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Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 1

Be Careful What You Wish For - Part 1

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Joan had a secret fantasy only a few knew about. One day, the fantasy comes true, but she was not prepared for what happens.

My name is Celia, but most who know me call me Miss C or Mistress C. I own a bar, but it is not just any bar, and I am not just any bar owner. A lot of the patrons of my bar don't know me, or my name; to them, I am just a stranger that occasionally sits alone at a small table in a dark corner of the bar. The bar is, in part, a Leather Bar and caters to the culture around that. Many people have dark desires or secret sexual fantasies they generally don't share with family or friends for fear of the disapproval that would come with that knowledge. But they will sometimes reveal this information to more kink-friendly strangers. Part of what I do is to help make these fantasies come true.

When I grant these fantasies, sometimes people know about them in advance and sometimes they don’t; sometimes it is the element of surprise that adds to the fantasy. However, if they are surprised with their secret wish, I make sure they either figure it out or tell them before the fantasy gets too far or too intense. It never gets to the point of actual sexual acts until they know and have a chance to back out if they want. I have found that most will let the fantasy fully play out, but everyone is given a safe word so they can stop the fantasy at any time.

An interesting feature of the bar, and one that often drew quite a crowd was the videos that showed on a big screen TV. They were quite different than what a sports bar showed, though we did advertise it as alternative sports. But even some of the porn that ran was special, as tonight's ‘victim' would soon find out.


Twins Tif and Joan had come in a short time ago. They had been here before. Tiffany's ex-boyfriend had come in about a half hour earlier than the girls, and based on past experience, I would take bets he and Tif would leave together at some point soon. Seems they had never really gotten over each other, and they still hooked up on occasion. Joanie usually hung out for a bit after they left, and if she didn't make any connections, she would leave after a while. She usually flirted with guys most of the time, but I had a feeling the right girl with the right line, could float her boat, as they say. That premise would be tested tonight.

I had heard of a fantasy Joan had from her sister Tiffany. I had discussed it in detail with her, including if she thought Joan should be told in advance or be surprised. She said it would be best as a surprise and that it was something they had talked about a number of times. I explained my policy about the subjects being informed before things went too far. She said her sister would love the surprise aspect. She even said they had discussed it when they had seen one of the videos that had been made in the dungeon and how she had expressed how much she would love to have that happen to her.

It looked like tonight was the time for that fantasy to come to life. I watched as Joan nursed a drink and flirted with a few other customers. I gave the bartender a slight nod and she got the attention of five people sitting at a table together, then nodded in Joan's direction. One of the girls got up and walked over to Joan, sitting down in the empty stool next to her. Joan watched as the girl sat down next to her and smiled. Suzy had dark brown hair with small tight curls and skin a darker color that revealed a mixed heritage. She had met Suzy before and they had chatted on several occasions.

"Hey Joan, how's it going?"

"Oh hi, Suzy. I didn't see you here. Can I buy you a drink?"

 "Thanks, but I'm still working on this one. I haven't seen you around in a while. What's been occupying all your time?"

"Work, been a bitch of a week! And it's been like that for the last month."

I watch as Joan turned her chair to face Suzy and then see Suzy go to work as Joan raised her glass and says something to Suzy.

"Here's to a couple of days off… finally!"

"I know something that will make you feel all better…"

"Oh? Dare I ask what that might be?"

I see Suzy lean in closer to Joan.

"Did you know I live upstairs?"

"No shit? Upstairs from here?"

"Yep… just a short trip up a flight of stairs. And up that flight of stairs is a king-sized round bed."

"No way… a round bed? I have never seen one of those!"

"It's a lot of fun."

"I bet the guys love it."

"There have been a few in there, but more women than men. Do you like women Joan?"

"I think you have misread me, Suzy. I am not a lesbian. A couple games of Truth or Dare is about as close as I have come. Sorry, but I am straight."

"Ever think about a woman kissing you hard on your lips?"

I see Suzy gently brush her fingers across Joan's lips.

