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True Swingers – Elise and Andy

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Elise and Andy meet us for a fun time.

Some people say that the past is the past – let it go. But there are some things in my past that I can’t forget. As soon as they start to get buried my mind brings them back to the front and I remember. It can go one of two ways after that: either I forget, just as quickly, or I start to ponder on all of those ‘what if’s?’

These events are over fifteen years ago and my time with a relatively new girlfriend was one of those times that I keep going back to. They were special times and I instantly knew that my life had changed. I knew that my sexual direction and what I considered to be ‘normal’ was going to be put into question, especially when we started to speak of threesomes and foursomes.  To cut a long story short, Lezza and I got into the swinging scene. Our curiosity with each other’s sexuality just crystallised the whole of our seven years together. We would do anything to excite each other. The fact that we lived apart during the week probably helped our libido. When we were together, we fucked; always finding new ways to make each other experience pleasure and orgasms. I even made her squirt once and when that happened I was obsessed with doing it again. So was she.

Our voyage into swinging happened one night when we were chatting about sex and she mentioned that she missed an opportunity while she was younger to have sex with a woman. That was it! That was all that was needed to be said, and I more or less became determined that she should experience it if that was what she wanted.

And she wanted.

In the early stages of this thing we call the internet, we found websites where people advertised for others to join them; they too were swingers, looking for excitement and pleasure. The websites were free, absolutely free, not like the ones you find today, and so after a few attempts at hooking up with other couples we found Elise and Andy.

We weren’t what you would call hardened swingers. Though, everyone expects something to be hard while in the process of swinging. We more or less dabbled. We didn’t visit clubs. We didn’t move from one couple to the next to the next like it was an obsession. We took our time. We looked, we read their details, we got to know them through emails and the likes.

But there comes a time when you have to bite down hard on that bullet and decide to pop the question to them. I have to admit, the chase was the most exciting experience I have ever had. I must have read hundreds of profiles some with pictures, some without. What were they hiding? You can tell a lot from people’s images. Lezza was not shy in that department. She dressed up in sexy outfits and displayed her body. Nothing sleazy, no open shots or anything like that. We put up classy and sexually erotic images on our profile. Even my cock was up there with the best of them – looking classy!

But the chase was a new experience. It’s bad enough looking for a woman on the internet: same likes as you, won’t get offended by anything you do or say, same glimmer of naughtiness, same expectations, same humour. Just try finding another couple like that. Now I know you’re not going to marry them or anything like that, but for us, we found there had to be an attraction, a spark, that glimmer of hope that everyone would not feel awkward when that moment came.

I enjoyed the chase. I loved it. So did Lezza. As soon as I found someone I would email her or text her so that she could look at their profile. Then the first message would be sent and we waited with baited breath for the rejection to come bouncing back. It wasn’t uncommon that people would just not like us. After all, we were in our late forties. But we hoped that we picked couples just like us in that respect. We were careful. We had to be. Our jobs were not the kind that would tolerate this kind of explicit behaviour if we were to be found out, there would be consequences.

Elise and Andy replied. We both let out a sigh of relief. Getting into Elise’s knickers had come that much closer, for both of us. Andy wasn’t going to be left out either, not by the way Lezza looked at his tackle.

We replied, and after a few emails describing what we all liked doing, our comfortableness with bisexual behaviour, and any reservations about ourselves – we all have them right – we came to the crossroads. Do we or don’t we?

We couldn’t stop talking about them; how sexy she looked in her basque, her smile, his smile as well. Lezza was taken by his smooth cock, but also by their apparent shyness that only came out in some of the replies to questions posed in emails. The fact that we couldn’t stop talking about them is one of the first good signs. We more or less knew that the moment we met would not be awkward. Neither of us thinking ‘Fuck, we’re here to have sex with them – what do we say!

We did. We asked them whether they would like to meet up for a drink just a few miles from where we lived. This was typical behaviour for us, because it meant that if we clicked we could take it further without having to meet a second time.

