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Humiliation At The Discipline Centre

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Two granny aged women are sent to the Discipline Centre to be punished.

Dale Brown and Mary Barton, both sixty-six-year-old grannies, still couldn’t believe how silly they had been to try to defraud three of their students' parents of enough money to repay their debts. It had been bad enough being disciplined by Lucy Armstrong and Emma Lamb, the eighteen-year-old head and deputy head girls at the college they taught at, albeit both got aroused and masturbated afterwards.

Then, they had to be spanked that same evening by two members of the resident's committee of the block of flats they lived in which was so humiliating, although again they masturbated once they got back to their own beds.

The two committee members had then offered to lend them enough money to pay off their immediate debt, which they thankfully took. However, a condition of the loan was that they would be given a spanking every week until the money was repaid. That was okay whilst the residents carried out the spanking, even though both teachers were fully naked and several members of the committee watched. In fact, both teachers found that they were aroused by being spanked and both masturbated very soon afterwards.

Then, after four weeks, the committee members made the decision that future spankings would be carried out by a series of girls who lived in the block. That meant the two teachers being spanked on their bare bottoms whilst they were naked but the girls, who were all eighteen or nineteen-years-old, were fully dressed except for having bare legs.

Added to that, all the girls were students in the college where the two teachers taught which added to their humiliation day by day when they attended college to teach those same girls. Whilst both teachers found being spanked by the teenagers erotic on the day of the spanking, it became so humiliating when teaching those same girls in the classroom the next day.

So the two teachers hatched a plan to defraud three of the parents to pay off their debt and end the humiliation. However, it was a badly thought out plan which the parents quickly saw through, and reported both teachers to the police. That led to an investigation and the teachers were given the choice of either go to court and risking prison sentences or attending the discipline centre to be punished.

The teachers had little choice but to agree to attend the discipline centre, and today was their appointment. Both Dale and Mary had checked and knew they had to wear dresses with hems halfway down their thighs and leave their legs bare. They did and wore sleeveless floral dresses with bare legs and knickers they knew they could yank down quickly and easily.

They walked through the door into the discipline centre with more than a little trepidation. Whilst over recent weeks they had been spanked on a regular basis, they knew a punishment given here would be very different. They immediately saw women their own age leaving the discipline centre with very red eyes and newly washed faces but without make-up suggesting that they had been punished severely enough to make him cry which, whilst fully expected, was still a shock for them to see.

However, they were pleased that they, too, had decided against putting on makeup today. They were also pleased they only saw women offenders and police officers as it was women only day today.

Feeling even more pensive, they went to the reception desk and spoke to Officer Jenkins, showing her their appointment letters. Officer Jenkins, who looked about nineteen-years-old, read the letters, and then glared sternly at the two ladies, and ordered, “Please walk along the corridor to room number six and you will be met there.”

Dale and Mary both said, “Thank you, miss,“ and turned and walked along the corridor until they found room six.

They knocked on the door and heard a young voice inside say, “Come in.“

Dale and Mary walked through the door, closing it behind them, and turned to find two young policewomen sitting behind a desk. They both looked eighteen or nineteen-years-old and supposed they were trainees.

One of the policewomen, Officer Thompson, pointed to the chairs on the visitor's side of the desk and said, in actually quite a pleasant tone of voice, “Please do sit down, ladies.“

Daniel and Mary were taken by surprise by this almost friendly approach, but both sat down as instructed, sitting with their hands on the laps, and waited for either Officer Thompson, or her colleague, Officer Frome, to speak.

It was Officer Thompson who said, “Well, ladies, I know that you have come here to be disciplined and to receive a bare bottom spanking with a spatula and then thirty-six strokes of the cane. However, Officer Frome and I have been through your files and are able to offer you an alternative. Do you wish to hear what that is, or would you prefer to go straight along to the punishment room and receive your spanking and full thirty-six strokes?”

Dale and Mary looked at each other and both nodded, looking back at Officer Thompson and Dale said, whilst Mary kept nodding her head, “We would like to hear, please, what you have to say, miss.”

Officer Thompson explained, “There is a general mood in the justice system to try to change the attitude of all offenders, irrespective the harm that they have inflicted on their victims. So, the suggestion that we have, is that each of you takes just twelve strokes of the cane now. We will then sit back down at this desk and discuss how you might benefit from joining our discussion groups rather than receiving the balance of your tariff."

