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Bad Girl - Chapter 1

Bad Girl - Chapter 1

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Pam is submissive, but her husband is not into the lifestyle to the depth that she is and she yearns for more. When she runs into her old Mistress, she learns of an opportunity to do just that.

Pam and Gerry had been together for nearly six years and married for almost four and had a pretty good life going. He owned a landscaping business and they lived in a nice house in a decent neighborhood. They had an active sex life as well. Though Pam was bisexual, and Gerry was aware of that fact, she had not been with anyone else since their wedding. Pam was also somewhat more adventurous sexually than her hubby was, even while being submissive.

Prior to their marriage, Pam had dated both men and women. One of the men had been her Master for a couple of years and she had been a member of a fetish site as well as several dungeons she frequented with him. She loved being tied down to a piece of equipment then flogged or spanked – the harder the better. On occasion, her Master let other men use her for sex. She had participated in a number of gang bangs well, with both men and women fucking and using her.

When she first met Gerry, she had left her Master, but was still dating several other men and also still attending fetish events. She had actually met Gerry at a "Meet and Greet" fetish event a friend had dragged him to. As they got more serious, she dropped the other men one by one, but still saw other women. After they got engaged, she stopped seeing them as well, except for one who had become her Mistress.

While Gerry had been aware of all of this, he had never wanted any details about what she was doing with her Mistress. Once they got married though, she stopped seeing anyone else. Though they occasionally attended a fetish event, he never got into them that much, doing it mostly for Pam. She had been able to get him to do a few things with her, like the occasional spanking or tying her up, but she wanted more.

As time went by, Pam was able to get Gerry into a little more kink, finally getting him to fuck her ass and use a hairbrush to spank her. He also used his belt on her a few times. A little at a time, she introduced a few toys and some BDSM porn videos into their play as well. She hoped the porn would give him some ideas and would comment on how certain things really turned her on. He picked up a few ideas finally and while it was better than nothing, she still wished for more.

Every year they would go on one big vacation and a couple of shorter trips. They planned the big vacation together, but for the shorter ones,  they each got to select where to go and do what they wanted and the other would go along with it regardless. They agreed that whatever happened on those trips would not affect their marriage. Mostly it would be something like a sports type vacation or camping that Gerry wanted or a trip to some resort where Pam would spend her days shopping in all the quaint little shops in town.

One day Pam ran into her old Mistress at the mall. They decided to have lunch to catch up with each other. After spending more than two hours and basically getting kicked out of the restaurant, they found a quiet corner of the mall to continue talking. Pam told her Mistress how much she missed some of her old lifestyle and though she loved Gerry very much and had gotten him a bit more into kink, she yearned for more. She made it clear that she would never cheat on him though.

"It's too bad you can't get him to more fetish events. There is one coming up in a few months that you would really enjoy if you could get him to go, and he might even learn a thing or two."

"What is this event, Mistress?"

"It's called Kinky Kamp and is held twice each year. Most people camp in tents, but there are people with pop-ups and RVs. They also have a limited number of small cabins for rent, but those usually go pretty fast."

"What goes on at these camps?"

"Pretty much anything you can imagine. They have a 4000 square foot tent set up as a dungeon. They have all sorts of equipment set up in there that is available for use around the clock. Throughout the grounds, there are other pieces of equipment also available for use day and night. There are various events and classes open to anyone, that have been set up by the organizers of the event, plus many others led by the campers themselves. There are a pool and a hot tub, as well as an area where you can purchase food, though many campers will also cook a few or all of their own meals."

"That sounds pretty awesome. What else goes on?"

"Well, pretty much any type of fetish is allowed. They set up a separate area for those into any blood or other bodily fluid play, so those not into that don't have to see it. They have very strict rules about sanitation and cleaning any equipment you use and provide sanitizers and paper towels everywhere. It is all-inclusive, meaning any gender or lifestyle can be seen. It is non-judgmental, so it is a good place for people like crossdressers to walk around freely in drag. They basically have two rules… no dead and no sex in the pool or hot tub."

"Hahaha, it sounds awesome. When is it?"

