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Katie's Journey Into Sluthood Pt 1

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A tale of a teenage girl's seduction of her step father

Part 1 - Katie gets inspired to formulate a seductive plan

Pt1 Katie Gets An Idea 


Katie was trying her very best to be quiet. It was 40 minutes after she had promised to be in and she was expecting trouble. Her step-father didn’t seem in the best of moods lately, she tried her hardest to keep him happy but he had become distant and irritable with her.

She didn’t like the current atmosphere much as they had always had a close relationship, but she couldn’t blame him for feeling awful since her mother had left them a year ago. She had sent him a text message to say she would be late, but had no reply so assumed he was asleep.

Katie was a little more drunk than she could comfortably hide, and the last thing she needed was to wake anyone up and draw attention to herself. She was only just legally old enough to drink alcohol and was still finding her limits. The key fumbled in the lock for what seemed like an eternity before slowly pushing into the barrel. She gently turned it and pushed the door silently open.

The hallway was dark except for the moonlight splashes on the tiled floor. She immediately took off her shoes after closing the door, so as not to make a noise going up the stairs.

Her thoughts turned to her step-father; she hoped he was ok and that his mood would return to normal soon. She missed the little things like being able to sit on his lap without him getting grumpy, or snuggling up on the sofa for more than 5 minutes before he decided he had something more important to do.

Her softly falling feet finally reached the top of the stairs, and she began to walk along the landing towards her room. As she passed his room, she heard low voices and stopped to listen. She couldn’t hear enough to make out words, but they sounded kind of frantic and excitable.

She suddenly felt panic rise in her stomach.

’Who the hell has he got in there?’

She pondered who it could be, at the same time as trying to ignore the jealous feeling deep inside her. In an instant, she decided she absolutely had to know what was going on and plucked up the drunken courage to crack open the door and get a sneaky look.

She silently and slowly turned the knob and eased the door open slightly. What she saw next made her draw in a sharp breath in surprise and shock. She could see her step-father side on, standing by the edge of the bed naked, and stroking his fully erect cock, his eyes looking at something out of her view.

Her own eyes bulged as she took in the scene fully; she could not remember the last time she had seen his cock but it definitely didn’t look anything like this, it was huge! Not massively long, but good god it looked thick! He was circumcised too, so his purple head flared out where it met the thick shaft.

‘Ohhh, I bet that would feel amazing in me’ she thought.

Katie simultaneously felt a tingle between her legs and a feeling of confusion. She knew she shouldn’t have feelings like this about her step-father, but was helpless in controlling them. Try as she might to deny her emotions, occasionally she got caught off guard. She fancied her step-dad; idolised him even. There had been boyfriends, but no one lasted very long as they couldn’t possibly match the high bar in her mind, that had been unknowingly set by the man who had helped raise her.

She continued to silently watch him stroking back and forth, mesmerised by the sight. She could hear a little clearer now that the door was open, but still couldn’t see enough to tell if there was anyone else in the room. Fuelled by her desire to know, she gently pushed the door another inch.

Nothing. And another inch, she didn’t dare go any further for fear of being caught. His strokes were getting quicker now, and he was starting to make little moaning noises. Katie leaned across the door a little more to get a better view. She could just about see that he was watching a porn movie, the usual thing, and some guy's massively oversized cock slamming into a tiny, much younger girl, doggy-style.

Her step-father’s grunts became more frequent and Katie looked back at him, his brow was starting to sweat and his face was screwed up in the look of a man completely engrossed in pleasure.

She looked at the screen again to see the scene change. The girl was down on her knees now, taking the guy's cock right down the back of her throat. Katie noticed that the guy was much older and that the girl was wearing the remnants of a school uniform.

The girl removed the cock from her throat, strands of spit stringing out over her chin and chest as she did so. Katie really wanted to rub her swelling clit, but didn’t dare to move in case she made a noise. The girl in the movie looked up at the man and sweetly said;

“Are you gonna give me your cum?”

“Aren’t you going to ask me nicely if you want it?” the man replied. She rammed her mouth all the way down on his cock again, and straight back out.

‘Damn, I need to learn how to do that,’ thought Katie.

“Please,” said the actress “Please will you cum all over my face?” she begged, “Have I been a good enough girl for you daddy? Do I deserve some cum, daddy?”

Katie felt shocked, surprised and instantly so horny that she felt herself dampen against her panties. She looked at her step-father, whose face was pure ecstasy.

“Please, daddy,” the actress begged some more. “Your little slut wants daddy’s cum… all over her pretty face.”

Katie looked down at his cock as he slowed his strokes, her one hand on the door handle ready to close it at any moment. She didn’t want to miss watching him cum. Eventually the actor rewarded the actress with what she had asked for – a massive sticky load all over her face and mouth, dripping everywhere.

“Do I look pretty all covered in your cum, daddy?” the actress asked.

This was obviously too much for her step-father and a split second later he shot an enormous load all over the floor, spurt after spurt, it seemed to go on for ages. Katie had never seen so much cum before. She didn’t hang around until he finished, that was way too risky. She slowly and silently pulled the door closed and sneaked along the corridor to her room.

She pushed her own door quietly closed behind her and let out a sigh.

‘Wow,’ she wondered. ‘Did I just witness that?’

Her heart was beating fast, her breathing deep and with a cocktail of adrenaline and alcohol careering through her veins, her thoughts continued.

‘What the hell is going on?’ Katie was massively aroused at the thought of her step-father fantasising about fucking his daughter.

“Does he want to do that with me?” she wondered. “I hope so, because I sure want him, I’ve known it for ages.”

It would make sense as to why he was avoiding much physical contact with her, and why he had been so grumpy lately too. It wasn’t long before her mind drifted back to her daddy’s cock, as she peeled off her clothes and got into bed.

‘My god, so much bigger than I ever imagined,’ she thought. ‘Will it even fit?!’

Immediately her hand shot between her legs and began rubbing herself.


Katie’s filthy mind began to indulge her…

‘I wanna cum all over your cock, then I want your cum all over me, please?’

Her pussy was already ridiculously wet and her clit rock hard. She moved her other hand down so she could get her fingers inside too. It didn’t take long before she felt her orgasm rising up inside her.

Her thoughts turned to what it would be like on her knees, looking up at daddy’s fat cock and begging him to cum all over her. She felt her pussy tighten around her fingers as the shockwaves of orgasm began to rip through her body. After the spasms and waves of pleasure relented, Katie lay still in the aftermath. Her fingers and pussy soaked, feeling exhausted but elated, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Katie awoke with a slightly fuzzy head. She dragged herself out of bed and into the shower. Standing under the shower with the water running over her body, she remembered the events of last night. She smiled to herself thinking how naughty that had felt. She wished she could experience it for real herself. Then a thought crossed her mind;

‘What if... No, seriously, what if I could put him in a position where he just couldn’t say no?’

She already knew that he clearly had a fantasy that was not just about younger girls, but also about having sex with his daughter.

‘What if I could seduce him into giving in?’ She felt the familiar tingle deep inside her, and started playing with herself while she formulated a plan…



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