"No. Well not really."

"Ever taste a woman's tongue as it swirls against yours?"

"No, never."

"Have you ever felt the soft skin of a woman as she nuzzled into your neck?"


"Smooth skin without the stubble of some guys beard?"

"No. But I like men."

"So do I. But ever have a woman undo your blouse and tease your nipple with her tongue?"

I watch as Suzy runs her finger up and down Joan's chest.


"And a woman is sooo much better. She knows exactly what you are feeling; knows just where to touch and can read the subtle reactions like few man can. Tell me you have never thought about a woman sucking your tit deep into her mouth. Her soft lips surrounding your areola as you inhale the scent of her perfume."

 "Well, not really."

"Never thought of how it would feel to squeeze and massage another woman's tit until droplets of her milk appeared on the tip of her nipple, and how they would taste as you lapped them up with the tip of your tongue?"

"Uhmmm, no."

"Girl, you don't know what you have been missing! Change of subject… ever had a Buttershot?"

"No, what's that?"

I see Suzy signal the bartender who puts a shot glass down in front of each girl and fill the glasses with a dark amber liquid.

"It's pure Ambrosia."

"Well, ok… but just one. I have to drive and I've already had a couple of drinks."

"Don't worry about that... there is always uber."

I watch as they clink glasses and gulp down the shots. Even from across the room I could see that whatever Suzy was saying to Joan was having an effect. I could see her chest heaving and see her leaning in closer to Suzy. I knew that about now, Suzy's voice was getting softer so that Joan had to move in closer to hear her. It wouldn't be long now before Joan's dark fantasy would begin, though she wouldn't know it was just a fantasy.

The bartender looked my way, then at the table where Suzy had been sitting and gave them a slight nod. They got up and walked over to a doorway that the bartender buzzed open. They went down the staircase to get things ready.

"So are you really gonna tell me that you've never given a second thought to what another woman might taste like? What it would feel like as your fingers moved her hood aside and your tongue teased her clit out of its hiding place? Never wondered how it felt to slowly push a finger or two into a warm, wet, soft cunt and feel the walls grip those fingers?"

 "N… no."

Suzy's hand would be rubbing Joan's thigh by now, getting close enough to feel the heat between her legs that had surely begun to build.

 "I would love to have you in my bed, pulling down your panties with my teeth, watching your eyes as you felt a woman's touch for the first time. I have an amazing feeldoe that I would love to fuck you with. First in your pussy, then take your ass and make it mine. You'd like that too, wouldn't you?

"Uhm… I don't know. I'm not gay."

Suzy's hand would be slipping up under Joan's skirt by now; her fingertips scratching softly against her panties. If I was any judge of character, those panties would be getting wet and Joan's legs would be unconsciously parting open just a bit wider. I saw Suzy lean in and kiss Joan's neck and whisper in her ear.

"Making out with another girl doesn't mean you are gay you know."

"It doesn't?"

"Not at all. And besides, if you have never even kissed a woman, how do you know you don't or won't like it?"

"Well… uhm."

Suzy's fingertip was slowly circling Joan's nipple through her blouse.

"Seems to me that even if you don't think you like women, parts of your body sure are reacting like you do."

Suzy leaned in again and kissed her neck. Joan tilted her head to the side and Suzy kissed her again, then moved to her cheek and finally to her mouth, placing her hand on Joan's cheek and turning her head. At first, Joan did nothing, then started kissing her back. Suzy bit at Joan's lower lip and gave it a tug before pushing her tongue into Joan's mouth. The bartender placed another glass filled with the same amber liquid in front of each girl. Suzy could feel Joan's heart beating faster, and her breathing increase; she could already smell the scent of Joan's sex. and picture the growing wet spot on Joan's panties. She smiled when she thought of that spot growing, but not out of pleasure. Finally, Suzy picked up her glass, threw her head back and swallowed the liquor. Joan did the same. Bingo!

"Are you ready to go upstairs yet?"

