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Jessica's Seat of Learning

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Mother, daughter bonding time

Jessica made her way to lunch with her friends on a crisp autumn day. It was a Friday so she was looking forward to the three day weekend. As she was walking down the hallway, she felt her phone vibrate so she took it out of her pocket and looked at the screen and what she saw jolted her out of her teenage conversation.

I just looked at your grades online and I noticed that you have had a lot of missing assignments lately. We need to discuss this. I will be home at 5:30. Be ready for me or we will repeat this conversation for the rest of the weekend. Love, Mom

Stopping dead in her tracks, Jessica's mind was lost in thought. She knew she should have completed her class work and homework these past two weeks but other things got in the way. It wasn't like her grades were that bad but she had zero A's and the rest were B's and C's. This text wasn't a surprise to Jessica because she knew her mom checked her grades periodically but the way Jessica's mom worded the text made Jessica fear for what was going to happen to her when she got home.

Her friends noticed that she had stopped walking and went back to get her to come with them to lunch. She quickly put her phone away and snapped out of it so her friends wouldn't ask too many questions. Luckily they were in their own world that day so she got a reprieve from explaining how her mom disciplines her. Jessica kept this part of her life a secret because she knew her friends wouldn't understand why she still got spanked.

At eighteen, Jessica was a gorgeous young woman. She had long lean legs, a round tight ass, flat stomach, perfect size C breasts, shoulder length thick brown hair and a clear face. Every boy lusted after her but she only had eyes for the girls. She had many girlfriends over the last three or so years (having come out to her mom, friends and school years ago) and was the head of the schools GSA. Today she was wearing jeans that filled her out and a sweater that showed off just a little of her cleavage but not enough to get her in trouble with the school administration.

As Jessica ate lunch, she tried to put her impending spanking out of her mind but it kept on coming back to her as she pretended to listen to her friends. She knew she deserved it and secretly she really enjoyed being spanked even though it hurt like hell.

When lunch was over Jessica returned to her classes and worked as hard as she could, finishing her class work and even getting her homework started. At the end of the day she headed out to her car with her friends. Dropping them off at their houses she made promises to call them later and headed home.

It was 3:30 when she arrived at her house. Taking the keys out of the ignition of her Ford Fusion (she had gotten the car as a seventeenth birthday present) she grabbed her stuff and headed inside. She kicked her shoes off in the mud room and went into the kitchen. Putting her stuff down on the kitchen table she turned on SiriusXM satellite radio on her phone and started straightening up the house. Then she went upstairs to her bedroom and bathroom and began thoroughly cleaning them.

When she was finished she took off her sweater, jeans, bra and panties. Depositing the panties in her laundry cart she set the other clothes inside her closet. Then she put her robe on, took the paddle and strap out of the drawer in her closet and went downstairs. It was like she was in a trance.

This procedure was so familiar she did it without a thought. Setting the paddle and strap down on the coffee table in the family room Jessica went into the kitchen and did some of her homework.

When the clock showed 5:15 Jessica turned off the music, took the book she was supposed to be reading for English class, closed all the blinds in the combination kitchen/family room, took an old towel out of the pantry and went to the couch.

She took off her robe, laid the towel down where her pussy would touch the couch, moved the head pillows onto the floor away from the couch and laid down across the couch with her bottom exposed. Grabbing the book she began to read as her boobs pressed into the cushion. These last 15 minutes were torture as she waited for her mom to come home and redden her bottom.

On nights like this, Jessica's mom always had food delivered at 6:30 sharp so they could eat when she was finished with Jessica's spanking. There was no need for Jessica to make dinner. All she had to do was wait in this position until her mom got home.

A little after 5:30 Jessica's mom, Amy, came in the door and set her keys down on the hallway table. She peeked into the family room to find her daughter ready for her spanking which made her smile. Jessica was on pins and needles as she heard her mom stir around the house.

