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Sue Takes Advantage of Todd's Crush

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A longtime friend crush goes different than he expected

Sue and I have been friends for many years and is my nextdoor neighbor. We always had a lot of sexual tension and flirting over the years, but have never done anything too naughty other than a little making out one New Year's Eve when we drank too much. She does know I’ve always had a crush on her but have been too nervous to really try anything more. We’ve gone out a little more often recently and I’m not sure if we’re dating or not, but don’t want to say anything to mess it.

We’re scheduled to go out on Saturday, but she calls me in the morning and says “Todd, I have a friend coming in town tonight and want to get together for dinner. Can I get a rain check for tonight?”

She can tell I’m a little disappointed and says “How bout this, if you don’t mind, I can come over after dinner to your place and we can watch a movie or something. I’ll bring a bottle of wine too.”

I say "Sure" even though I'm disappointed.

I am at home all night, a little sad Sue isn’t here yet as I have a few beers and watch the game on the TV. I about fall asleep on the sofa and then the doorbell rings. I get up and open the door and Sue is there waiting for me. I invite her in and my eyes follow her in, staring at her ass in her red dress, one I've never seen before. She always dresses nicely, but is looking great in the dress, it’s snug in the right places and her heels make her legs and ass look even better.

She plops down on the sofa and says “Shit, I forgot the wine, do you have any?” and I go to the kitchen and get a bottle and pour a few glasses and come in and sit down next to her.

She starts chatting and she’s slurring her words a little. I ask "Have you been drinking?"

She giggles loudly and says “How did you guess Todd?” as her hand goes on my leg.

She’s a lot drunker than normal as we’re chatting and she looks at me and says “Can I ask you a question but you have to promise you won’t get mad if I do?”

I look at her funny but say "Sure."

She asks “Do you have a crush on me?”

I start to blush and she can tell I’m totally flustered. I stammer a little and say “Sue, you know you’re my best friend….”

And she giggles more and says “Too bad, I was hoping you’d kiss me.”

I turn red and ask "Are you serious or just messing with me because you're drunk?" but before I finish, she leans in and gives me a soft kiss. She giggles more, and I lean in and kiss her harder.

After a few minutes, I stop and look at her and say “How drunk are you? I don’t want to do something you’ll regret.”

She looks at me and says “I’m very drunk.” And I pull back.

She asks "What’s wrong?"

I stop and add “I don’t want to do something you don’t want to do.”

She kisses my ear and says, “Well Todd, when I’m drunk, do you know what I love?” as I feel her hand on my leg rubbing more.

I ask "What?"

She gives me a wicked little smile and says “I love my pussy licked and worshiped, do you want to do that?”

I am completely shocked, after all of the years I've known her, I never heard her so sexually open. I'm stunned.

She quickly says, "I asked a question Todd, do you?"

 I am stunned as she looks and smile and I say, “Are you sure?”

She spreads her knees apart a little and puts my hand on your thigh. “Yes Todd, go down on me.”

She is sitting on the sofa and I get on my knees and start kissing up her legs as she spreads them further. As I get up to her upper thigh, she stops me and says “Todd, do you want to worship my pussy tonight?”

I moan “Yes, god yes”

She looks down and smiles and adds, “Kiss my pussy first and tell me you want to worship it.”

I look a little surprised and she smiles and says “Do it Todd, I know you want to.”

I lean in and kiss her pussy through her panties and say “I want to worship your pussy Sue.”

She purrs and pulls my head in and slides her panties to one side and wraps her leg over my shoulder and pulls me tighter. I start to tease her clit as I’m so turned on and she says “Todd, lick my pussy, don’t tease me.”

She’s very drunk and more forward than I’ve ever seen her. She pulls her panties over further and her other leg wraps around my head. I can barely breathe as her pussy is so tight and so wet.

“Do you love my pussy Todd?” she asks.

I moan "Yes," as I lick deeper.

All the sudden, I get a different sensation and taste and I start to pull back. Then her legs wrap tighter and her hands shove my head in deeper.

“Lick and clean my pussy Todd,” she commands.

I stop licking and she pulls my hair back and looks me in the eye. “Todd, I know you’ve wanted this for a long time, I want to see how bad you want it.”

She can see the fear in my eye as she looks and says “Well Todd, I think you figured it out. My friend who came to town was my ex-boyfriend. We did have dinner at my place, but he fucked me twice, the last time right before I came over.”

I’m still on my knees looking up at her.