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a look at that round bed…"

I watch as Suzy takes Joan's arm and leads her to the door; watch as Joan wobbles just a bit, and leans on Suzy.

"Wow, those shots were a bit stronger than I thought."

"I am sure you will be just fine in a bit Joan."

"OK, just remember that I am not gay."

"Hmmm, seems to me that thou doth protest too much. Anyway, there is no harm in giving the other team a try, now is there?

"I suppose not."

"Why don't we just go upstairs? if you don't like what happens up there, I promise you we can stop. No harm, no foul."

I headed to my office and turned on the monitor showing the room at the bottom of the stairs and the preparations being made awaiting Joan's and Suzy's arrival. While I watched, I changed into a black leather mini skirt, black thigh high boots with four-inch spiked heels and a black leather bra that just barely covered my ample bosom. Once they had arrived and Joan was ready, I would take the private elevator down to the ‘playroom'. I loved calling it that, my private playground where I made fantasies come true.

As the door buzzed, Suzy pushed it open, revealing staircases going up and down. Joan headed to the stairs going up, but Suzy was steering her downward. She was confused about why they were going down, and not up. She suddenly felt a blindfold being placed over her eyes. A sudden fear overtook her and Joan felt the release of a warm liquid running down her legs. She tried to fight back, but her arms and legs were weak. Two pairs of hands guided her down the stairs, making her helpless to resist.

"Why are we going downstairs? Why did you blindfold me? What's going on, Suzy? Is this some kind of sex game? Who else is here? I don't understand…"

I had not yet decided what role I would play in Joan's fantasy, as sometimes I just watched while my well-trained subs did the work. When I had learned of Joan's fantasy, I had briefed them of her wish of being included in a gang bang; being ‘used and abused'; being flogged and spanked. Sometimes I just directed the action, and other times I participated on some level. I always played it by ear.

Finally, I heard the buzzer on the door and saw Suzy walk into view of the cameras in the room. She and Davis were leading Joan who because of the blindfold was unable to see the various pieces of BDSM equipment in the room or the large screen on one wall. She was also yet unaware there were three other people in the room. All were naked and Suzy would strip as well after the others took Joan.

As soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs, leather cuffs were placed on Joan's ankles and wrists. Joan was ordered to remove her blouse, then her arms were restrained behind her and her bra was cut off. It was not what she had been expecting, but her head was a bit fuzzy from the alcohol and she was feeling some fear creeping in. After doing as she was told, Joan was led to a table, turned around and lifted up, then set down.

"Lie down."

"Please! Tell me what's happening! Who are you?"

Her hands were stretched out over her head and attached to rings on the table; her legs were pulled apart and also attached to the table. Her skirt was hiked up and she felt her wet panties being ripped off.

"I do believe you have pissed your panties, Joanie."


Joan struggled and started to scream, but a hand covered her mouth and a deep voice told her that screaming was useless and that things would go much better for her if she just complied and did as she was told. I watched this on my monitor, then walked to the elevator and took it to the basement. I sat down on a chair in a dark corner to watch the scene unfold. Joan was still yelling and her words were slurred, but she finally began to settle down and start whimpering.

"Suzy, please help me. Just let me go… I promise I won't tell anyone."

"Don't worry Joanie. Everything will soon become clear to you. Now just be a good girl and do as you are told."

Joan felt a hand rubbing between her legs, pulling on her bush.

"Look at that nice clit, Suzy. Too bad it is half hidden by all that hair. And it looks like your girl here isn't a natural blonde after all."

"Maybe we can fix that. What about it Joan? Should we make this mound of yours nice and smooth and expose that nice big clit of yours?"

"NOOO! Suzy, please stop. Help me! Whatever I did, I'm sorry. Please don't shave off my hair."

"Thom, get the straight razor and shaving cream, and let's get all those pesky pubes out of the way."

"Sniff, sniff. Please don't Suzy."

