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Katies Journey Into Sluthood Part 2

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The tale of a teenage girls seduction of her step father

Part 2 - Katie puts her plan into action.

The next morning, over breakfast, Katie told her step-father that she was cooking them a meal tonight and asked what time he would be in.

“About 6.30 I expect,” he replied.

“Perfect,” she said, and buttered her toast.

She looked at her him reading the newspaper and thought, ‘I can’t wait!’

Evening arrived very very slowly for Katie, but she busied herself preparing a meal and preening herself ready for the evening. Seeing as her step-father had a liking for schoolgirls, she had found her original school uniform and taken the hem of the skirt up so it was way shorter than it should be.

She was so excited at the prospect of seducing her daddy into fucking her that it overrode any nerves she was feeling at all. Half six passed, and there was no sign of him. Katie waited patiently in the kitchen, dressed casually in little shorts and a crop top, revealing enough to hint at her tight lithe little body underneath. At ten to seven the front door opened and in walked her step-father.

“I'm sorry I’m late, it’s been a helluva stressful day,” he said.  

“Don’t worry daddy, I’ll help you relax,” Katie replied softly.

“Dinner is ready and I’ve got some wine too, would you like a glass?”

Katie had got his favourite wine, a fruity Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, knowing that he would gladly accept. She wanted him loosened up a little.

“Yes please,” he said and she poured them both a large glass.

“So, what’s the occasion?” he asked, smiling up at her from his chair.

“No reason,” Katie said

“Just we haven’t spent much time together lately and I’ve missed you,” she smiled back at him, sat down and began to serve their plates.

They chatted while they ate and drank together and the conversation drifted over different topics. Katie felt she had his full attention for the first time in ages, and began to feel her plan might just work. She suggested that he go take a shower while she cleared up and then they could take the rest of the bottle of wine and retire to the lounge for a while.

She quickly cleared away and then went up to her room to change. She heard her step-dad switch off the shower and after a few minutes, go back down to the lounge. She was almost ready for her big moment!

After a few minutes, she came back downstairs dressed in her sexy school attire, her long blonde hair now roughly tied in two chunky plaits. She was wearing her shortened plaid skirt (which hinted cheekily at her bum if she bent over slightly) and very tight pink knickers.

Her slender legs were clad in pink and white striped thigh-high socks and on her top she wore a tight white fitted blouse, just unbuttoned enough, with no bra and a loosely tied tie. Katie wore very little make-up anyway; her pretty features didn’t need it. Although, to make her self look slightly sluttier this evening, she had applied some subtle black mascara and eyeliner to accentuate her big blue eyes and thick lashes.

Her heart was beating like a drum in her chest and her pussy was already wet with anticipation. She really hoped this would work and having thought of every possible reason he could give to not indulge in her, she felt she had all the words to persuade him otherwise. Katie poked her head round the lounge door, being careful to hide her body from view.

“Can you close your eyes please?” she said and he immediately turned round to look at her.

“No, turn back and close your eyes please,” she asked, “I want you to get the full effect.”

“Ok, but this had better not be some daft trick,” he said, turning back in his chair and covering his eyes with his hands.

Katie walked slowly into the lounge, her stocking clad feet treading lightly on the carpet. She felt strangely confident, although this was absolutely definitely going to work.

She stood in front of him and whispered “you can open them now.”

His eyes opened up; face expressionless while he took in the sight before him. Then, suddenly, his eyes bulged wide open.

“Bloody hell!” he exclaimed “what on earth….”

“What do you think daddy? Do I look ok?” Katie asked nervously, twirling round slowly in front of him.

“I…. I….” he said lost for words.

“Don’t you like what I’m wearing daddy?” she asked. He looked her up and down and blinked a few times, just to make sure what he was seeing was real.

“Its not, I mean I… Um, well...” he spluttered around for words before finally saying, “You do look very lovely, but I don’t think its appropriate clothing for around the house is it?” and his eyes dropped to the floor for the first time since he had opened them. He looked awkward and embarrassed.