She adds, “I know you’ve always had a huge crush on me and wanted to date me. I always thought you were cute and a sweet guy but didn’t think you were right for me. But then I realized, you might be perfect. I need a good man who loves me and wants me anyway I am."

She sees the look of concern in my eye and says “Well Todd, today is your day of choice. You either worship and clean my pussy right now or I will leave and will never give you another chance to ever get close to this pussy again."

She looks down with a wick smile after a pause "…who knows, if you’re a good boy, you might get to fuck it someday.”

I look up and say, “But you were just with another man."

She smiles and says “Yes, I was, but I'm with you now, I thought this is what you wanted after these years of flirting," as she rubs my hair and looks down at me.

"I’ve been thinking about this for a long time," she adds. "I want to see how bad you want me and if you want to make me happy. You keep telling me you’d do anything for me and this is my test. If you really do want me happy and want to be with me from time to time, you’ll do what I want. If not, I can go now.”

I start to look concerned and she says “Todd honey, no more waiting, what do you want?”

I pause a second and she starts to get up and I say “Wait.”

She smiles and says “Good boy, lick me.”

I go down and start to lick her pussy. She purrs as I start to lick her pussy as she comes hard. She stands and says “Do you want me to spend the night?”

I'm still stunned but say "Yes", always dreaming of her in my bed, but never like this.

She looks at me and says "I’ll be right back" as she goes next door and comes back wearing a sexy little silk slip.

She says “You were a good boy, I will spend the night with you, but there will be no sex, do you understand?”

I nod and say “Yes Sue” as I get dressed for bed and join her.

As we start to fall asleep, she says, “Todd dear, why don’t you lick me again, I think another good come would be great before falling asleep. ”

I go under her slip and start to lick her pussy. Her hands hand hold my head tight as she climaxes hard and then gives me a kiss on the cheek and says “Mmm, that was nice sweetie."

She can tell I'm a little freaked out and cuddles with me. She whispers "It's okay Todd" as she caresses my hair.

I mumble out a "Why did you do this?"

She smiles and adds, “I’ve known for years you’ve had a crush on me and I thought it was cute. I really wanted to see what kind of crush you had on me and what you’d do to make me happy. After Joe asked me to dinner, I thought that would be a perfect way to test you and see if you’d do something like that.”

I ask “But why”

She smiles and adds “You’re a great guy and love the idea of a man like you worshiping me and doing anything for me and you passed.”

“Now don’t think that we’re dating or anything serious, but you’ve got a new place in my life. If you’re a good boy and keep making me happy, you may get to have fun with me from time to time…but it’s up to me, do you understand?”she asks.

"But Sue, this doesn't seem right," I try and add.

She smiles broadly and says "Honey, it's perfectly right. You've been a good friend all of these years and know you've always wanted to go down on me and other things" as she gives me a wicked smile. "Well, you got your fantasy but I got mine too."

I ask, "What do you mean?"

She cuddles more and gets closer, "Well, you known for years that I always struggled with men trying to figure out if I should date the bad boys that really turn me on and are exciting or should I go with the nice and sweet guy like you that will do anything for me to make me happy. My head always said a guy like you is perfect, but my heart and pussy wants a guy I know I shouldn't be with."

I just look at her and she adds, "It's perfect now because I can have both. I think you want to make me happy and that is such a nice feeling, but also, I can have fun too. For a weird reason, I think it might freak you out, but I think you want to make me happy."

She sees my mind racing and gives me a soft kiss, "It's late sweetie, I need to get some sleep."

She gives me a hug and feels my erection on her legs and her hand goes down and squeezes it. "That is cute I turn you on, but after getting fucked twice and licked twice, my pussy is done for the night honey, sorry" as she smiles.

She then looks at me seriously and says "Todd, do you want to please me like this and be with me like I want?"

I am still a little stunned and she adds, "I understand if this freaks you out sweetie, but it's a huge turn on for me. But if you don't, I will get up and leave right now. I will still be your friend, but going forward, it will purely be friends only, no dating, no flirting, no worshiping my pussy, do you understand?"

I'm still stunned and she says, "Should I stay or leave?"

I wait a second and mumble "Stay please."

She teases my cock with her hand and gives me a kiss on the cheek "Good boy, I'm so glad you said that, this is going to be a great way to be with you. I love how much you adore me."

She asks me to spoon her as we fall asleep and she turns over and says "Be home tomorrow night about midnight, my old boyfriend is in town one more night but has to get on the road around then. I will be over after he leaves."

She hears me sigh as I look in the mirror, I see a content smile as she falls asleep.

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