Her Mistress gave her the link to the website and Pam told her about their arrangement with the two short trips each year.

"It's actually my turn to pick where I want to go. Are you going to be there Mistress?"

"Yes, I go every year to both camps. I also teach several classes and do some demonstrations as well. I do need volunteer ‘victims' for the demos… I would love it if you came and maybe Gerry could even learn a thing or two about your needs if he saw you in that environment."

"Yes, Mistress, I agree that he might. And I would love for you to use me again. I have missed you so. And I will check out the website and talk to him."

Pam gave a slight bow and then they kissed goodbye. She had not realized how long they had talked and would have to hurry to get home and get dinner started before Gerry got home. She decided to stop at the grocery store and pick up a rotisserie chicken and a couple of side dishes at the deli so she could have some extra time to freshen up before he got home. Seeing her old Mistress and talking about the event had made her quite horny and she hoped she could seduce him into fucking her pussy and her ass tonight. Maybe even earn herself a spanking.

Pam got home, put the oven on low and put the food in to keep it warm. She set the table and put some candles out and flowers from the garden for a nice romantic setting. Then she showered and groomed and picked out her sexiest camisole and a pair of short shorts. She found a sexy thong, then dug out a few toys and some silk scarves which she put under her pillow. She put the hairbrush on an end table in the living room and queued up a porn video on the DVR. After the shower, she got dressed and then put on a robe over her clothes.

While she was waiting, Pam sat down at the computer and called up the website her Mistress had given her. She read through the description and looked at a few of the gallery photos that were shown. It did not give a location, but her Mistress had given her the general vicinity. The site said only participants get directions to the campground. The price seemed quite reasonable and though their usual trips were only four days, and this was a five-day affair that was not set in stone. Gerry liked camping anyway and they had a pretty nice setup for it.

Gerry was expected home anytime and since he had installed a shower in his office in case he had had to get into any physical work, he would be ready to eat as soon as he came home. Pam opened a bottle of wine for herself and had picked up a six pack of his favorite beer. As soon as she heard his truck pull into the garage, she lit the candles and had a bottle of beer waiting for him. He walked in and she handed him the beer, then kissed him.

"Hi dear. How was your day?"

"It was good. I signed a new contract and picked up two new clients at one of the complexes. I may have to look into hiring another crew and getting more equipment if this keeps up. At the very least I am going to have to hire one more guy on each crew so they can finish each job a little quicker. What's for dinner? I don't see anything cooking and I am famished. "

"I know how much you like me to cook dinner myself, but I was a bad girl today. I spent the day shopping at the mall and was running really late, so I just picked something up at the store. Why don't you sit down at the table and I will bring it out. And here's another beer to drink with dinner."

"As long as it isn't pizza; I picked up several at lunch and brought them out to the crews. I had some with the last crew."

Gerry went into the dining room and sat at the table. He saw the bottle of wine opened, so he filled the glass at Pam's setting. Pam brought in the two of the side dishes and set them on the table, then brought out the third side dish and a basket with some warm bread. She went back in for the chicken, removing the robe before going back into the dining room. She bent over low in front of Gerry as she put the chicken and carving knife down in front of him. He was able to get a good look at her breasts as she did. He slapped her ass as she turned to go sit down.

"You really must have been bad... candles, flowers, and no bra. Just how much money did you spend?

"Not much at all. I will tell you after dinner."

Gerry carved up the chicken and put some on her plate and his. They passed the sides and the bread. Pam had gotten some Greek potato wedges, creamed spinach, and cauliflower in a cheddar cheese sauce. She knew these were some of his favorites and he liked the chicken as well. He had another beer and she drank about half the bottle of wine. They discussed the new business while they ate. When they finished, they cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then they went to the living room and sat on the couch.

"Okay, I think it is about time you told me just how bad a girl you were. It must be really bad to earn a candlelit dinner and some of my favorite foods, even if you did buy them rather than cook them yourself. And three beers…"

"Well, you might have to spank me."

"Ohh, I see… you are in one of those moods. Okay, I can get into that I guess. Come over here and lay across daddy's lap.

