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Dani Part 2

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I was unaware of Dani watching me as I rode away from her house just as I was unaware that her legs were still rubbery from the intense sex that we had just experienced in the shower. I didn't know that once I was out of sight she flew up to her room, closing and locking the door once inside and literally tearing her clothes off.

I didn't see her flop on the bed and spread her beautiful tanned legs to allow the slender fingers on her right hand began to circle her swollen nether lips. As she did this her left hand began to caress her tender and sensitive breasts and tweak her erect nipple. Little did I know that she was thinking about me as her fingers slipped into her very wet pussy.

Now I thought about Dani on my ride home. Between the vibrations of the big Harley and my memories of what had happened in the shower, I became hard as a rock. So once I arrived home I also headed to my room and stripped off my clothing and flopped on my bed. I closed my eyes and grabbed my hard cock and I thought about her as I jacked my dick. 

I relived her burning kisses and the feeling of her silky teenage body pressed against mine made slippery by the soap. I recalled pushing my hard cock inside her and the soft moaning sound she made as I entered her hot and wet tunnel. Suddenly another desire took hold of me and I grabbed my cellphone. Hearing her voice would make this masturbation session even better, and to my delight, it was answered on the second ring.

"Hello," her soft voice said. It sounded more like a moan than a greeting.

"I just needed to hear your voice," I admitted.

I heard another soft intake of air from her in my earpiece.

"Are you masturbating?" she asked.

"Well I'm not knitting a sweater," I responded.

"Neither am I," she responded in between sips of air.

In my mind's eye, I could see this stunning teenager spread eagle on her bed with her fingers inside her. Then another idea came to me.

"Can you feel my fingers slipping inside of you?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she responded in a breathy voice. "Can you feel my hand around your pole?"

"Yes, and it feels great," I answered.

"No, don't," I heard her moan after a short period of time.

"What did I do?"  I asked.

"You slipped a finger into my butt," she moaned.

I increased the speed of my stroking at this announcement.

"I'm sorry. Should I remove it?" I asked.

"No, just be gentle. No one has ever been back there," she moaned softly again.

"There, I'm going very slow," I told Dani.

"That's better. It feels better than I imagined it would," she admitted.

In my mind's eye, I could almost feel my one finger in her sweet pussy while the other pushing in and out of her back door. She looked like a wet dream with her eyes closed and her sweet lips slightly parted. Finally, I couldn't hold back my orgasm any longer.

"Dani, I'm going to cum," I managed to say through clenched teeth.

"Don't hold back and this time I want you to cum on my tits," she requested.

A second later I let loose and told her I was cumming as my balls released their contents in my stomach. I heard Dani moan in response.

"I can see your cum sliding down my tits and it's pushing me over the edge," she informed me and a second later her long-sustained soft moan filled the air. 

We laid there for the longest time listening to each other breath.

"So that's phone sex? It's not bad," she said in a judicial voice.

"It makes up for not being able to be there with you," I answered.

"Then we will have to do this again," she responded before bidding me goodbye.

A hundred thoughts ran through Dani's mind as she lay there. First and foremost was that she could not believe how much one man could turn her on. Not since she had surrendered her cherry to that handsome teaching assistant had she been this eager to have sex, and wasn't for the lack of interested boys at her school.

Her male classmates have been trying to hook up with her for as long as she could recall. It's not that they weren't handsome, they just never did anything for her. Secondly was the noises she made.

"Outside of a few moans I never made a sound during the times I was with the teaching assistant, now I sound like a porno movie," she said to herself.

Across town and in my room, a hundred thoughts crossed my mind at a laid there feeling my semen cooling on my abdomen. First and foremost was our age difference; she was sixteen and I was nineteen. I could only imagine the shitstorm that would occur if her Dad or mine discovered that we were having sex. 

"I should probably end these little get-togethers," I said to myself.

But that's as far as it ever went. Dani was hot, hotter than any female I had been with thus far. Just thinking about her was enough to start me getting hard, so I really had no desire to end it.

Soon the phone sex became an everyday occurrence and it became more intense on the days that I couldn't visit. With each call, Dani seemed to get more into them and many time initiated them.

"I'm stretched out on the couch and I'm wearing that shiny black bikini that you like so much," she started one call.

Instantly I was able to visualize this stunning hottie in that tiny swimsuit that looked like it had been painted on her.

"Where am I?" I asked as I felt myself getting hard.

"You're right beside me and are naked. I can feel your package pressing against my leg," she said in a sultry whisper.

"Can you feel me kissing your ears and neck?" I asked trying to unzip my jeans while cradling the phone between my face and shoulder.

"Oh yes. You're also kissing and sucking my boobies through my top," she moaned.

I managed to extract my hard cock from my underwear and jeans and commenced to lightly stroke myself.

"I'm sliding my hand down your body and under the waistband of your bottoms," said softly.

