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Massage Surprise

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Surprise Happy Ending at a reputable massage parlor

I belong to one of those Massage places that offers a monthly subscription. These are not your "Rub and Tug" Asian Massage Parlors, but a "reputable" therapeutic place. Heck my wife even belongs as well.

I go to a female masseuse as I like having a woman rather than a dude rubbing me. Besides after being married for 8 years it is nice to have some strange female hands on me. I go in once a month and normally book based on what my schedule permits so I normally have 1 of three women that work there.

My last visit was no different as I ended up with Sue. She was about 20'ish, thin, long brown hair, and cute. Not over the top, I have a raging hard on this that chick is going to touch me, but cute none the less. She does a good job with the right amount of pressure, but it is not much for conversation. Not that big of a deal as I usually say my pleasantries, point out my issues and relax while getting a rub down.

As I was waiting in the lobby, the gentleman prior to me came out and stopped at the desk to re-book his next appointment as is customary. The receptionist let him know that Sue would not be available next visit as she was leaving to return to school for something new.

Just then the door to the back opened and out walked Sue. She said her normal hello and escorted me back to the massage room. As we walked she was a little more chatty than normal asking how I had been and inquiring if the rain had stopped. When we reached the room we discussed what was bothering me, my lower back again, and she instructed me to disrobe and start face up on the table.

I did as was told and laid there waiting for her return. When she came back in she lowered the lights and asked if the table temp was too warm. I replied it was fine and mentioned that I heard she was leaving to go back to school.

She responded that yes she was and that today was her last day and that I was actually her last client. I told her I was honored and received a giggle in return. When I asked what she will be studying., she replied that she was going back to school to study Physical Therapy as the Massage classes interested her and she wanted to have more of a career than a masseuses.

She went on and on about how she wanted to help people and we had a good 10 minute conversation as she worked her away from my neck and shoulders and to my chest. This was 9 minutes more of conversation then we normally have and it was nice to relax and have a peaceful conversation.

As we spoke she opened up more and I saw more of her personality then ever before. She had a very dry wit and we started teasing each other back and forth. As she moved to my arms, she has a thing she does where she pulls my arm up against her body and does a great stretch of my shoulder. She has done this a half dozen times before, but my eyes are normally shut as she works in silence, but this time my eyes were open. As I had suspected in my minds eye, she was resting my hand just below her breasts, that I could now see where much larger then I had suspected due to the baggy uniform they wear that is similar to hospital scrubs.

Well this realization that my hand was inched from the bottom of her breasts and the idea that they were bigger then I had suspected caused some stirring in my groin. Sue must have noticed how I was staring at her breasts and gave me a sly smile when I looked up to her eyes.

We kept chatting and she moved onto the other side. This time when it was the part of her routine where she stretches my shoulder, she place my hand right between her breasts. She keeps her hand in my hand as she does this, so I was not cupping her breast, but it was pushed between the two and I decided she must not be wearing a bra as I felt nothing but her shirt between our skin.

This was too much and I had an embarrassing bulge growing under the sheet and blanket that lay over me. I have had wood on the table before, but normally while I am on back and it is not noticeable. While my mind raced and I could feel myself blush, Sue went about her work and how she would moving out of state to start school.

As she finished my arms and worked her way to my legs there was no way she could not notice the tent pole I was sporting at this point. She went on talking like it was nothing and folded the sheet/blanket over me to expose my left leg. This hid my erection some, but she had to stare at it as she did her thing. Much to her credit, she did not skip a beat and continued with what she normally does. However, as she worked my quads I swore she was going deeper to the inside of my leg than ever before. She kept working her way up until the backs of her hand was resting against my balls through the sheet/blanket. This was killing me as I was getting so aroused. This is when I also noticed that the conversation had died and she was just going about her work. She finished up and moved over to my right leg. Again uncovering and covering my erection with a double layer of the sheet/blanket. Once again she went higher on my leg and pushed against my balls. I could not help it as the sensation of her touch shot through me and my cock twitched. I looked down to see her smile demurely at me once again. I went back to closing my eyes and dying of embarrassment on the inside.

Thankfully she was done with my front. She placed the face ring into the head of the table and had me turn over as she held the blanket for my modesty. As if I had any left as I had already shown her my morning glory.

She broke from routine here when she started working on the back of my legs. This was normal, but what was not is that she lifted the sheet/blanket over both of my legs at once and folder it up so it was just covering my ass. Normally she would uncover one leg at a time. I did not mind except that I wondered if my balls where hanging out and it was a bit uncomfortable to lay on my engorged cock. She worked her way up my right leg as was normal and gave a deep push on my hamstrings that are always tight. But this time she continued to push up to my glutes, causing the sheet/blanket to push up exposing my ass. She continues to work silently as she massaged my butt. It felt great and I was not complaining. She asked if the pressure was OK and I replied with a soft moan of pleasure.

With this her hands slowly kneaded there way back down my ass and between my legs and inner thighs. She was brushing up against my balls and I was so turned on. I shifted to fix my erection and she whispered for me to stay still. She added more lotion to her hands and worked her way under my thighs, then up my groin until she had my cock in her hand. I froze with surprise and delight. She pushed up with her arm causing me to roll to one side and she pulled my cock out and down so that it was resting on the table between my two legs. This was not the most comfortable thing as I am a grower not a shower and I get rock hard erections that make my cock point up to the ceiling when I am standing. That and it squished my balls back.

But then she started to expertly massage the head of my cock. Just on the underside of my circumcised crown. It felt to good. Her other hand kept massaging my thighs and my ass. It was delightful, I started to breath heavy and let out soft moans."You like that?" she whispered. "Yeshhh" was my muffled husky reply from the face ring.

Next to my astonishment she lipped her hand into the crack of my ass and started playing with my asshole. "You like?" came the whisper close to my ear. "Unnghhh" I replied.

She started to pump my still bent cock, then she dipped her finger right into my asshole. It was amazing. I have had women play with the hole before, but never put their finger in.

Well that was too much for me. I felt my balls tighten and my shaft twitched. I came at once, but because the way my penis was bent it could not get out. It felt so intense.

Sue pulled her finger out of my ass and pushed me onto my side. My cock snapped back upright and cum shot with force I have never seen or felt before. I sprayed cum all over her tan uniform top. Rope after rope shot and splattered on her shirt. Sue gave a "ooooooohhhh yes" and reached to give my cock a few more tugs.

I was drained literally, and slumped back onto the table.

"Well it looks like our time is up." Sue said, " wait here while I grab you a glass of water and a hot towel."

She came back with a new shirt on and my water with a warm towel. Instead of putting the towel down and leaving, she walked over and proceeded to wipe my dripping cock. "There", she said, "feel better?"

All I could do was smile as she left the room to allow for me to get dressed.

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