They agreed and we jumped in the air for joy.

The chase was over. It was a bit of an anti-climax to be honest.

We knew that we would meet someone, have a chat; not a normal one like ‘how was the weather’ but one where you ask naughty questions.
We knew that both men would be staring at the ladies breasts with every opportunity they had; I knew I would be.
We knew that the women would be stealing looks at our bottoms when we were getting the drinks from the bar, and we knew the ladies would be having the raunchiest conversation that we wouldn’t give them credit for when our backs were turned.

I knew Lezza would be telling her what wonderful breasts she had and how much she would love to suck her nipples; right there in the bar, but not in front of us men. I knew that Lezza would be close to overheating as long as the conversation flowed.

Flow it did, and we got on like houses on fire. The fleeting hand of her arm on mine across the table was a sure sign that Elise was comfortable. On our return from the bar Andy and I swapped seats and I sat next to Elise. We chatted and I must have taken a few sips of my pint before Lezza popped the question.

“So what do you two think?”

She left them to ponder the question. What most people do is think up a phrase or a word that only they know for ‘Yes –let’s go for it’ or ‘No – not tonight’. I didn’t think they had managed to get that far so I got up from my seat and told Lezza to come to the bar with me and choose some crisps. It was my attempt to leave them alone to talk. Give them some thinking time.

When we got back we resumed chatting and opened the crisps on the table for everyone to dig in.

Elise picked up a crisp and popped it into my mouth; in a sexy way, letting her finger linger on the edge of my lips. I sucked on it.

“We’d love to play,” she announced.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I clapped eyes on Lezza’s smile.

“I’m so relieved,” said Lezza smiling. Her hand snaked across Andy’s jeans and she grasped his cock and squeezed.

“No need to wonder anymore –,” she said, looking up at him, “whether I get a feel or not.”

He smile was utterly lascivious.

We finished our drinks and scoffed the crisps with some urgency.

We knew that the next hard part would be the house. They followed us back in their car and we offered them another drink. Andy declined on account he was driving but Elise was more than up for another gin and tonic. They sat on one sofa and Lezza and I sat on the two seater; almost facing them. It was a little awkward and I thanked the stars when Elise followed Lezza into the kitchen for some more ice.

Andy and I chatted some more and he told me how much Elise was looking forward to us hitting it off. It was a hell of a relief and I related the same story to him. There was no sign of the women. There was no noise. It seemed like the kitchen had eaten them.

“How long does it take to get ice out of the freezer?” I asked.

Andy shrugged and I motioned him to be quiet and follow me.

We slowly poked our heads around the doorframe to look into the kitchen.

Our cocks twitched and almost filled our tight jeans as we watched both women kiss each other. Eyes closed. Heads swayed. They were sensuously rolling their lips and tongues together. Their hands gently rested on each other’s waists and their tongues intermingled. Lezza’s hand came up on the back of Elise’s head and she let her fingers comb through her jet black hair.

It was a wonderful and electrifying to watch them. Neither of us said a word. We just watched, in awe. There is nothing like two women making out especially when you know one of them is your girlfriend or wife. It’s contradictory in one sense. She is betrothed to you, but you know that the pleasure she is getting from being free is tantamount to the special relationship that has been created. For me, I love to see the smile on her face when she’s enjoying herself. In those moments, she is herself. But at the end of this day, or any other day, it will always be the two of us – together. We know that.

Us blokes watched as a smile broke out on Lezza’s lips; spoiling the kiss they were revelling in. She broke off from Elise and turned to the doorway.

“Enjoying it - are you?”

We both nodded as Elise turned to look at us. She moved from Lezza and walked to Andy. She gave him a quick kiss before turning to me and promptly pushed her tongue down my throat. I wished it was her nipple but first things first. Lezza took the lead and brushed past us taking Andy by the hand and leading him away through the lounge. I knew where they were headed and my arms came up on Elise’s waist to push her away from me so that we could follow them.

