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The Competition Win

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Bert is told he has won a competition and the prize is being disciplined

Bert heard the doorbell and opened the front door to find a young woman who looked about twenty-five-years-old. She was holding a sports bag and so he reckoned it was a sales call. She smiled at him and asked, “Just checking you are Bert Mason?”

Bert, who was thirty-five-years-old, was surprised the young lady knew his name as it looked like a cold call, but, as she did, he replied, albeit in a surprised tone, “Yes, that’s me.”

The young lady smiled and said, “Great. My name is Miss Cane and I am here to give you your prize for entering the, ‘Cane Me,’ competition.”

Bert quickly looked around in case any of his neighbours heard what was said and then looked horrified at the young lady. He knew the magazine Cane Me as he bought it from the newsagent close to his office, but it was supposed to be his secret. That, and his fantasy to be spanked and caned by a woman. He had fantasised about it for years but never dared to take his fantasy any further, and so just read about it in the magazine until about three years ago when he registered online and saw it that way.

“How did you know where I lived?” he asked in a surprised but worried tone.

Miss Cane replied, “Well, you do pay by credit card and we got it that way.”

Bert was still confused and asked, almost floundering “Anyway, what competition?”

Miss Cane smiled as she replied, “The one in the magazine. You just had to click on the button and you were entered.” She looked at Bert quizzically and then, realising what must have happened, said, “Oh, my, you must have pressed the button by mistake. Wow, and you won, so how cool is that?”

Bert wasn’t feeling cool at all. What was he going to do now, he wondered, with the young lady on his doorstep? He heard movement in the street and so quickly said, “Look, you had better come in.”

Miss Cane walked inside and when Bert closed the door asked with a smile, “So, I’m guessing you don’t know what the prize is?”

Bert said in a confused tone, “Look, I don’t know anything you are talking about.”

Miss Cane smiled and said, “Okay, then, I’ll explain. We do this twice a year. We let our readers enter the competition for free. The winner can choose their own discipline scenario. You can be spanked by hand or one of the implements I have with me such as a strap, tawse, or cane, or a mixture of them all. It’s your choice.”

Bert was still taken aback. He didn’t know how he had entered and was worried it was some kind of scam, so he asked suspiciously, “So, if you got the information from my credit card, what is the number?”

Miss Cane smiled and replied, “I have all the information on this sheet.” 

She handed Bert a piece of paper and he saw not just the card number but the expiry date and three-digit security number. It had to be real, he told himself, felt more relaxed, and started to think how lucky he was as not only didn’t he realise that he had entered the competition, but it was good timing as his wife, Sandra, was out for the afternoon and not due back for another three hours. 

He asked in a more focused tone, “So, erm, just go over this again, Miss erm Cane?”

Miss Cane smiled and replied, “I understand your nervousness but it’s quite straightforward. You decide what discipline you want and we discuss the role play. Then, we act it out for real.” After a few moments, Miss Cane asked, “So, tell me what fantasy do you want to act out?”

As she asked that she took off her coat and Bert saw that she was wearing a sleeveless black dress with a very short hem, and had bare legs. She had long dark hair that flowed over her bare shoulders, well-toned arms, and the dress was low cut showing off her full cleavage She looked particularly strict and he knew that he was getting an erection just looking at her, even though she was young compared to himself and his wife. Still, he quickly reconciled that he wasn’t going to have sex with her, but only be disciplined by her.

Bert licked his lips and thought how one of his fantasies was to be spanked and then caned in a school scenario, and so explained, “ Well, what if you are a headmistress and I have got a double detention which earns me a spanking and six of the best. How does that sound?”

Miss Cane laughed. “Well, that is fine, except we have an hour's role play and so I can give you rather more than just a spanking and six strokes of my cane. I think we can easily build it up into something you will like. Maybe I can make a suggestion?”

Bert liked what he heard and agreed. “Sure, what do you suggest?”

Miss Cane replied, “We can start with you going across my lap and I spank you with my hand for a while. I then change from spanking you with my hand to spanking you with a wooden-backed hairbrush. I can then give you the first six strokes of the cane. It’s quite nice for you to then go back across my lap for another round of spanking with my hand and hairbrush, followed by another six strokes. As it’s school, I think a short respite with you facing the wall and me scolding you and making you understand you are a naughty boy, and then we would still have enough time for a further round of spanking and another six strokes.“

Bert was happy with the suggestion and was now really up for experiencing his long-held fantasy. He looked at the clock and saw that there was still plenty of time before his wife was due home. He looked at Miss Cane and asked eagerly, “So how does it work now?“

Miss Cane said, putting a more stern look on her face, “Well, as this is school role-play, you will now address me as 'Miss' at all times, and, as we are at your home, I would suggest that you get undressed and that I deal with you with you naked. I stay dressed which helps with my dominant role over your submissive one.”