Amy was a successful lawyer and single mom having raised her daughter alone for many years. She went upstairs to change out of her suit into a tank top and sweats. It was clear where Jessica got her good looks, Amy was a sight to behold and no one who went against her in the courtroom ever won their case against the law firm where Amy worked.

When Amy got upstairs she looked at Jessica's room and bathroom and found them spotless. This made Amy even happier. Then she made her way into her bedroom. Looking in the mirror Amy began to take off her suit jacket and skirt revealing a body that was identical to Jessica's but with the added beauty of age which shone through in the most flattering ways.

Unbuttoning her blouse with confidence Amy deposited it into her laundry cart along with her skirt. Unclasping her bra and removing it, Amy's boobs bounced free. She wanted to be comfortable for the job at hand. Putting on her tank top and sweatpants she took a deep breath and went downstairs.

Walking into the family room she bent down by the couch and ran her hands through her daughters hair. Taking the book out of Jessica's hands Amy set it down on the coffee table (which was moved away from the couch earlier by Jessica). Jessica's eyes met Amy's and without a word Jessica tucked her hands under her body just below her chest.

Amy whispered into Jessica's ear, "I will not tolerate any more missing assignments from you. You are a senior now and a young woman and you need to take your responsibilities seriously. I am going to give you a spanking that you will never forget. Are you ready?"

Jessica nodded and buried her head into the cushions while she waited for the first spank.

Amy knelt down near Jessica's bottom and began to give her a hand spanking. This was hard for Amy to do but she knew it was better than grounding Jessica. As Amy rained down spank after spank onto Jessica's bare bottom Jessica began to feel a burning sensation deep inside her nerve endings. Jessica knew this spanking would take a very long time so she decided hours ago to just take the pain in and keep breathing deeply as her mom kept on spanking her.

Amy watched her daughter's reactions and after every tenth spank she assessed the damage to Jessica's bottom. The color went from pink to light red to a deep red. By the sixtieth spank Jessica was heaving which was the signal for Amy to take the spanking to the next level. Amy took the paddle and set it on Jessica's back to remind her what was coming next.

The cold, heavy paddle resting on her back made Jessica's heart leap as she waited for the rest of her hand spanking.

Amy leaned over and moved Jessica's hair away from her face and said "Are you ready?"

Jessica nodded yes and Amy responded "Good, you better be. If I have to I will spank you every Friday night until the end of the school year. It will all depend on whether you learn your lesson today. I really hope you do for both of our sakes."

Jessica whimpered and then Amy raised her hand up and smacked it down on her daughters upper thighs and the crease between her thighs and bottom. She didn't let up until all areas were the same bright red color. When Amy was finished with the hand spanking Jessica had felt her mom's hand striking her bottom and thighs about one hundred twenty times. This was the worst part for Jessica. She hated getting spanked there and she knew the paddle and strap would be striking those areas very soon.

Amy didn't get any pleasure out of spanking her daughter but she felt it was the best way to keep order in the house. Groundings and taking away privileges were just too time consuming and required too much monitoring so she decided years ago to change the discipline routine to spankings.

Jessica resisted for awhile but eventually they settled into this mutually agreed upon regiment. This way Amy knew that Jessica was a willing participant in her punishments and it alleviated the lecturing and inconsistency of Jessica's spankings. Now Jessica knew what to do and what to expect which made Amy's job easier.

Despite the fact the Amy had to spank Jessica every six weeks or so for misbehavior she was very proud of her daughter. She was becoming a fantastic young woman and was a natural leader. Jessica, in turn, was in awe of her mom and although these spankings hurt like hell she knew they would help her become a better adult. They both had an understanding that Jessica would do teenage things and Amy would punish her for them with no hard feelings afterwards.

Amy finished spanking Jessica with her hand and leaned over to Jessica's face. Beckoning Jessica to turn her face towards her, Amy ran her fingers through her daughters hair, caressed her cheek and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

Then Amy picked up the paddle and pressed it into Jessica's bottom and thighs to sear in the pain of the hand spanking before raising it up and striking it down on each bottom cheek in rapid succession four times. Jessica's bottom responded by raising up to meet the blows as if that part of her body was separate from Jessica's head.