"Please hurry, I'm so wet and hot for you," she moaned her reply.

Less than a moment later Dani issued a long moan and informed me that she could feel my finger entering her.

"We need to get on the floor so the couch doesn't smell like sex," Dani informed.

In my mind's eye, I saw us sliding to the carpeted floor where I resumed fingering Dani's wet slit. As soon as I asked her if she could feel me again she informed me that she had just taken hold of my cock and was rubbing the head against the side of her leg. We listened to each other's breathing become heavier and soon Dani announced that she was going to cum.

A long sustained moan filled my ear as her orgasm arrived. I waited until she finished before I gave in and allowed myself to shoot against the side of her tanned thigh. There was a long silence with only the sounds of our breathing being exchanged.before she bid me goodbye.

It was during my next visit that I discovered that Dani wasn't poolside. She responded to my calling out her name and informed me that she was in the basement. She told me to have a seat and that she would be out shortly. I took a seat on the couch and became so engrossed in a comic book that I did not hear her enter.

When I looked up I was treated to the sight of Dani standing there wearing the same cocktail dress that she had worn the night we met. She had even done her makeup and hair and had donned high heels. I rose from the couch and met her as she approached. In a flash, we had our arms wrapped around each other as our lips meshed and tounges touched.

When the kiss ended she led me to the two chairs that were next to the ping-pong table where we commenced to kiss again. As our tongues explored each other's mouths I could feel her slender fingers draw down the zipper of my jeans and then gently rub the bulge of my throbbing erection through my underwear.

"You told me how much you wanted to do me that night you saw me wearing this dress, so I thought to grant your wish," she cooed in my ear.

I was about to remove my jeans when she stopped me.

"This is a party so we can't get naked because someone might see us," she informed me.

It took some effort but I managed to extract my hard cock through the opening of my briefs and then through the unzipped fly of my jeans. I recovered the string of condoms that I took to carrying from my side pocket and quickly slid one on. Dani then had me take a seat and I watched as her hands slid under the silky skirt portion of her dress exposing her slender legs covered in black pantyhose.

A second later I heard a ripping sound from under her dress and I was informed that she was tearing out the crotch of her pantyhose to allow me entrance, and this made me want to be inside her even more. She apologized for not owning nylons and a garter belt and was making do with what she had. She then asked if I had any problem with it and had none.

She then, very ladylike, lifted the hem of her dress and threw a leg across my lap as she reached down and took hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance of her hot and wet pussy. I found the fact that I couldn't see my cock about to push inside her even more of a turn on.

Dani slowly lowered herself and I once again felt the heat and wetness through my latex sheath. I placed my hands on her waist and allowed my lips to attach themselves to her as she began a gentle up and down ride. The heat and wetness increased and I ran my hands across her breasts and could see the hint of the black bra she wore underneath. She ended the kiss and began her all too familiar moaning.

"Harder. Fuck me harder," Dani moaned as she wrapped her slender arms around me and placed her lips on mine.

.I began to thrust myself upwards into her. Each savage thrust was met with a moan from her sweet parted lips as she ground her crotch against me. Her moans increased in volume when I ended the kiss and I lowered my head to suck and lick her extended nipples through her dress top.

I could feel her inner muscles tighten themselves around my cock as well as the increase in heat, despite my wearing the latex protection. Eventually, she managed to inform me that she was about to cum and I increased the speed of my thrusts. I was rewarded with a long sustained moan as her orgasm arrived and shook her body.

The sight and sound of her orgasm caused me to lose the contents of my balls in the protective sleeve I wore.

We eventually showered and donned our swimsuits and spent the rest of the afternoon poolside sunbathing. As we lay there and talked about sex we began to get heated up again and we jumped in the water to cool off.

"You know if you purchase a set of nylons and a garter belt I'd wear them for you," she eventually told me as we floated on our air mattresses.

"I have no idea of your size," I replied.

Right before it was time for me to go Dani disappeared into the house. She returned a few minutes later with an order form from a local lingerie store that had been filled out with her sizes.

"Of course you'll have to take them home with you. I don't want to risk them being discovered and having to explain what I am doing owning them when I have a drawer full of pantyhose," she told me.

So on my way home that evening I stopped by the store and purchased a black silk and lace garter belt and a pair of black nylons with lace tops. I called Dani later and told her I made the purchases.

"I can't wait to wear them for you," was all she said before she hung up.

Just the sound of her voice had me hard again so I gently opened the package of nylons and extracted one. I stripped off my clothing and grabbed my already hard cock. I took the silky nylon and trailed it across my naked belly and face as I jacked off.

I made sure that delicate hosiery was nowhere near my cock when it finally spewed its contents. As I laid there coming down from my orgasm I couldn't wait to see Dani strutting around her basement in them along with her heels. It was going to be a great Summer.




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