Pam unzipped her shorts but left them on. She turned on the TV and started up the DVR, then picked up the hairbrush and handed it to her husband. She wiggled a bit then lay across his knees. He rubbed the backs of her legs a few times before landing some slaps on her bare skin with his hands. Then he switched to the hairbrush and landed several more blows to each leg. Pam felt the stings bringing tears to her eyes. Finally, Gerry tugged her shorts down to her ankles as she raised her hips slightly to help him.

She bit her lip as he landed a number of blows on her bare ass. The beer must have affected his sense of judgment as he was hitting her harder than he normally did and she was reveling in it. She could see he was watching the movie as he was spanking her, and could feel the bulge in his pants against her stomach. Her ass was getting quite warm and her pussy was beginning to drip. Even as he was using the brush on her cheeks, he slipped a finger into her cunt and began finger fucking her. She was so horny but didn't want to cum just yet. She slid off her hubby's lap and between his legs.

Pam began massaging her husband's cock through his jeans, then sucking on it as he leaned back and started to moan. He reached for his zipper, but Pam took his hand instead, got up and pulled him toward the bedroom, stepping out of her shorts as she walked away. He stood up and followed her. Once in the bedroom, she pulled off her top and thong, then helped Gerry take off his clothes. By now, his erection was full blown and she knew he was ready to fuck her.

"Tie me up, daddy."

"God, what did you buy, a new car?"

She laid face down on the bed and pulled the scarves and toys out from under the pillow. Gerry tied one hand to each side of the headboard. He placed a couple of pillows under her hips then spread her legs apart and tied them to the corners of the bed frame. He usually tied her hands and legs fairly loose, but this time, he had her pretty secure. Then he took another scarf and tied it over her eyes. She hadn't noticed, but he must have grabbed the hairbrush and brought it with him. Suddenly, she felt the sting as it landed on her already tender ass.


He just continued landing a few more blows before grabbing her hips, pulling her up and thrusting his rock hard shaft into her cunt. She was so wet, he slid in with no problem as he pounded away at her. It did not take her long before she felt an orgasm rising.

"Ohhh fuuuck!! God, fuck me hard!"

Gerry just grunted and continued pounding her cunt.


Pam pulled against the restraints as her body was racked with spasm after spasm and Gerry just kept thrusting in and out of her. Then she felt some liquid dripping down her crack and felt one of her dildos pushing into her ass. Soon both holes were filled and being vigorously fucked. It wasn't long before she was hit with a second orgasm, even more, intense than the first one. She knew Gerry was probably getting close to cumming himself.

"Please, daddy. I want you to cum in my ass."

"Okay baby, I'll fuck your ass like it hasn't been fucked before."

He pulled out of her cunt and removed the dildo from her ass, then quickly replaced it with his cock. He was slamming into her so hard, his balls were pounding into her pussy. She knew at this pace, it would not be long before she would feel his hot jizz filling her.

"Yessss, yessss. Harder, daddy."

She felt his hand land a blow on one cheek, then the other. After about a half dozen blows to each cheek, he pushed hard down into her and emptied his balls into her ass. When he was done, he started pounding her again, giving her a third orgasm. When she finally stopped jerking, he collapsed on top of her. He reached under her chest and began squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, making her moan. He finally pulled out of her and she felt his semen seeping from her hole. He stood on the bed and slid down in front of her lifting her head and placing his cock in her mouth.

"Lick it nice and clean wifey. I'm sure I have earned it."

He wrapped his hands in her hair and forced her head up and down on his dick until he was soft, then told her to lick his balls clean too. Pam was in seventh heaven as this was the most he had ever done to her, though she could easily have taken more. He sat there for a minute, then got up off the bed, but did not untie her or remove the blindfold. She heard him walking away.

"Hey, where are you going? Aren't you gonna untie me?"

"Gotta take a leak babe. Then I think I'll get another beer. But don't worry, I'll be back eventually."

"Hey! No fair."

She heard him go to the bathroom, then head downstairs.


to be continued...


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