She continued, "Please feel relaxed, because if it is decided that you are not suitable, then you will already have received twelve strokes, and will then just receive the spanking with the spatula and the remaining twenty-four strokes. On the other hand, if we agree that you should join the discussion groups, you will not have to suffer the remaining twenty-four strokes. So, ladies, do you want to participate?”

Dale and Mary again looked at each other in almost disbelief, nodded, and turned back to the young police officers. Dale immediately said, “Yes please, miss.”

Mary quickly added her agreement.

Dale and Mary both remembered their conversation when they said how aroused they had been when Lucy and Emma caned them and hoped the same would happen today. That was when they were expecting thirty-six strokes, and now it was just twelve they were both sure that she would cum afterwards. So, what a win, they told themselves as they thought how sexy the young policewomen looked in their uniforms.

The policewoman looked at each other and then back at Dale and Mary, and Officer Thompson said, “Right then, ladies, if you would both like to go and stand by the caning table, and we will get those twelve strokes done. Then we can see if you qualify to join the discussion groups. As we have said, you have nothing to lose, because if you do not qualify you will simply get the spanking and remaining twenty-four strokes.”

Mary and Dale weren’t so bothered about receiving just the twelve strokes as they got up and walked over to the caning table. They saw that this was a double-length table so that they would be standing opposite each other, and both would be tied to the table, and, presumably, caned at the same time. 

Once both Dale and Mary were standing by the caning table, Officer Thompson ordered, “Now, ladies, please take your knickers off and lift your dress hems up above your waist and then bend over the table and stretch your arms up to the cuffs.”

Dale and Mary did as they were told and stepped out of their knickers, and then pulled the hems of their dresses up and held them above their waists. They bent over the caning table making sure that their dresses stayed above their waists and rested their hands close to the wrist cuffs.

They both thought that this was rather more like being caned at college rather than suffering the humiliation of a more public caning in one of the punishment rooms, and accordingly, they were happy to play along even more than had there been a large audience watching. After all, that was their big fear, given they normally got aroused by being spanked and caned.

Dale and Mary did get rather more tense as their wrists were secured by the leather cuffs. Neither policewoman said anything and Dale and Mary didn’t want to ask them any questions, but they got ready to take the cane as both policewomen walked back so they were standing behind them, having collected a cane each from hooks on the wall. Officer Thompson was going to cane Dale, and Officer Frome would be caning Mary.

Then Dale and Mary heard both policewomen swish the cane twice, and then rub the cane back and forth across their bare bottoms. This did bring back memories of the caning that they had both received by Lucy and Emma, as the first stroke bit into their bottom cheeks. Both gasped and pulled at their cuffs but recovered quickly and prepared themselves for the second stroke.

Moments later, Dale threw her head back as the cane landed for the second stroke and she gasped with her eyes shut. She did open her eyes after just a few moments and saw that Mary had a pained look on her face and assumed she had one on her own face as well. Moments later Dale saw the young Officer Frome bring her arm down and heard the cane thwack on Mary’s bottom as the third stroke landed and Dale saw the change that took place on Mary’s face clearly showing how she had felt the pain.

Then, just a split second later, Dale cried out and again threw her head back as the third stroke hit her across her bottom. The strokes continued, and after each one, both Dale and Mary let out louder and louder gasps of pain. They both lost count of the strokes, and also didn’t realise that their gasps of pain soon turned into a loud, ‘Ow,’ and those pained noises got louder and longer as the strokes continued. Both knew the caning was far harder than the caning they had got from Lucy and Emma and doubted they would be going to the toilets afterwards to finger themselves to orgasm as they as had then.

Mary continued to let out louder and louder yelps after each stroke, but also looked towards Dale and was horrified to see the look of pain right across her face. It was somehow so much worse being caned at the same time, as well as having to face each other and see the look of pain, but she could also see Officer Thompson standing behind Dale and raising the cane and bringing it down so sharply. Mary knew that the same was happening with Officer Frome standing behind her. 

How horrid, they both thought, that they had both expected just twelve strokes to be erotic but this caning was far more pain-filled to allow their pussies to get damp. 

Still unsure how many more strokes they had left to take, Dale cried out once more as the pain became almost too much to bear. She realised that the caning was far more intense than the one she had received at college but supposed that even though these policewomen were trainees, they would’ve been specifically trained to cane offenders. She could see Officer Frome raise the cane again and brought it down having a very focused look on her face. Mary’s face collapsed as the cane struck her again, and, moments later, Dale cried out loudly once again as the cane bit into her bottom. 