I didn’t quite manage to do that. Instead I squeezed her waist and pulled her closer. One hand rounded her waist while the other came up on her ample breast. I pushed her back towards the wall. I felt her lips quiver as a sigh escaped from her mouth; my head descended to her neck. I kissed her briefly before letting my tongue lick the length of her arched neck; brushing her hair out of the way before replacing both my hands onto her breasts.

She sighed and moaned at the touch of my tongue or hands; it could have been either or both.

Her hand rounded my head and she pulled me towards her with her chin pointing upwards allowing me to kiss all around her neck. Her citrus scent invaded my nostrils and took my mind on another journey. My hands pushed into her breasts and I started to undo her blouse.

Elise pushed me away from her. “Sit down over there,” she told me.

I walked away from her and took the opportunity to remove my shirt, jeans, shoes and socks. By the time I sat down, Elise had removed her outer garments and she stood there, three inches shorter, in her stockings and basque. I saw her lovely triangle of hair that seemed to be so neatly combed. Her basque rested on her voluptuous curves as she wiggled towards me.

Her hand made a beeline for the inside of my trunks and by the time we kissed she had a handful of hot stiff cock. I kissed the top of her breasts as she fisted my tool. It wasn’t long before I had one of her breasts free and I started sucking on her nipple. Elise was trying desperately to pull my trunks down and I had to stop to help her out; discarding all my clothes in a pile on the floor.

With her hand back on my cock she was moving in fast on me and I started to walk backwards towards the door. All the while she stroked my cock and looked into my eyes. I could tell she was filled with lust and by the time I hit the door she had dropped to her knees and had engulfed it between her lips. I let out an almighty sigh as the door clicked shut. I tensed my cock as she slid it down her throat and I felt it fill her.

Her eagerness was beyond belief. Her head pumped up and down on my cock and when she could, her hand squeezed my shaft at the base. Her other hand was either on my arse or stroking my balls. Her tongue rounded the head of my cock so many times I lost count. But I knew one thing. The sensations she was giving me were having an effect.

“Not yet, don’t make me cum,” I whispered.

Either Elise had not heard me or she blatantly continued in her personal quest.

I let her suck me for a little while longer but was disappointed that I could not reach her voluptuous breasts; instead I allowed myself the pleasure of rolling my hands in her black hair.

I eventually reached down to pull her upwards.

“Come on let’s go upstairs and see –”

A smile crashed over her face as she knew exactly what I meant.

I approached the bedroom with a modicum of silence. Elise was giggling all the way there. We were both breathing slightly heavier than normal; and it wasn’t the fact that we had just climbed the stairs. I let out a big sigh and smiled as Lezza and Andy came into view; my hands rounded Elise’s breasts and I squashed them together as I pushed her forward. Andy was prostrate on the bed and Lezza was straddling him. Both her hands were between her legs and we could tell she was holding his head still as she rocked her pussy on his tongue.

Andy’s cock was flaccid. The reason for this was the amount of cum that was leaking out of it and over his stomach. Elise caught sight of his cock and looked up into my eyes. Obviously that was what she wanted to do to me downstairs; it looked like Lezza had beaten her to it. She started towards her husband and sucked on his cock; licking up the results of Lezza’s earlier actions.

My hand came down on her backside and soon found itself stroking her wet pussy. Her smell was intoxicating and I kissed the cheeks of her bottom with every intention of making it to her anus and pussy.

Lezza put us off our strides as she came violently on Andy’s mouth; her legs stiffening and shaking. As she came hard, her fingers came up on her nipples and I knew she would be squeezing them. Both of us stopped doing what we were doing and stood up and listened to Lezza’s loud and verbal orgasm. She eventually pushed herself up from Andy’s face and moved off him to one side. He was panting hard but at least Elise had managed to stiffen his cock once more.