Bert licked his lips at the thought of being naked in the company of a woman who was not his wife, but reconciled again that there was not going to be any sex involved so that would be okay, especially as Miss Cane would have left by the time his wife got home. He therefore agreed, and said with a smile, “That sounds like a plan.“

Miss Cane wagged her finger in front of Bert’s face and said sternly, “Address me as ‘Miss’ at all times. If you forget once more I will be adding six strokes in any case.” After a moment she added in the same stern tone, “Now get undressed, you naughty boy.”

Bert was taken aback by being scolded, but, equally, realised that he was turned on by such a stern retort. He, therefore, replied, “Yes Miss, sorry Miss.”  He pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it onto the sofa and then undid his jeans and pushed them down towards the floor, stepping out of them, picking them up, and putting them on the sofa with his T-shirt. He then pushed his underpants down to the floor, stepped out of them, and put them with his other clothes. He then stood in front of the still stern-looking Miss Cane and waited for further instructions.

Miss Cane opened her sports bag and took out a wooden-backed paddle hairbrush and a hook-ended cane then looked around the room and ordered, “Follow me to the dining table, boy.”

Miss Cane then walked up to the dining table, put the hairbrush and cane on the table, turned one of the chairs into the room, and sat down. She glared up at Bert and ordered, “Get across my lap you naughty boy.”

Bert licked his lips again as he looked down at Miss Cane’s lap and then, telling himself everything would be okay, he eased himself down and lowered his full weight onto her thighs, catching his fall with his hands on the floor, and settling down as best he could. He had to admit that he did like looking at her legs and painted toenails which were so close to his face, and also liked it when she put her hand on his bottom and started to rub it in circles. He was even feeling like the men he read about in the magazine as he heard Miss Cane say sternly, “Well, boy, you are very naughty to have got a double detention and whilst I know this is the first time, I must discipline you in such a way that I hope you do not earn another double detention.” 

With that, Miss Cane raised her hand and brought her flat palm smartly down on Bert’s far bottom cheeks. She waited a moment and then spanked his other bottom cheek, and, after that, with just a few moments gap between each spank, proceeded to spank him persistently on alternate bare bottom cheeks. The intention was to build up the intensity of each spank as that was more erotic than going straight into a full blown spanking which is what would have happened if he really was being disciplined. 

Bert ‘s bottom was stinging but he still found the submissive position across Miss Cane’s lap a turn-on and was getting more and more aroused. He even reckoned that he would have to masturbate after Miss Cane left and before his wife got home or else she would question how come he had such a hard-on.

Miss Cane watched the back of Bert’s head as she spanked him, and could tell he was getting aroused. She smiled to herself as she knew what Bert didn’t know, which was that he didn’t win any competition at all. Of course, he didn’t even enter a competition. In fact, this was something that had been organised by his wife who had discovered, quite by chance, that he was looking at the magazine website. She was happy enough to discipline Bert if that what was he wanted but didn’t want to raise it with him in case he wanted to be the dominant partner. So, she needed to establish just what he was fantasising about and arranged for her work colleague, who was actually an HR manager, to come and establish that. Miss Cane was really Lauren Chatsworth who was in a lesbian affair where she was the dominant partner and her girlfriend the submissive, and both enjoyed an S&M relationship with Lauren very much in charge.

So, having established that Bert wanted to be disciplined rather than be the dominant partner, she next needed to establish it wasn’t just a whimsical wish which he would stop if he found he couldn’t take the discipline. So, Lauren set about giving him the hand spanking she promised to test his resolve. She was of course very experienced and knew to spank alternate bottom cheeks for what turned out to be several minutes. She also knew that she wanted to establish the pattern of a long hand spanking, followed by several dozen spanks with the hairbrush, and then the cane, but all interspersed with corner time as well as scolding, both of which were common when it came to school discipline.

As the spanks got harder Bert still liked having to be bent across Miss Cane’s lap because the feeling of submission was turning him on. Even as the spanks continued on alternate bottom cheeks, so he didn’t mind the increasingly stinging feeling across his bottom, and even when he became aware that Miss Cane was spanking the same bottom cheek several times in a row, before doing the same to his other bottom cheek, he still found the feeling of submission and the stinging a turn on.