Both Dale and Mary were struggling so much with their bottoms stinging like never before and were thinking to themselves how lucky they were that they now had the chance to avoid twenty-four of the strokes they were sent here to receive.

The caning eventually ended and as they lay on the caning table they were both aware of crying in the room and it even took a few more moments to realise that they were both making the crying noises, and when they looked up realised they had blurred vision. So, again, they hoped that they would get away with the final twenty-four strokes. 

The two policewomen walked around the table, putting the canes back on the hooks on the wall, and unclipped each of Dale and Mary’s wrists. Still smiling, almost as though nothing had happened, Officer Thompson said, “Well, ladies, at least we have got that over with. Why don’t you pop your knickers back on and come across to the desk? You will probably find the hard wooden seats a bit difficult to sit on, but try hard, as we are not allowed to give you cushions, unfortunately.”

Dale and Mary pushed themselves up and both immediately wiped the tears from their faces. They were thankful that they had remembered not to apply makeup, so at least that hadn’t run, but they were sure that their eyes were very red and anyone who saw them would know that they had been crying. However, they managed to step back into their knickers, flattened out their dresses, and then went back to the visitors' chairs.

They sat down but gasped as they sat down a bit too hard, adjusted their position, and gently lowered their stinging bottoms onto the hard wooden seats. They were still sniffing back tears as they sat, once again with their hands on their laps, and waited to be asked further questions, still thankful they might now be able to avoid the other twenty-four strokes.

The policewomen were still smiling nicely as they then asked a series of questions about where Dale and Mary worked, why they committed the offence, how they were intending to make sure they did not commit any further offences, and the like.

Dale and Mary gave very careful answers so that the policewomen were left with only the impression that they were repentant, and would be keeping to the law in future.

After about twenty minutes of such questioning, the two young policewomen looked at each other, nodded, and looking at Dale and Mary with a very friendly smile, Officer Thompson said, “Well, I think this all adds up so we shall go and discuss with of the Inspector you joining the discussion groups.”

Dale and Mary watched, stony-faced, as the two young policewomen got up and left the room. They then looked at each other and laughed. Dale said, “These young girls really are naive. We have said so much rubbish, and they have just believed it. Anyway, I feel sorry for all those victims out there because, if the justice system really is focusing on the offenders rather than their victims, then that is just so unfair and the justice system is falling down on what it should be doing."

She carried on, "Having said that, of course, it does mean that we will effectively get away with the spanking with the spatula and twenty-four strokes of the cane and all we will have to do is sit and chat to some other people. So we end up getting away with just a small part of our prescribed punishment, which is so good for us and so roll on these young naive policewomen.”

Just then the door flew open and Dale and Mary looked up to see six fresh-faced policewomen walking through the door. She particularly noticed that Officer Thompson looked very annoyed as she went and sat back behind the desk. 

Officer Thompson glared at Dale and Mary and said very sternly, “So you really think that the lot of us are naive, do you, you naughty old women? Well, I will tell you how silly we are. We do this every time with the naughty old women like you. We make them think that we are here to help them, give them just a few strokes of the cane, and then have a friendly chat. Invariably, they lie and think we believe it and then think that they are getting away with a large part of their punishment and, just like you, make ridiculous comments about us."

She continued, "However, you are the ones who have been naive. We have recorded everything that you said when we were out of the room, particularly how your answers were rubbish, and we can tell you that that has gone against you. So, instead of joining the discussion groups, you will now have to suffer the whole of your punishments including the twelve strokes you have already been given. Believe me, we have come across so many naughty old women like you who think you’re so clever, but, you know, you really aren’t. So, we will be taking you to one of the larger punishment rooms where are you will then be given a spanking and the full thirty-six strokes of the cane.”

Dale and Mary both looked ready to burst into tears as they realised just how silly and naive they had been. Of course, it was too good to be true, but, actually, all credit to the teenage policewomen who knew that the vogue to focus on the offender and ignore the victim was totally wrong. Dale and Mary both agreed with that, but, at the same time, were now distraught that they would be having to take thirty-six more strokes of the cane and a spanking. 

The policewomen surrounded Dale and Mary and led them out of the room, along the corridor, and into what they saw was punishment room ten. As they walked in they heard chatter above them and, looking up, saw dozens of young policewomen who, it seemed, we there to watch them being disciplined. It was the nightmare both Dale and Mary were scared of, which was being disciplined with a whole audience of young women watching, but it was clearly going to happen.