I hear Joan's voice getting clearer even as she gets quieter. The alcohol is wearing off, and being replaced by fear. She is probably thinking about how to get out of this predicament, but there is no way that will happen. I will monitor her reactions closely though, and stop the fantasy if it gets too intense for her.

"Now, this isn't gonna hurt unless you squirm. Thom is very proficient with a straight razor and before you know it, you will be as smooth as a newborn's butt. And I just bet the guys will love sucking on that little cock of yours once they see it bare."

"Please Suzy, I'm begging you to stop and let me go."

"All in good time, my dear Joan… all in good time. Now we will start with a hot towel to soften you up first."

As soon as Joan felt the hot towel, she went perfectly still. Thom spread the warm shaving soap all over her mound and lips, then went to work with the razor. He sharpened the blade several times and applied a bit more soap during the process. He carefully worked around her labia and clit, then rinsed it all off with warm water when he was satisfied there was not a hair left.

"All done, you did good. Between those small tits and that bare mound, you look sixteen. We can help with that though."

I watched as Cindi applied suction cups to each nipple and Joan's clit, then turned on the power. Joan began to struggle again, then yelped as her tits and clit were pulled up into the suction cups.


When her tits and clit were nice and puffy, Cindi slipped some elastic bands off the suction cups and over each nipple to keep them erect, then turned the machine off. Suzy leaned down and sucked on her clit which made Joan squirm again, but this time letting out a soft moan before whimpering again.

"What do you think, Davis?"

"I like it. They make excellent targets for the crop."


Suzy began landing blows, building the intensity as she progressed. Then Joan felt something being pushed into her mouth, forcing it to remain open, but a ring-like device that allowed her to move her tongue around or allow something to be put in her mouth. Her head is lifted and the strap is tightened. Next, she feels a clamp of some sort grabbing her tongue and pulling on it, preventing her from pulling it back inside

"MOOO, meed dom irs mah unng!"

"We aren't going to pierce your tongue Joan, at least not just yet. We're just gonna soften it up a bit."

Everyone laughed as Suzy landed several blows on her tongue with a cane as Joan struggled to move. But hands hold her head still as more blows are landed on her tongue then on her tits and clit, stomach and inner thighs. Each strike was landed randomly so Joan's entire body remains tensed. Finally, the clamp holding her tongue is removed and the blows stop.

"I think she is ready to see where she is now."

"I think you are right, Tasha. Go ahead and remove her blindfold and gag."

I watch Joan look around the room and blink as her eyes adjusted to the light. She sees the stone walls and the various pieces of equipment throughout the room; several different tables, a large wooden X against one wall, a suspension swing, and a steel frame with ropes hanging from a pulley in the center. She sees Davis and Thom. Davis is well over six feet tall with skin the color of dark roast coffee and dark black wiry hair. Thom is a few inches shorter and of Asian descent. Cindi and Tasha are both redheads. The four of them, along with Suzy were all naked except for the collars that adorned their necks. The two men also each wore a cock cage, but even still soft, both had large penises. All five had genital areas that were smooth and hairless, having had laser hair removal.

Joan looked down at herself and saw the rings on her nipples keeping them puffy and erect.

"Why are you all doing this to me? I don't even know you. Please let me go. I won't ever tell anyone what you have done,"

"That would ruin all the fun if we did that, Joan. And I assure you, the fun is just beginning. Look around the room and picture yourself on each piece of equipment here. Check out the floggers and paddles and whips hanging on the wall and imagine the sting as each one is used on some part of your body leaving their beautiful marks behind. Imagine those big fat cocks reaming your cunt and your ass, or shoved down your throat. You know it's what your slutty whore body aches for. Maybe the girls and I will put on some nice fat strap on dildos and we'll fuck you too. Maybe even turn you into a lesbian. I bet your family would love it if you introduced them to your black female lover."

Joan whimpered and struggled against the restraints with renewed vigor. Fear surged through her body and she felt another release of urine. She just could not understand why this was happening to her and what was coming next. But as she looked around, a sense of familiarity was slowly creeping in...

To be continued....



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