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Abby's Panties 2

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Tommy gets caught

As I stood there, my cock thickening, Abby reached underneath her long t-shirt and pulled down the panties she was wearing. It was quite possible the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I stared down at her bare legs as she slowly pulled one foot out and then the other. She stood back up straight and tossed the panties to me. 

They were warm, almost hot to the touch. 

"Now..." She said softly but firmly. 

In control. 

Her eyes met mine. 

"Do it for me."

"Really?" I asked her. "You want to watch me jerk-off?"

"Why not?" she replied in a huskier voice than I'd ever heard from her before. "You've admitted to using my panties without my permission. Now I'm giving you permission. Now do it, Tommy before I change my mind."

I stared at her. I'm seeing a beautiful woman standing in front of me wearing just the t-shirt she slept in. Her nipples began to harden under her shirt as I stared at her.

Slowly, I raised the panties up to my face, all the while keeping my eyes on hers. I brought them to my nose and breathed in deeply. This was different. These weren't panties from her dresser, fresh from the laundry. She had worn these. The sweet smell of Abby's skin on the panties was combined with a smell I wasn't familiar with. I wasn't aware of what muskiness smelled like, but I was getting my first taste.

"Why are you doing that?" she asked softly. 

I didn't answer but my cock throbbed violently in my shorts, enough for her to notice. She glanced down at my crotch. 

"Is the smell of my panties turning you on?" she asked. 

"I don't think it's actually your panties I'm smelling," I told her and reached down to adjust myself.

She said, "Tommy, that's so weird. I don't know if it's gross or something really wild."

I reached down and began to slide my shorts down.

"Wait a sec, Tommy," she said. "This is crazy, isn't it? Are you really about to show me your...thing?

"I though this is what you wanted, Abs." I whispered back hoarsely, finding it hard to speak. 

She met my eyes and smiled and I about melted into the floor right there. She sat back on her bed with a bounce that caused the lower hem of her t-shirt to ride up, exposing more of her bare thighs. 

"Okay, so show me your..." she began to say.

"Cock," I interrupted her. "It's my cock. It's my cock, Abby, and it's hard because of you. It's so hard it hurts." 

"Cock," she replied softly and huskily. "So show me your cock, Tommy."

I pushed my shorts down slowly to my knees. I'm not huge, but I was incredibly hard right then. I let my waistband push my cock down until it was freed, causing it to bounce up and down.

Then I quickly covered it up with the panties.

"No!" she almost shouted. "I want to see it for a minute first!" 

I pulled the panties off and tossed them onto her bed. I took a step forward. She quickly scooted back a bit on the bed. I reached down and made a circle with my thumb and index finger and starting with the head, I slid it tightly down to the base, basically putting my naked cock out on display for her. A drop or two of precum formed at the opening. It sat there, glistening and shiny in the morning light coming in the window.

"Is..." She began shyly. "Is that your sperm?"

"No," I teased. "Well, there might be some sperm in it, but that's just called precum. It's kind of slippery. I think it's to help me go inside of you."

"Oh," she replied softly. She sat there staring at my cock for a minute, lost in thought.  Again, I had never really talked about sexual things with Abby.  I just assumed that she knew it all.  Instead, here we were both about to go to college and we were learning together.

I reached up and smeared the droplets around the head of my cock, making the pinkish red head slick and shiny. 

"It also helps me jack-off," I told her. "It makes it slick." 

I showed her by rubbing my fingers all over my cock and giving it a pump and a squeeze. More precum appeared and I repeated the gesture. It felt so good, stroking my cock with Abby's face just a few feet away.

The panties were forgotten. I didn't need them. I began a steady stroke.

"So that's how you do it?" she asked looking up for a second.

"Yeahhh..." I replied with a soft growl while looking down at her. 

"Tommy, can I touch it?" she asked softly.

"Hell, yeah, you can touch it!" I replied quickly and moved forward closer to her. 

She scooted forward a bit and I couldn't help but notice the shirt slide so far upward that I was looking at the side of her leg, bare up to her hip. My cock throbbed.

Abby reached out slowly and wrapped her hands around my cock.

"It's hot!" she exclaimed with a bit of shock. "I mean, it's really warm!" 

"Unh huh," I moaned, lost in the exquisite feeling of the softness of her hand around my cock. 

"It's so soft! But it's also so hard and stiff!" she exclaimed in wonder. She gave it a tentative pump.

I lost it.

"Abby, I'm cumming!" I said urgently. It was also a warning. 

How did she know what I needed? Was it instinctive? Was she not as innocent as she led me to think?

She replied softly, "Okay..." and gave my cock a tighter squeeze and a pump back and forth. Her thumb slid across the slick and sensitive head of my dick and then a rapid squeeze all the way down the length.

"Unhhhhhh!" I yelled and a jet of hot cum shot out of my cock. It was all in slow motion as it jetted into the air and landed just short of her bare feet on the floor.

Abby was in a trance as well, amazed at what she had just seen, yet still managed to pump my cock again.

"Abby..." I began to say and then I could only grunt, "Unh, ungh, ahh!"

The second shot of cum was a lot more powerful than the first one. This spurt was bound for the moon but settled by landing across Abby's chest. She quickly let go of my cock and sat back in shock.

I quickly grabbed myself and finished off by stroking and cumming all over the floor and my hand. 

"Oh my goodness!" she said in amazement. I recall that it was a funny thing for a woman to say in this day and age. She was looking down at her shirt as my juice began to soak in. 

I slowly sank to my knees, breathing heavily. I met Abby's eyes.

"You made a mess all over me," she said with a smile. "Look at me!"

I looked at her. I met her eyes. "Abby, even covered with my cum, you're absolutely gorgeous."

"Oh, really?" she asked me seriously. "You're just caught up in the moment, Mister Smith."

"Well, sure," I replied, "and are you also caught up in the moment?"

She giggled and said in a perfect southern accent, "Why Mister Smith, whatever do you mean by that?"

I laughed but also met her eyes and stared into them for a bit.

"Abby," I whispered. "Take it off."

I reached out and put my right hand onto the top of her left knee. She instinctively clamped her legs tight.

I gave her my best smoldering look. I could see her resolve weakening.

"Tommy..." she whispered.

"Abby..." I replied back as I moved forward, my hands reaching out and spreading her legs wide. I forgot about having her take her shirt off. This was way beyond that.

"Tommy..." She whispered again. "What are you... Oh!"

As she was saying that I was moving further forward and she was falling back onto the bed. I was operating without a plan at that moment. As she fell back, her knees came up and her legs opened. I was looking down at her pretty pink pussy. 

She had shaved almost all of her hair down there, leaving just a little stubble of light brown hair. I could see the inner lips of her pussy, glistening with dew. I could feel the heat from her pussy hitting my face as I leaned forward.

I moved close and stuck out my tongue and slid it between her pussy lips, tasting her hot nectar.

"Oh! My! Goodness!" She said.




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