Officer Thompson ordered, “There won’t be any of the niceties of going to the changing rooms. Take all of your clothes off and put them on the chairs by the wall and then go and stand by the two chairs where you will be spanked with spatulas.”

Dale and Mary both gasped as they saw a very thick wooden spatula on the seat of each of the chairs Officer Thompson pointed at.

Dale and Mary were two very unhappy women as, this time, instead of simply taking off their knickers and pulling up their dresses, they were forced to unzip their dresses and push them downwards towards the floor, catching their knickers on the way, stepping out of both, scooping them up, and putting them on the chair.

They then put their hands behind their backs and unclipped their bras, letting the straps slide down there arms, catching them, and putting the bra on top of the other clothes, and suddenly felt extremely self-conscious knowing that they were now fully naked as they walked towards the chairs.

As though it wasn’t enough of a penalty to have to take the full punishment, they were also subjected to comments from the watching young policewoman, such as, ‘Such silly old women,’ and, ‘They thought they were so clever and we are just naive young girls they could twiddle around their little fingers. Well, now they know that they are the naive very old and craggy women.”

Two officers sat on the chairs, and their name tags said they were Officer’s Warwick and Castle. They both looked so young although were obviously nineteen-years-old, but that no longer mattered to Dale and Mary as they both eased themselves down and across the young officer’s laps. They were facing each other and looked up and saw the Officer rubbing the others bare bottom as they felt their own being rubbed, which again was just so humiliating.

They both had close-up views of the policewoman’s upside down bare legs, and just a foot away from the upside down legs of the four watching policewomen who had escorted them there. In addition, they had the murmuring from the other policewoman sitting in the gallery. 

It was just so embarrassing for both teachers and Dale and Mary had to stay across the police women’s laps as they heard the comments being made about their fleshy thighs and bottom cheeks and how they so deserved the spankings they were going to get. They also encouraged Officer’s Warwick and Castle to make sure they gave very hard spankings.

A few moments later each got the first spank with the spatula which hurt much more than they had expected and then spanks on alternate bottom cheeks that went on and on. As Dale and Mary squirmed around on the policewomen’s laps yelping after each spank, the watching policewomen continued to make comments about how their bottoms were wobbling around as they were spanked, and also about their drooping breasts that swayed around as they squirmed around on the policewoman’s lap.

Both Dale and Mary were already regretting their stupid comments earlier, and both knew they fully deserved their punishments. The comments just added so horribly to the spanking but they knew they would be doing exactly the same to their college students who were rude to them. The spanking might not be as hard, but then they were adults, not students, and as they should have known better it was right that they got the humiliating comments from the young policewomen as well as the spanking.

Both Dale and Mary had really stinging bottoms by the time the spankings were finished, and even as they were ordered to stand they so wanted to rub their bottoms but were told in such sarcastic tones, “Don’t rub, you silly old women, or we’ll just have to spank your squishy fat bottoms again.”

Officer Thompson was clearly laughing as she ordered, “Right, you two horrors, go and stand by the caning tables and stretch your hands up so we can secure you properly. I think you know the drill.”

Dale and Mary continued to suffer the comments about their looks and stupidity as they bent over the caning tables and both their wrists were once again secured by the leather cuffs. This time, though, as well, both thighs were also secured by leather straps which didn’t bode well for either of them. Mind you, both were so clearly aware that they had so easily been drawn into the trap by the young policewomen who certainly were far from naive. After all, it was their bottoms that were stinging crazily already and they were the naked ones, whilst the fresh-faced teenage policewomen were all fully dressed and enjoying the humiliation they were pouring onto them.

This time there were two separate caning tables and a policewoman stood at the end of each, and, bending over, their faces just inches from Dale’s and Mary’s. As they both felt the cane being rubbed across their bottoms, Officer Carson starred at Dale with a very broad grin, and asked as though nothing else was happening, “How clever do you feel now, you silly old woman?”

Dale knew she wasn’t supposed to answer, and, in any case, the very next moment the cane bit into her bottom. She closed her eyes and threw her head back and yelped, and when she relaxed again she opened her eyes and saw the young policewoman‘s face again, just inches from hers, and, with an even broader grin on her face. Dale heard Officer Carson ask, “How was that, you silly old woman?”