Amy noticed this so she sped up the blows peppering Jessica's thighs, crease and bottom over and over. It took 15 strikes to each part of Jessica's punished areas before she cried out "OWWW!".  Amy only had ten more strokes to go with the paddle. Jessica steeled herself as her bottom throbbed with pain. She waited for her mom to rain down the last ten smacks in her crease area.

She didn't know how she was going to get through the strapping part but she made a promise that she would endure this spanking like the eighteen year old young woman she was. Amy raised the paddle up and smacked it down very quickly so Jessica would have no time to recover. That would come in just a few seconds. Jessica kept sobbing into the cushions and when Amy was done she set the paddle down on the coffee table, brushed Jessica's hair away from her face and rubbed her back.

Amy said, "there, there sweetheart we are almost done. I'm going to give you some time to recover before I strap you. I am going to set the table for dinner and start the coffee. Stay there and calm down but no rubbing or we will repeat this tomorrow night?"

Jessica nodded and while Amy went about her chores Jessica's mind was racing. The pain was so intense but her arousal was growing as the minutes wore on. She couldn't wait to get to bed that night so she could masturbate and bring herself to orgasm but that would be hours from now. She almost wished that her mom would spank her right before bed and made a mental note to ask her mom about that when the time was right.

Amy finished in the kitchen and made her way over to the couch. She knelt down beside her daughter and said, "Jessica I want you to raise yourself up and get off the couch."

Amy moved away to let Jessica get up. Jessica stood up and faced her mom with no inhibitions even though she was completely naked. Amy gave her a hug and then guided her over to the back of the couch. Jessica draped herself over the back of the couch making sure her bottom was raised properly. Jessica turned her head so she could see the strap as Amy guided Jessica's legs as far apart as they would go. This was the most severe part of the spanking since Amy would be peppering the insides of Jessica's thighs.

Taking the strap from the coffee table Amy did a practice swing in the air while Jessica watched.

Jessica raised her head a little and said, "Do you want me to keep count mom?"

Amy, a little taken aback since Jessica had never asked this before, said, "That would be splendid. How many strikes do you think you deserve?"

Jessica was a little shocked and surprised that her mom would ask her how many strikes she deserved.

Taking a minute to think about it Jessica took a deep breath and said, "I think thirty-six strikes would suffice, two for every year I've been alive."

Amy could not believe that her daughter would request such a high number of strokes but was proud of her for doing so. She nodded and began striking the strap down on her daughter's upturned bottom and thighs.

Each time Jessica felt the leather of the strap strike her body she said "One mom may I please have another," repeating that phrase as she counted every strike.

Amy laid the strap down all over Jessica's bottom, thighs, inner thighs and the crease. Tears streamed down Jessica's face as she gulped out her counts but she made it through twenty smacks before her sobs erupted into a guttural scream "Yeowww!" Amy gave her time to recover a little and then resumed with the remaining sixteen strikes of the strap.

Jessica kept her count until the bitter end and by the time Amy was done her daughter had a mass of purple bruises all over her punished area. Her inner thighs were throbbing with pain and desire as the heat coursed throughout her lower body and her arousal grew.

Jessica couldn't believe it but she actually appreciated and enjoyed this spanking more than any other she had received in the past. She thought it was because she was getting older and her sexual feelings had increased over the years but she would never let on to her mom that she got aroused while being spanked. She vowed to find a way to get spanked again but made sure that anything she did to get in trouble wouldn't be a repeat of the past.

She would never, ever get spanked again over her grades and to prove it she wiped her tears and said, "Mom may I go wash my face and come back down here so I can finish my homework? I promise not to rub my bottom and will stay naked for as long as you want."

Amy beamed with pride, agreed to Jessica's request and as Jessica raised herself up she gave her a big hug before patting her bottom and sending her upstairs to wash up.