Elise then lay on the bed at an angle across it. She motioned for me to join her. I was in two minds whether to present my cock to her mouth or fuck her. The latter would have taken too long to find a condom and so I chose the former option. I knelt on the bed and encouraged her to suck my cock. She loved it.

Having recovered from her orgasm, Lezza joined me and we started kissing; my hands coming up on her nipples to pinch and pull at them. I could taste her rewards from earlier as we kissed and I secretly revelled in the taste. Andy had positioned himself on the other side of Elise; waiting patiently for his turn; but all Elise seemed to be interested in was pushing my cock further into her mouth and getting her just rewards.

She finally lay on her back and started stroking both cocks at once; raising her head to one and then the other in turn. I could see the joy on her face, coupled with the moans and groans that came from her mouth. I could tell that she was in her element. This is what turned her on the most. Two cocks. Two stiff cocks that she could suck on and tease and hopefully make them blow all over her.

I could see Lezza was looking eagerly towards Elise’s pussy and I gently pushed her away from me with an approving nod. With one final look into my eyes she slipped off the bed, parted Elise’s legs and placed gentle kisses all along her inner thigh.

My assumptions earlier, were wrong. Well, some of them were. Yes, it seemed that Elise adored two cocks – that part was true. But the moaning really started when Lezza’s tongue slipped into her pussy and flicked on her clit. Her legs could find no purchase on the edge of the bed and simply rested idly either side of Lezza’s head.

Elise never stopped sucking our cocks; always one after the other, but her moans were becoming more intense. Her breathing laboured and she tried to raise her bottom off the bed in response to Lezza’s actions, while still stroking both cocks at the same time. The sweat smell of pussy invaded the room and I could see from my position that Lezza had Elise’s pink lips open and was feeding a finger inside her.

Andy’s hand came up on the back of Lezza’s head; he knew that Elise was going to orgasm soon and his gesture was a simple encouragement to that fact. Lezza licked, sucked and tongue fucked Elise to a shattering orgasm.

It coincided with her face getting covered with my spunk as she sucked on her husband’s cock. I had taken it from her hand but she was too busy to notice that it had gone. Her hand had found my arse as a substitute and was squeezing it as I pumped hard on my cock. I wanted her to have both at the same time. I wanted Lezza to make her come while I covered her in what she craved. I gave her exactly what she wanted while I was pinned against the living room door.

My fluids jettisoned onto her lovely face as I cried out with pleasure.

The pleasure was not all mine. I was pleased that I had been given a glimpse into Elise’s cravings, wants and needs. I was pleased that Lezza had taken her pleasure with Andy before we arrived and that she had made him give up his seed to her wanton mouth. I was pleased that Lezza had found a new bi-sexual friend to feed her cravings for pussy.

Most of all, I was pleased that ‘the chase’ was worth it and we had found some new friends.

After Elise had come hard on Lezza’s tongue, with subtle use of fingers for good measure, we then cleaned ourselves up and chatted some more; lying at odd angles and positions on the double bed. I knew the girls would get together again, even though it was getting late. I could see the need in Elise’s eyes. The need that told me that she hadn’t yet tasted Lezza and that she wanted to.

The fucking…well, that could wait for another day. As well it did.

When swinging goes right, like this encounter did, there’s no reason be afraid or want to give it up. The only thing everyone gets from it is pleasure that is not always of the physical kind. The mental pleasure can be far more pleasing.

I love watching Lezza behave in a wanton and erotic way. I love watching her feed on situations and scenarios and I love her to be, who she really is.


I guess Lezza is still being who she really is – as long as that someone leaves her to be. We are not together anymore and these memories taunt me and please me at the same time. When they remind me of the past I start to think. What if? Would we still be seeking out new ways to pleasure each other? Would we be tired of it by now?

Who knows?


This is a true story of a very enjoyable foursome. The images accompanying this story are real – artistically modified to prevent recognition. My only advise to anyone who takes this road. Choose your partners wisely and cautiously. Know what you both want from it. But most of all – Enjoy!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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