Dale knew the comments were intended to belittle her, and they did, although she did feel that being ridiculed by a nineteen-year-old policewoman served her right, and even felt quivers flying around her vagina, which she told herself was crazy as her bottom stung so much. However, she did feel aroused, but mainly because she felt so humiliated being dealt with by young women less than a third her own age.

Dale heard Mary scream out and knew she had just received a stroke of the cane and then next moment her own bottom suddenly stung crazily as she got her second stroke and, as the pain cascaded across her bottom so she knew that she wasn’t handling the caning at all well and, if that was only the second stroke, she wasn’t sure how she would actually get through thirty-four more strokes as hard as the two that she had already received.

Worse still, the third stroke left her feeling even more distraught, and the fourth had her shaking her head with her eyes closed and she knew that she was pulling at the wrist cuffs, whilst the fifth stroke had her begging for mercy. It didn’t help, and the sixth stroke felt even worse as she again shook her head as well as hissed in and out through clenched teeth repeating, “I am sorry, I am sorry.“

Dale saw the blurred vision of Officer Carson still with her face inches from hers, and felt her sweet breath on her face as she heard her say, “Hey sweetie, I’ll have to leave you now.“

Dale managed to open her eyes and could just make out the smiling face of the young policewoman who then gave her a little wave, and said in a happy tone, “I’m going to the other end now to give you your next six. Enjoy.“

Dale groaned as she realised that the policewoman was still making fun of her, when, next moment, another fresh-faced young policewoman, Officer West, took her place and smiled happily at her as she bent down to within inches of her face. Worse, she heard lots of comments from the gallery and knew those policewomen were really enjoying the sight of them being caned. It was just so humiliating as they were still naked and the young policewomen were fully dressed.

Dale heard the fresh-faced policewoman say, “Let me know if it hurts too much, sweetie, but, to be fair, I still won’t do anything to help you.” Next moment, the cane was being rubbed back and forth across her bottom, and then it stopped, and next moment the pain again cascaded around her bottom.

The eighth stroke was even harder and the ninth stroke even harder than that. Dale was soon sobbing and pulling at the cuffs to try to shake herself free, but that wasn’t ever going to happen and was more of a reaction showing the policewomen how painful the caning was. 

The tenth stroke landed but Dale thought not across her bottom but across the tops of her legs. The pain was just so much when that happened but all she could do was cry out again.

Officer Carson, who was caning her, walked around the table and joined her colleague so that Dale was looking up at two young policewomen. Officer Carson said in a clearly sarcastic tone and with her finger on her lip as though she had been really silly, “Oops, I missed your bottom and hit your legs. No matter, we are allowed three mistakes so I’ll just try again.”

Dale again groaned as she saw the young policewoman go back to the other end of the table and she heard the cane swished again and felt it being rubbed back and forth across her bottom again. Officer West, who stayed at her end of the table facing her, smiled and said, “I do like the creases in your skin right across your face and forehead, and I love the way the tears are dribbling down your face. There is something about a really old naughty woman like you being caned. I hope you are learning that we are not as naive as you thought.”

Again, Dale knew she wasn’t expected to answer, and the next moment the cane bit into her bottom and once again she threw her head back, yelped, shook her head with her eyes closed, and tried to cope with the pain. That was quickly followed by the twelfth stroke which caused Dale even more pain and she cried out louder than before. The next moment she heard Mary cry out and realised they were getting caned at slightly different times to increase their humiliation.

Once again the fresh-faced Officer West was smiling so sarcastically inches from her face as she said, “My turn now. I still love looking at the creased skin across your forehead and face, and your turtle neck, and I can see your bat wings as you wriggle your arms trying to release your wrist cuffs. I also love seeing your huge drooping breasts as you throw your head back."

She continued, "Now, though, I will get a great view of your fleshy bottom cheeks and thighs and the twelve red welts that will already be there, like loving kisses. Anyway, I am sure you are really regretting being so stupid, and to help you there are still twenty-four more strokes for you lucky but really stupid old women.”

Dale again groaned as she knew all of what she had just been told was her own fault, and, yes, she did regret it, and, yes, this really was a horribly pain-filled and humiliating punishment, but she so deserved it and really hoped she learned from it.

Moments later another fresh-faced policewoman, Officer Trent, was smiling down at her and blew her a kiss as she felt the cane rubbed from side to side across her bottom. As the cane landed again Dale cried out and, moments later, heard Mary’s cry. Then stroke after stroke landed and each time she heard Mary cry out as well and her bottom got stingier and stingier and she knew that Mary’s would be as well.