Amy just sighed and shook her head in wonder. Maybe this year would be different. Maybe Jessica was entering a new stage in her life. Only time would tell.

Jessica gingerly made her way up the stairs with a smile on her face and the paddle and strap in her hands. She was really looking forward to bedtime and decided to head off to bed earlier than usual that night so she could have some time to herself and her mom would have the rest of the evening to herself.

Heading into her bedroom she tucked the paddle and strap in the closet drawer and went into the bathroom to wash her face. When she was finished she glided over to her full length mirror to look at her toned body and inspect the damage.

Turning her body around so her back was facing the mirror she gazed upon her punished legs and bottom. They looked fierce and stunning at the same time and were a badge of honor. She would relish the pain in the coming days.

By the time she was done it was already 6:20 so she headed downstairs to the kitchen. Sitting down at the table in her naked punished glory she took in the pain as her bottom touched the un-cushioned chair. She worked on her homework until the food arrived.

While Jessica worked Amy busied herself in the kitchen making a grocery list for the weekend. Amy glanced over at Jessica working away and smiled. Her daughter really was beautiful and had developed an amazing body.

The doorbell rang which startled Jessica a little since she was sitting there naked but Amy motioned for Jessica to stay where she was and said, "It's just our food, relax."

Amy grabbed some money and went to the door. Taking the Chinese food from the delivery guy, she handed him the money, said thanks and shut the door.

Jessica shifted over to the other side of the table where her plate was as Amy brought the food into the kitchen. Sitting down across from her daughter Amy un-packed the food and they began to put the food on their plates.

Jessica broke the silence and said "Mom I am so sorry again for slacking off. I guess I got a case of early onset senioritis but I promise to work as hard as I did the last three years so my GPA stays high. Thank you for spanking me tonight. I deserved every strike you gave me."

Amy just sat there and gazed at her daughter and then said, "You're welcome honey. It was hard for me to spank you like it always has been but I'm glad that we decided on this form of punishment years ago."

Then Amy got up and walked around to Jessica's side of the table, leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her to go put on her robe for the rest of the night. Jessica got up, went to the family room chair to get her robe so she could put it on.

When Jessica got back to the table, her and Amy shifted the conversation to other topics. Amy was working on an important case and Jessica wanted to hear the latest news. Amy in turn wanted to find out the latest news at Jessica's school especially the GSA. They were enraptured with each other's stories like always. Both of them appreciated this bonding experience whether Amy spanked Jessica for misbehavior or not.

After dinner, Jessica cleaned up the kitchen and told Amy that she was heading to bed early. Amy was a little surprised but didn't press the issue. Jessica took her books and made her way upstairs so she could finish some more homework and masturbate her way to sleep.

Whenever she masturbated following a spanking the mixture of pain and pleasure sent her to higher states of arousal. That night Jessica pleasured herself with the shower head, her fingers and the vibrator she bought about a month ago when she turned eighteen.


Months later and after more spankings like this (right before bed as Jessica had requested) Amy sat Jessica down for a little talk at the beginning of August just before Jessica headed off to college. Amy asked Jessica if she felt like spankings were still effective and to Amy's surprise Jessica said yes so they both agreed that when Jessica came home from college she would have to give her mom a list of things she felt she did wrong and then Amy would give her the number of spankings she felt she deserved.

Some weekends Jessica's bottom was spared any spankings but other weekends she would receive up to 4 separate spankings over a two day period. During the next four years Jessica would submit herself to her mom's ministrations about 40 times.

This wasn't the only time Jessica would be spanked throughout her life. She would fall in love with a beautiful, smart and driven fellow college classmate who shared her love of spanking and had been spanked as a child.

They had taken to spanking each other during sex as well as when either of them misbehaved. Jessica couldn't believe her good fortune and was grateful to her mom for the discipline she instilled in her at an early age.

Jessica used those skills to become a successful lawyer just like her mom while her girlfriend and future wife would go on to become a renowned surgeon. They had two kids that they adored and just as their mothers did before them they spanked their kids when they misbehaved.

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