Lauren enjoyed giving men a spanking although not as much as when spanking her girlfriend. For her, spanking her girlfriend was definitely sexual and turned them both on, whilst, when spanking a man, she simply found it a feeling of power over what she always saw as the inferior sex. Of course, she understood that men saw themselves as the superior sex, but that never affected her judgement. It was during an evening drink with Sandra that they discussed whether men or women were the superior sex, and then, somehow, that led onto a discussion about S&M. It was just a short step from there to Sandra asking Lauren to help her out.

Once Lauren had spanked Bert’s bottom cheeks and turned them sufficiently red, she turned her attention to the backs of his legs. She knew from experience that this stung more than the spanks to his bottom, and enjoyed listening to the increasingly loud gasps. Of course, she also knew that once she had turned his legs the same red colour as his bottom cheeks, it was going to be time to use the hairbrush.

Bert thought that he was coping quite well with the spanking, and was even a little disappointed that it didn’t hurt more. However, that was a sign of his lack of experience, because, as soon as Miss Cane started to use the heavy wooden-pack hairbrush, he realised just how much a spanking could hurt. Even so, he focused, tensed his legs and his arms, shook his head from side to side in a bid to deal with the pain although quickly realised that didn’t work but stayed in place as the dominant Miss Cane continued to spank him with the hairbrush.

Lauren knew that she was causing Bert more pain than he had expected, but that didn’t stop her, and, in fact, encouraged her to spanking even harder. She waited until the beginnings of bruise marks showed on his bottom before stopping.

Once Lauren put the hairbrush down, she looked at the back of Bert’s head, and ordered, “Get up, you naughty boy, as I need to cane you.”

As he stood up he looked again at the dominant Miss Cane, who stood up and ordered, “Stand in front of the chair and bend over and grab the seat. I will be giving you six strokes of the cane.”

Bert was a bit wary of this part of his punishment, but he had fantasised about being caned as well. He therefore willingly bent over and grabbed the seat of the chair, looking down at it, but also at the floor behind him and saw Miss Cane’s upside down legs and the cane she was holding.

Lauren ordered, “Place your feet further apart, so that you retain your balance when you are being caned, you naughty boy.”

Bert again did as he was told whilst keeping an eye on Miss Cane’s legs. Once he was in position, he saw that she placed her legs apart and had positioned herself so that she was able to land the cane squarely on his bottom. He felt the cane being rubbed from side to side as he continued to look at Miss Cane’s legs, saw that her leg muscles tensed, and next moment he heard the almost grunt Miss Cane gave as she whipped the cane down on his bottom. He cried out as the pain was rather more than he had expected, but managed to keep a hold of the seat of the chair as the pain cascaded across his bottom. It was another few seconds before he cried out again as the second stroke landed across his bottom and the pain cascaded around again and was rather more intense than after the first stroke. After a few seconds more, the cane landed for the third time and the pain was reaching a level that Bert even wondered if he could cope with it. However, once the fourth stroke landed he realised that, although the pain was greater than he had expected, he was, in fact, dealing with it. 

Bert did wonder what it would be like once the caning was over because he was pretty sure that the strokes were hard enough to have left welts which would make it very difficult to sit down comfortably. He knew that he would have to be careful once his wife got home because he didn’t want to give away to her that he had been disciplined. It wasn’t that he minded her knowing, but he had always been too worried to ask her to give him the experience he wanted of being disciplined, whereas he knew that he would be more than happy if she did decide to discipline him in just the same way as Miss Cane was doing right now.

Bert gasped as the fifth stroke landed and again after the sixth stroke, but still managed to keep a hold of the seat of the chair.

Lauren landed the final stroke and looked down at the six red welts across Bert’s bottom. She knew from her own experience of caning other men at the local S&M club that Bert was coping well with the pain and even saw that his penis was still fairly erect which showed he was remaining turned on by the pain. That was a good sign showing Bert could well be up for being disciplined again, she told herself.

Once the first six strokes had been given, Lauren went back and sat down again on the chair and ordered, “Now get back across my lap, you naughty boy.“

Bert was now quite happy as he stepped back and stood to Miss Cane’s side before easing himself back down across her lap. When he was once again looking at the backs of her legs, and feeling her hand rubbing his bottom, he was already telling himself that he would have to repeat the experience. 

What happened over the next several minutes was a repeat of him being spanked on alternate bottom cheeks for some minutes, followed by repeated spanks on the same bottom cheek before Miss Cane spanked his other bottom cheek several times in a row. By the time she got to the hairbrush again he really was struggling but still said to himself that this was exactly the experience that he had wanted. 

Lauren saw that Bert’s bottom was more bruised that before and then stopped and ordered, “Get back up and bend over the chair, and I will give you six more strokes of the cane.” 