Dale knew there was another changeover and a new face, Officer Hart,  was smiling at her. Dale knew that she was getting more even harder strokes of the cane and was crying uncontrollably and knew the onlookers would be laughing at her and making more references to her creased and fleshy skin, and, of course, the increasing number of red welts as the strokes continued. However, crying uncontrollably did have the benefit of not realising how many strokes she was getting.

Dale was still crying when she felt her wrists being released from the cuffs. She then felt the cuffs around her thighs being released, followed by the order, “Right, old women, get up and come with us.”

Dale and Mary both eased themselves up from the caning table and turned to see two of the fresh-faced policewomen, Officer’s Trent and Hart, holding their clothes. They then heard the order, “Follow us,” and the two officers clasped them by the upper arm. Dale and Mary were too shocked to resist, but they both heard the loud chatter from the audience and realised they were still making comments about their looks and the punishment.

Moments later, Dale and Mary were being led along the corridor, still naked, and walked passed so many other women their age also being led around naked and who were also crying freely. It was so degrading given the policewomen were so beautifully dressed in their uniforms and were smiling, in comparison to the pain-etched faces of all the naked offenders. The welted bottoms were also clearly seen even through tear-filled eyes, which reminded Dale and Mary that their bottoms were also welted, although the horrible stinging told them that anyway. 

The formalities of release were quickly completed, and punishment forms confirming the number of strokes handed to both women. Their clothes were then dumped on the floor in front of them and they were left to pick them up. They looked around and couldn’t see a changing room, but saw the toilets and went in there to get dressed.

They each went into a cubicle and, once the door was closed, they felt their welted bottoms and again sobbed at the awful memory of both their canings. Neither, though, resented the policewomen for manoeuvring them into taking the first twelve strokes as it was still their fault that they voiced their views that the policewomen were naive. They certainly wouldn’t make that mistake again.

To help themselves recover they first sat on the toilet pans and thought over their punishments. As they thought, they pictured again the fresh-faced teenage policewomen and, although surprised, started to feel aroused, just as they always did when playing over in their minds being spanked or caned. It wasn’t long before Dale was running her fingers along her pussy lips, edging her fingers inside her vagina and flicking their taut clit. Moments later she exploded in the most fantastic orgasm and heard Mary do the same in the next door cubicle.

It was such a great feeling, Dale thought, although she quickly told herself it wasn’t so good as to want to earn another punishment here. Remembering where she was, she then quickly got dressed, slipping her bra along her arms, manoeuvring her drooping breasts into the huge cups and connecting the clasps behind her back. She decided against putting her knickers on, but stepped into her dress and zipped the back up again. Hearing Mary doing the same she called out, “Ready, Mary?”

Mary replied, “Yes, Dale,” and they both unlocked their cubicle doors and walked out.

To their horror they found the six policewomen standing facing them, all with broad grins on their faces.  Officer Thompson said, “We could tell you loved being caned, old women, as your sex juice was leaking down your legs. Don’t worry, it happens to lots of women your age.” After a moment she stopped smiling and said in a stern tone, “Just remember, if you come back here because you want to be caned then we will make every stroke much much harder”

“Yes, miss,” both Dale and Mary replied, both feeling really humiliated at being caught masturbating by the teenagers. However, they knew the warning was a real one and an added incentive to behave themselves. When back out in the corridor, they stayed silent until they got outside into the street when they started to relax and again felt quivers flying around their vaginas. However, they knew they dare not earn another trip to the punishment centre, but managed a smile as Dale said, “Never again, I hope, but maybe the odd spanking would still be okay?”

Mary added, “Yes, if by one of those lovely fresh-faced policewomen.”

Dale smiled and added, “Yes, well, they could also give us a few strokes of the cane, I suppose.”

Dale and Mary were now smiling as they made their way home, knowing they would be getting undressed immediately and masturbating as they played over the caning in their minds. Yes, the spanking with the spatula and the caning were all so painful and horrible, but, somehow, being in their mid-sixties and disciplined by the so mature and professional nineteen-year-old policewomen was such a turn on for them both.

Their minds were racing as they wanted so much to go back to obeying the law, but had discovered how being spanked and caned by teenagers was something they both wanted again. They would work it, out though, they were sure.

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