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Ring on, Pants off

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"Strap on condom number three, and let's keep doggy styling until we pass out.”

Getting engaged has sparked a fire in Jax's nether regions that could only be extinguished by her fiancé Kevin's sperm. But when Kevin implies that he is intimidated by her intelligence, Jax fears their relationship could fall apart before their wedding day.

“Higher. Slower. Harder. Oh, right there. Harder. Faster. Oh yeah. Yes. Yes. Yes!”

“Jax, you’re gonna make me…”

“Keep going. Don’t stop. I need this so bad. Make me cum again. Please, Kev.”

Balancing on Kevin’s bed on my knees and my elbows, buck naked except for the sparkling band on my left ring finger, I thrust my hips back, driving my fiancé’s cock deeper into my gushing slit. Kevin drilled inside me, swiveling his pelvis to graze every nerve in my canal, savoring every stroke, our skin slapping, coated with streams of perspiration. 

My big titties bounced with every smack.

"Just like that, Kev. Give it to me. Give it..." I moaned, losing control of my inner walls spasming around Kevin's veiny rod.

Kevin blasted his load, convulsing behind me, his fingers gripping my round cheeks. “Ugh, you’re going to drain the life out of me before we make it down the aisle.”

I continued gyrating my backside against his crotch, coaxing the last spurts from his balls. I seized one of his hands from my waist, clamped it against my engorged clit, and start grinding like a peppermill, making myself cum again with his dick remaining almost fully erect inside of me. “This feels so good, Kev, I can’t stop.”

As he caught his breath, he caressed my glistening back with his left hand. “Should I be concerned that you are unusually turned on because I bought you an expensive piece of jewelry?”

In an orgasmic daze, I kept smashing my soaked bush against the heel of his right hand. “You purchased a beautiful engagement ring that I adore. You listened to what I wanted and gave me a gift that was better than anything I could have imagined, because you designed it for me.”

“I did do those things.”

“You did good, Kev. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, that is, your horny fiancée. Take off condom number two, strap on condom number three, and let's keep doggy styling until we pass out. Right now, I'm so wet, I could go for hours.”

“How did I get so lucky?” He bent down to kiss my shoulder. “Why me?”

“Why you what?”

“Holy matrimony.” He slid out, to my dismay, and lied back on the sheets. “Why am I qualified to be your husband?”

I reluctantly moved out of the position I had been screwing in all morning and curled up next to him, intertwining our sweaty, brown limbs. “You know how to make me cum,” I counted on my fingers, “five times before breakfast. Sold!”

“You only want me for my body? What about when we grow old and gray?”

“I'll trade you in for an anthropomorphic robot. Maybe with green eyes but darker skin. And freckles.”

He toyed with the black curls at the nape of my neck. “I want to make sure…”

“Is there something you're worried about?”

“Am I enough for you?”

I rolled over, crooked my elbow, and rested the side of my head on my hand. “Is this a serious question?”

“Yes, Jax.”

“Before I respond, should I put on a shirt so you're not staring at my breasts?”

“I’ll stare at them anyway, so don't bother.” He cupped one and thumbed my stiff brown nipple. It ached at his touch.

“Kev,” I panted, “if you continue touching me like that, I need you to put your dick back in my pussy and work my mound until I scream so loud I wake the neighbors. Otherwise, keep your hands to yourself so I can give you a straight answer.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He crossed his arms on his bare chest.

“What would make you think you are not enough for me? You are the most incredible man I have ever met. And, for some reason, you have chosen me to be your wife.”

“Because you are extraordinary.”

I grinned. “Kev, clearly we adore each other.”

“But your mind goes a million miles an hour, pondering a thousand separate thoughts at once.”

“You're exaggerating.”

He shifted to face me. “What are you thinking at this very moment?”

“How much I love you.”

“What else?”

I inhaled to ensure I had enough oxygen. “Your condom is leaking on the sheet, but it wasn't leaking before, because I checked, so I probably don't need a morning after pill, and these are your sheets on your bed, so it doesn't matter to me as much as if it were my sheet on my bed, which has a mattress cover, but which bed are we going to sleep on once move, because yours is a king size, but my queen size bed is newer and firmer."


I continued., "We don't need both of them, but we will need a new twin mattress eventually, or two, since we plan to have two children, maybe at the same time, maybe not. Due to the globalization of our planet, it would be great to teach them multiple languages, since we speak at least three between us, but what if we all learn a new language at the same time, that could bring us close together as a family, and maybe we could travel.”

Kevin stared at my face, his eyes wide. “You're not kidding me?”

“You asked.”

“How can I keep up with you?”

“Are you telling me you are intimidated by my intelligence?”

“And by your ambition and your moxie and your determination. Intimidated isn't the correct word.”

I sat up. “Then what is? Because you are making me worried.”

“Those qualities in you get me incredibly aroused,” he declared, “but also, I wonder whether I can keep you intellectually stimulated.”

“It’s been over a year, and we haven't had an issue yet. Also, you're smart.”

“Not like you.”

“You graduated from law school, and you passed the bar in our state.”

“But I never became a lawyer.”

“Smart! See?” I made Kevin smile, but I hadn't convinced him. “Here is something you are really good at, bench pressing.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“I am going somewhere with this.”

He sat up cross-legged next to me. “Go.”

“Using a barbell, you can lift 100, 200, 300 pounds?”

“One of those, yes.”

“I could lift the bar. By itself. Maybe with one, little weight on each side.”

He pinched my bicep. “I could help you.”

“I could never pass the bar. I can do pliés at a barre. I usually leave before last call at a bar.”

“You’re spinning again.” 

“My point is, you and I have different, complementary strengths. You lift weights and run 10K races and do plyometrics. I go to the gym to socialize in group classes so I forget that I’m working out. We have similar values and beliefs, but if we were exactly the same, then our chemistry wouldn't work. You think I'm going to leave you for some guy at NASA?”

“You would have to find one first.” He poked my belly. “Aren't they all up in space?”

“And where am I? Sitting next to you, on your bed, wearing your ring and nothing else, begging you to pummel your genitalia into mine.” I squeezed my hands. “Are you having second thoughts?”

“None.” Kevin found a plastic package in his drawer, wiped off his shaft with a tissue, and replaced the sheath with a new one. “Come here.” He pulled me closer. We lounged on the bed, entangled in each other's love. “I only want to know how to make you happy every day of our lives. That's why I was asking.”

“You already do.” I traced his dark facial scruff with my fingertip. “How can I make you happy, Kev?”

He laced the fingers of his right hand with the fingers on my left. “You said yes. I'm the happiest earthling in the Milky Way. The galaxy, not the candy bar.”

I kissed his knuckles. “Smart.” Then I whispered, “can we return to humping?”

He sighed, pretending he wasn't delighted. “If we must. Bottoms up.” His cock was already standing proud as a flagpole.

I resumed the position, my pussy lips quivering, droplets of my lady cum sliding down my salty thighs. “Yes, dear.”

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