked after taking my place at my desk. 

He smiled as he took the pen from my hand, and said, “I was going to sign it anyway.

“You what!”

“Yes, I already had my mind made up. But I enjoyed the benefits. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

When he left my office, I was so mad I would have torn the contract up if I didn’t need his business. But on the other hand, he was right, the benefits were too enjoyable to ignore. And in six weeks he was scheduled to return to discuss our progress.

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