“Daddy, would you rather I wore this out somewhere then?” Katie asked cheekily, one eyebrow raised.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” he said, and Katie could hear the frustration building in his voice.

“I’m sorry,” she said sweetly, “its just that I thought you might like looking at me in this outfit, I'm just like the girls in those films you like to watch.”

She sat down now, directly opposite him, sat down on the seat and looked directly at him. He lifted his eyes up to meet hers.

“How, I mean I… Have you?.... How?!!...” He exclaimed. Katie smiled.

“Don’t worry daddy, its our secret, I saw you watching one once, that’s all.”

She opened her legs slightly, her skirt giving way to reveal her tight pink panties outlining the shape of her mound.

“I thought you might be lonely and in need of some, you know, release” she continued.

“And I'm only young, the boys at school are useless and I need someone with experience to teach me… Plus I’ve always thought you were hot” she blurted out at the end.

“I thought it would be a win/win situation, you get what you need and so do I.” She stood up and walked over to him.

“Know what I mean?” she purred, stopping just in front of the chair.

“I…. I…. I really don’t think you should be talking like this,” he stammered back at her.

“We cant, it’s… its wrong.” The strain showed in his face, but Katie didn’t let up, she was determined

“You’re not saying you don’t want to though, are you?” she said

“In fact you can’t take your eyes of my fresh teen body can you daddy?”

He suddenly averted his gaze again, and Katie felt confident that she was breaking his will and decided it was time to press a little harder.

“I bet you’d love to feel how tight my little pussy is inside, your fat cock squeezing in right up to the hilt,” she said.

He continued to look away, but she could see his chest moving up and down as he was breathing faster.

‘He’s starting to get seriously aroused,’ she thought to herself.

“Please daddy?” she whispered sweetly.

“Please will you teach me how to be a good little girl for you? I want to suck your cock so badly, then stick it in my pussy real deep and teach me how a dirty little slut should take it… mmmm pleeease?”

He looked up slowly, with the expression on his face of a man in a moral dilemma.

“Don’t worry daddy, I wont tell anyone if you don’t.”

“I… we can’t baby, if we get caught….” His words tailed off into nothingness and he looked back at the floor

“We won't,” she replied, “I promise”

With that, she sat back down in the chair, lifted her legs up in the air, reached her hand down and rubbed the now dampening mound of her pink knickers, pushing itself out between her slender thighs as she lifted her legs high and spread them wide. Katie looked over at him.

“I really want you daddy,” she said in a pleading tone “I know you want me too…” she added, “I can see the bulge in your trousers!”

She stood up again and walked slowly towards him, full of confidence now, unbuttoning her blouse, letting it fall back off her shoulders and on to the floor.

As she neared, his eyes looked back up and he gasped as he caught sight of her perfect little breasts, one cupped in her hand, her fingers caressing the nipple.

“Do you like my little teen tits daddy?”

She giggled at the look on his face, his jaw appeared to be hanging lower and lower.

“If you like these…” she turned around directly in front of him and bent over, legs slightly apart, skirt riding right up so everything was on full display from the rear.

“Then what do you think of this view?!” she turned her head to the side so she could see his face, the expression was priceless.

He looked as if he had been turned to stone, not moving a muscle, mouth and eyes wide open and generally looking dumbstruck. His eyes were fixated on her perfect, peachy bum. He was in visual heaven. Only his eyes moved to take in the incredible sight before him.

‘Those thighs,’ he thought

‘And the way they meet that gorgeous ass, her curves are a work of art.'

Feeling his cock stiffen, he knew he would soon be unable to stop his urges.

She gave him her best slutty look and added, “Please? Come fuck your little girl daddy, pretty please?”

His mind was racing,

‘Oh my god that gorgeous ass,’ kept repeating through his mind…

Damn! He wanted to… but this was so wrong.

‘Must resist,” he thought.

‘Don’t give in…’

So, as a last resort he decided to take a firm hand of the situation and went with the first thing that came to mind...




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