Bert reckoned that he could do with a bit of a break, but wanted to obey the very strict Miss Cane. He, therefore, did as he was told and, once again, was bent over having grabbed the seat of the chair, and was looking at the floor at the upside down legs of Miss Cane. He once again saw her leg muscles tense, and moments later the cane hit his bottom once again. He cried out this time, and again when the cane hit him again. Then, he repeated louder and louder cries of pain as each stroke hit home. Even so, by the end, he was delighted that he had managed to deal with twelve strokes of the cane.

Miss Cane again smiled at the back of Bert’s head, knowing from the twelve lovely raised welts across his bottom that he would be struggling a bit, but still ordered, “Stand up, boy.”

All of this was still so new to Bert and he wasn’t quite sure what would happen once he stood up. However, he saw that Miss Cane was glaring at him as he stood up and looked down at her. He then saw her point towards the wall and order, “Press your nose against that wall, you naughty boy, and put your hands on top of your head.“

Bert went and did as he was told, and actually found it quite a turn on that he had to press his nose against the wall and so only saw the blank wall which was now just an inch from his eyes. He had often wondered what it would be like, and now he was experiencing it he had to admit that he continued to find being submissive to a strong-willed woman was erotic. He could even feel his penis stiffening as he thought about the spanking he had just received.

Lauren was now pretty confident that Bert was really into being a submissive, but needed to check that he would be happy to be disciplined by his wife and it wasn’t something that he would still want to keep a secret from her.

As Bert stood with his nose pressed against the wall he felt the sweet breath of Miss Cane on the back of his neck.

Lauren demanded to know, “So you seem to be handling this all very well. Are you normally the submissive type?”

Bert knew that he wasn’t. He replied, “No, miss, I actually have a very responsible job with lots of people reporting to me and I’m used to giving others instructions. I always thought, though, that this would be something that would almost help me relax, knowing that somebody else was making the decisions, albeit making me suffer so much pain as well.”

Lauren then asked, “I see pictures of your wife on the cabinet. Does she know about your desire?”

Bert quickly answered, “No she doesn’t, miss. I’ve never had the courage to ask her. I was always concerned that she would think much less of me if she knew that I wanted to be submissive like this.”

Lauren suspected that was the case, and said, “Well, actually, it would be a quite normal reaction for your wife to realise that she would be helping you experience your submissive desires, and she would even be more than happy to have disciplinary control over you, either simply as foreplay to sex, or, even because you want to submit to her authority when alone with her. Have you thought about that?“

Bert had to accept that he hadn’t thought about it in that way. He knew that his wife had a strong personality, but she had always bowed to his decisions on the important financial matters. That was just as he had always let her make the more minor decisions on household matters such as decorations and furnishings. It was an interesting concept, he told himself, that she might happily extend that to disciplinary control over him.

So, thinking that this was just a normal conversation, he replied, “Actually, I would love it if my wife became my disciplinarian both as foreplay to sex, but also at other times when I know I get her annoyed and she shouts at me. What better than to have her discipline me instead of having to remain so tense, particularly if I argue with any of her decisions.“

Lauren smiled to herself as Bert made the admission, and so felt good when she ordered, "Go back to the chair and bend over the waiting lap."

Bert so wanted another spanking and wondered whether he would be able to persuade Miss Cane to come back again. However, he blanched when he turned around and saw his wife, Sandra, sitting on the chair and wearing an almost identical dress to Miss Cane. He was clearly struggling at the sight, and almost panicked as he looked from his wife to Miss Cane and back to his wife again. Had she heard the conversation, he wondered, and then assumed she had which was why she was sitting in the same chair as Miss Cane sat on.

It was Sandra who broke the silence in a stern, ‘Do as I say', tone of voice. “Just so you know, Bert, I have thought more often than you think how good it would be to put across my lap and give you a very hard spanking. You keep on leaving me to deal with everything around the house, whilst you make all the main decisions. At the same time as treating me as an inferior person, I know that I have kept the household together for you. There are then other times when you come home the worse for wear for drink and all I want to do is teach you a lesson. Well, this lady is not miss Cane. She is Lauren Chatsworth, and is a work colleague. It just so happens that she really is into discipline and convinced me that this was the best way to find out whether you would accept my disciplinary control over you. Well, what is clear, is that you clearly would, and, I can tell you now, you clearly will. Therefore, get yourself across my lap and I am going to give you the third part of your punishment. However, let me make this absolutely clear, it will not be the last time I discipline you,  but actually just the first time.”

Sandra was unsure what Bert would now do, as she reckoned there was the possibility that Bert would lose it and storm out. However, Lauren had told her just to glare confidently and see if, instead, he accepted what she had said because there was every chance that he would realise that as this was exactly what he wanted there was no reason to object. It was certainly worth trying because everything could continue pretty much as it did, except instead of her having to stay silent and accept some of the silly things Bert did, she would be able to deal with him in a much more authoritative way. So, she sat and glared at Bert, almost daring him to object, but definitely urging him to accept.

In fact, it only took a few seconds for Bert to realise that he was being offered something that he really did want. After all, he loved the thought of being disciplined by Sandra and that would be even better than making arrangements to meet with the lovely miss Cane. He would start to learn that, as he walked up the path to the house, there was every chance that the door would be opened by his angry wife who would demand he take down his trousers and underpants and get across her lap for a long and hard spanking. As well as a measure of discipline, he saw quite easily how it could become fore-play on other occasions. Time would tell on that score.

So, blushing but feeling turned on again, Bert said, “I’ll willingly accept your authority over me, Miss Sandra.”

Sandra saw Bert’s increasingly stiff erection and knew his agreement was real.

Bert went and stood by his wife, nodded his head and was looking contrite, and bent down across her lap and loved the close-up view he had of her bare upside down legs and gasped erotically as he felt her hand rubbing his bottom. 

As Sandra looked up at Lauren so she smiled and she raised her hand, looked down at the bruised and welted bottom, and brought her hand down with as hard a spank as she could. She then proceeded to spank Bert’s bottom time and again knowing that, as much as her hand stung, his bottom would be stinging many times more. She realised, as well, that she was also getting aroused by the newfound power she had over husband. She was sure that wouldn’t change anything relating to the important matters, but what would improve was her ability to deal with Bert’s shortcomings in a way that would make her more relaxed and him, hopefully, trying to change his ways.

Sandra continued to spank Bert’s bottom, feeling happier and happier that this moment had arrived and aimed to maintain her position of disciplinary authority over her husband. She smiled as she turned his bottom even a darker shade of red, and loved how he squirmed around on her lap and tensed his arms and legs but stayed obediently across her lap. When she used the hairbrush she made sure she spanked Bert really firmly and happily did so even when he hissed in and out through clenched teeth and as the bruising spread and deepened it’s shade of blue. She told herself how great her new power was and that she would be ever so strict with Bert and saw her life becoming far more relaxed whilst Bert’s was going to be more pain-filled but reckoned they were both going to love their new roles.

Bert was struggling with the third session of his spanking but knew that it was bound to happen given the severity of the first two sessions. Having said that, he knew that he felt more aroused being across his wife’s lap compared to being across the lap of miss Kane, or Lauren, rather. This was something that was meaningful, and he was well aware of the times that he had upset Sandra in the past. The benefit would, therefore, be twofold. Firstly, he would be brought to book when doing something that he shouldn’t, and, secondly, he knew that Sandra would be far more relaxed knowing that she had the authority to deal with him in this kind of way. So, as Sandra started to spank him with the hairbrush and the pain was just so awful, Bert was still happy to be submitting to his wife. That didn’t even change when Sandra made him bend over and she gave him six very hard strokes of the cane.

Sandra also loved disciplining and as she watched him present his bottom and she rubbed the cane back and forth across his blue and welted cheeks she felt quivers flying around her vagina and sex juice dribble down her thigh and her taut nipples push her bra out and reckoned she would take Bert to bed afterwards and they would both have the greatest of orgasms.

Lauren smiled at Sandra and nodded, encouraging her to cane Bert really hard. In fact, Sandra didn’t need the encouragement but made a mental note to thank Lauren for all her help in changing her life so much for the better. She then fully focused on disciplining her husband and knew she was feeling relaxed knowing this was the way of the future for them both. As the first stroke landed and Bert cried out, Sandra felt herself climax, although by the second stroke was still more aroused than she could remember ever being and by the third stroke her vagina was pulsating again. That was proof if proof were needed that with her in charge things were going to get better for both of them.

Lauren silently waved good-bye as Sandra landed the fourth stroke and heard the fifth stroke as she got to the hallway, and the sixth stroke as she opened the front door.

Moments later Sandra had her back to the wall and Bert was inside her thrusting like he had never before, although careful to ensure Sandra came first before exploding inside her. Sandra hugged Bert and told him he was a good boy and that it was time to go upstairs together to bed. As they went so they were both deep in their own thoughts of domination and submission and how this really was the start of a new era of both their lives, and both were just so pleased Bert’s fantasy was out in the open and that Sandra would take on her disciplinary role very strictly and with such enthusiasm.


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